Nancy Pelosi: Sanctuary Cities Policies Are Not The Problem, Guns Are

by Awr Hawkins | Breitbart
July 24, 2015

During a July 23 press conference, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) suggested the problem with sanctuary city policies isn’t the sanctuary aspect but the continued the access to guns.

An unidentified reporter asked Pelosi if she supports the current GOP push to force cities to comport with immigration laws, and Pelosi made clear that she does not. She then explained her opposition by making nameless references to the July 1 murder of Kathryn Steinle–allegedly shot to death by illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez on San Francisco’s Pier 14–and argued that sanctuary cities are not the problem.

Pelosi said:

The fact that San Francisco is a sanctuary city–and there are many sanctuary cities; many people live in sanctuary cities across the country–[so] that really has nothing to do with what happened in San Francisco [regarding Steinle’s murder]. Should we take a look, always review what the standard is? For example, in this case, having nothing to do with sanctuary cities, but why did the Bureau of Prisons not hand [Sanchez] over to ICE as it had done in the past?

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  • Ralph Long says:

    However perhaps the Kenyan Wonder Golfer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama an his idiot incompetent Sec of Homeland Insecurity Jeh Johnson both belong in a Federal Pen for Aiding and Abeting and Obstruction of Justice in the matter of SF Mad Madame Democrat US House Minority Leader Nutty Nancy and Paul Pelosi violations of Federal Immigration Laws,Conspiracy,and Obstruction of
    Justice among other Federal Criminal Acts found in the US Code!

  • Joyce Ann Thompson says:

    Who gives a rat’s ass what Pelosi says….guns are not the problem….this government and its failure to address mental illness is the problem….take away the guns and the sickies will just use knives and machetes or run down people with automobiles….they will use anything to kill if voices are telling them to do it. She just wants to take away guns from the law abiding citizens but no mention of the murders by illegal immigrants or black on black crimes….take away their guns first…like maybe stop and search…It worked in New York to bring down crime.

  • Ralph Long says:

    So,what else would we expect to hear from California and SF Leading Employer of Illegal Aliens and Former Democrat US House Majority Leader Now Demoted
    to Democrat Minority Leader? Mad Madame Nancy Pelosi and Husband Paul Pelosi have made their $66Million Dollar Fortune by employing Illegal Aliens in all of their various hotels,resorts,upscale cafes and Tuna fishing business and
    Nancy & Paul Pelosi have never even ever had an ICE Immigration Inspection!
    So, now explain why? Nancy & Paul Pelosi belong behind bars for repeated direct violations of our Immigration Laws! Nancy Pelosi is a Big Time Public Enemy!

  • dalesbest says:

    Maybe she is right, the policy is not the problem. ( SHE IS THE PROBLEM)

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Yep! And I have been saying exactly that for several years as well!

  • Penny Fuentes says:

    This hag Obama girl refuses to acknowledge “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”

  • Bob says:

    If Pelosi would get the facts before she mouthed off she would realize the gun belonged to a federal agent (although it was stolen). Maybe we should also stop all federal agents from having guns as well. Then in cases where a gun would be needed, they can call Pelosi to talk the criminals to death (crual and inhumane punishment) a sure deturant for crime.

  • KentS says:

    Can anyone spell d-e-m-e-n-t-i-a?

  • whoisshe? says:

    Nancy Pelosi campaigned in Palestine , made a lot of money campaigning for Obama Care, just loves having girls abort , makes money betting on Planned Parenthood receives 3 pensions owns tuna industry , but, she really loves sanctuary cities. She never called for Kates law to pass. But, loves and appreciates Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. I am ashamed of all the democrat whores in the WH. Whether your black or white . The main whore is Hillary she is a control freak as is Elizabeth Warren. They should all be investigated!

