ATLANTA — Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the government should have broad surveillance powers of Americans and private technology firms should cooperate better with intelligence agencies to help combat “evildoers.”

At a national security forum in the early voting state of South Carolina, Bush put himself at odds with Republican congressional leaders who earlier this year voted to end the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone records.

The former Florida governor said Congress should revisit its changes to the Patriot Act, and he dismissed concerns from civil libertarians who say the program violated citizens’ constitutionally protected privacy rights.

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  • ADRoberts says:

    Jeb wants more control for the elite to stiffle the patriots. This is NOT about terrorists. They ARE already controlled by the elite. No this is for control of US.

  • KDC says:

    Oh, boy! The spots on the Leopard are starting to show. Big government like big daddy and big brother. No thanks, RINO Bush!

  • jdbixii says:

    With their ignorant, immigration policies, having created a society which is divided over most any issue, the symptoms of it now demand that government increase surveillance to prevent the consequences of diversity, difference, disagreement and conflict which logically result because of those difference factors, whether, race, ethnicity, creed, language, behavior, or violations of the law. How long is the world going to put up with the United States, as the human garbage dump that can’t get a consensus about policies and has to
    have constant surveillance because it can’t trust the people it has allowed into the country? Eliminate the causes and you won’t have the effect. Prevent the causes and you won’t have the effect. Allowing people the freedom to be in the country is to allow them the choice to do whatever it is they are determined to do. Creating a police-state to prevent them from doing it is to deny the average, loyal, law-abiding citizen the peace of mind and freedom of movement that those of us who remember the 1950s can only dream about.

    1. podunk1 says:

      We need to mention that the T-Party organizations and their members who defend and support the Constitution against all of its enemies are terrorizing Maoist/RINO progressives who are using their oath/duty bound elected offices to engage in insurrection, rebellion, looting the treasury, and destroying USA sovereignty!

      Progressives changed the meaning of terrorist to extremest in order to lump terrorists into same category as those T-partiers who threaten the progressive mission to overthrow the Constitution and country formerly known and respected as the USA!

      Maoist/RINO-global monopolists are terrified citizens will discover annual US 38,088,00 joblessness costs $2.6 trillion wage and tax thereon wealth in addition to $1+ trillion stripped from the treasury in subsidies, infrastructure, and lost taxes for every 10 million criminal alien job takers. If the congressional sheep ever learn to add and subtract, they might stop sending jobs and infrastructure to Maoist China, send the alien invaders home, and put that $3.6 to $5.6 trillion (30 million illegals) to work resuscitating and rebuilding OUR OWN SOVEREIGN USA!!! Traitors deserve every penalty history has wrapped around their necks!

      1. KDC says:

        Exactly right. By changing the name to extremists, they can lump anyone they want into that category that doesn’t agree with them. Hence, get rid of them.

        1. podunk1 says:

          SO… why aren’t T-Party organizations defending their members with INDIVIDUAL civil jury determined unlimited punitive damage Civil Rights suits in every district within the USA, against those endless open violations by Obama and his administrators of justice, policing, and regulation, as well as other progressive officials engaged in their crusade against anyone willing to defend the Constitution? Putting Constitutionalist T-Party members on NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., newly redefined buzzword “extremist” threat lists ranking the T-Party an equal to greater threat than maniacal ISIS terrorists is the ultimate act of treason! Those acts not only violate Civil Rights, they endanger the lives of citizens who are supporting and defending the Constitution as legally ratified and documented into supreme law! Any involved in this despicable travesty must be held accountable, especially those betraying oath!

          Amendment 5 – “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury…” applies to any oath bound official sworn to “uphold and defend the Constitution without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion”! Once bound by oath and office they are no longer mere citizens, they’re the empowered voice of government, thus personally liable for any speech, written statement or other act contrary to the 5th Amendment as in Article 1 Section 3 – “… the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law. Amendment 14 sections 3 & 4 further bans those engaged against the Constitution from office and affirming personal liability. They’re readable blunt to the point Supreme Laws above any judge or other law and absolutely enforceable in every US court (Article 6)… well worth reading them!!

          1. KDC says:

            Honestly, im not exactly sure what the Tea Party is doing. Your never hear anything from them. They take money then you never hear a word. I’m not enamored with them at all.

          2. podunk1 says:

            Money has sidetracked many otherwise good organizations. tries to offer a blog site but it tends to be locked into facebook which isn’t a good place to be with all of the psyco-progressives .

    2. I Seigel says:

      What a bunch of nonsense.
      You’re saying that the surveillance is aimed at immigrants?!? What a joke! The NSA is interested in home-grown right-wing terrorists, too, and people on visitors’ visas, student visas, and people in other countries. They’re not watching and are not interested solely in immigrants, legal or illegal. Remove your head from your ass, look around, and maybe see the truth, rather than living in your own fictitious world. Facts are interesting things. Try them sometimes, rather than your faith-based lies and imaginings.

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    So every day that goes by Jeb proves the theory. Which is no longer theory . He is nothing more then a Rino liberal turd in sheep’s clothing. Giving NSA broader powers is just like saying the 4th amendment means nothing. We the government know what’s best for Americans . We need more power to control the people .After all the citezens rights do not matter it’s what government elitist need that matters. What an A hole if this moron is nominated. I shall once again vote 3rd party or stay the hell home.
    Yes I’m a Fiscal conservative, libertarian leaning Tea-Party activist Article V Constitutional Convention of states Promoter and One hundred percent independent voter. Who once was a reliable republican voter that all changed 12 years ago.

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