Mnuchin calls for Congress to raise federal debt limit

March 10, 2017

The U.S. Treasury Secretary on Thursday encouraged Congress in a letter to raise the federal debt ceiling, which has been suspended since 2015, as soon as possible to prevent a U.S. default.

Reuters reported that Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan and called paying back the U.S.’s outstanding debt “is a critical commitment.” He said “extraordinary measures” will have to be taken to avoid default.

It is not uncommon for Congress to use the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip with the sitting administration. But Republicans control the House. Some of these Republicans may challenge President Trump on the debt ceiling like they are with his ObamaCare replacement.

47 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • scott forman says:

    80% of what the Federal Government does is in-Constitutional. Cut it by 80%. Pretty simple.

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    Are you listening Ted Cruz and Freedom Caucus??? A tiny voice of reason is speaking. No more debt crises.

  • maxx says:

    Wow. In his position only a month or so and already looking to increase the debt ceiling? Smells like a democrat to me. He should be “fired” now. No probationary waiting period.

  • doug says:

    Let’s see what comes after trillion? These idiots just can’t stop spending other peoples monies, and let’s borrow out the ying yang, let’s see drain the swamp, let’s get rid of 3/4 of govt agencies, no more spending till the budget is balanced !

  • Not A Farmer says:

    Absolutely not! Congress raises it all the time instead of living within its means. Stop creating more entitlement so we do not need to raise the debt ceiling. Stop doling out WELFARE to able body working age adults. Create Jobs with on the job training for the uneducated. It is time Congress gets the message that money does not grow on trees.

  • John Wirts says:

    If he wants to raise the debt ceiling, let him guarantee every cent of raise allowed with his own personal funds! No more debt for a rogue government. Confiscate their Rolls Royce retirement plan and merge it with standard Social Security. The same with their exclusive medical care plan, confiscate it and merge it with whatever they replace Obamacare with. No more exclusive plans for politicians or jurists, what they give us is what they LIVE WITH!

  • Cuebid6 says:

    Article V Convention of states for Constitutional amendment to balance budget,and further restrict the government. Can you say no income redistribution!

    1. RTR says:

      Lets not stop at a balanced budget amendment we should also add term limits on all in government including Supreme Court Justices. No more life time appointments for federal judges. Take away retirement plans from both houses of Congress as well as the President. Take away medical care from both houses of Congress as well as the President. No more congressional pay raises because we want one. The people will decide who gets a pay raise and who does not.

      Term limits in my opinion should be no more than eight years total no matter what position one may be in. If you can not get your agenda done in eight years guess what? you are not going to get it done.

      Article Five Convention of States is the last best Constitutional hope the framers gave “We the People” we MUST USE IT and President Trump is not at all opposed to an Article Five Convention of States. Now the half wits in both houses of congress will be viamently opposed, but who really cares what those nit wits think after all, all they have done over the past eight years is double our debt and now want to go on and triple the debt. What a bunch of complete math challenged IDIOTS

  • justinwachin says:

    Refusing to raise the debt ceiling will not cause the government to default. Refusing to raise the debt ceiling will stop the government from borrowing more money. If the debt ceiling doesn’t go up the government would be forced to pay from the money coming into the treasury rather than from money it is borrowing from future generations.

    I can understand giving the Trump administration some breathing room, but the Republicans need to put a plan into place to eliminate deficit spending and to begin paying off our national debt. Over the years the GOP has promised they would restore our nation to fiscal responsibility if we put them in charge. Guess what, the people gave Republicans control of Capitol Hill and the White House. Now it’s time for the Republicans to get federal spending under control.

