Jihad Attacks in Texas, While Obama Keeps U.S. Safe from Iraqi Nuns

by John Zmirak
May 6, 2015

American freedom came under attack on May 3rd by soldiers of international jihad. I’m speaking of the attempt by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi to commit mass murder at an exhibit of depictions of Muhammad in Garland, Texas. These two men arrived at the site clad in body armor with rifles, with the clear intent of murdering unarmed Americans for “blaspheming” their religion.

The organizers of “Draw Muhammad” were trying to demonstrate that Islam is only at home in a position of unchallenged power, with laws backing up its scripture’s incessant threats of hellfire with the sword of the state. These two Muslims went a long way toward proving the point.

Here’s the cold reality: millions of Muslims worldwide believe, with the backing of their own religious authorities, that they have the duty to go anywhere in the world and impose Islamic penalties, including death on non-Muslims who oppose them. That includes missionaries, cartoonists, journalists, politicians, and now American citizens just outside Dallas. I know someone who attended “Drawing Muhammad.” If it weren’t for the courage and competence of local police, he’d be dead today.

Islamists have clear religious reasons for thinking as they do. Expert in Islamic jurisprudence Daniel Akbari, author of Honor Killing and New Jihadists and Islam, cites the authorities used by Islamists to justify such attacks: the Q’uran, and the Hadith, Islam’s tradition of “sayings” about Muhammad, which scholars use to interpret that often-puzzling document. The Q’uran’s “surah 9:61 states, ‘those who hurt Allah’s Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will have a painful torment,’” Akbari notes. “Surah 9:63 says, “Know they not that whoever opposes and shows hostility to Allah and His Messenger (SAW), certainly for him will be the Fire of Hell to abide therein. That is extreme disgrace.’”

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  • Dennis Wenthold says:

    I got my information from two news networks. Your comment about Fast and Furious sounds made up. Practice what you preach

  • Jimmy Quick says:

    This should be a wake up call to all Americans around the globe. These men were armed to the teeth with ak47s and other tactical gear like bullet proof vests.

    The FBI knew (Eric Holder – Criminal) that these were dangerous men and did nothing.

    They may have even obtained their military grade weapons from “fast and furious” (Eric Holder again).

    The only thing that stops bad men with guns is good men with guns and we see that proven over and over and over.

    I don’t believe dope heads (pharmaceutical or otherwise) or the criminally insane should ever be allowed access to firearms, but for my money, it might be time to start thinking about that military training you never got around to doing, that is if you are planning to live through what is coming.

    1. Dennis Wenthold says:

      The shooters purchased these weapons leagally in the USA. (Do we need gun control on these weapons that are only for the military and police?) These two shooters were born and raised in the USA too. (Something is wrong with this picture)

      1. Florio Vino says:

        Renew the DRAFT. That`s the answer! The Military is still our only option and if they become Concienitius Objectors, then make them serve as permanent Kitchen Police for those that are here here to protect our failing Country.

        1. Jimmy Quick says:

          I agree. I think that we should become like Switzerland, which by the way has never been in a war at any time in recent history.

          As a condition of citizenship, ALL persons are required to go through a minimum of 2 years of military training.

          If a person refuses, they are ejected from the country.

          It’s really not a bad plan.

          1. Florio Vino says:

            How about at least a year, with 3 years in active reserve?

          2. Jimmy Quick says:

            Not a bad idea. People need the experience and they need to learn how to work together. It would be a good experience for everybody and the bad eggs would be thrown out of our country permanently no mater who mommy and daddy are or how much money they have.

          3. Florio Vino says:

            Let`s do it! I`m so tiredof the Takers in this Country and we all (even they know who and what they are! Can You spel “Loosers” and unfortunately THEY are in charge now and will be until We put in som people in office that will do something other than take Vacations (With their relatives, Friends and others that have curried favor ). We Need governance in the White oushouse, not entertainment for THEIR families and cohorts that are NOW spending our Tax Dollars on Garbage at the whim of our incompetents. Why don`t We enact rules for future occupants, that would require their observance of commonsense. This country needs a revamp of the rules of those that would run for any political office from Dog catcher on nup. WHY CAN`T this be accomplished. We are in DEEP DOODOO! LET`S GET OVER IT AND DUMP THE BUMS IF THEY DON`T DO THINGS THAT ARE REALLY NEEDED.?

          4. Jimmy Quick says:

            We need to start by arresting Obama and trying him for high crimes while in office. If that can not be accomplished then the rest will be impossible.

          5. Phyllis says:

            It is true they don’t go to war but the swiss definitely pick sides…and hold money and valuables for criminal govts…at least, in the past…

          6. Jimmy Quick says:

            Well, smart people always have their detractors…it just comes with the territory.

          7. Phyllis says:

            Actually, some would label it a type of theft of assets, in fact, some did…My aunt loved Switzerland and went there about every four years. She could buy precious stones cheap and then would have them mounted in Germany and wear them home…she always looked like a Christmas tree when arriving..I don’t know about now but back then you didn’t have to pay duty on something you were wearing…..I might mention a lot of people died during ww2 because they couldn’t retrieve their assets…that’s not smart, that’s criminal…but we have lots of criminals in this country too, just different…here people in high places arrange it so you can’t acquire any assets and hang on to them…without debt..