  • The redhawk says:


  • Magoo Lew says:

    No, no, Nancy. It’s liberal politicians and their plans for the US that are the problem. Most of us understand why so many illegals are being let into the country with very few being deported. It is to pump up the democratic voter base. Nothing else. It’s the only way that the dems can regain power. Liberal policies will be the death of the US, if nothing else fails. Dems are slowly taking our country down the tubes little by little with their wild money and immigration policies.

  • molly kennedy says:

    She is the problem, she is dumber as dirt

  • Robert Griffith says:

    Wrong Mrs. Pelosi. As usual you have the cart before the horse and are clueless and confused.

  • Howie Subnick says:

    PELOSI definition: A woman who absolutely knows nothing when it comes to common sense.
    She should be in a State Mental Institution For The Criminally Insane.
    All she talks about is guns, guns, guns. I have gun I have not used in 20 years and not one of them has shot anybody. Cars kill people or is it the DRIVER kills people. Baseball bats kill people or is it the BATTER kills people. Doctors kill more people than guns do. Should we ban doctors?

  • unique201 says:

    Everytime Pelosi opens her mouth I just want to vomit all over her.

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    What is it with the liberal / progressive folks? They just cannot take responsibility for any of their actions. Who is responsible for SF being a “sanctuary” city? Liberal /progressives, not guns. Who is responsible for Lopez-Sanchez being back on the street? Liberal /progressives, not guns.

    Liberalism / progressivism is an ever flowing fountain of absolute stupidity.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      @ Dave In Arizona yes indeed and Ralphinphoenix fully agrees!

  • martianpoet says:

    What a babbling idiot. San Francisco deserves her. They may have been apolitical when they assured her election and reelections and just have a warped sense of humor against the rest of us, knowing she would provide endless bizarre entertainment. Unfortunately, they set the stage with “we have to elect her to see just how much of an ignorant person she is”

  • H.M.Stumpf says:

    WHO LET HER OUT??????

  • georgeIIII says:

    Her official moniker is Moon Bat ! Were it well !!!

    1. Ralph Long says:

      george1111 so is a Moon Bat also related to CA Democrat Governor Jerry Brown old Moon Beam?

      1. georgeIIII says:

        The Moon Bat is much worse by at least an order of 10K. Jerry Brown has had moments of enlightenment. It actually appears he has a grasp on the concept of ” Unintended Consequences ” with some of his decisions. Billary? Not so much !

        1. Ralph Long says:

          Thank you George1111 for this very important information and could please also provide all of us
          with some similar information as to SF Mad Madame 66 Million Dollar California Leading Employer of Illegal Aliens in all her Pelosi Family Businesses along with currently also being the Democrat US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi? And any idea how people in SF and California feel about the fact none of her Pelosi family businesses have ever had any ICE inspections?

          1. georgeIIII says:

            UH, no but thanks for the invite?!

  • Frith says:

    Guns are not the problem! Cancerous Nancy Karposi liberialsim is!

  • Catherine McCoy says:

    In case there is anyone who hasnt seen the map of sanctuary cities — here it is:

  • Ed Stahl says:

    Don,t know how to “shrink this to fit”, so you need to move back and forth (or copy and put on a regular “ketter format)! Git this in an email recently — it is about GUNS!

    ]A Tale of Two Cities:
    Chicago, IL
    Houston, TX
    Population2.7 million 2.15 million Median HH Income$38,600 $37,000 % African-American38.9% 24% % Hispanic29.9% 44% % Asian5.5% 6% % Non-Hispanic White28.7% 26%

    Pretty similar until you compare the following: Chicago , IL Houston , TX Concealed Carry – LegalNo Yes # of Gun StoresNone 184 Dedicated gun stores plus 1500 – legal places to buy guns–Wal-Mart, K-mart, sporting goods, etc. Homicides, 20121,806 207 Homicides per 100K38.4 9.6 Avg. January high temperature (F)31 63

    Democrat’s Conclusion:
    Cold weather causes murders.
    This is due to global warming.

