Name game: Amid opposition, states change title of Common Core

by Perry Chiaramonte, FOXNews
February 23, 2014

It might take more than a name change to quell parental anger at Common Core, the controversial national education standards adopted by all but four states.

With angry parents protesting the standards, and curriculum they say is tailored to it by writers of textbooks and lesson plans, several states have decided the solution is all in the name. Common Core is now referred to as “The Iowa Core” in the Hawkeye State. Florida calls it the tongue-twisting “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.” Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer recently signed an executive order to erase the name “Common Core” for their new math and reading standards and Louisiana lawmakers are mulling a name change as well.

But critics say what states really need to do is scrap the Common Core Standards Initiative altogether.

“Even under a different name, the Common Core Standards are still mediocre, at best, and continue to put American students at a significant disadvantage to their international peers,” Glyn Wright, executive director of the Eagle Forum, told

A total of 46 states and Washington, DC have adopted all or part of the Common Core standard, which in most cases officially goes into effect at the start of the next academic year. The standards are designed to ensure that students from all over the nation graduate with a baseline of math and language skills. But critics say the program, proposed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2009, takes away local control of education. And they say lessons and textbooks sold as being “aligned with Common Core” are rife with left-wing social and political messages.

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  • CforUS says:

    Question: Can RICO statutes be used against the U.S. Department of Education if they extort states to accept Comon Core by threatening to take away their funding? If I were to do the same thing I would be prosecuted, found guilty, all my property would be confiscated and sold at auction, and I would be put into the pokey….

  • Gnowark says:

    Before it was “obamacare and/or affordable care” law, it was Socialized Medicine. Before it was “redistributing the wealth” it was communism or marxism. Before it was “reasonable gun laws,” it was Anti-Constitution infringement of citizen’s rights. Before it was ” Executive Action (due to Congress’s Republicans) it was usurping the balancing powers
    See, It IS all in the name and who presents it, perception, not the reality, smoke and mirrors beat cold, hard, facts every time. Welcome to the New World Order.

  • The Snarf says:

    It will continue to put American students at a significant disadvantage to their international peers. Isn’t that the actual purpose of it? Just another way to bring America to her demise.Remember, we are dealing with a ‘collective’ of those who fear truth or independent thought, and they are being spoon fed the lie that a system like the Soviet Union will be a utopia, and to achieve this utopia requires that America, as a free and sovereign nation, must be dissolved and forcibly dragged into a tyrannical global control.

  • iprazhm says:

    How underhanded to change the name so parents will be fooled! I live in Fla and this kind of deception is par for the course from many government agencies and leaderships.

    1. Gnowark says:

      Many? not All? Which gov’t agencies don’t, anymore (even NOAA)? The sole purpose of bureaucracy is to perpetuate and expand itself under the guise of necessity, and it is doing SO WELL.

  • dad666 says:

    You can put lipstick on a PIG and it is still a PIG. This program must go.

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