ICE releases 19,723 criminal illegals, 208 convicted of murder, 900 of sex crimes

April 29, 2016

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2015 decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants, including 208 convicted of murder, over 900 convicted of sex crimes and 12,307 of drunk driving, according to new government numbers.

Overall, those released into virtually every state and territory of America had a total of 64,197 convictions among them, for an average of 3.25 convictions each, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies. ICE also said that the group were convicted of 8,234 violent crimes.

Meanwhile, ICE said that it has also slashed the number of criminals arrested in local communities, according to the Center’s Director of Policy Studies, Jessica M. Vaughan. “In 2015, ICE made 119,772 arrests, or just half the number of arrests made in 2013, 232,287,” she said in her analysis that also included a map of the releases.

The reason: Under President Obama’s immigration policy changes, many criminal immigrants are being ignored even though local police and sheriff have urged ICE to take control of criminals in their jails and deport them.

She said that the slash of arrests is why the number of releases by ICE is down. In 2014, 30,000 criminal illegals were released.

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  • Ronald Gendron says:

    We currently have over 600,000 illegal aliens in our nation’s prisons, ( a published fact)! Wouldn’t it seem logical that after serving their sentences & since they are already incarcerated, that we at least deport these proven criminals? Why are our federal politicians, of both parties, trying to bring down America, as we know it & turn it into another Third World ‘disaster’ of a country?

  • Maggie says:

    Isn’t this just the best way to run our country? I am so surprised I have not heard of any attempts on his life.

  • Citizentobe says:

    Message from Obama to the American People: “If you like your criminal illegal or sexual predator, you can keep him”

  • billdeserthills says:

    My suggestion is that everyone get a concealed weapon permit and next time one of these ex-cons commits a crime, simply shoot to kill. That should be the end of this stupid catch & release game…

  • Lee says:

    Imagine that. And what are our fearless and brilliant law makers going to do about that. Exactly nothing. I really get a kick out of these idiots that are elected into office.

  • ivca56 says:

    Time to do it ourselves. Lock and Load. I will not be a victim to these criminals. Our elected protectors only protect themselves and their agenda–at the expense of us and out families. American Spirit needs to awaken! That traitor in the WH needs to be treated as such!

  • Leo Klaudi says:

    FURTHER PROOF OF JUST HOW STUPID CURRENT ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS ARE, FROM OBAMA ON DOWN!!!! Turning terrorists loose, turning violent criminials loose and illegal immigrants all makes OBAMA PUBLIC ENEMY # ONE in the eyes of law abiding citizens and a FRIGGIN HERO to the bad guys of the world. All the more reason for everybody to vote for Donald Trump! AMERICA FIRST!!!!!

    1. Citizentobe says:

      It is NOT stupidity, it is demonic cleverness. it’s a deliberate intent to destroy the country from inside out.

  • florida3guy says:

    And this creature in the White House continues to try and disarm Americans. Letting in terrorists and releasing dangerous criminals will be this losers legacy not to mention 8 years of a stagnant economy and hatred between the races. Wow, what a great leader of men. I hope he rots in hel-l along with those who voted this traitor into office two times.

    1. Citizentobe says:

      He/she is not a creature it is a demon….

  • billie says:

    Each time one of these released illegals is arrested again,charge obie as co defendant

  • knowsit says:

    Well, arrest the squatter in the W. H.for aiding and abetting crimes, the man it literally a walking crime wave

  • Craigmm says:

    Laws are there for a reason. Failure to enforce rules of law means we will cease to be a country, much less the great country we used to be. Any country that doesn’t secure it’s borders is doomed to not be a country no matter the power of their military. So sad.

  • downdraft says:

    Pass it on…

  • volksnut says:

    In 2 years – that POS in the oval office is directly responsible for the release of almost 50k CONVICTED illegal alien CRIMINALS back into OUR neighborhoods – What was his criteria for deportation? ” ONLY the worst ” guess murder and sex crimes don’t qualify – What does?

  • Sue Freeman says:

    God Help Us. These People Were Released For A Hillary Vote???????????????YIKES. I have Family here. In what used to be the USA. Now we have no idea what we are. Or whos rules to live by. I will be happy if we can get this turned around.. Just remember when you vote. It counts. Who Are you supporting & who are you protecting. Better be thinking about this, Your Family may be the ones you are putting with these new voters.

  • Steve Gifford says:

    They release these murderers and rapists and then want the law abiding citizens to vote for Hillary who is planning on taking the guns away from them. Which country have we all moved to in the last 8 years.

    1. Citizentobe says:

      The country in which 51% of Americans voted erroneously for the antichrist…..two elections in a row….and now a third one.

      1. Leo Klaudi says:

        The third one is the Whore of Babylon, Hillary Clinton, unless a White Knight arises in the form of a Trump!

  • Diane Phillips says:

    04/29/16 = Good morning, GOD help us, the events that are taking place under the Obama administration are a NIGHTMARE for America and True Americans!

    1. Elizabeth Whitehouse says:

      True Americans? White Christians to be sure. Are there any others?

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