New EPA chief Pruitt says agency will respect rule of law, states’ rights

The new head of the EPA set a decidedly more pro-business tone for the agency Tuesday during his first remarks to rank-and-file employees, promoting a balance between protecting the environment and the economy — and warning officials to “avoid” regulatory “abuses.”

“We as an agency and we as a nation can be both pro-energy and jobs and we can be pro-environment, and we don’t have to choose between the two,” newly confirmed Administrator Scott Pruitt told a group of Environmental Protection Agency employees.

Pruitt’s address follows a heated confirmation process where more than 800 former and current staff members actively campaigned against him. Pruitt, as Oklahoma’s attorney general, fought the EPA in court and accused the agency of routinely over-regulating businesses. He vowed that as the agency’s new leader, he would work to scale back its authority.

“Regulations ought to make things regular. Regulators exist to give certainty to those that they regulate. Those that we regulate ought to know what’s expected of them, so that they can plan and allocate resources to comply,” he told the crowd.

Tensions with staff, however, could remain high as Pruitt takes over.

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  • Worried Vet says:

    I hate to rant and rave on and on about this crap, but I’m so sick of the corruption. These so called civil servants have way to much power, and these so called politicians have way to much power. They all know the odds of them still being there after POTUS leaves is really good. The only ones who worry are the elected ones. They spend two thirds of their time running for office on our dime. It’s really sad when people don’t understand why Congress don’t get anything done. I would love to have a full time job and have to work around 13 hours a week average and get a full pay check and thousands of dollars in benefits. These agency employees know their protected by law and the unions. To me there is something very wrong with that. I doubt even if they catch the ones leaking the classified information they will keep their job and not be charged with treason. I know in my heart president Trump wants to drain the swamp, but it’s an impossible job without millions of is backing him up. We have to keep calling are reps to the point of almost stalking them. Keep putting pressure on them to change the civil service protection laws where they can be fired for the same reasons we can be fires for. Pass a law also they don’t get benefits for certain reasons for termination like leaking classified information. We shouldn’t have to keep paying traitors.

  • Worried Vet says:

    This is not me, but we have let our enemies destroy is from within. If we don’t help rid these agencies from America hating destroyer were still doomed. If you work around any government office and see anything like sabotage, report it. I would try with people close to POTUS. And if that don’t work call fox news actors, send letters but don’t give up. The same goes for our schools, the left has been using propaganda on our kids for decade’s.

  • chuckavet says:

    The numbers game:

    When, as a bureaucrat, your upward mobility depends on the quantity and not on the quality of the regulations you author, then there is something rotten with the system.

    Phony Wetlands:

    And yes, a pothole in the middle of the desert is no excuse for EPA to quarantine a rancher’s property so that he has to pay taxes on land that he is prevented from using.

  • Betty says:

    clean out the hard liners that do not respect the new head of this department

  • Bishop351 says:

    Get rid of any EPA employees hired via Gina McCarthy….she had no business (literally) heading the EPA.

  • Kaiser says:

    What the EPA should do is set basic guidelines for the whole country, and let each state adjust those guidelines specific to each state. If they want more regulations, then they can put those extra regulations on businesses. Then the business can either accept those new regulations or move to a state with less regulations. Eventually, the states that have ridiculous extra regulations will realize that they’re going to run out of money due to no one wanting to set up businesses in their state. Think of states that, when it rains hard creates puddles. The state now calls that property a wetlands and prohibits any construction.
    People, it’s common sense. No one wants to destroy the earth.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • justinwachin says:

    The EPA has lost the support of many Americans because they have ventured into an extreme even when true science and commonsense did not support their position.

    Hopefully Mr. Pruitt will help get this agency back to a place where it functions for the American people rather than as a tool to harm the American people.

  • Tiger says:

    Under O the EPA was writing Legislative law, enforcing it and punishing those who didn’t do what they said. Unconstitutional. Sure this guy knows all about it and these people need prosecuting.

    There are so many of O’s Spooks still entrenched in everything that it is going to take some real digging to get them out.

