Leaked Audio Reveals Anti-Trump Forces Manufacturing Hostile Town Hall

Leaked audio from an anti-Trump protest group meeting reveals activists with anti-Trump group Indivisible plotting how to best manufacture a hostile environment at a town hall with Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana on Friday.

The audio, obtained by local radio station KPEL, reveals a coordinated effort to create the public impression that Cassidy’s support for Trump is unpopular with his constituents. The activists, who describe themselves as liberals in the audio, can be heard strategizing how to best turn a local town hall into a political victory.

The activists split up into an “inside team” — tasked with occupying “as many seats as we can” and an “outside team,” whose job was to “give [the media] the coverage they want” before joining the others inside. Activists were instructed to dress like conservatives and leave at home “any signifier that you’re a liberal” in order to blend in with constituents.

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  • Janis says:

    What really scares me is if Republicans, specifically Conservatives, will become so rattled that they will begin to buckle under pressure and back off promises they made to their constituents.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Couldn’t have fake news if it were for fake people like these.

  • Tiger says:

    We know this, Trump knows this and already today in articles I see where he is pointing the finger to Obama. When he gets enough proof then I feel sure Obama will be prosecuted. Along with George Soros and Hillary, there is a huge nest of rats and will take awhile to get them.

  • justinwachin says:

    Everyone needs to realize that the Democrats and their extremist supporters are going to do all they can to sabotage President Trump and the Republicans. These activists are paid actors whose sole purpose is to deceive the politicians into thinking they are normal citizens.

    If we are ever able to find which groups are funding these activists we will likely see it is one who feels threatened by a successful President Trump and Republican congress.

    The upset citizens gig would have worked better if the Democrats had not sent paid protestors to Bernie Sanders and Republican Party campaigns during the 2016 election season. I think Donald Trump is doing a great job.

  • Bob says:

    Too bad this story will never see the light of day in the liberal controlled “main stream” media. If they do run the story it will be with the lead in that a “group with ties to Trump…” or “A conservative group…” before the highly edited story is run. Ever notice how people are only labeled if they are from the right, never the left? You never hear MSNBC, the farthest left of them all, described and “Left leaning MSNBC…” but you always hear “Right leaning Fox…” or “Conservative Breitbart…”, and never hear of a documentary as being “left leaning” even when coming out of the like of Michael Moore. Good thing the press remains independent and shows no political agenda except on the op-ed pages.

  • Retired says:

    They are spending millions on town hall meetings in Democrat controlled areas , PP is also doing it .

  • maxx says:

    I’m pretty sure this activity by the liberals doesn’t surprise anybody with a functioning brain. Maybe what needs to be done is for the government to officially define liberalism as a subversive movement like it did to communism in the 1930’s so it can be ferreted out as criminal activity and eliminated by whatever action necessary. .

    1. Retired says:

      Start with the ACLU that stirs up most of the problems , with claiming everything that republicans do is un constitutional .

    2. Bill Horgan says:

      Couldn’t agree more. One would have to be stupid to believe that after allowing one month in office, supporters of Republican senators and reps would appear at Town Halls with illegitimate claims and ranting. We are more logical, informed and and respectful than the uneducated mobs that have been present at Demo and Liberal meetings during the pre-election period. How many people did we attack (at San Jose and other cities with lack of effective police protection) – NONE! Their performances during the election, their violence and their lack of civility continues after their candidate and policies were defeated. Get jobs, get real and learn civility. Civil disability in the guise of civil rights cannot and will not be tolerated by TRUE AMERICANS in a democracy!

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