Nancy Pelosi, Gabrielle Giffords pressure Congress to take legislative action on gun violence

by David Sherfinski
October 3, 2017

Reaching for a political solution after Sunday night’s horrific shooting in Las Vegas, congressional Democrats on Monday said lawmakers’ words of comfort will ring hollow unless Congress “does something” about gun violence.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for a new special select congressional committee to study the issue, saying Congress has a “moral duty” to address it.

Meanwhile former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was herself seriously wounded in a 2011 shooting targeting her, told Congress “the nation’s counting on you” to change the laws.

But most of all, gun control advocates on Capitol Hill pleaded with colleagues not to become “numb” to the violence they said seems to be coming at a far too frequent pace.

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  • Pete Bundy says:

    Here we go again. I really think that Pelosi, just like HRC, has a brain eating amoeba that is slowly turning her brain into mush. Of course the botox hasn’t helped either.

  • metheoldsarge says:

    Liberals aren’t wasting any time to take advantage of this to push their gun grabbing agenda in their true selfish shameless grandstander fashion. Hillary, Blumenthal, Murphy, Warren, Sanders, Markley, Moulton, Maloney Pelosi and Biden wasted no time to jump in with both feet and throw in their two cents on Gun Control. Everything from condemning and blaming the NRA, to blaming Congress for not passing more strict gun control laws. If they added any remorse for the victims or their families, I must have missed it. In fact, in my opinion, Moulton gave a direct slap in the face to all the victims and their families by refusing to stand in silence.

    Anyone else notice one thing this and other similar incidents have in common? I haven’t heard any Democrats or RINOs coming out against BLM, ANTIFA or any other hate groups. Democrat and Liberal supporters love to call Republicans and conservatives Fascists. Let’s take a look at some tactics used by Democrat supporters lately:

    The day after the election, Hillary supporters were so upset they threw a tantrum in Downtown Washington DC. They smashed windows to business establishments and even set a limousine on fire.
    A Liberal supporting shooter fires at Republican politicians because of party affiliation.
    A Liberal supporter and Trump hater, murders his Republican neighbor, a Republican committeeman just for being a Republican.
    Liberal supporters send threats to Republican Candidate Handel by mail along with some powder. Her neighbors, family and friends also received similar threats in the mail from Liberal supporters.
    People who display Republican campaign signs get their homes vandalized and families threatened by Liberal supporters.
    Liberal supporters do everything possible to stop conservatives from using their First Amendment rights.
    Liberal supporters disrupt conservative meetings or gatherings and make threats.
    All during the 2016 campaign, Trump rallies were disrupted by Liberal supporters. On several occasions Trump supporters were physically assaulted.
    Liberal supporters make false police reports on conservatives.

    The list goes on.

    These are the kind of cowardly tactics that Fascists use and then accuse their victims of being Fascists. Right out of Saul Alinski’s play book. Top Democrats like the Clinton’s, Schumer, Sanders, Holder, Lynch, Pelosi and their Liberal colleagues should be vehemently and publicly condemning these types of actions. Their silence is deafening. Being quiet indicates to me that top Democrats encourage, support, and/or condone such cowardly Fascist tactics. Anyone, who would condone these cowardly acts, are people I would not want representing me in Washington. Their hypocrisy is showing.

  • Brad says:

    New regulations? Yeah, I’m sure all the weapons were all purchased perfectly legally and not purchased out of the trunk of someone’s car. Criminals don’t commit gun crimes with guns in their own name, you stupid politicians. Laws won’t do shit.

  • Jose says:

    Has the flosie even handled a weapon before or know safe it is unless the person using a weapon does not use common sense. The issue is that if weapons are taken away from law abiding citizens then only criminals will have weapons. They have no respect for weapon control so why tie the hand of those who make criminals think twice about using a weapon.

  • The Redhawk says:

    Well What will the IDIOT and the Equally Stupid (D) Anarchy party members and their “talking heads from Night Shows Propose??? ENFORCING the GUN laws in CHicago nigh;y shooting Gallery??? REvisit San Bernardino or the SAN FRan Sanctuary city killing???
    Do they Know that the Las Vegas shooter bought an ARSENAL the Legal way by fillling all necessary Background FBI papers before the guns can be SOLD to him>> Yes the same as I or anyone else has to do??? Or are these IDIOTS who only work for Themselves and Speacial Interests just occupy Space and DO NOTHING ELSE???