    Take them out and the sooner the better. The EPA, DOJ , State Department etc been running the show for years and by George, the interns that work for our Congressmen/women need looking into also.

    1. gvette says:

      You nailed it. That was/is part of the problem. Gay Barry gave them the power to create policy! That’s why there are no new refinery’s. They talk about a pipe line, but I think building the refinery where the oil is, is the answer!

      1. Tiger says:

        Thank you and things are going to get on a roll.

    2. Worried Vet says:

      The EPA was a lot like Hitler’s Gestapo. There is no one to put them in check, they make their rules to fit the phony climate change agenda.

      1. Tiger says:

        Right on and looks like the Demonrats going full throttle, open transparency Socialist. Going to get interesting with the illegals gone, the refugees stopped and the voter fraud cleaned up what will happen in 2020.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          Please pass it around for all of us to write and call our reps. They have to pass a law stopping the civil service protections. The did in liberals at these agencies have no fear of being fired, so they pretty much get away with murder. As long as the heads of these agencies are not allowed to fire people it’s a waste of time. There are thousands of people working there that are very loyal to Obama and Hillary. I have no doubt they are doing all they can sabotage Trump saving the country. Not only should they be fired for leaks but locked up to and lose Any and all benefits period. If it was up to me they would be charged for treason.

          1. Tiger says:

            I will indeed continue to email and bother those Republicans I believe in and I am sure that Trump is going to take care of the business at hand concerning these people. He will find them and the first one who is prosecuted to the max and that will send a strong message. Already the BLM guy who made threats to police was picked up. 14 of the violent rioters who burned businesses on the day of the Inauguration have been picked up so I know he is on it. Sooner or later that Swamp will be Drained. And yes my friend it is huge.

          2. Worried Vet says:

            Your right. We have more spies in these agencies than we do in the CIA and FBI. Now that’s pretty freaking sad. I have a heart and. I’m in bad shape right now in my life and could wind up homeless soon. I still try to help even though I really don’t have it or should for that matter. I have been taking care of dogs that run free around my area. My point is their talking about helping Venezuela and I feel bad, but we have many worse off right here. The only help for that country is to capture that corrupt government and lock them up. The people let the socialist take over so this is what happens. There is no reason to throw good money after bad when the odds are the corrupt government will get most of it. We need to start at home and pass laws of any agency that is a charity is found to be corrupt they do to jail for 20 years period. If any agency big shots are being paid millions to run that charity they need to be fired. I’m disgusted with the way the money from united way the red cross and others has huge overhead costs.

          3. Tiger says:

            Take time to listen to this video. Because I have read the story of the Federal Reserve and a few other books I now understand why Corporate America so afraid of Trump. Now I see why they hate the billionaires who are Corporate America who are going against them. Trump going to bring the house down.


          4. Worried Vet says:

            I will watch it. I know there are many in both parties having nightmares. The corruption runs deep and they have been entrenched for way to long. The crooked deals, the backroom deals And the secret deals kept from the public. People ask who really killed Kennedy, I would bet the truth would shock millions and put a few in comas. The truth about area 51 would shock millions. That is one of the most secure places on the planet even more so than two bases I was stationed at and we were spy bases for the NSA and the ASA. One of the bases there is a building no one gets into without the second highest clearance you can get. When Congress allows let’s say a billion dollars to build a road, and the road only gets maybe half of that for actual expenses. Where the F#CK does the rest go. How many politicians are elected and are of modest means but become richer and richer every year their in office. Why do they only have to work around 122 days a year and fly home. For their breaks on the taxpayer dime. Why should we pay for them to go home and kiss ass to be reelected. I don’t get paid looking for a job why should they. I have to put my old, crippled ass on a bicycle to go anywhere. I know I’m sick and tired of these idiots spending money like its theirs and never held accountable. I’m tired of them voting themselves raises and more benefits. I’m tired of them sending money to countries who hate us, they know we will never buy their friendship. We have people starving right freaking here being ignored. We have so many rules and so much paperwork to even try to get Help. We have waiting lists a mile long. Why are we treated like bastards when the refugees and illegals are treated like gold. I know I’m sick of it. I worked my ass of since I was 12 and now I’m old with some health problems and can’t get a job or get help. It’s disgusting. What really pisses me off there people I know in worse shape having the same problems. We have the liberals to thank for that and it’s very freaking obvious in places like HUD and to me that’s discrimination.