  • Fedup says:

    pelosi is supposed to represent the people of Ca. but she is more concerned about defending these illegal alien criminals. If she would get out of her ivory tower and visit some of these cities she would see what they have done to them. They have turned them into barrios. You would think you were in the slums of Tijuana they are so bad. The crime rates in all of these sanctuary cities has risen but the liberal owned media won’t report on all of it. Pelosi is like hillary, she is super rich (thanks to the taxpayers) and doesn’t have to mingled with the peasants so she has no idea how they are destroying our cities.

    1. Frith says:

      But…but… butt… those illegals and their offspring are the FUTURE citizens of California and of course she wants them to be dimocrats.

      1. Ralph Long says:

        Golfer in Chief Kenyan Wonder Barack Hussein Obama plan to issue every illegal alien in the US their very own personal Democrat Voter Registration Card prior to Election Day 2016!

    2. Ralph Long says:

      Fedup so what do you expect when this same Mad Madame Nutty Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband also happen to be SF and California Leading Employer of Illegal Aliens and Starkist Tuna Company!

  • Ed Stahl says:

    Actually the problem is “illegal aliens”,- Illegally being “kept in sanctuary cities”,-
    who have illegal guns,- that rob and kill “legal citizens” —– Who don’t carry guns to protect themselves! (BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL) This is nothing new… The Indians did it with bows and arrows 200 years before Columbus discovered America… The Vikings did it 2000 years ago when they discovered America also,– They did it with swords, shields and spears! Go back many thousand years to “cave men”, – they used pointed sticks and clubs (btw everybody had them laying around)! Unfortunately we don’t have statistics on how many of those sticks and clubs jumped up and killed people when they weren’t looking!! ** It is and always has been people who kill people! Been in a museum looking at these kind of weapons displayed?? Heard if any of them jumping up unexpectedly and killing people!

  • Snailmailtrucker says:

    Why is it that the Democrats are “Focused like a Laser” on restricting Real Law Abiding Citizens their “RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS” and, at the same time, they are importing (from terrorist countries) and releasing hundreds of thousands of criminal rapists, kidnappers, and murders from our prisons ?

  • Snailmailtrucker says:

    Pelosi’s best bud Obama and his releasing and relocating tens of thousands of Dangerous Criminals throughout America is the problem.
    How about Obama inviting thousands of muslims into our country.


    1. Ralph Long says:

      And so,that can only mean Nutty Nancy Pelosi is Public Enemy Number Two right?

  • Snailmailtrucker says:

    You Nancy Pelosi….and Sanctuary City policies… ARE the Problem !

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Amen! Spot On! Exactly Right! Jail Nutty Nancy Pelosi!

  • Ralph H Moran says:

    My problem is with the gun that was used, it belonged to an FBI agent so did the FBI give him this gun or did the FBI rap it up in a T-shirt and leave it for anyone to find and murder someone with. When I was a soldier I never lost a weapon no did I lose one ever and I’m 72yrs old now and Never have I LOST A WEAPON. What did the FBI agent do, walk in one morning and say Huh I lost my weapon and I need a new one Duh OK boss? Huh yea go get a new one ha ha you have to have one dummy, uh try not to lose this one ha ha.

  • mousekiller says:

    Pelosi needs more botox, lots more. Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein need to be charged with treason. At the very least for wearing masks in public scaring kids and the elderly alike. How do family members put up with their thinking.? It couldn’t be that every one in their gene pool is infected with stupidity could it? Do these persons really believe in what they say or are they being paid to speak it in public?.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Sure do hope that Future President Donald Trump reads that too!

  • Wolfman says:

    Nancy…in case you haven’t noticed…you weren’t even relevant…when you were supposedly relevant…which goes well with ” We’ll have to vote for it to find out what’s in it”…. To you life is just telling one lie after another…as if you don’t support having millions of illegals in the USA …in case you didn’t notice …the illegal was deported 5 times and came back…the gun was stolen ( a crime) by an illegal ( a crime)… so the gun is the problem…not the crimes that led up to the gun being used in another crime by a criminal!!! I can’t describe my contempt for you and everything you stand for ( if there actually is anything of substance you do stand for??)

