Jeff Sessions: Charlottesville car attack could be a ‘hate crime’

by Kelly Cohen
August 16, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the Charlottesville car attack could be a “hate crime,” but cautioned that the Department of Justice is taking its time to charge the driver.

“It very well could be a civil rights violation or a hate crime, and there might be other charges that could be brought,” Sessions told NBC News in an interview on Wednesday.

But, Sessions cautioned investigators are working through to make sure they charge the 20-year-old suspect correctly, and gave no timetable on when that may be.

“So, we are working it intensely on the assumption we may well might want to prosecute him,” he said, adding the Justice Department is working with both state and local officials “in a collaborative way, to see what the best charges will be.”

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  • Tiger says:

    My question. I consider it a fair one. Why was not there an investigation into the man who took a gun and went to the Republican baseball field? Where was that investigation? Was that a Hate Crime? Sure as Hell was, we know that,we saw his emails, who encouraged him and bred this Hatred in him? The “Resistance”. Who runs the “Resistance” that is an open faced Coup against this country? Why were they not investigated?

    Oh I see how it is. OK well this guy was mental, he also admired Hitler. The Ult-Left is using Hitler tactics to put the blame of everything wrong in this country on the Right. All Republicans going along with that are in need of an ass kicking. Hitler started slowly and escalated his verbal attacks on the Jews. Sounds like what the Left is doing. We know what came of it.

    Since this guy embraced Hitler and the Ult-Left is using his tactics then they perpetrated hate on themselves.

    You damned bastards from the depths of Hell my our Almighty help us to bury your hatred and suffocate you in your own lies.

  • Bobbi says:

    Yes, charge him!!! Look at his background……….. None of those people that caused all this should have been there. I’m not for the so called White Suppremist or whatever they are called, but they had a permit to march. Regardless of what they represent, they weren’t to blame. They were resisting these Soro paid idiots that came bursting on the scene with clubs, bottle filled with concrete, and more………… All that was planned and carried out by idiots being paid to do so by SORO!!!! Why didn’t someone tell about the bus that dropped them off? This is a shame that Obama has set up a secret Government to try his best to get rid of Trump… He is being helped by Soro’s and Eric Holder. I pray Trump just grows stronger for being a brave man that can tell it like it is………..Pray for him people.. We need him………..

    1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

      It sure is beginning to look like the honest people will have to resort to vigilante tactics to rid this country of the troublemakers and illegal immigrants that are being supported by Soros, O’Bama, Pelosi, Waters, and others that are unhappy that Clinton DID NOT get elected so they could continue to “line their pockets” at the taxpayer expence when Trump de-railed their “Golden Gravy Train”.

  • gvette says:

    Sessions. A very large disappointment! On everything.

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