          5. Tiger says:

            Everything you say is true and when you see this document that made Washington a separate entity from all the rest of the country you will understand many things. I had never seen this although I did know about the Shadow government and have known about it for years. The District of Columbia is run by big money and the same people who run Shadow government started the Federal Reserve. I am sorry for your plight and hope and pray you find some relief.

          6. Worried Vet says:

            Thanks I have known for years there are people behind the thrown so to speak. The so called shadow government. I pray every day for Trump and his team, because they will try every dirty trick in the book to bring him down I would say short of murder but I have no doubt they would try that. These people in charge are evil, corrupt and worry about money and their power period. They need us for votes and to wipe their rich asses. Pretty soon with robotics and untraceable hacking they won’t need us at all. It’s a very scary time. Thanks for your prayers I have people praying for us. They keep telling me to start a gofund me page, but I have no freaking idea how and I don’t like asking for help. I have made it on my own since I was 12 I was the oldest and my dad became very sick, So I went to work washing dishes to help out and I didn’t quit school. These last whinny, wimps now days don’t know what rough is. Life isn’t a picnic, I lost my oldest son when he was two and almost two years ago my oldest grandson committed suicide at 20 years old. I don’t want or expect pity, I just want these young people to grow up and be glad their alive. They need to wake up and understand everyone don’t win a trophy in life and I don’t give a crap what liberals say. The liberals are harming our young by brainwashing them into snowflakes with bad attitudes. They should spend some of those billions on how many suicides this PC liberal bull shit cause. I bet it’s a very high number. They have that blood on their hands and I hope they go straight to hell for pushing that crap on our young.

          7. Tiger says:

            You are a treasure to America and someone I respect so highly and you are deserving of care and it has nothing to do with pity. It has to do with right. If you start a page tell me I am greatly honored to read posts by someone as knowing as you and as proud as you. I pity this country when your ilk no longer here to guide us and talk with us.

            May the Almighty and his angels answer your prayers and bring you the peace you deserve.

          8. Worried Vet says:

            Thanks so much for the kind words. I must be doing something right I keep getting offers to become a sentinel and other groups like the heritage foundation. One group said I should start a pod cast. I have no idea what that is but it’s some type of a radio show thing lol. I try to tell people what’s on my mind and be honest, I use history and common sense to try to make a point. The best advice to me to give anyone is please do your own research. Don’t take everything the media spits out. That type of media is very close to the media Hitler used with only propaganda. He didn’t tell the truth and hid many bad things just so he looked good. This is why so many honest Germans ignored what was happening to the news and they didn’t believe it. There are people to this day who deny the holocaust. I have actually seen the old films where Patton and ike was there. Ike wanted it recorded so no sane person could say it didn’t happen. There were thousands of German soldiers who committed suicide or were shot because they couldn’t handle what they did or refused to murder women and children. It was a very bad time in history and what’s even sadder is the allies knew about it at least two years before the war ended.

          9. Tiger says:

            I agree that we need people like you out there on a radio station talking world events and reminding people of history. I also think that you and so many others should be part of school programs educating children by letting them talk to your generation. But that won’t happen, when I was in school we had people come form wars and from all kinds of experiences to talk with us.

            Yes look into it and you are welcome.

