Justice Dept. sued over deleted Clinton emails

December 9, 2015

A reporter whose Freedom of Information Act litigation forced the State Department to release all copies of Hillary Clinton’s private emails at the end of each month is now turning his focus to the Justice Department, which is leading an investigation into Clinton’s private server.

Jason Leopold, a reporter with Vice News, sued the Department of Justice Tuesday over an unanswered FOIA request for copies of Clinton’s emails that were recovered off her private server.

The FBI took Clinton’s server into custody in August after a pair of inspectors general warned that the former secretary of state may have transmitted material classified as high as “top secret” on her private email network.

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  • Christopher Huffman says:

    Obama will do all he can to provide cover to Killary, including the State Dept hiding the truth. That is part of the ‘deal’. That is why Killary emailed her daughter first thing that Benghazi was a terror attack. Translation = tell Daddy we helped Obama; now he helps us.

  • Faithful American says:


  • SDofAZ says:

    Good, pin the behinds to the floor of all the lemmings who enabled, were complicit with these illegal actions. At the least it should cost them their jobs and any other perks like retirement for their actions that have been paid for by the legal constituents of this country they basically attacked and lied to, but jail time is what they deserve. Traitors all!

  • dmttbt says:

    Rank Has It’s privileges and you will not find anyone more rank than Hillary. She can make people disappear. She has stated more than once that she has turned aover all the e-mails she was requested to. That means after she destroyed 52% and then she lets them have a few at a time. If 52% is the ones that were her private e-mails then 48% were for business, a business she is obligated to the people of the united states for. first when the government asks for my e-mails, they don’t allow me to go through and destroy 52% before I give them what they asked for. Second they would not allow me or anyone of us to hand them over a few at a time. So her statement of full cooperation is not true along with everything else she says. She has led a life of privilege and has always gotten away with whatever she wants. The statement that she landed under sniper fire was a complete fabrication. Do you think she was confused on which time she had landed under sniper fire? Since she has never ever landed under sniper fire I can see how she might get confused.

    1. Steve Gifford says:

      If she landed near my house she may be under sniper fire! I would be more than justified if I did.

      1. CharlieSeattle says:

        You can steady your aim across my shoulder.

      2. Irishgrammy says:


  • empty pockets says:

    If the makority of the media actually consisted of “journalists” instead of DNC operatives, as proper ‘hunting dogs’ they would have treed this b***h long ago instead of continuously protecting her and her sex pervert husband.

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