Hillary Clinton: We have too many guns ‘in our homes’

by Jessica Chasmar
April 22, 2016

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton suggested Wednesday that Americans have too many guns in their homes.

“When it comes to guns, we have just too many guns. On the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods,” the former secretary of state told a gun violence forum in Philadelphia, according to a clip obtained by Washington Free Beacon.

“And, you know, there’s been a lot of talk in this campaign, in the primary campaign, about the power of certain interests in our country,” she said. “And we do have a bunch of powerful interests, make no mistake about it. But there is no more powerful lobby than the gun lobby.”

Mrs. Clinton has focused her campaign on strict gun control and lashed out at Democratic rival Bernard Sanders this week for not doing the same.

50 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Jon Ockunzzi says:

    We have too many guns in our homes because Hillary has too many bats in her attic.

  • Tom says:

    Oh, Hilliary, you may be right. Would you be so kind as to come over yourself and try to take mine? That would be soo nice of you to do so. I can’t wait!

  • jea2comments says:

    She should be more concerned about staying out of prison than telling Americans about what they should or should not have. How about she
    go first and give up all her Secret Service protection and while you’re
    at it, Hitlery, put up a gun-free zone sign in front of your residence, and see
    how long you last… Her ass should be in an orange jumpsuit in prison and yet she’s free to roam around and run for POTUS! If our Founding Fathers could see what was happening to this country right now, they’d roll over in their graves.

  • dhwilson58 says:

    Kilary, you belong in prison, not trying to control our second amenment!! you are a liar and a treasonous bitch that’s involved in your own gun running sceems . You Holder and the Muslim terrorist himself, Obullshit all should be walked up the gallows !! ERRRR !!

  • Edgardo L. Perez-De Leon says:

    I have no guns at home because I live in a gated community with guards in a very low crime safe area in West Bloomfield, Michigan (Detroit Metro) costing me $400 per month in addition of all taxes paid for the Police Department. But I want to preserve my right to protect myself if decide to move elsewhere.

  • Smitch says:

    Hillary…shove your head back up were it belongs! Before you back up there FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!

  • HENRI says:


  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Lets see if I have this straight. This woman hasn’t driven since the ’90’s, takes a limo to mingle with us. This woman has many bodyguards. Where is she when we have a prowler or robber. I remember now Hillary is in her mansion and we fend for ourselves. If we get murdered or family destroyed we are collateral damage. In other words we don’t count. You wonder why I despise this woman?

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    It makes me have a thrill down my leg to know Hillary knows more about my life. Gee if someone breaks into my home all I have to do is say Hillary said don’t do it. What about a person wanting to abuse or rape my wife or daughter. Have a question for Hillary which is how many trigger fingers do I have? Americans are violent and personal responsibility can’t be legislated. Ask her about the people she and Bill had killed.

  • The Redhawk says:

    sHI T LERY… You are a FU*KING MORON!!!

  • Myrtle Linder says:

    How long before they tell us to throw our Bibles out???

    Our Bibles are more against them than are our guns!!!
    Our guns do not care who is evil, they allow us to control
    The Bible will stick with GOD and against the evil going on all around us but basically in DC where the leadership of evil dwells!!

  • champion2211 says:

    How about we have too many communist running for office. If we remove them all we will have is Trump left. Or one to many bible toting politicians saying PC is what we need. We are fed up with all this PC and Bible toting politicians that is throwing around the bible reciting verses to make people think you are an honest Christian, right Cruz?

  • champion2211 says:

    You are right she is a freaking idiot. I don’t care if I have a thousand guns in my home. They are mine and I might be a collector. I am an honest caring American with a permit. She does have a reason to hate guns. She is afraid of some socialist shooting her. But by the Constitution a person can have as many guns as they like or can afford. Just to have some ass dragging socialist to say we have too many is rediculous on her part. She doesn’t know better either. How many guns does Hillary have? She better have some as her socialist friends might come a calling. They are more than likely to shoot her than an honest licensed gun holder is. Look for your criminals.

  • le3845 says:

    Shove off Clinton. The number of guns in my house is none of your business and never will be any of your business. You probably have at least 50 guns around you at any one given time so get your fat ugly nose out of our business.

  • Dick says:

    Hey Hill how many guns are protecting you ? I want the same amount protecting me. You haven’t got a pigs chance of getting the laws changed. I think I’ll go get a couple more , just in case I need them to protect myself. I hear Billy has a gun between his legs that shoots when he see’s a female. Clean up your act before you pick on the American people. We’re still your boss asshole, and don’t forget it….

    1. David Kledzik says:

      Well said Dick, well said.

  • brokebill says:

    Why is having guns in our homes a problem? They are ours. It is our right to own them. It is none of your business, HRC. This unchecked govt has scared the cr__p out of us. There is no way you will get our guns!

    1. Chris Baker says:

      I have had hunting guns for years. As far as I know they have never gone out and shot anyone. Many of our government officials are scared that we will rebel someday like our forefathers did.
      NRA all the way!

      1. douglas says:

        a revolution is closer than you think.. evern the border patrol says they will not violate the constitution of the USA and stand with the citizens rights

    2. Tom says:

      Shoot the idiots she would send for them. JUST DO IT!!

  • mike says:

    I read an article earlier that New York State is passing a law that if you are caught with a machete you will be arrested because they are considering it a deadly weapon.Leave it to the dumorats to come up with that

  • mike says:

    It is because of her and obummer that we have guns in our homes.You can’t take away our rights.How many guns surround hitlary at any given time,Same goes for obozzo he is surrounded by a little Army

  • Webb says:

    A Vote for Hillary as most know…Is a Vote to lose your Gun Rights!