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Wolfman did anyone find out yet if this same Illegal Alien Killer also may have worked for Nancy Pelosi in one of her SF businesses?

  • ted finkbohner says:

    Don’t overlook the fact that Miss Nancy’s district is right next door to San Francisco. Be warned if you travel there it is becoming like Tombstone circa 1886 and there may be something in the water.

  • xingqin says:

    Pelosi and her kind are the problem. Anyone who would ask people to vote for a bill and pass it to see what is inside is dumber than a box of rocks. She has her head so far up Obama’s ass that she has become senile, in the dark, and thinks shit smells good.

  • Patriot1955 says:

    This hypocrite needs to go away forever. California has turned into a state no one want to live in. She’s the reason so many businesses are leaving the state. It’s sad to see what has happened to a once great state that is turning into a third world country.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Nope Nutty Nancy Pelosi and Husband Paul Pelosi must be locked up in some Federal Pen like Super Max for RICO Violations and Immigration Law Violations!

  • Jim says:

    Well, Nancy if you hate guns so much why don’t you and harry and obama hit the streets on the week ends and pick them up. I am sure every one you go to get will just hand them over to you and become a good law abiding citizens just as soon as the gun leaves their hand. So shut up and go get them

    1. Ralph Long says:

      And Nutty Nancy Pelosi do start with picking up California Democrat US Senator Diane Feinstein’s CCW Permit and Handgun okay?

  • Tex Irvin says:

    no it’s morons like pelosi that are the problem

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Or,as the late Republican US President Ronald Reagan might have said, “Guns are not the problem! Nuts Like Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Diane are the real problem!”

      1. Tex Irvin says:


        1. Ralph Long says:

          Thank you Tex Irvin! “Remember the Alamo!”

  • Bernie Lounds says:

    All cities harboring criminals should have have all government moneys withheld.We should not be in the business of hiding illegals or any criminals.Pelosi is as stupid as the day as the day is long if she thinks harboring criminals and taking the guns away from the law biding citizen is is the smart thing to do.All that will do is make criminals out of several million other people as well as pissing them off to start with.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      We need to force Obama and Congress to outlaw and ban ALL US sanctuary cities starting with the ones in California and then Phoenix and Tucson Arizona just for openers! Frankly I donot care if Phoenix Democrat Mayor Greg Stanton does not like it!

  • jerry young says:

    pelosi is utterly clueless, their all a bunch of criminals they will get whatever they want, guns, knives or make bombs! no matter what the law says they are criminals here illegally and yet she thinks taking guns away from law abiding citizens will put a stop to crimes committed by illegals, the only thing gun control will ever do is remove the ability for people to defend themselves against attacks from criminals, we should put a ban on pelosi and obama along with all the left wing losers that support them!

    1. Ralph Long says:


  • Richard L. Deich says:

    Its really amazes me that she is blaming guns..Did you all know that the gun used in the San Fransisco murder belonged to a BLM agent?Funny that he losses it and this illegal finds it..Smells fishy to me

    1. unique201 says:

      And he wasn’t fired. How does one lose a gun ????

      1. Ralph Long says:

        @unique simply just go to any public restroom and take and leave it on something as you take care of your business in the toilet and forget to pick it up and put it back in the holster…This is also not the first time this type of thing has happened as I recall reading about similar incidents happening.

        1. unique201 says:

          You are right. One would like to think that if you carry a gun and took it out of your holster you would remember to replace it when you are finished. If you can’t remember your gun how can you remember anything else??? Like a child.

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Is Nancy going to fire the government employee who lost his gun? That is the gun arrived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. unique201 says:


    2. Ralph Long says:

      Okay so if Nancy Pelosi and BATF refuse to do so then simply just charge Pelosi and BATF as accessories to murder of that young California woman murdered by that five times deported illegal alien!

