Mitch McConnell: Time for GOP establishment to ‘stand up’ to Tea Party

by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart
December 4, 2013

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican up for re-election in 2014, told the Washington Examiner in an interview published Friday that he believes it is time for the GOP establishment to stop conservatives and Tea Partiers.

McConnell argued it is “utter nonsense” for groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), which has endorsed his primary challenger businessman Matt Bevin, to argue that Republicans like him in Congress are not fighting hard enough to defeat Democrats. In the interview, McConnell focused on deriding Tea Partiers for leading the effort to defund Obamacare—something that, coupled with the Democrats’ refusal to compromise on the soon-to-fail Obamacare, resulted in a government shutdown.

“The Senate Conservatives Fund is giving conservatism a bad name,” McConnell told the Examiner for the piece titled “The Establishment Fights Back: Mitch McConnell leads GOP battle against Tea Party insurgents.”

“They’re [SCF] participating in ruining the [Republican] brand,” McConnell said. “What they do is mislead their donors into believing the reason that we can’t get as good an outcome as we’d like to get is not because of a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president, but because Republicans are insufficiently committed to the cause—which is utter nonsense.”

McConnell had not only personally opposed, during the shutdown, the effort from Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) to defund Obamacare, he actually whipped votes against them, according to a Congressional source. Cruz and Lee had staked their battle on a key cloture vote that would have, if McConnell had united the Republican Party to deliver 41 votes against the use of taxpayer money to fund Obamacare, stopped Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from using a procedural ploy to fund Obamacare with just 51 votes.

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  • Expat says:

    Just what have you done Mr. Minority Leader to keep this president on notice that he has clearly overstepped his Constitutional Authority? When you step up to that plate, you might have some moral authority to comment on true Representatives that recognize the threat to our Republic. You Mr. McConnell are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  • papa_r0n says:

    Hey McConnell, did you ever realize that are doing what their constituents ELECTED THEM TO DO….YOU MORON !!!

  • papa_r0n says:

    It’s time for McConnell and McCain to stop being Harry Reids ” BITCH ” !!!

  • CTH says:

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a neocon idiot. How did the Republicans in the senate ever put him in the position of minority leader when he clearly belongs on the left side of the aisle.

  • Andrew Thomas Regan says:

    McConnell and McCain give Republicans a real bad name. From turning a blind eye on illegal immigration to obamacare, they sound exactly like liberals.

  • Lloydl333 says:

    McConnell and McCain need to go. Attacking the Tea Party is attacking a lot of Republicans out here. How Politically stupid can you get. We ARE the Tea Party. The Original Tea Party happened because of the same things our government is doing to us.

    1. hpinnc says:

      The Republican Establishment is becoming to near like the democrats, that are moving the country in the direction of liberal/socialist/communism.That is why I left the democrat party, that may be the reason I leave the republican party. I am sick of seeing my country sliding down the tube towards communism, & none of these liberal idiots seems to know or care.I’m glad the government was shut down.We have to do something to get their attention, besides the repubs get the blame for everything negative because none of the established repubs has the gall to stand up to these that are taking our country from us.I blame the democrats for the shut-down.I say it is past time for Mitchell,McCain, Graham & the Republican Senator from NY to go.I hope 2014 is the year we get rid of some or all these “candy-asses” that you can hardly tell from a democrat.John McCain makes me want to throw up just about everything he says.He is a democrat in republican clothing. [ along with some the others]

      1. Lloydl333 says:

        Amen to that. I am ticked. Used to be a Democrat. They left me. (No pun intended) Then I became a Republican. Then they left me too. Where the hell can I go? People need to get off their butts and vote in 2014.

  • BOC says:

    It’s time to replace this dead for five years corpse with a true conservative, not this lackey for Obama and the establishment Republicans.

  • Charles Kimberl says:

    We’ll just see who gets rid of who Mitch!! I think both sides of your face are catching up with you.

  • Jack Parker says:

    Hey RINO “Bitch” McConnell, time for you to retire or be retired.

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