    1. Smitch says:

      Say good-by to the Constitution not just gun rights!

  • Triple J Jackson says:

    Hillary I’ll keep my GUNS in my closet. And only bring them out to hunt and defense of my family. I Swear on that. But We the people DEMAND YOU LET YOUR SKELETONS OUT OF YOUR CLOSET! Oh and you have too many Guns around you! You disarm your personal Body guards and I’ll give up a pistol for You. But I want to see you go ONE WEEK with out armed guards first. I want to see YOU drive yourself around do your own shopping your own tasks without armed guards with out a slave. Go ahead live like the rest of us. Go to Atlanta or Go to Chicago and walk around by yourself Go to Detroit in one of them Muslim no go zones you love and protect so much. Then talk that Too many guns bullcrap.

    1. Edwin Kaplan says:

      Well stated!
      Hellery is so hated by US government employees assigned to her.
      Except ,of course, those hired by her at ridiculously high rates, paid by we tax payers.
      Through her Clinton Foundation (of crime) if necessary.

  • James G. Mothes says:

    This proves that she will be worse than Obummer when it comes to the pen and the pencil. Congress should stop the use of executive orders!!!

    1. Myrtle Linder says:

      Vicious, self righteous, evil, despicable, wannabe “goddess of America!”

  • douglas says:

    when something happens, they blame the gun.. never the criminal that used it.
    Obama released criminals that killed others with knifes and guns but that’s ok if they do that.. they blame it on the gun.. the gun only does what its told to do by the criminals that were released.

  • Bill says:

    Hilarity I think we need to take away your broom!!!

  • itsfun says:

    Hillary has body guards that are armed, but she doesn’t want us to be able to protect ourselves. Of course when you consider yourself to be royalty then you can do anything and have anything you want, and screw the rest of of.

  • David Stewart says:

    Don’t you just love hearring an anti-gun message from an unindicted felonn?

    1. itsfun says:

      She belongs in prison not on the campaign trail.

      1. Kanawah says:

        @Itsfun and Davie Stewart.
        Do a little research on the second and the events leading up to the writing of it.

        It was because of the whisky rebellion. there was never any intent to guarantee every man the right to a gun for “fun and pleasure”. It was to guarantee a “well regulated militia” was readily available to the federal government when needed. At that time there was no standing army, Reserves, or National guard. The fact that all three now exist, the second amendment is no longer needed.

        1. Webb says:

          The 2nd always needed….
          Vote for Hillary and give up your guns if you choose…Most had rather keep theirs!

          1. Myrtle Linder says:

            N E V E R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Jon Ockunzzi says:

            Myrtle, where you live you ARE the militia. Keep up the good work, you have the respect of millions. God bless you.

          3. Myrtle Linder says:

            Thanks, very much, for your vote of confidence!!! Actually I only have as many as I need and will use them only if needed, but will not hesitate, if I do need them!!! I do pray without ceasing and know that GOD will defend me without my guns but that does not mean, I won’t keep them,

            Hillary does not get to decide if I do or don’t have too many guns, the decision is mine not hers!!! They are all legal, right now!!!

        2. itsfun says:

          BS The 2nd amendment is meant to protect ourselves from government takeover of our rights and protections provided in the constitution. Nowhere in the Constitution is militia described as being for the government. Also nowhere is it said how many make up a militia. I can be a militia of one if I choose.

          1. champion2211 says:

            Look at the second amendment is where it states about a malitia.

          2. Myrtle Linder says:

            The militia won’t do me much good w – a – y y out here in the country, alone when a bandit killer appears at my door and I am sitting by the fireside, all alone, at 86 years of age!! I could have my gun, at my side, if the communist government will leave me alone!!!

          3. champion2211 says:

            Bless you Myrtle, keep safe.

          4. Myrtle Linder says:

            Thank you, I am working on it and will not give up my sling shot!!!

          5. Tom says:

            Only YOU can make them leave you alone. Keep that firearm of yours close by and, of course, loaded at all times. Never know when you may need it, you know how spooky those gov’t rats are. Shoot ’em first, DON’T waste time asking stoopid questions, Myrtle!

          6. Myrtle Linder says:

            You said it and I will listen!!! I know how to use it, too!!!

          7. Tom says:

            And I choose to be one also.

        3. David Kledzik says:

          When the Constitution was written there was no federal government, hence it was not written for the federal government to have weapons. The 2nd Amendment wasn’t written for hunting, because back in the day if you didn’t hunt, you didn’t eat. You haven’t read the Federalist Papers, because if you had you would have known what the Founders meant by “Well Regulated Militia”. The fact that you obfusicated the facts that the 2nd Amendment was a means to protect against a tyrannical government, shows you don’t have a clue what your talking about. Kanawah, the 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere, get used to it.

        4. Chris Baker says:

          When Hillary tells her bodyguards to leave their weapons at home and the president tells his protectors to leave their guns at home will they practice what they preach and people will then possibly follow suit. If she and he won’t do that then we can’t believe they have the best for America at heart.

        5. Tom says:

          Ho-hum, kana, you’re dum(b).

  • nhchaz says:

    Hillary…You #@%^& Idiot….You are only partially right….There ARE certain people who shouldn’t have Guns….The mentally ill, plus minority black, white and hispanic young gang-banger males….Take these guns away and I’ll betcha a cookie 99% of our gun problem will be solved ! But we know you just want to disarm ALL of us so you can take over with your Socialist/Liberal agenda…. !

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