  • ch says:

    Stop all foreign aid, stop all freebies to the ILLEGAL ALIENS and REFUGEES that the muslime liar in chief brought to this country to receive lifetime benefits. Stop payment to the UN. Stop the idiot grants that people are getting to — see how fast ketchup flows from a bottle–how much fatter gays/lesbians are than normal people– etc. There is so much government waste that can easily be eliminated. Stop free cell phones to everyone, it is NOT a right. Remove all foreign prisoners from our jails and deport them back to their countries of origin or send a bill to their countries for their care in our prisons. Stop giving prisoners benefits while in prison, they are there for a reason and it is NOT to be pampered. Kill all those prisoners on death row, we the people are tired of supporting them. THey need to die as that was the option they gave their victims. We would be in great shape

  • Gary Fyke says:

    I agree that cuts are needed to stop the hemorrhaging spending of legislators over the past 50 years. Elimination of a number of US Departments/Agencies is the way to go first, then once those cuts are confirmed, then start paring down “entitlements.” The tax code is a definite “suspect” in this whole debacle.Reduction of the corporate tax rate is essential to draw businesses back to US soil, and increased employment. More people employed equals a lower demand on the “entitlements.” More people earning a decent wage at a”flat rate” tax of about 15-17 percent would flood the Treasury with even more income than it now receives, allowing the Country to become financially responsible, if it ever was. Then there is the participation in NATO, which I favor dumping. Then cut back on foreign aid to countries who we are open at odds with. Don’t go berserk on defense spending, but restrengthen defense to Pre-Iraq War levels. Why do we pay Mexico to help them defend their southern border, but not our own? Immigration– Illegal entry equals deportation; NO benefits to non citizens. Babies to illegal aliens should not be granted citizenship -repeal the 1959 law giving that citizenship.

    1. ghavila1 says:

      I agree with you except for the part about a 1959 law giving illegal alien births citizenship. As far as I can tell there is no such law. The Supreme Court made a ruling to this effect by twisting itself into a pretzel and found without precedence that the 14th Amendment gives any child born in the US citizenship in the US. The 14 Amendment clearly does not say this.

      1. Gary Fyke says:

        Ghavila, You may well be right abut it not being a law about the child of an illegal alien, but there is a provision that has become a “standard” and used as a reason that the infant’s entire family of illegal aliens must be allowed citizenship or special consideration to “not break up the family” for the sake of the newborn. I do not agree that it should be allowed.My view is that the newborn should remain with the birth parent(s) family and they all should be deported as a unit.The birth of the infant should not grant citizenship for the parents or siblings or excuse them for violating our immigration laws. There is a path to legal immigration to our country,just as in all other countries. Read Mexico’s immigration law and compare it to how our State Department makes a joke out of our immigration law.

        A US born child to an illegal alien is bestowed citizenship by Constitutional guarantee, the Constitution does not speak to the fact that the infant must rely upon its maternal and fraternal parents for sustenance. It is, however, normally assumed those people will raise the child.Nothing in the Constitution says the child must remain in or reside in the US; The infant has no idea where it was born or where it is. It only knows who gives it food, shelter and changes it’s diapers. That process can be carried out in the parents homeland the same as it can be in the US.When the child reaches the age at which it can arrange to come to the US and live, then it can enjoy it’s rights of US citizenship. The condition of “Anchor Baby” has been abused many times. Though I cannot prove it, I sincerely believed that when the fathers included that provision in the Constitution, they “assumed” that the parents of the baby were in the US legally, but we will never know for sure.

        1. ghavila1 says:

          The first sentence of the 14th states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The clarifying clause is “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” which would mean that illegals and their prodigy are excluded as they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US but rather are under the jurisdiction of their native countries as they are here illegally. I do think that the Congress should make a law that in order to gain US citizenship a child must have at least one US citizen parent, as this would clarify things so that even the supremes could not screw it up.

          1. Gary Fyke says:

            ghavila, I understand what you are saying and concur that Congress needs to cleanup this issue with a rewrite of this provision and put an end to the confusion. I also would like the extension of benefits to all illegal aliens ended. No citizenship – – no benefits of citizenship. The number of examples of gross fraud in doling out benefits to illegal aliens is disgustingly out of control. I saw one documentary showing where 3-4 illegals,in Indiana,each claimed the same mobile home as their residence and obtained over $100,000 in tax refunds and other benefits. it was discovered that only one of them actually lived in the place.With all the technology available to the IRS criminal investigators it shouldn’t take years before the patterns are recognized, Fraud is rampant in virtually all social welfare and medical benefits programs.We should put more people and resources into catching cheaters and then actually prosecute the criminals and mete out stiff sentences, fines and deportation consistently in timely fashion.Adjudication & sentencing should not be able to be strung out for years while letting the convicted person appeal “ad nausea” either.

