Immigration boss who barred feds from terror suspect up for award, but agency won’t say why

June 23, 2016

A U.S. immigration official blamed in a federal report for barring law enforcement agents from a suspect in the San Bernardino terror attack has been nominated for a prestigious agency award – but her bosses in Washington refuse to say what she did to earn consideration.

Irene Martin heads the San Bernardino U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office, where last December, she allegedly blocked five armed Department of Homeland Security agents from the man authorities say supplied the firepower in the deadly attack a day earlier. Although an Inspector General’s report found she acted improperly, and then lied to investigators, has learned she has been nominated for the Secretary’s Award for Valor.

“To give Irene Martin an award for valor is insulting to all the prior awardees – the agents and officers who truly displayed valor and risked their lives to save someone else,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based research institute.

Department of Homeland Security officials declined to say what Martin did to merit consideration for the award, which is described as “the highest departmental recognition for extraordinary acts of valor by an employee or group, occurring while on or off duty” and is reserved for “those who have demonstrated extraordinary courage in a highly dangerous, life-threatening situation or emergency under extreme stress and involving a specific act of valor, such as saving another person’s life or property.”

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  • Bob says:

    She gets a Medal of Valor and the Department will not say why? Does this raise the curiosity of anyone else? This would be like a Military person getting the Medal of Honor and all the citation say is “Yeah, he deserved it”. Another example of the “transparency” that the Obama Administration promised us. Right up there with the “most ethical and honest administration in the history of the Republic” giving us the second impeached President “in the history of the Republic”. And folks wonder why Democratic Administrations are untrusted?

  • ricktenny says:

    It’s the same deal in the military. grunt gets a Unit Citation, Officers get Bronze Stars for coming to work. Guess it’s a requirement for the future career if they stay. No sour grapes, just how it was. I also knew officers who deserved more than the medals given.

  • SDofAZ says:

    DHS and half the agencies are headed by moslimes. What else can you expect except secrets from this administration. Sneakey lying, narcissistic, arrogant sociopath BO heads it all up but his time is coming soon to pay for all the deception. The dem lemmings will not win a thing. The silent majority has come to the front and will not tolerate the moslime regime further. Vote every dem lemming (as in Nancy Pelosi out this year) as they come to reelection. Then find a rino replacement as they come up for reelection. In AZ McCain is up and we will replace him with another republican this year. Flakey is gonna go in 2018. And should McCain’s replacement waffle, he or she will be replaced when they run for reelection. Oh and Rat Ryan is up for reelection too. Vote him out he does have a conservative running against him in WI. Step up and vote these dems and rinos out like they did with Cantor in VA a few years back. Upset their applecarts. Vote em out and turn em over. Enough is enough. Dems and rinos gotta go! And the dems do not have enough money to buy Hillary or one dem a seat in the next congress or presidency. As Trump points out Hillary has hundreds of employees trying to help her win and he has less than a hundred but is gonna beat her ass in the election. Big spender versus a financial and media wiz, pretty well wins the argument to my way of thinking. Just the difference in the campaigns alone says it ALL!

  • Consitutionalist says:

    In civilian life that would be called, at the very least, an accessory to commiting murder. In military life that would be a minimum of dereliction of duty. Both punishable with prison time.Traitorous acts are punishable by death or life in prison…

  • justinwachin says:

    If this woman is up for the Department of Homeland Security’s top award it is time to shut down the award. It may also be time to replace the leadership in this department. If your actions makes America less safe you are not worthy of an award.

    1. Worried Vet says:

      This is sickening. She is getting the award for their Dept. Medal of valor. As a Vietnam vet I’m pissed. She blocks the authorities from trying to get information fast from the man who bought the guns that killed !4 innocent people. Instead of helping trying to stop any other planned attacks that might have happened. This guy bought the guns and maybe he was tricked but the authorities had no clue until they talked with him. She gets an award where the same in the military usually means that person receiving it died for saving lives above and beyond. I really think these politicians are trying to start another civil war. I try to stay positive when I read so many comments on all types of sites about it will take civil war to fix this country. I try to say something like it can’t happen we can wake people up, have a real debate even with liberals and not have something as horrible as civil war. Well maybe I’m to optimistic. When I see senator Murphy telling lies that GOP wants and is doing guns to Isis. I see the DOJ reacting the 911 call then changing Allah to God for what reason. When I see Hillary telling a group of women she is on their side when her foundation accepts millions of dollars from countries that mistreat women. When I keep seeing to sets of standards by the media. If a liberal does something wrong it’s either ignored or lies are told. If a republican does the very same thing they are a racist, homophobic.hate Islam Or Muslim’s. There is something very wrong with that. I don’t see how free thinking people can’t see the blatant use of the media as a propaganda machine. I’m afraid the people will have no choice to rise up to change these things. I pray it’s peaceful but I’m having my doubts. These liberals and GOP members have got to be Aware the majority of Americans are fed up. Are they aware the ones fed up are not all gun toting Christians? I do see many different types coming together simply because we’re not sheep to be led around and lied to.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    She Kissed the 0webombs Azz. Do you need any further explanation?

    Remember this is the most transparerent administration in history. You can see right through it and all the illegal activities they are doing.

  • Dan says:

    We truly are living in a bizzaro world. I frequently have to pinch myself to make sure this is not all a dream…Unfortunately it’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare…

  • Gene Carroll says:

    Sounds like another load of horse shit coming from our Islamic loving administration…. Seems no one is ever held accountable for their negative actions anymore.. Maybe instead of an award, she should have been presented with her Pink Slip”.

    1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

      If she is a “civil servant” it is nearly impossible to demote her and even harder to fire her

      1. barbarafromnyc says:

        And that fact is at the heart of the problem. Hopefully, Trump will declare government (all branches/levels) right to work, refuse to collect dues from employees and start the process of limiting their money and power. Then you can fire people throughout – like at the VA and at every agency!

        1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

          Having been a civil servant for many years. there must be someway of appealing adverse actions of supervisors. Otherwise the system woud be worse than we have now.

      2. Dolores Adams says:

        Civil or “evil” servant?

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