In State of Union, Obama to leave empty seat to honor gun victims, underscore gun control effort

January 10, 2016

President Obama will keep an empty seat next to the first lady on Tuesday when he gives his State of the Union address, to represent victims of gun violence, according to the White House.

Obama, who is trying to reduce gun violence by issuing a series of executive orders to tighten federal gun laws, announced the symbolic gesture Friday when talking on the phone with fellow supporters of more stringent gun-ownership laws.

A White House official said the president told the supporters the open seat in first lady Michelle Obama’s viewing box was for “the victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice — because they need the rest of us to speak for them.”

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  • I guess it will make his apologetic Leftist Loons feel good about themselves, but myself, I get physically sick to my stomach when I see or hear the Kenyan Muslim Queens voice, so I will not bother to listen to an hour of LIES and BS, same old, same old, that we have heard for almost eight sickening years! It will be a good day for the World when Obama’s obituary goes to print! TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!

  • Mary says:

    Never let a crisis go to waste. He is shameless. I wonder if he will mention the terrorist who have murdered Americans since he has been in office. He is the ultimate “user”. Wake up America.

  • Mort Leith says:

    “Obama to leave empty seat to honor gun victims”….

    You mean like a TROPHY??
    that he’s proud of making happen…

  • Pam says:

    What should be in that seat is a little open coffin with a copy of the Constitution sticking out of it.

    1. SeemsToMe says:

      Well, and the winner comment is…sadly perfect.

  • TexRancher says:

    How about an empty seat to honor those murdered and injured in Benghzai?
    Plus a chair turned upside down as a statement for his and Hillary’s actions and inactions that lead to their murders?

  • VirgoVince says:

    WE have an empty head and an empty suit, how about the empty seat be his?? Thank you, Clint Eastwood!
    WHY is this ugly mu-slime terrorist nigger still breathing?

  • Denny says:

    How many empty seats are you going to have for all the innocents your drones have killed?!?

    How many empty seats for the Vets that your VA has allowed to die?!?

    How about the Christian genocide going on in the ME. Women and children you are allowing to be killed by the very terrorists you are funding and providing weapons to in the ME?!? Who by the way you won’t even let into the US as refuges.

    How about the people who have died at the hands of these illegals you are allowing to invade the US?!?

    How about the men at Bengahzi?!?

    How about all the people dying from you, Killary and Bush from the regime change chaos you’ve created in the ME?!?

    How about the people dying and soon to die from the refugees you are allowing into the US?!? Who by the way are NOT Christians, but mostly military age men!

    How about the ones dying and soon to die from the criminals you are releasing from prison?!?

    You are going to need a lot of empty chairs! You and your criminal regime have blood soaked hands!!!

    Did you shed a tear for them?!? I didn’t think so! You should be in GITMO watching them assemble the Gallows outside your window for Treason and crimes against humanity!

    1. celina pittman says:

      I LOVE YOU!!!!! You have just stated every single question that I have had in my mind for 7 years. How does he release 5 terrorists without Congress, then while the country was mourning the latest Paris attacks he used that distraction to release two or three more I forgot exactly how many). This in and of itself shuld be treason and he should swing from a rope for it, or face a firing squad. Better yet, maybe he should be stoned to death since he is a muslim and believes in the ever-growing Sharia Law. Yeah, that’s exactly what this country should do. Try him and have him stoned on National Television.
      If we get Trump or Cruz in office, I do believe that he will pay for his crimes in some form, that is what I pray for anyway. God Bless…

      1. Elke Ridder-Graber says:

        my mother was always saying : Gods Mills are grinding verry slow, but they get every last cernel
        I trust in Gods justice and God bless America again

    2. SeemsToMe says:

      Double Bingo!

    3. TORO says:

      How about all the innocent babies being slaughtered by planned parenthood and the like ilk? I guess Obama and Hillary see them as future Americans so they are expendable and there is money to be made.

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