Houston to pastors: Forget your sermons, now we want your speeches

by Todd Starnes, FOXNews.com
October 17, 2014

Five Christian pastors will no longer have to turn their sermons over to attorneys for the city of Houston. Instead, they will be forced to turn over their speeches related to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).

I don’t mean to point out the obvious here – but what do those attorneys think a sermon is? It’s a speech.

According to an amended motion filed Friday in Harris County, Texas court, the city’s attorneys will no longer demand sermons related to homosexuals, gender identity, or Mayor Annise Parker – Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor.

The amended subpoenas do require the pastors to turn over “all speeches or presentations related to HERO” – along with 17 different categories of information.

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  • USMC 64-68 says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late for the people of Houston, but they need to recognize the tyranny vested in the anti-American democrat party.

    The reason I say it may be too late is simple – they registered to vote “democrat” and they did in the face of their party’s anti-American principles and practices.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Yo, s**t-for-brains marine – Houston and Harris County are both hotbeds of your right wing conservative ideology. Go figure.

      1. USMC 64-68 says:

        I read what came from your mind – flushed immediately!

  • rmagnano says:

    In my opinion this is an example of what the “Political Correctness” crowd does with their “Brilliance & Conniving” ways when they slither into a position of POWER. We of the others are the LOOSERS. We build and pay for their plans for the YELLOW brick road to HELL

  • gagec1 says:

    In the end times, it is said that we will be governed by women and boys. There is no learning in how to vote any more, there is no reading, or logic required in the vote anymore. Illegal Aliens can vote without any fear of the lawful penalty for doing so. Women in politics are all about feelings, and the boys in politics just think it is cool. There is no maturity required, nor is the bully pulpit for the common man any more, only the politically well connected. Nothing will change because it is meant to get worse: because the people in this country have turned their faces from GOD. The very first curse in the Bible is “Terror” so hold onto something solid, and cover your head because the “wrath of GOD” is about to be let loose.

  • Ron says:

    Wrong again Marxist fupid stucks! Freedom of speech still exists and You freaks of nature have no legal standing for any of your dog and pony show! Therefore go pound sand

  • Edwin R Rickard says:

    You should always be careful who you vote for,if you go with the crowd,sometimes it comes back to bit you

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

    Still a freedom of speech issue and still an attack on religion as Pastors/Preachers/Reverends are supposed to talk the talk and walk the walk as written in the Holy Bible regardless which version. I personally find the gender neutral one insulting, I prefer to recognize the complete history and societies as they were when it was written and judge for myself how society has changed and whether or not it is for the better.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Why di these guys have to “turn over” speeches they’ve made? They are already public utterances so the mayor and her city attorney can simply listen to the news as they shave every morning. This whole affair has the odor of government harassment and attempted intimidation. I guess “her honor” doesn’t believe that citizens have the right to protest government actions.

  • lil-echoes says:

    Seems like the Lesbian Mayor got her ‘tail in a crack’… on this demand.

  • don says:

    out of control marix government

  • Lily Haley says:

    Just the basic nature of anatomical differences, and human desire for privacy while relieving themselves should be enough difference to keep the sexes separate in restroom use. People don’t have to be religious to be uncomfortable in the situation the mayor is trying to force on them. This is just more harassment from out of control government.

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