  • mwood13 says:

    cut all elected officials wages in half for a start

    1. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

      Pay them all the median income for the states they “represent.” If they already make more from other means then pay them a dollar a year. get rid if their pensions and all their other perks, make them have to live like the rest of us!

    2. Lawrence Passmore says:

      for what they do they would still be over paid

  • Webb says:

    Once again “It’s raise The Debt Ceiling”…
    535 men/women in Congress and Not a darn one of them can balance a check book!
    $20 Trillion dollars worth of Debt…at some point WE become a Bankrupt Nation! On the floor of The House Or The Senate it’s always Increase the dollars…Never Decrease, Period.
    $3.2 Trillion dollars in taxes per year…Yet more is wanted??

    1. RTR says:

      Fact the United States has been bankrupt since 1930. And when Richard Nixon took the the United States off of the gold standard that was the final nail in her coffin. It is not possible for a country to be 20 trillion dollars in debt let alone 240 trillion dollars in debt {this includes the 20 trillion we are told about, plus the 220 trillion in unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare etc that we are not told about} and not be bankrupt.

      Example of one trillion dollars, take a 4×4 wood pallet (normally used for shipping things on) stack the pallet corner to corner 4 feet high with 100 dollar bills then stack another pallet just like it on top of it then do the same thing 100 times going to your right. That is 200 pallets of 100 dollar bills, now behind each one of those 100 rows of double high staked pallets, do the same thing 200 times behind each one of them. You will arrive at 40,000 pallets of 100 dollar bills, this equals, 1 trillion dollars which requires 3.2 million square feet of floor space to house only 1 trillion dollars.

      Lets take this a little further, if America were to not incur 1 more cent in interest on her debts and not spend one more penny and I mean not one more penny, if America were to repay the debt currently owed this would take 265,000 years, repaying it at 10,000,000.00 per day. Now I ask you do you think America will last that long? NOT A CHANCE!!

      1. Webb says:

        Thanks for the breakdown…
        Yes…We are Bankrupt as a Nation!

      2. C William Hanscom says:

        Well put. As I said no common sense in the house or the senate

    2. C William Hanscom says:

      When you don’t have any common sense you tend to think liberal which means take everything from the people and pad your own pocket

  • RTR says:

    There are more than enough ways to make cuts to not have to raise the debt ceiling. All social programs with the exception of Medicare and Social Security should be cut to nothing. All monies that are given under the guise of foreign aid with the exception of aid that goes to Israel is cut off completely. With just these cuts there will be more than enough to service the insane amount of debt the nit wits in Washington have saddled the people with.

    After the debt has been serviced then take a huge machete to all of the non useful government agencies such as EPA, Energy (that has never since its inception produced any energy) Education (that has done nothing but indoctrinate 3 generations of children into the wrong way of thinking) IRS (nothing but a huge fraud) as well as many many more that can and should be cut to nothing. Lets make cuts before incurring more debt.

    1. Robert says:

      Cut the Benefits Given to Illegals for all the services they use that they were never entitled to. Sounds like the Establishment RINOS are playing their games again, like Kissing the Progressive Democrats A$$

      1. joanne says:

        And I would say cut the benefits fom the senators and representatives, it is obscene, we need statesmen NOT POLITICIANS! I pray we have not dug’usmin so deep that it will not take a revolution to unduemit!!

        1. C William Hanscom says:

          Keep watch. Bamby is still working very hard to over through the White House. LOCK N LOAD everyone !!!