  • unique201 says:

    It is just awful that a long time Senator whose husband and family are making so much money off of the American people wants to gut the 2nd Amendment.
    She deserves to be impeached. California, this is your long time Senator, what does that say about you ?????? Will Nancy and her husband hand their guns in first ??????

    1. Paul Dragotto says:


      1. Frith says:

        Symptoms show they’re past 1st stage. Let’s commit them now…

    2. NoCoincidences says:

      She’s not a sinator, she’s a representative in the house. You may have her confused with her siamese twin, harry greid in the sinate.. Could they be one and the same evil demonrat?

      1. unique201 says:

        You are right, I was mistaken. Sorry.

        1. NoCoincidences says:

          No worries. I just don’t like giving that hag any more ‘title’ than what she has now, “reprehensible nasty piglosi”. 😉

      2. Fedup says:

        Feinstein is the same way. She has a ccw permit but wants everyone else to give up their guns. Typical Dem. “I can have it but you little people can’t”.

        1. pete G says:

          She’s been packing since Harvey Milk was gunned down in SF years ago. She’s for taking everyone’s gun but her’s. America needs a good old fashion revolution.

        2. NoCoincidences says:

          I agree with you Fedup that FrankenFein, along with her hellmate John MccLaim, are two of the biggest hypocrites in the sinate today.

          1. Ralph Long says:

            Did you mean US Senate no “sinate”?

          2. NoCoincidences says:

            I meant “sinate”– as a play on spelling…
            SIN = senate: most senators definitely ‘sin’ in the senate, hence “sinate”- lower case denotes my lack of respect for cowardly, impotent senators- quite the contrary for the “Office of Senator”..

        3. Ralph Long says:

          Oh God Dingy Diane Feinstein has CCW Permit? That is scary!

    3. Ralph Long says:

      Sorry unique201 correction Nutty Nancy Pelosi is a Member of the US House of Representatives and Democrat House minority leader NOT
      a US Senator!

      1. unique201 says:

        Thanks Ralph for correcting me, I must have had a senior moment. I do not like Pelosi or Feinstein and wish the people of California would vote them both out. I think one of them said she was retiring when her time was up. It can not be fast enough for me.

        1. Ralph Long says:

          Hi unique201 thank you as well! …So,prehaps one major key to rid SF and California and Our Great USA of Mad Madame Nutty Nancy Pelosi easily also may lay in forcing Nutty Nancy and Paul Pelosi to prove each and everyone of their family businesses employees are not illegal aliens as Federal Law strictly prohibits anyone and any US Business from hiring and
          employing illegal aliens! Your feedback please unique201?

          1. unique201 says:

            Ralph, what a great idea. However these illegal aliens would not go back to their countries they would just go down to the nearest welfare office and collect benefits. Then they would probably go down to La Raza and put in complaints that we were being prejudiced against them.
            But you are correct that the Congressional family business’s are probably hiring illegals. These people in Congress never have enough money. If they have millions they want billions. They do not pay into their Congressional Retirement or Congressional Medical Benefits so how much more can they take from us???
            I think if they are millionaires they should not be given Retirement or Medical care. They should pay for it themselves. Yet, they want to cut Social Security, and Medicare for us. They also should not have a Congressional plan for Retirement and Medical they should have the same plans as we the people, “their employers,” have. They forget they work for us.
            I am glad that Senator Cruz let Senator McConnell have it about being honest. We teach our children to be honest, we should expect no less from our representatives and president.
            What do you think???

          2. Ralph Long says:

            Again thank you however I was mainly referring to all of Paul and Nancy Pelosi various Hospitality & Resort Industry Business along with their tuna fishing and canning business!…..However you sure did raise yet another important issue about how many members of the US Congress also are employing Illegal Aliens in their own businesses?

          3. unique201 says:

            You are very informative. I never knew that the Pelosi’s had a Hospitality & Resort Industry Business, and, a tuna fishing and canning business. What is the name of the tuna business they sell their canned tuna under?? I want to make sure I do not purchase them. Now I am wondering if they paid taxes on the business’s and if they paid payroll taxes on all their employees, legal
            and illegal.
            They will never be investigated by the Federal Government, just like Clinton, Obama will not allow it.
            They are DemocRATS.

