IRS must publicize sensitive tea party data obtained in targeting, Obama administration says

by Stephen Dinan
April 13, 2016

The IRS says it has stopped targeting the tea party — but three years later, the tax agency is still holding on to the sensitive information it pried from the conservative groups through invasive questions, and officials are even vowing to make the answers public.

Groups caught up in the scandal say that is proof the targeting is continuing, and they want the IRS to expunge the information or, at the very least, to make sure it is never released.

Obama administration officials insist they have stopped targeting but say the groups are at fault for following the misguided IRS requests for information. Now, the administration says, there is nothing the tax agency can do but make the information public as the law requires.

On Thursday, a federal appeals court in Washington will be asked to referee the dispute, just one of the legal problems still plaguing the IRS after its 2013 admission that it inappropriately singled out conservative and tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny.

“They asked for things to which they were not entitled,” said Cleta Mitchell, an attorney for True the Vote, one of the tea party nonprofits that got caught up in the targeting scandal. “This is the fruit of the poisonous tree.”

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  • Bob says:

    Had this been a group that supported Democratic candidates, you can bet your last dollar that it would have been both a bigger deal to the media but also we would have been a great number of folks loose their jobs. Another example of how the “most transparent administration” makes the Nixon Administration look like an open book. And what will happen if we get a repeat of the “most honest administration in the history of the republic” from the 90’s? Could we see another impeachment? Maybe this time with a removal?

  • CCblogging says:

    Trump is the only person who will stop this tyrannical subversive. I will vote for him as a Republican or as an independent if the Republican Establishment commits political suicide by forcing Trump out.

  • kassa1 says:

    This is complete elitist Marxist abuse of power and the people should remove any of these people in government who abuse their power and abuse the peoples money using it as slush fund to buy power and votes from deadbeats that don’t want to do anything, and those Such as the Gays,women’s Lib,The unions etc.

  • E Swisher says:

    Where is the tar and feathers?

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      Amen! Preach on brother.

  • ihatelibs says:


    1. maxx says:

      The IRS can be eliminated with a postcard tax form. Cruz says he will do that. And as usual, if his lips are moving he is lying. And he has the audacity to call himself a Christian. Like Obama is a Christian.

  • RobNClt says:

    The public should not let the next administration text until they find a ways to abolish the IRS. That institution is too corrupt to exist in this country.

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      While we are unloading useless federally organizations, let us not forget the so called “Homeland Security” (DHS) who are so brainwashed that they persist in the belief that conservatives and and “white supremacists”, pose a far greater threat than the ISIS nut jobs. “Homeland Security” is a ravenous beast, sucking up tax dollars for little more than being a relocation service for the administration’s illegal immigration policy.

    2. maxx says:

      IRS, DOJ, EPA, DOE, DHS and any other agency that has been “armed” by the current administration. Remember the 60 billion rounds of ammunition that Obama purchased years back? Why do these agencies need to be armed? Because they know how corrupt they are and are afraid of the citizenry, and should be.,

  • Phil Esposito says:

    This is how these libtards think. “Oh you caught us, so I guess we gotta release all this info you never should have given us to the public”. Spoken like a true faggot little girl. F’ing Obozo.

    1. Bob says:

      Probably in the same way they actually believe that if THEY put a new gun law in place, then ALL criminals who have ignored every other law on the books up to this point will just say “My, that Obama and Clinton are such nice folks, I’ll follow their new law” and there will be no more mass killings. Worked really well for the Germans in the 30’s.

  • JC says:

    When Trump takes the WH—we need to file charges against all individuals that even remotely was involved in the targeting of the tea party groups—and then start shutting down this rogue agency !!!

    1. Sharron Freitas says:

      You forgot about the Bush admn. They should all be in jail for treason. How you people sleep at night, I’ll never know. You don’t realize how lucky you are. At least we’re rid of the Bush family

      1. Athanasios1 says:

        Actually, the ugly wife of Canadian citizen Ted Cruz works for Goldman Sachs and that is the connection to the Bush family. And if Bush should be charged with treason, for accusing the Iraqi zookeeper Saddam Hussein, so should Clinton for not taking out Osama Bin Laden when he was President and had the opportunity.

        1. maxx says:

          The Clintons have a long history of muslim collusion way back to their first day in the WH. We need to resurrect the House Un-American Activities Committee with some real “teeth” to clean out the communist movement in America.

  • David Stewart says:

    WTH! When you live under a dictatorship, this is what you have to expect!

  • Timekeeper2 says:

    Corrupt, crooked politicians and their puppetmasters trying to take our country and our rights… they want to rule US, not represent us.

    #VoteRight – It IS that important!

    Make AMERICA great Again!!

    TRUMP in 2016

    1. Sharron Freitas says:

      Go back to school and read the Constitution. You are very easily swayed in your simple mind.

      1. Athanasios1 says:

        Actually no. The Head of Social Security has hidden information and pleaded the 5th in her silence to protect the corrupt administration of Barack Obama. Someone on his staff requested that Social Security scrutinize Tea Party PACS 501 applications. She also had a problem with e-mails…like Hitlery.

      2. Bob says:

        “You are easily swayed in your simple mind” As are those who hear the words “hope and change” while getting a tingle up their legs. You folks were sold a bill of goods by a charlatan, a “clean, articulate black guy” in a rented suit and you have swallowed the kool-aid fully.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    The liberal dem bloodsucking scum are not going to stop until they get the civil war started, are they?

    1. daveveselenak says:

      That is a big 10-4! They aren’t liberals, they are Satan worshipping communists that are a death culture! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – they will not cede their ABSOLUTE POWER that they have achieved after decades of patience and infiltrating every façade of our society and government! Arm——————————————?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!

    2. Sharron Freitas says:

      I think you got the wrong party.

      1. Athanasios1 says:

        Yes and no. Both parties are pulling the same schemes now. It used to be that the Democrats were for the lower income working class and the Republicans were for the commanding class. Now the Republicans go along with increasing the debt and the Democrats just print more money. It is now a ONE Party system and there is NO difference between Trump, Hillary and that Canadian citizen BORN in Canada to two Canadian CITIZENS.

      2. gerald Hughes says:

        You think?
        You folks are about to get abig big surprise.
        Dec 2014, a poll said that 11.4% of the peoplel thought that their state should secede.
        Dec 2015, a polls said that 23.9 % of the people thought their state should secede.
        About 2 years, the liberal dem bloodsuckers are going to be on their own.

        1. maxx says:

          If we get the right person elected president the left will definitely be on it’s way out of America. Liberals, democrats, communists are still the minority. We just have to make them not want to stay here. Europe is looking for workers. I would donate to provide free transportation to that socialist Utopia they always want to emulate. Just move there. The system is waiting for your arrival. Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ as you leave.

  • Robert Pekarik says:

    Fundamental transformation at its finest.

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