      2. pianobill says:

        Yes, take the $336B given to illegals each year, cut the salaries and expense accounts of every Congressmen, including their retirement plan, stop paying for Pelosi’s liquor and give some of those savngs for VETERANS.

        1. Retired says:

          How about cutting Pelosi completely off.

          1. C William Hanscom says:

            Along with all her progressive friends

    2. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

      The DoE needs to be cut down to maybe five people who set MINIMUM standards, the Japanese standard can be stolen as is and used.

      1. ghavila1 says:

        If we did that I would bet half the public schools would fail, especially the schools in the demonrat strongholds.

        1. joanne says:

          We need to get the Feds out of education all together!!! Read the constitution.

        2. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

          The business world will always need janitors.

    3. Rock says:

      100% CORRECT ! I am tired of giving half to two thirds of my paycheck to lazy, drug addicts, FREE RIDE trash, baby factories and border jumping foreigners… END IT ALL !!!!!!

      1. Lawrence Passmore says:

        Rock you have the right solution

    4. Retired says:

      Start with collecting back taxes from IRS employees . Then stop all money flowing in to people like Sharpton who owes millions and lives like King shitsky that he think he is entitled to .

  • Cadfael says:

    How about we eliminate a couple unnecessary departments like Energy, Education, the EPA, the TSA, IRS, privatize (sell) Amtrak, privatize (sell) USPS, privatize (sell) Corporation for Public Broadcasting, etc. before we add more debt. Maybe we should also rethink the Obamacare RINO Act (Repeal In Name Only), the infrastructure $1 Trillion give away to local authorities for what they should be doing themselves, or the add on entitlement Ivanka maternity leave bill? We are over our heads in debt and all our politicians and Ivanka can think of is how to waste more dough! First Uncle Sam needs to be pruned and the debt reduced before they should even think of another new spending project.

    1. FAITH47 says:

      I don’t think IVANKA is getting benefits from the government resources, they have their own money to spend for herself. Donald Trump was NOT taking any salary from our government he works FREE because he LOVES our country. SO, WHICH PRESIDENT WORK AND NOT GET PAID YOU TELL ME?

      1. Cadfael says:

        What I’m talking about is her “affordable child care and paid family leave plan” that would provide six weeks of guaranteed paid leave to all male and female employees after the birth, adoption, or fostering of a child. I am sure Ivanka Trump does NOT have to worry about this, but the taxpayer would; as I am sure she does NOT have the money to provide every Joe and Shmoe with her money for this plan? I am not against Trump but I sure didn’t vote for his daughter who is a liberal deluxe and would not have gotten my vote for her new entitlement bureaucracy ideas! I don’t want to see our country bankrupted and so far we haven’t made any significant cuts to this megalo-maniacal bureaucracy on steroids – so why are we adding to it?

        1. edsfarm1 says:

          I’m a Trump supporter but I’m against a six week paid leave plan. I had open heart surgery last year. Being self-employed I went back to work after 3 and a half weeks instead of the recommended 6 week recovery. No one paid for my work leave and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to pay for it. If you can’t afford to take time off to have a child, you shouldn’t have one.

        2. C William Hanscom says:

          I agree that 6 weeks leave is way out of line. My wife had c-sections and was only out of work for 4 weeks, I got nothing unless my employer agreed to a week off to help her. today people are such cry babies. Natural birth 2 weeks for her 1 for her spouse. Adoption warrants no time off as dose fostering. Both are a clear choice and people should have planed for it.

    2. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

      Enact a fair tax and get rid of the IRS completely.

      1. ghavila1 says:

        Yes, why are the rinos still talking about “tax reform”? Do away with the income tax and go to the fair tax plan.

    3. joanne says:

      I agree with you excetabout ivanka.

  • teaman says:

    HELL NO!!! Cut and gut Gobberment entitlements and most all Agencies accept for DOD, which is the NUMBER ONE responsibility of the Gooberment under our Constitution. I am sick of this constant spending by wasteful Gooberment IDIOTS!!

    1. Retired says:

      Stop all Grant to so called non profits that have a large overhead and return very little to the public .

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