          10. Worried Vet says:

            I was blessed I had several family members who fought during wwii. My father had ptsd and it became worse when he got older. He finally started opening up about the pacific battles against the Japanese. He had many nightmares over his time there. I know when I’m able I will read the killing of the rising sun. These snowflake liberals have no freaking idea of the evil things the Germans and Japanese did, let alone the Russians and Stalin was on our side. Stalin killed more innocent people than Hitler, how many even know that? He was power hungry and greedy, he wanted pretty much the same things Hitler wanted but had our help. It was a case of the lesser of two evils. The allies were in no shape to keep Stalin from expanding so he got what he wanted. During the war crime trials Russia didn’t face any and they were worse in many ways than Germany and Japan. If people with Common sense would study history starting from wwi they would get an ideal why liberals are so pissed. They want globalization, one world order. We would have those in power and rich and then those like is poor and slaves to serve the rich. This global warming hoax saying humans are causing it by breathing, is nothing more than a reason to cull the population. They start wwiii and get rid of a huge majority of us. The only way to fix global warming from their view is get rid of lots of us low life deplorable people. Well I’m locked and loaded and I know they may get me but I’m taking some with me. That they can bet on. I pray POTUS can root this evil out and it seems to be waking up Europe to the threat of the NWO. I never took that serious until I started researching it. It all has to do with globalization. The elites want to go back to the old days two classes of people the elites and the peons who serve them. Wake and read people use those phones and laptops for other things than games and bull shitting with your friends. Get a life and get involved with what’s going on around you.

          11. Tiger says:

            Great post and so true. They don’t teach WWII anymore. I had a young woman tell me that if we hadn’t been interfering with the Japanese and Germans they would never have attacked us or the world. I thought about laying her flat out like a lizard on a rock with facts but she would not have believed me.

          12. Worried Vet says:

            FDR had stopped selling oil to Japan to try and stop them from trying to enslave the Asian’s, like China and Korea and most the other countries. Germany declared war on us not the other way around. We tried to stay out of the war period for years. When Japan attacked us with no official declaration of war, we had no choice but to fight back. We had to help England, France Belgium and others once Germany declared war on us. Tell that woman to be glad we did what we do or there wouldn’t be any Jew’s gypsies,blacks,sick people, mentally ill people, gay people and on an on. Hitler made many blunders and if he had listened to his generals and we kept out of the war he would have taken Europe, Japan would have taken Asia Italy would have been the backup and they would have attacked us. I doubt we could have fought back. Germany was very close to having nuclear weapons and that would have been the end. We won that war because of great leaders having the sense to know they had to work together. Stalin would have changed sides I’d they thought we couldn’t win them what. Stalin was the craziest one of the bunch and killed more of his own people than any other country. People need to read history and not guess or listen to teachers that don’t think the holocaust didn’t happen. Anyone who believes that is a blind idiot. I seen the old films on several camps when liberated. Ike made the locals help bury the bodies since they ignored what was going on right in their backyards

          13. Tiger says:

            I saw the same films you did concerning making the locals bury the bodies. There is no hope for people like her just as no hope for any of the libs. Great post as usual and you just pull this stuff out of your memory banks great.

          14. Worried Vet says:

            Thanks again. I was blessed with a good memory, especially with numbers. I hope they go back to teaching true history and civics in schools again. This made up crap they teach now is part of the indoctrination plan they have had in effect for years. They teach their history so kids today have no idea what’s facts or fiction. They have brainwashed at least two generations.

          15. Tiger says:

            Take a look at this and spread it please. Assange after Hillary and this time she is going down.’


          16. Worried Vet says:

            I seen that on town I think and it’s disgusting. I have shared it on facebook, and twitter. If this is true it makes many things light up about the Clinton’s. They made a deal with the devil years ago. I am almost scared of what else is coming out. What’s sad she won’t ever going to jail. So sad.

          17. Tiger says:

            I was able to read all the Wikileaks sent me by my European friends and yes this is true. Washington District of Columbia, not part of America has always been seething in kinky sex, witchcraft and child sex. Read many a book and in fact, a friend who read a couple of books on this, told me Kennedy one who tore the veil aside to expose it. Of course he also exposed the Shadow Government and was killed.