          8. Jimmy Quick says:

            Pretty complex post. Honestly, it’s their country and they have the right to do what they want with it. For right or for wrong, I find it admirable that everyone must participate and if not, they are out.

            I dream of the day we as a nation would have the “balls” to do this.

          9. donemyhomework says:

            Unfortunately The Swiss are having their problems too.

          10. Jimmy Quick says:

            Really? What problems are they having? I know people that live there and shamefully, they mock us for the foolish way we are dealing with Islam.

          11. donemyhomework says:

            Hi Jimmy, There isn’t one Country in all of Europe that isn’t being damaged by Islam. They move in, live on welfare so they don’t have to pay taxes and help support the bombing of Islamic targets in Iraq and Syria. And their secret weapon is breeding. As in Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium. Check out the history of Medina. What they’re doing now is the same thing they did in Medina. Check out what happens to a population as the percentage of Muslims grow in a country. The truth is out there.

          12. Jimmy Quick says:

            I don’t doubt you. The only good thing I can see is that they turn on each other just like the blacks and most of the killing is muslim on muslim, at least for now.

          13. donemyhomework says:

            Yes, what they’re really doing is tribal warfare and arguing who’s interpretation of Islam is correct and who will rule. Islam is about dominance.and the one true interpretation…and anyone else is dead.

          14. Jimmy Quick says:

            Well, they have areal problem on their hand I’d say, since nothing in Islam is correct or true. More to the point, we, the foolish american public, collectively as a group, continue to just lick it up and then suck the rest with a straw, anytime someone tells us that Islam is a religion of peace. It is so obvious, just the way that blacks are drawn to Islam, like bugs to a light, Islam is a fictitious means to justify killing… and nothing more.

          15. donemyhomework says:


        2. donemyhomework says:

          Our Country isn’t failing. Our leaders and our news media are.

          1. Florio Vino says:

            Agree, but Our Government has to be held responsible and THEY aren`t!

          2. donemyhomework says:

            How do you hold a Government responsible? Technically by voting for them responsibility is part of what they’re supposed to do. I know, why not put the impeachment process into the hands of the people instead of the politicians? A new Constitutional Amendment. But it won’t help now.

      2. Jimmy Quick says:

        Soofi was raised in Pakistan and the other guy was a known criminal so it would have been a violation of federal law for him to own or be in possession of a firearm.

        CNN stated that the guns were purchased legally. Despite the fact that I’d sooner believe a crackhead on a street corner than CNN, I did notice they never said who bought the guns and never quoted any source with the information.

        Please, back up your statement with fact, if possible, or don’t make it at all. You only serve to create confusion.

  • Louise says:

    Anyone who practices islam believes they have a duty to kill, murder anyone who does not agree with them. Period. Not extremism. Not radicalism. Just muslim. I am glad Texans handled this threat the way all people should. This could be why the push for gun control is so strong from the potus now. After all Syrian “refugees” are being brought in by the potus, although good for you Trey Gowdy for halting the thousands slated for SC, but I digress. If “refugees” from Syria, the birthplace of isis, are spread all over America and guns are removed from citizens and local police then it would make it very easy for these “refugees” to move their jihad to America, if citizens and local police are unarmed. Glad an off duty policeman saved lives from two people who got hoodwinked into thinking they had a cause. So thankful to worship my God, my Savior Jesus Christ! My God does not require me to defend Him-He is Almighty God! I cant understand how someone can worship an entity that needs protection and defense from thos who worship that entity-to the point they commit suicide. Bet those two won’t do that again anyway….poor lost souls….

  • Rose says:

    Obama is antichrist and that says it all but his time,like lucifer’s is short. The sooner his time runs short,the better

  • Gerry says:

    It also shows his true religious beliefs and his stance on protecting the extremists and his uncaring for American lives. The action of the police in Plano , quick, swift and necessary, is the reason there is a push by the demoRATS to disarm the police just like they want to disarm every American citizen. The police took care of business before the radicals had a chance to complete their mission — GREAT JOB. This must go against everything obozo wants to see happen. He seems to be all in favor of ” victims ” instead of winners. The action to keep this Nun out of the country just solidifies what we all should know about obozo and this administration.

    1. Wenny says:

      Know your facts. There has been no controls over guns in this country in the last six years. There were more controls started under the Bush Administration but they were needed and important to protect the public from getting weapns that only the military should have.

  • bagster says:

    nuns are so terrifing, only oboma would be affraid of them , and there god, but then there god is the one who thew obomas god out of heaven

  • Donald Mccormick says:

    Obama just LETS POSSIBLE TERRORISTS to just come here without ANY security checks and he DENIES a NUN from coming here because SHE IS CHRISTIAN. Does THAT MAKE sense? ? ?

    It SHOWS the hypocrisy of Obama’s agenda and WHY he can NOT get a lot of people to support HIS agenda.

    1. Wenny says:

      The two shooters were US citizens born and raised in this county. Kind of hard to prevent them from getting into our country. Glad the police where there to save the day.

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