  • CBUJAN says:

    This is the hypocrisy of the left, they always use a tragedy to put forth their agenda. Pelosi and the rest of the dumb shits doesn’t realize that no law would have prevented this tragedy. We have over 20,000 gun laws on the books and not one of them or any new laws would have prevented this evil tragedy. The shooter use a machine gun and it is illegal to own one, so where did the shooter acquire it. This is what the stupid democrats have to look into. How to stop illegal gun sales, this is what they need to focus on not some stupid law that will only affect law abiding citizens.

  • justinwachin says:

    From what I’ve read this murderer had no criminal record and was not on any watch list. Assuming all the Obama-era gun control laws had been enacted, how would they have stopped this man?

    The thing which is often forgotten in these situations is the murderer would probably have chosen another weapon if guns had not been available.

    It is likely we will never be able to stop all murderers from committing their evil acts. Although the Las Vegas shooting was a tragedy let’s not forget more Americans had their lives ended in abortion clinics on Monday than what died at the concert. If Pelosi and Giffords are truly interested in saving American lives they could shut down the abortion clinics.

    Every year more Americans die in abortion clinics than die from gun violence. The abortion scourge could be ended today. Of course, that would mean that Nancy Pelosi would lose the blood money she collects from the baby slaughter industry.

    1. metheoldsarge says:

      I agree. Had he stolen a heavy truck or bus, he could have crashed through the gates and put a lot more people in the hospital and the morgue.

  • Christopher Riddle says:

    Earth To”Stretch”;Why Don’t You Make It MORE Illegal To Kill People With Guns????

  • Jmanjo says:

    You cannot take anything these two women say as practical or forthcoming in the est interests for America. Both have a hole in their arguments and neither have a sane thought to fill them with! Pelosi has already tried to push people to breaking the law to achieve her political agenda and Giffords claim to fame is being a shooting victim! Neither of their positions make any sense when dealing with the security of our citizens. What has also been interesting is to hear the reporting by the media concerning the weapons the shooter used and it shows how naive they are, incompetent about weapons to make remarks, and fake about most of the details as their reporting is designed to confuse the public about the whole event so they can use it for their agenda!

  • Smitch says:

    Going out today and purchase another AR-10, just for all you Liberals out there!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Many also ARE!!!! The enemy is in DC … and many are (D) Anarchists

  • Smitch says:

    Maybe the firearms are tied back to Obama & Holder? Remember Fast & Ferious!

    1. Christopher Riddle says:

      That makes TWO of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The Redhawk says:

      NAHH those two IDIOTS became Amarica’s Number ! and 2 GUN salesmen for 8 years …. their policies drove Many of US to GUN UP!!!

  • Pamela Rodman Lindenmeyer says:

    The psychos that use the guns are the problem. Guns don’t operate on their own. Get some of those people back on in-patient treatment instead of pushing them all into outpatient treatment where they can’t be adequately monitored. The health insurance companies did this 20 years ago and we are now seeing the result of it.

  • Marine68 says:

    They do not care one whit for the public safety; They seek to insure their own safety. Corruption and stealth murder is their game, and they want no chance of anybody holding them responsible for any of it. Thank god for our Rights, and the Constitution they want so dearly to do away with for guaranteeing those Rights. The Second Amendment was not an afterthought, it was an enforceable reminder to would be tyrants.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      All the Elercted IDIOTS do is Speak to EMPTY Senate and House Seats to be seen via C-Span….Work for Lobbyists and Special Interests to get Mutually RICHER and DO NOTHING ELSE but Spread VOMIT viat MSM….

  • jfbtx says:

    Another knee jerk reaction by the left. Those were the sounds of a fully automatic weapon. The only way to own one is to have a special FFL license which is almost impossible for anyone to obtain. It sounded like a M60. It wasn’t something than 99% of people could obtain anyway. Most likely illegally purchased to start out with. Do not let your freedoms be taken away by listening to these leftist liberals. Take a close look at every country that have given up their right to self-defense and protection, they all live in a police state.

  • Fidel castro says:

    Of course the democrates want gun control, after all, all mass shootings in modern history where carried out by registered democrates! Wake up america.

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