          4. Ralph Long says:

            Hi again unique201 and thanks! Would recognize Charlie The Tuna?…Yeppers Starkist Tuna! I only wish that I still had the full list of the various Pelosi Crime Family SF area owned businesses to send you and as I recall it was even published in a newspaper ok?….
            So the only other suggestion that I can offe for now is
            anytime you eat a fancy café or stay at a fancy resort just as if they are owned by Nancy and Paul Pelosi?…
            If they answer yes then immediately cancel your reservation and state you fully support a Boycott of
            the Pelosi Family Owned Businesses and anyone else that employ illegal aliens…That might even shake things up all over SF and California!

          5. unique201 says:

            Hi to you also Ralph Long, I don’t eat Starkist Tuna. I usually eat Bumble Bee Tuna. Although I am trying to become a vegetarian. I will try to Google the Pelosi Crime Family Businesses. I will not be traveling anywhere in the near future. Back in the 1960’s I worked for Eastern Airlines and traveled around the world then. I have a big dog part Great Dane and part Lab, who has a sister and a brother (2 cats) which he loves. I love them all and now that I am retired I want to spend all my time with my four pawed babies. I also do not eat at fancy cafes. I think of myself as frugal, my friends say I am cheap. I was never materialistic, even my jewelry is very plain. Now in this economy one does not want to advertise how much one has. Does the Crime Family Pelosi own any businesses outside of S.F???? I live in South Florida, and I don’t
            remember ever hearing their name here in business, except that people here do not like her.
            But we do not vote for her either. We unfortunately had Jeb Bush for a Gov. I remember when his wife Colona tried to sneak through Customs and Immigrations and trying not to pay $19,000 in taxes on things she bought out of the country. Fortunately they caught her. If, and I hope not another Bush was in the White House what would Colona steal when the presidency was over. A leopard doesn’t change her spots. All of those in politics have something in their closets. Remember, maybe you are not old enough, J. Edgar Hoover used to keep files on everyone because he wanted to be appointed Head of the FBI while he was alive. Even though he was a closet gay and a cross dresser. Funny how things work out. Have a good night.

          6. Ralph Long says:

            Starkist Tuna you know “Charlie the Tuna” right?

          7. unique201 says:

            Good evening Ralph Long, I did a Google search on the Pelosi Crime Family. Interesting, back in the 1980’s she and her husband Paul were the ninth richest millionaires in Congress with 14 million dollars. Google also said everything you said about the Pelosi Crime Family except they did not call them a Crime Family. Yes, they do hire illegals to pick grapes on their winery. However, the acreage is too small for the illegals to form a union. Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband is quite a business man. He opens many businesses and hires people to run them day to day. After having these discussions with you, I have decided to run for my City Commission. So, try to keep in touch and I will let you know if
            I am elected to the City Commission.

        2. Ralph Long says:

          unuque201 not to worry as at 77 years old myself I have them too okay!

  • Webb says:

    House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)…
    She is never for going after an Intelligent Solution…She only adds More To the problem…Her City of “Brotherly Love”, has a Problem, It’s called Illegals and Being a Sanctuary City, Not Guns!!

    1. Paul Dragotto says:


    2. Ralph Long says:

      And Webb plus the huge number of Illegal Aliens employed by Mad Madame Nutty Nancy Pelosi in her family businesses!

  • curtmavi38 says:

    According to this idiot(Pelosi) everything is because of guns and their easy to get a hold of one. According to this other idiot( illegal alien) he just found the gun under a bench. This gun just did not rise up and shoot Kate, the idiot illegal alien did. So Pelosi guns don’t kill people illegal aliens do. So lets do to the illegal alien what you want to do to guns BAND THEM Now that’s something we all can get behind. Retire Pelosi and send her back to California. meh

    1. cab says:

      He should get the same thing done to him that he did to that woman. Even if they derport him he’ll be back. Our tax dollars should not be spent to support him in prison. EXECUTE HIM

      1. Ralph Long says:

        So,cab this one really is a Capital Murder Case and this five times deported illegal alien murder must be executed!

