Obama Calls on World Action for Climate Change

by Kim Hjelmgaard
December 1, 2015

President Obama urged his fellow world leaders Monday to reach a landmark deal to curb global warming before it dooms the planet.

“I come here personally as the leader of the world’s biggest economy and second-biggest emitter to say that America not only acknowledges its role in climate change but embraces doing something about it,” Obama said.

Speaking at the opening session of a United Nations conference attended by 196 nations, he said the old arguments for inaction on (climate change) had been broken.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    Dumbom sized and may be two valets to grab him by Dumbo sized ears every time he FALLS?? HUUURRAAHHH!!!

  • KDC says:

    Climate change…want to know what this is really about? BO and others pushing for this could care less about the environment. Its all about CONTROL of you and I. They want to control everything related to this. How much water, electricity, food, shelter, heat, types of heat, ponds, storage of water and monitor what you use, when you use it, how you use it and why. They want to CONTROL everything about you in the name of climate change.
    Welcome to the NWO.
    I might add, if they were so concerned about the “environment” they might want to start in China, first.

  • Faithful American says:

    Obama will SAY or do ANYTHING to get the WORLD to take their ATTENTION OFF of ISIS! Have you ever NOTICED that, folks??

  • VicBailey says:

    The tilting of the earth axis has been happening since the dawn of time and this DUMBA$$ thinks that he can stop it. He is his own FOOL! A King and a Court Jester all rolled into one! He doesn’t realize just how infinitesimal he really is. Semper Fi.

  • Michael Dennewitz says:

    If that porch monkey would suddenly disappear from planet earth, THAT would fix EVERY problem we currently have.. When the hell is an expert sniper going to step forward????

  • Gene Hull says:

    I agree with the derogatory remarks you all make about Obama. But
    PLEASE do NOT disregard the disastrous results of global warming just
    because asshole Obama agrees with it.

    Do NOT blindly fall in line with those who claim it is “junk science”.
    It is NOT. The science is sound and the few scientists in disagreement do NOT totally disagree with the predicted devastating results.

    PLEASE view this video and look into the REAL science behind the global
    warming warnings:


    I know, I know. It pains me too to agree with anything coming out of
    the lying mouth of Obama, but GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL!!!!!

    1. VicBailey says:

      BUT it still wasn’t caused by man. The tilting of the earth axis has been happening forever and will keep doing so, just like the Sahara Desert was once a green tropical climate and I don’t think there was a car or one piece of machinery on the earth then, why are infinitesimal people thinking that they are the cause of climate change? When most of them couldn’t change their minds. 1 volcano puts more crap in the air on 1 eruption that all mankind does in a century and that is just 1 volcano. We need to get rid of this narcissistic way of thinking, and realize just how SMALL we really are! And LIVE!
      Semper Fi.

  • marlio says:

    Everyone thing Obama espouses is a pile of ctrap and THAT’S BECAUSE MAN DOESNT CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING WHICH OUR PRESIDENT DOESNT KNOW BEING THAT I DONT THINK HE EVER ATTENDED HARVARD OR COLUMBIA. ITS ALL A RUSE TO CHARGE US A TAX, FOR A NATURAL PHENOMENA, CAUSED BY HOW CLOSE THE ORBIT OF THE EARTH IS IN PROXIMITY TO THE SUN. It was two degrees warmer in The Middle Ages and the Sky didn’t fall and the waves didn’t pour over the continents. Global cooling and warming have been happening since the earth was formed. MAN HAS NO EFFECTON THE WEATHER. However I think the Government thinks we are stupid, and they can use this as a LIE, to get us to agree to pay a global carbon tax to enrich themselves , al gore and his investors and others!! DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! ITS IS A 44 BILLION DOLLAR A DAY SCAM ON YOU!!! OUR LEADERS AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL AND WORLDWIDE DONT APPEAR TO BE VERY INTELLIGENT OR HONEST. They want to use this global carbon tax to fund their satanic, evil, modern day,. feudal system, New World Order. Americans will not stand for it especially especially with the fraud we have in The White House and his enablers, ie nancy pelosi, harry reid, axlerod, rahm emanuel, dick biden, john mc cain, mcconnell and others!!! WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS SCAM!!!!

