Newt Sounds The Alarm: Trump Won’t Have ‘Stable’ Presidency Without ‘Serious Changes’

by Peter Hasson
August 18, 2017

Former Speaker of the House and longtime Trump supporter Newt Gingrich is seriously worried about the future of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Gingrich, who has consistently been one of Trump’s most optimistic supporters, said Friday morning that Trump is more isolated than he realizes and needs to make “serious changes” if he’s going to have a stable presidency.

“I think he’s in a position right now where he’s much more isolated than he realizes,” Gingrich said in an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer. “On the Hill, he has far more people willing to sit to one side and not help him right now, and I think that he needs to recognize that he’s taken a good first step with bringing in General Kelly, but he needs to think about what has not worked. You don’t get down to 35 percent approval and have people in your own party shooting at you and conclude that everything’s going fine.”

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  • Ilene Richman says:

    It is about time Newt shut up and kept his ideas to himself. We do not need him spouting off about Trump all the time and what Trump should do or not do. Newt is not the president and does not give the president advice. Let him keep quiet and keep on writing his books. SHUT UP NEWT! Wasn’t Georgia your home state. Why have you made Washington your home base? Leave and go back to Georgia.

  • spaceweasel says:

    McMaster needs to go. He is not Trump’s, nor our friend.

    1. Francesjwright says:

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  • Tiger says:

    Sorry Newt you underestimate the intelligence of his supporters. Daily we are seeing he was right again in what he said about the riots in Virginia, enough corruption by the Governor, the Mayor and the Assistant Mayor and lies related to this event piling up to fill a stadium. It will come out, all of it and won’t be a win for anyone who jumped the gun to take Trump down.

    Trump did nothing wrong and as far as support from the Republicans, Pleeeesssseeee give me a break, support he never had and we know it cause we saw Reibus having to threaten them to stand with him as their nominee.

    His enemies are the Swamp, I remember you sitting on the couch with Pelosi on O care, one of the reasons you weren’t nominated. Along with a few other things and inconvenient truths about you.

    When David met Goliath nobody stood with him, but when he succeeded in killing Goliath he was exonerated and praised, RINO and Dems and too many are Goliath and Trump is standing alone like David but he is standing on Truth, Facts and with the help of the Almighty, he will win again.

  • LLuke47 says:

    We’ll see what the people think when he holds the rally in AZ this Tuesday. I don’t believe the polls, they are never right and never have been right so why believe them now?

    1. Leslie Woodhull says:

      You do know that the Antifa/BLM/SOROS supported organizations will be there too, right?

      1. LLuke47 says:

        Maybe al those cops and soldiers who ride motorcycles will be there to meet them.. You know Trump’s team has to be expecting that trash to show up..

  • PoorPitifulPearl says:

    I once worked in a very toxic environment where I was employed by a Board of Commissioners to make certain that all the rules and laws governing the entity I was working were followed to the letter. When I realized that several of the leading managers were colluding to skirt the law to their advantage, I had to decide whether to go along to keep my job or to stop them. I absolutely could not “go along to get along” and so I did what I was hired to do. It was difficult and I was hated, but when I retired, I knew that I had done the right thing. There was huge shuffling of managers and new faces. I certainly wish President Trump had someone whose only job was to make sure everyone was on the same page or forced to leave. I’d volunteer, but I don’t get around much anymore. Too bad….

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