    2. Ralph Long says:

      So, why hasn’t Nutty Nancy Pelosi been indicted and charged with being an accessory to murder now then?

      1. Rx7pj says:

        Quit being an idiot

    3. Rx7pj says:

      According to you idiots guns are the solution to EVERYTHING.

      1. Ralph Long says:

        Hey Rx7pj do you village idiot talk to yourself all the time?

        1. Rx7pj says:

          That’s what I would expect from a rightie like you. Immaturity

          1. Ralph Long says:

            Rx7pj Please Go Get Professional Help! You Dang Sure Need It! Good Night Liberal Ding Dong!

      2. KDC says:

        It only becomes EVERYTHING when someone try’s to take our God given rights away!

        1. Rx7pj says:

          Owning guns is NOT a God given right

          1. KDC says:

            The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the “RIGHTS” of the people to keep and bear arms and was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights. Now since I believe that the Constitution was ordained by God through inspiration, then it is my God given right!

  • KDC says:

    No, Nancy, guns aren’t the problem. Allowing deranged criminals into the U.S. Is the problem. But, you wouldn’t recognize that because your deranged too. That’s vastly clear! Go back to your Botox. Maybe try some on your mouth.

    1. Sam W says:

      Have you seen some of those pictures of the hoodlums obamy is letting in? So much ink and not very educated. Plenty of gang material. Or maybe obamy’s future army…..

      1. molly kennedy says:

        future voters

        1. Ralph Long says:

          Correction molly kennedy “Future Democrat Voters!”

          1. molly kennedy says:

            Ok, I stand corrected, thought it was a given.

      2. Ralph Long says:

        Yep, anyone else remember King & Dictator in Chief Barack Hussein Obama wants his own private 500,000 member
        personal Security Force don’t you? Well now do you know where Golfer in Chief Obama plans to staff it with these experienced killers? Donald Trump was right here!

      3. Rx7pj says:

        What the hell is wrong with you, you think that Obama personally has something to do with this guy getting here???? How can you be that hateful and ignorant???

    2. Ralph Long says:

      KDC you do mean Criminally Insane Illegal Alien Killers don’t you?

      1. KDC says:

        Allowing, illegal alien criminals into this country. Sane or not!

    3. Rx7pj says:

      You first

      1. KDC says:

        Awwwww typical Lib. Has to go on the attack !

  • iprazhm says:

    I can’t help but feel gnawing animosity for those in Calif that continue to vote for this viper, thus inflicting her venom onto the rest of us in the Union. Why can’t we just give Calif to Mexico? They practically run it as much of the state’s residents are illegal Mexicans now.

    1. molly kennedy says:

      careful now my daughter and son in law live there, not by choice, got to go where the job takes you.

      1. iprazhm says:

        No disrespect to your daughter and son-in-law but if we lost Cali don’t you think perhaps they could maybe find even better employment in one of the other 49? Just saying. 😉

        1. molly kennedy says:

          I would hope so, otherwise they would have to live w/me.

          1. iprazhm says:

            Lol and you don’t want that…trust me! 😉

        2. Rx7pj says:

          Probably not, that’s why they moved there.

      2. Rx7pj says:

        So they live there by CHOICE, it was their choice to move there.

        1. molly kennedy says:

          Yes it was their choice to have employment, but look at it this way they are 2 people who will vote against Pelosi, now if we could get more intelligent people to move to CA we could get rid of the elected idiots

          1. Rx7pj says:

            Lol, ha, ha, ha ha
            Wow got any more stories??
            You ever heard of silicon valley??? Nerd city USA.
            There are a LOT of very intelligent people in CA
            Thats WHY it’s a democratic state? ?