          18. Worried Vet says:

            I have always read everything I could on the killing of Kennedy. I don’t believe in conspiracies, but this one bothers me. There are to many things that don’t add up. I doubt we will ever know the truth. I do know the shadow government and the military complex wanted us in war with Vietnam. Kennedy didn’t, along with Bobby. When Bobby ran we were hot and heavy in Vietnam, even though it wasn’t the height of the war. He wanted us out asap so it makes me wonder. There is many questions to me that we’re not answered, or covered up. I do think if the truth came out about how much goes on behind closed doors, the people would rise up and demand the people of DC. Resign, all of them. All the dirty tricks, and covering up of what they do that has nothing to do with what they were hired to do. The things they do that is illegal and get away with. This country is tolerant to a point. Anyone who isn’t an elite or bureaucrats will suffer not if but when the bottom falls out is blind or an idiot. They have places to go where their protected from anything from nuclear war to us storming the castles so to speak. They only care about our votes to keep power and money. If they could get rid of elections our lives won’t be worth a plugged nickle. We would be like the old Russia under Stalin. If we keep letting the liberal divide us, we’re doomed. POTUS can’t do what he needs to fast enough to shore up the dollar, and balance the budget. He has to show we can spend within our means and not keep acting like we have a never ending supply of money. I get what he wants to do,and we will raise the debt before bringing it down, I’m worried the world economy is strong enough for the time it will take. We will have to see. The more liberal stall the easier it is for the collapse to happen.

          19. Tiger says:

            Right track and right on. I have a book Probable Cause about the Kennedy assassination, CIA did it according to the records this guy obtained. I believe it. Maybe burning Washington to the ground is not such a bad idea after all, fired cleanses. Now here comes the drones.

  • KarenRuff says:

    Get rid of the EPA. Let states handle their own resources. They would do a better job with a lot less hassle.

  • Webb says:

    Maybe just Maybe The EPA will now Remember they work for Americans…
    Rules and regulations from The EPA has cost average Americans Millions upon Millions of dollars…From regulating Rain Water to Mud Puddles, Lines that farmers have to stop fields of Produce at…Air Regulations that No One can Adhere to, Charging Citizens thousands of dollars a day for Idiot reasons…
    We Wait…

    1. Worried Vet says:

      If they won’t step in line fire their sorry asses now. There are thousands of hard working honest people willing to take their jobs.

      1. Webb says:

        Spot on with your exact comment…
        Maybe Trump can right our sinking ship and put America back ln course…
        We fought for American Exceptionalism and that is all I will Accept!!

        1. Worried Vet says:

          Thanks. When I took my oath I was serious, I was only 17 but understood what it meant. When I took my oath and signed papers to hold my clearance I took that very seriously. There is no reason, no excuse and no way Hillary didn’t sign pretty much the same papers or take the same oath as anyone who has or had a clearance. This crap she don’t remember, or the C stands for copy is beyond reality. She should be put in jail just for that. If the real truth comes out about Benghazi and she was responsible in anyway, she should be charged with manslaughter along with every liar who covered up the truth. Our government has grown to big and needs to be brought down. It’s such a waste of money. I know the VA has three times the employees it needs or they have two out of three standing around on phones or shooting the bull with other employees. You think that’s why we wait so long to be seen. None of this will change until Congress gives the heads of these agencies the power to fire useless employees. That goes for the department heads also. In the real world of you don’t do your job your FIRED. SO GROW A SET CONGRESS AND DO YOUR FREAKING JOB, WE Can fire you to don’t forget that.

          1. Webb says:

            Well said…
            I agree with every word, being drafted in 1966 and taking The Oath…I still Honor that Oath and will until death!
            Less Government, less rules and regulations and stopping overreach…
            Vietnam Vet 66′ – 67′ 1st Cav.

          2. Worried Vet says:

            Thank you for your service. You were in during one of the most dangerous times of the war. I was in cryptology with a very high clearance so they didn’t put me in dangerous places. The closest I got was the evacuation of the embassy at the end. I pulled security duty by trying to keep people from saying anything classified over the air. Now that was a total cluster f#ck were not prepared. Congress didn’t allocate the money to do the right job, and many people were left behind. We lost all kinds of equipment and we left billions of dollars of equipment there for the commies to use and reverse engineer. I can’t tell you how many choppers were pushed off the deck so others could land. We were just blessed we didn’t lose many lives during that mess. I also agree with you and I would bet most veterans who are patriots would stand up for that oath until the day we die.

