Man Faces $750,000 Fine For Hanging ‘Lost Dog’ Posters

by The Daily Caller
April 14, 2015

After his dog ran away two weeks ago, a dog owner in D.C. received some even more bad news when police called him and told him to take down his missing pet fliers or, he says, face a $750,000 fine.

Roger Horowitz, the owner of the dog, was out all over town ripping down his posters despite the fact that he still hasn’t found his dog, reports NBC Washington.

He filed a missing pet report with police, who at first told him to post the fliers, not expecting Horowitz to enlist help from friends and thousands.

According to D.C. regulations, no more than three copies of a flier can be posted on one side of a street within one block, and anybody who violates the law will be punished with a fine up to $300.

If each poster is worth a $300 fine, Horowitz and friends would need to have put up 2,500 posters around the city. …

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  • Harold says:

    Only in Washington, D.C. The home of the insane. crooks and liars.

  • Joan says:

    I am amazed that the DC police don’t have more important issues than a man posting a lost dog. Take care of the murders and more important issues in DC. Let the man find his dog and quit making problems.

  • JoAnn Cross says:

    For goodness sake the man lost his best friend and was trying to locate him, unlike the unfeeling uncaring blow hard’s that run this country they would do well to remember the Civil war, it could well happen again, all they care about is putting more and more money in their pockets, lot of good it will do them, they seem to have forgetten that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of HEAVEN, give the man a chance to find his dog, for pete’s sake, use your brains for something besides a hat rack spend your time doing what you were elected to do, THAT ISN’T USING YOUR SPOT TO PUSNISH THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED YOU, OR DON’T YOU HAVE ANY SENSE AT ALL

  • 2004done says:

    It’s soooo good to know that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ in DC. I’m sure with only a little extra zeal, he could be charged an additional few millions for the greenhouse gases that printing created, and I’m sure with that much ink, there must be many toxins released into the environment, as well as creating a traffic hazard for having caused ‘distractions’ to safe driving. (Not to mention violating pet leash laws). I wonder who turned him into a dangerous felon ($750k is a felonious amount), and I hope he gets his dog back, but most importantly, DC gets Too-Big-To-Fail Federal Funding for the recovery costs for too many fliers.

    1. Tom says:

      He could not have been Black or they would have shot first and asked questions later.

    2. Dave Moore says:

      Another victory for the police state. I’ll say a prayer that every member of the DC PD gets a dog bite from a rabid dog. If these yahoos don’t have enough to do managing the diverse population in DC, they have to do something like this. Go out and help the guy find his dog!! The police in this country are heading for a well-deserved comeupance. Cops who shoot down unarmed citizens are going to find themselves up against citizens who don’t back down and who shoot first. Just a prediction. Start acting like it’s “Protect and Serve” or get ready to play “us” and “them.” What a bunch of jerks!!!!!

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