          2. molly kennedy says:

            have you ever noticed that highly intelligent people have no common sense which is why it is a democratic state

          3. molly kennedy says:

            notice I said Highly intelligent, not intelligent

          4. Rx7pj says:

            No, why would you think that??
            The right has proven to not have any common sense, that’s why CA is NOT republican like texas.

  • Marty Koval says:

    Nancy Pelosi is just like all the other liberal politicians. They have no clue what the root cause of the problem is. To deceive that they do know, they recommend controlling people and items they own as the solution to the problem. Of course they are completely wrong. Here is the reason they wrong.

    Many people believe that the only way to prevent murder is for the government to enact more laws that will restrict or ban the possession
    of firearms. In 2013, there were 12,253 murders in the USA, in which:

    69.0% – Firearms
    12.2% – Knives or cutting instruments
    13.2% – Other weapons
    5.6% – Hands, fist, feet.

    Firearms, knives, fist and other type of weapons is not the problem. Banning
    anything that could be a weapon is not the solution and is impossible to do. The problem is the condition of the person’s heart who wants to murder and maim.

    The solution is for people to turn their lives over to Jesus and admit they are sinners (which is All people) with evil hearts. Via the Holy Spirit the converted sinners will transform their lives into one who loves instead of hates others.

    Many politicians and people do not want to hear this, but it is the Truth and The Only Way. Man through laws, regulations and coercion will not be a viable solution. People who are evil, will always find a way to cause harm and death, unless their evil hearts are changed.

    1. Frith says:

      Nancy karposi will mandate that you have your arms cut off if you use them in a fight. The gubbermint will have you fitted with new ones, made out of styrofoam.

    2. unique201 says:

      Would you add cars and Muslims in the next post please.

  • savage24 says:

    Just more proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

    1. John Siemens says:

      Right on! They failed to get the “logical” gene.

      1. Sam W says:

        Maybe it is all that smog smothering the state.

        1. Ralph Long says:

          Sam W while granted however clearly the Democrat Air Pollution from Nutty Nancy Pelosi is the most deadly
          aspect of California’s Deadly Air Pollution!

    2. Frith says:

      Lets be careful. They’ll claim its a “birf defect” and sign up for social security disability en masse.

    3. Rx7pj says:

      Actually you’re proving right wingers are a desease

      1. molly kennedy says:

        spelling counts now let’s see if you can find your misspelled word.

        1. Rx7pj says:

          This is NOT the grammar site. If your want that get off this POLITICAL site.This is about ideas, maybe you’ve heard of them.

          1. molly kennedy says:

            Mostly people who know grammar and spelling and who don’t resort to calling people names have better ideas

  • Luke says:

    She is among the brightest in the liberal party of liars, thieves and murderers of unborn children..

    1. unique201 says:

      If she is among the brightest, we Americans are in big trouble.

      1. Ralph Long says:

        Amen! That’s for sure here!

  • TexRancher says:

    Is Miss Lube Rack of 1955 protected by guns? ‘nough said!

    1. Sam W says:

      Thought she packed her own hardware.

      1. NoCoincidences says:

        Nah, the only hardware she may have, vibrates…

        1. Sam W says:

          Too GOOD….. No one else would want it.

      2. Ralph Long says:

        Well are all of you aware that Democrat US Senator Dingy Diana Feinstein reportedly has her very own CCW Permit and also owns her very own .38 caliber snub nose revolver?

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Pelosi is as brain dead as the people who vote for her.

    1. Sam W says:

      Common problem with the demoncraps. There last good democrat was JFK. Clean house and get rid of career politicians. Bring government back to ‘We the People’……

    2. The redhawk says:

      HEY they all are Califonia LOONS… what can be expected of those MORONS????

    3. Bill Reese says:

      Are you actually insinuating that Pelosi has a brain? There is some question about that statement.

    4. Rx7pj says:

      Probably the sane people that voted for bush

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