    2. Worried Vet says:

      If they don’t remember then fire them with no benefits. MAke an example of them and a few others no matter how high up the food chain they are. Maybe charge a few with treason and bring back the firing squad and maybe they become loyal to the country instead of a bunch of liberal socialist. Any idiot with common sense can discover socialism don’t work after you run out of other people’s money. All they need to do is look at the history of Venezuela. If Bernie Sanders and his minions want that then let them move to Venezuela and have fun. Get the hell out of our country. These excuses of white privilege don’t add up. I’m white, a Vietnam veteran, disabled and I have to try to keep from starving or becoming homeless every month. If that’s white privilege you can keep it. This country isn’t perfect and made mistakes, but we need to learn from that. Causing riots only hurts honest innocent people what good does it do. Slavery ended long ago and to continue to blame white people only causes more racial division. It’s time to forgive and move on. I have seen race baiting since 1970 caused by people like Al Sharpton who is getting richer and richer by causing racial uproar. What has he done that helped poor black areas? How much money has he put into it where it would help? I have seen him speak and and he only works hard on firing up a crowd to the point of causing a riot. He is full of hate and he does that to keep making money off the backs of poor blacks. The inner cities need to take a long hard look and see how much the liberals have done to improve your neighborhood. Most liberals take your votes for granted and after that they could care less if places like Chicago keep killing each other off. Liberals have cops so scared to do their jobs, it’s only making things worse. The electronic age is here folks start researching for your self. Check the democrats record’s. Go back and see that democrats started the KKK. Check when the GOP wanted to make lynching blacks a federal crime and who blocked it. In recent times check out Robert Byrd who was a democratic congressman for many decades he was a big shot with the KKK and bill and Hillary attended his funeral. This is just a little info and all true. It’s easy enough to find on your own. Don’t let hate and bias help destroy our great country. We must do our own research and make up our own minds. The liberals have been using spin and propaganda for decades. They have been indoctrinating our students for decades and they have been embedded in every agency for decades. If we don’t come together as one and defend our country socialism will be the least of our worries. Countries like Russia and China are just laughing at us because we are very weak because of being so divided. I feel I have no choice but to be open, I have four wonderful mixed grandkids I love dearly and worry about their future. We all should be worried. I am pretty sure most all of us have a good friend, family member that is a different race, maybe it’s time to come together and protect that and stop fighting over much less serious things. A house divided is easy to fall and our enemies no this very well.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The Swamp is smelling better all the time, and all these Gov. agencies are not like have their arms cut in half, their over reach has cost a lot of jobs under the Obama clan!! Come to think of it, even the air is starting to smell better!

  • David Stovall says:

    So many regulations that no one could know them all. When an employee is hired to write regulation, they come in Monday morning to write regulation, so we were getting regulations seeking problems. — “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws are so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood…” Federalist 62 Hamilton/Madison

  • randy jackson says:

    Pruitt: cancel the Clean Power Plan

  • David Stewart says:

    He will need to cull the staff; too many ecoterrorists and envirophreaks on the payroll! DRAIN THE SWAMP!

    1. Worried Vet says:

      It’s not just the EPA it’s DOJ,HUD,HHS and about another thousand alphabet soup agencies. Maybe a few hundred thousand liberal swamp dwellers. Trump will need all of us with morals and who want to save this country to be heard. God bless America and of their corrupt lock them up.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    If tensions are so high maybe a bunch of employees will step over the invisible line and get fired. That would be a good thing. No?

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Their protected under the civil service act. Congress needs to change that law asap, where Dept heads can fire the liberal tree huggers that blame global warming on humans who breathe. In most agencies. Over 90% of employees are liberal and voted for Hillary. There are career employees trying to undermine Trump and his staff. It’s time to clean house and hire more non bias employees. It’s time to start laying off people who do the same job. Federal employees went up under Obama at a alarming rate, trim the fat asap. When most of the government has employees being paid back with a job for voting for Obama, it’s time for a change. If that’s not against the law, it should be. If their corrupt lock them up. That should be our battle cry we send to all congressman period. It’s time to take back our government. Like right now with all that’s going on, all that needs to be done they take over a week off, and some have the nerve about POTUS going to Florida and it’s a working weekend. POTUS needs our help and support of we have any chance of at least draining part of the corrupt swamp.

