ICE Coming For More Types of Illegal Immigrants – Are You on the List?

February 28, 2017

Donald Trump is making good on one of his most important campaign promises – immigration reform. In previously untouched, liberal havens for illegal squatters such as Orange County, CA, ICE agents are following orders so precisely that illegal “families” are being forced to change their routines and make preparations for their children. Although Trump has not been able to introduce the legislation that many conservatives would have liked, he is using the openings presented by dormant Obama administration immigration policies to leverage sweeps of businesses known to harbor and hide illegals.

Liberals are using images of these children as a hit piece against duly appointed law enforcement agents who are simply following the law, much unlike those they are ferreting out. Liberal celebrities, especially those with failing careers and a need for publicity, are “speaking out.” Wonder why?

Kal Penn (who is that, again?) tweeted this incredibly immature reaction: “To the dude who said I don’t belong in America, I started a fundraising page for Syrian Refugees in your name.”
Jamie Bell tweeted this classic: “Asghar Farhadi, 2 time Oscar nominee, BAFTA nominee, Golden Bear winner, Palme D’or & César award nominee. BANNED from entering US.” It’s unfortunate that I have heard of neither Jamie Bell nor Asghar Farhadi, despite all of those “accomplishments.” Perhaps they will get the publicity they need from the political fervor being raised about this issue, but likely not.

Mark Ruffalo, who hasn’t had a hit in about a decade, is trying desperately to muster up some publicity from simply stating facts: “Protestors gather at New York’s JFK Airport over refugee detainment.” We could get this information from any news outlet, and better coverage besides. Why exactly are you tweeting this?

The order is moving ahead even as liberal judges try their best to halt the policy. Many liberals are trying to spin the fruitless federal orders as a civil war between branches of government. However, even the slightest bit of research shows that those judges against the order are all liberal, and moving strictly for political reasons, not moral.
Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna also lent their slightly more relevant voices to the chaos; however, they really had very little to say. They were quickly shouted down by patriots who told them both to stick to what they are good at – shaking other parts of their bodies. After all, those shaking liberal booties are exactly what is helping to create the moral degeneracy in immigrant neighborhoods that brought the ICE hammer down in the first place.

The expansion of the immigration deportation policy also puts a kibosh on the calls that Trump was applying the policy in a racist way. In short – #MuslimBan no longer applies. ICE agents are ordered to take in any immigrant from anywhere without proof of papers, regardless of nationality, race or religion. Trump expanded his effort on the heels of a long awaited statement against anti-Semitism, virtually shutting down any notions of Trump being racist.

Local law enforcement around the United States is sure to have some heated debate as to whether the long arm of the law should back 287(g) policies or sanctuary city initiatives. The fight could lead to a test of the incredibly poignant issue of state vs. federal powers, especially if liberal judges insist upon blocking executive orders in violation of their Constitutional powers.

Wherever you are in the United States, if you are reading this as an illegal alien in this country, you are urged to turn yourselves in to the nearest immigration office immediately. Families and young children will need to come with you – it is the only responsible way to ensure that your children do not suffer from your mistakes. Trump is creating an America that we all can love, and you can participate – in a legal way.

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  • David Stovall says:

    The wall is so important. Illegal immigrant children can just run across the border and Border Patrol suddenly has a baby sitting job. Must have the wall. Design it to look like the wall around Meryl Streep’s house.

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