Inauguration protesters clash with police, as violence escalates

by Joseph Weber
January 21, 2017

WASHINGTON – Violent and destructive Inauguration Day protests escalated Friday afternoon ahead of the ceremonial parade, as demonstrators smashed window fronts and clashed with police — who used pepper spray and tear gas to try and control the crowd.

Authorities said roughly 90 people have been arrested so far.

In the downtown Washington area, blocks north of the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route, black-clad protesters hurled rocks at police in riot guard who used pepper spray and explosives, known as “flash bangs,” in response.

At least three officers from the Metropolitan Police Department, the District of Columbia’s agency, suffered non-life-threatening injuries related to demonstrators smashing several storefronts shortly after noon — damaging a Bank of America, Starbucks and McDonald’s about four blocks east of the White House.

A car in the area also was reportedly set on fire.

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  • Tiger says:

    I watched all the events of yesterday and these people were a slummy type and they did their little song and dance and ran when they were tear gassed etc. For the most part most of the protesters, who were so young for crying out loud, were not that bad. The inauguration was absolutely packed all the way to the monument unbelievable and the Main Media showed an empty field and said Trump only had around 250,000 people. They then piss and moan cause Trump puts them in their place and won’t have anything to do with them.

    Then today he went to the CIA he and Pence and boy did they get the cheers. Talked about the Main Media and the lies about his fight with the CIA there isn’t any. He is also bringing the bust of Churchill back. The PM coming to visit and asked if he wanted it back he said yes, then he told them how the Times showed him in the Oval Office and said he had taken down a stature of MLK, the stupid reporter in front of him was standing in front of the statue. So they had to retract the story.

    So this Main Media and all the news is just putting up stories to attract people and they are using it to keep the fiery rhetoric going against Trump. Thank God for twitter etc.

    1. Retired says:

      Somebody paid for the Bus trip to WDC and those people should be made to pay for any and all damages. Those that got arrested should be kept locked up until they sing who brought them there.

      1. Connierlanders says:

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  • Bob says:

    From the local news outlets, 217 arrested for various forms of breach of peace (assault, vandalism, rioting, etc.) and 6 police officers had to go to area hospitals. Tear gas, pepper spray and flash bangs had to be used to break it up, and of course, the criminals are complaining of police over reacted. They threw chunks of concrete and bricks at the officers, burned a privately owned limo and an SUV (believe it belonged to a news agency), smashed windows and assaulted citizens wearing Trump hats and such, but the Police over reacted. Now that adults have come to power, maybe we can get this type of crap under control.

    1. Retired says:

      Bullshit that the Police over reacted. These were animals brought in to destruct.

      1. Bob says:

        Agree. The Police used less lethal force, pepper spray and flash bangs, while the “demonstrators” (ie criminals) were throwing rocks and concrete chunks. I was watching another story where an “independent photojournalist” (ie a 30 year old liberal arts major with a camera, living with his parents) who was in the crowd of “demonstrators” (ie rioters) and was saying how the Police over reacted. A passerby hearing this said “you should have been with the Police when the rocks were thrown”.

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