      1. Not_Easily_Impressed says:

        I hope things continue change for the better and I think Trump is doing his part but I don’t know where that line is that would get the crooked bureaucrats fired. What I think is that government employees should be unable to vote. That would REALLY put the regular citizen in charge. It probably sounds unfair to some degree, but I still think it could work.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          It’s a good idea, but it’s not what we stand for. Now If they commit treason no right to vote and maybe a go back to old school and shoot them. The firing squad was something I knew about during Vietnam. I had a top secret clearance with special access, so that was not something to take lightly. I was young and very honored and humbled they trusted me. I hate to say it that feeling of being a patriotic member of society is going down hill. Everyone who joins the military, Congress, Senate, and all other federal agencies take the oath to defend this country against all enemies period and that means enemies at home. The oath is for life not when we feel like it. I take mine seriously. When I see these wimps who took that oath crying about Trump and trying to undermine him with leaks, to me that’s treason. I handled thousands of pages of classified material, I heard many classified conversations and the thought to betray my country never crossed my mind. Back in my time you couldn’t hold a clearance for being a drunk, gay, running around on your spouse or even being a player. They felt you could be turned into a double agent or blackmailed. If your special and trustworthy enough to be part of that group then be loyal no matter who is in charge. If you can’t be loyal then quit. As for those in Congress PASS A LAW GIVING THOSE IN CHARGE THE RIGHT TO FIRE THEM, WITHOUT BENEFITS. IF THEIR COMMITTING ACTS CLOSE TO TREASON, WE SHOULDNT BEING PAYING THEM TO RETIRE, LET THEM LEAVE THE COUNTRY OR LOCK THEM UP.

  • dennis w says:

    give the states full control of their lands…….
    to hell with the MUD PUDDLES……..

    1. FLChristyB says:

      Problem is that the Federal Government owns a LOT of land. The vast majority west of the Rockies. They own about 50% of 6 States and over 84% of Nevada! My guess is that whenever natural resources like oil or shale oil, was found the Government took possession. Check out this map.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        True, I read where they want to turn this Whole area into a giant solar and windmill farms, and why they’re polluting rivers and taking back land from cattle farmers that had life time leases and if you bucked up to them you were murdered, right Lavoy Finicum, but you were White and American!!

      2. Rodney Steward says:

        The Gov. owns much more than I thought, I would place this in the C-O-N-T-R-O-L Dept.!!

      3. Tiger says:

        Oh yes and Clinton took the mountains that were filled with jewels and that was a major player in those states when it came to making money and tourist attractions. Got to give the land back just have to, it is the people’s land.

      4. ABO says:

        Much of what your map shows became federal under Obama’s watch.

      5. JRuss says:

        Hillary sold Uranium deposits she did not own to the Russians.
        There are also large deposits of lithium [for batteries]. Not to mention rare-earths.

    2. Tiger says:

      Let me tell you I agree that UN Plan 21/2030 had Floridians like me incensed and worried about the Government trying to grab out Springs, control the water you got a good strangle hold on the people. You can live a couple of weeks without food but try going without water for 3 days.

      Damn close we came buddy to the abyss and using the bullet box but I must say that Deep Six Solution would sure clean out some vermin.

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    I can understand why there might be tensions emanating from the staff. Most are just pretentious bureaucratic flunkies with an inflated sense of self importance. The promulgate bullshit regulations to justify their parasitic existence.

    Most of them should be out on the street. The staff probably know that deep down, and realize that their new boss probably thinks the same.

    They know the Trump wants to trim the fat. They are worried about their cushy jobs.

    1. Dee says:

      There’s that and we know obummer put many of his pathetic idealist in these positions who live and breathe the global warming bulls%+t . I hope Pruitt goes big and goes bold to undo all these rules and regulations !

  • Peter Pihun says:

    First and foremost Pruitt needs to get rid of all Obama regulations initially.

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