Mitt Romney still calls DREAMers ‘illegal aliens’ at Univision’s Latino Forum

September 21, 2012

WASHINGTON, September 20, 2012 — Taking his campaign to the heart of the Latino community, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sat down for an interview on Univision in Miami, the most prominent Spanish-language television network in the U.S. Seeking to increase his popularity with Latinos by shaving off even a few points of Obama’s 72% to Romney’s 22% lead, he offered up his vision for the country.

Romney began by countering his remarks, which had been secretly taped at a Boca Raton fundraiser, when he infamously said that his “job is not to worry about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes and believe they are victims” by saying “My campaign is about the 100% in America.”

He then went on to say that he was alarmed over the economic plight of Hispanic Americans, blaming the President for failing to improve their lives.

“I am concerned about the fact that we have gone for over 50 months with unemployment above 10 percent among Hispanic Americans,” Romney added. “I am concerned about the fact that so many young Hispanic Americans drop out of high school, don’t get the kind of education they need for the skills that they have to have for tomorrow.”

But when pressed by hosts Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas about the future of undocumented immigrants and his plans for them, he hemmed and hawed. While not for a mass round up and deportation of the 12 million people here illegally, Romney still supported mass self-deportation, whatever that means.

He explained it further this way: “I’m not in favor of a deportation — mass deportation — effort, rounding up 12 million people and kicking them out of the country. I believe people make their own choices as to whether they want to go home, and that’s what I mean by self-deportation.” Certainly a step down from his tough talk during the Republican primaries.

Romney also promised that he had still another secret plan that would be a “permanent solution” to the immigration process “that has been broken for years,” giving green cards to those students achieving advanced degrees in science, math or engineering. Nothing about green cards for those young people aspiring to be teachers, nurses, cops, or first responders.

But perhaps the biggest gaffe for Mitt Romney came when he spoke about DREAMers, those young people brought here by their parents illegally. “For those [young people] that are already here, that are undocumented, that were brought here by their parents and therefore are illegal aliens in this country, my view is that we should put in place a permanent solution,” Romney said.

In the Latino community calling DREAMers “illegal aliens” are fighting words, certainly not an elegant way to define nearly 2 million people.

The interviewers three times tried to nail Romney down about President Obama’s Dream Deferred Action, which he signed this past June and went into effect in August. The order suspends the deportation of up to 1.7 million young people (aka DREAMers) under 31 years old, who were brought here as children, raised here, went to public school and graduated, have no criminal record, and met other governmental criteria, now allowing them to apply for work permits. The Deferred Action program, however, does not provide legal status.

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  • apple eater says:

    Finally somebody is telling it like it is. They are not only illegal but criminals that just haven’t been apprehended as they became criminals the minute they crossed the border by not following the rules. They should be arrested, detained, processed and returned to their country of origin with no hope of ever returning. Any children they may have had since coming into this country are actually criminal activity with the hhopes of gaining from their criminal activity.

    If a criminal is arrested any and all of the “rewards” or gains from the criminal activity are not to go to the criminal, therefore any children can not legally get US citizenship via birth to an illegal alien as that would reward the criminal activity of entering the country illegally.

    It doesn’t make any difference how old they are or how long they have been here (and that included the Imposter-in-Chief who can’t prove he is a USA citizen without using forged documents) they are guilty of criminal activity and should be premanently deported as soon as detected.

    By getting rid of all the illegals we can dramatically reduce the drain on not just the states but the entire social network and social programs and save billions with just that one act of enforcing the INS laws.

    Obummer doesn’t want that done as he and his family would be forced to go back to Kenya and that would keep him from being king – to bad LOL – couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  • Amparo says:

    Mitt nor Obama defined the illegal alliens. They ARE SELF DEFINED by acepting the inmigration status without preparing documents required by the USA rules & regulations.
    They are still with the same definition untill they DO THE REQUIRED PROCESS.

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