Internet privacy fight enters new phase

by HARPER NEIDIG | thehill
April 13, 2017

The fight over internet privacy is entering a new stage.

The Republican chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is moving to roll back his agency’s net neutrality rules, a plan critics warn could deal another blow to online privacy protections.

It comes on the heels of Republicans repealing Obama-era rules that would have required internet service providers to get customer consent before sharing their data, putting digital privacy back in the national spotlight.

Both sides are quickly gearing up for the next fight.

“We don’t see having weaker privacy rules than we had — and weaker net neutrality rules than we still have — as any kind of acceptable trade,” said Matt Wood, policy counsel for the group Free Press.

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  • Humble Servant says:

    This whole net neutrality and privacy thing is crap. We all know there is no privacy on anything connected to the web so stop squealing about it. If you don’t want it to come back and bite you don’t put it out there.
    Net neutrality is hog wash. If you have a predominate Liberal audience you can get away with predominately Liberal content but if you have a predominantly conservative audience don’t even think of trying to force that left wing crazy crap content down my throat. I will stand up and make noise publicly and we don’t carry signs and dress in rainbows.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Net neutrality…a stupid concept where if a conservative says something, they’re obligated to find a leftist to say something stupid to contradict it.
    It, like leftist “tolerance” is a one way street.

    Not surprising that the liberals at “Free Press” are in arms.

    As for Republicans trashing privacy rules, given the twisted MSM slant of The Hill, they’re not telling us the whole story, such as privacy regulations were not imposed on leftist controlled web-based companies like Google and Facebook. The FCC’s sister agency, the Federal Trade Commission, can bring privacy complaints against web-based companies that aren’t ISPs, but the FTC doesn’t create privacy regulations, instead typically taking action on a case-by-case basis when companies violate their own privacy promises.

    The FCC rules are confusing and costly and “make the internet an uneven playing field,” said Senator Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican and Senate majority leader.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      You do know that’s not what they are talking about the old equal time rules from way back. The question that is being decided is whether the net is communication or a commodity. You really need to dig into this because it will effect you personally. Do you want control of your on line activity history? Do you want small web sights to have the same running speed as large ones. This is what it’s all about. The FCC rule did make an even playing field, that’s why the providers want the change. They want to be able to sell your information and to be able to charge more for first class web sites. If you don’t care if your data is sold then the FTC control would be fine with you.

      1. NM Leon says:

        Do you want a super huge website using terabytes of bandwidth to pay the same price as you do for your little one man website?

        Is that an even playing field?

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Should the big sites get to have faster service then the little guys. That’s what this is all about, making the net better for the big guys at the cost of everyone else.It doesn’t encourage the providers to innovate.Right now the servers have to improve their service to make more money.

          “Net neutrality is the principle that individuals should be free to access all content and applications equally, regardless of the source, without Internet service providers discriminating against specific online services or websites”

          1. NM Leon says:

            Except that PK supported Title II and is far from unbiased.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Interesting link. Much that doesn’t apply to the US but still interesting. What I get out of it is the least regulation the better and it’s better for the government to react then to act up front. In some ways I agree.

          3. NM Leon says:

            Yeah, being a worldwide technology it’s not just the US rules that matter, and similar laws have recently been getting repealed all over.

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  • actor44 says:

    How is it that people tolerate this crap. If anyone wants their personal info private ,say so and that should be the end of it . Who do these maggots think they are? Where does gov. get the right/power to decide this .

    1. NM Leon says:

      It’s not what it seems. The law that was repealed was never in effect, and the “net neutrality” regs just give the government more power over you.

      “Sharing your data” is nothing new, you created a data point when you clicked on this site and when you logged into Disqus, all of which was “shared” the instant you did it.

      Ever notice how advertisements on the pages you go to are for things you are interested in? That’s because of “shared data”.

      1. actor44 says:

        Yes I know . My response does sound naive ,but I wanted it to be as simplistic as possible. We put up with too much B.S.!

        1. maxx says:

          The internet is just another “marketing” scam. There should be “NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED” at all. It is the same as all of the unsolicited phone calls that the “no call program” has been unable to stop. If there was no advertising the would be no need for collecting our personal information of activity.

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