    Nothing Americans do or don’t do or citizens of any other countries do or dont’t will not affect Climate changing or Warming in any way whatsoever, Zilch, Zero, Nada, zip!!! Obama is just trying to charge us a tax for something we didn’;t cause because he, I think, is a fraud, from Kenya, is not an America, was abandoned when he was 10 years old by his mother, was brain washed when he was a teenager, and from what I have heard did drugs in high school and probably fried his brain, so does not understand the mechanics of earth changes, is stubborn, unteachable, and hates america and HIMSELF, IMO. He will try to charge this tax, by executive order, and that when he needs to be thrown in jail for treason, fraud identification, theft and probably many other nefarious deeds. He thinks we ARE STUPID, when it is he and he only who has the problem. It is not American to charge us a tax for something we didn’t cause only because you want to behave like a brat because you dont get your way and no one appears to like you!!! If anyone falls for this they, some people would call, morons!!! I didn’t say that.

    1. USNavyPatriot says:

      And American tax payers, as well as other countries with worse economic conditions, should NOT be pouring Billions upon Billions of Dollars into this farsical illusion!

    2. VicBailey says:

      Its all a part of the Elitists plans us peons. The Rothschild, Soros, Bush, Rockefeller and Morgan families are the root of all this EVIL, just like Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world, seems as soon as one of these BUTTHEADS make some money their attitude changes towards their fellow man. Get back our Constitution and rid ourselves of the Elitists IDIOT MORONS and the world will be just fine and dandy! Semper Fi.

    3. I Seigel says:

      And Americans can’t pollute their water either. Algae blooms just happen, and massive die offs of fish and shellfish are just a natural part of the cycle of life. You’re not only a complete moron, but your stupidity makes you dangerous.

      1. KDC says:

        Why don’t you say something constructive instead of name calling?

        1. I Seigel says:

          2 reasons:
          1. This issue is WAY too important to keep allowing outright lies, internet rumors, and fear-mongering right-wing rants about communism and conspiracies to risk our grandkids futures. When you have admissions from Exxon that THIRTY YEARS AGO they knew that their products were damaging the environment, and they funded “research” to prove otherwise, that should be a real eye-opener for any open-minded person.

          2. I thought I was responding to Sherry or Redhawk or Gnowark or BillWhit or any of the other foamers-at-the-mouth people here. I apologize. But as you can see, Marlio fits in very well with that group.

    4. Faithful American says:

      YOU are EXACTLY RIGHT! It’s to STEAL MONEY from the NATIONS so they can ESTABLISH and FINANCE their planned ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and the ISLAMIC ARMY they will NEED to ENFORCE it!

    5. I Seigel says:

      I see you’ve simply copied and pasted this on several different websites. You lazy idiot. Or do they only let you out once a week to use a computer? Back in your cage now!

  • Ed Stahl says:

    Well if he could convince the rest of world to participate 100% (and they won’t)! Then we all could go back to 1850 and become an agricultural economy again!
    Those with no knowledge in farming or cattle raising (or sheep herding) will likely die of starvation! But that is OK with “0” too,- since he is planning on 45% of us dying in near future anyway! “BUT” all the golf courses will be closed, and they will be pastures or cropland! There will be no airplanes flying around, so “he” can’t look for any either! And the only thing important in America is “him”! Now,- I myself can survive and I have farmed and lived in and survived on what could be gotten from woods! But I suspect all the “bleeding heart liberals” are going to have insurmountable problems! Bu then again,– what the “hay”, this is what they want isn’t it??

  • solog says:

    Oh, so now, maybe, Mr. Sanders comments, interest and focus isn’t that far off….hmmm!

  • 7papa7 says:

    If we could stop ALL the hot air that is spewed from the muzzie in chief and his boys would be a good thing otherwise not interested.

  • Nina says:

    This guy is a delusional F_ _ _king jerk!!! The world is crumbling around him!! He’s watching it, doing nothing about it, and picks his friggen bogus climate change as the most freakin thing that’s happening!! Actually causing these things!! No Mr. Obama you can’t ignore it and it will go away!! You wanted the damn job now do it or step aside and let a REAL LEADER step up to the plate and do it!!! You suck!!

    1. Michael Dennewitz says:

      SUCK!?? LOL Yeah, he does that too – with his “husband,” moosechelle!! ROFLMFAO

      1. Nina says:

        You said a mouthful!!! Lol!! I don’t know if I can take another year of this! My head only shakes from side to side!! I don’t know if I can ever get it to move another way again!! I hope they hurry up and lock up friggen Killerys ass though We will def not survive that bitch

  • rowleya says:

    Telling the truth ends Global warming Hoax. Nuking the Sun to smithereens ends Climate Change.

  • Obama Calls on World Action for Climate Change… for something that may happen in twenty-five years.

    But no action against terrorists invading peaceful nations and murdering and beheading people right now.

    Obama IS in violation of his oath of office and must be removed before he and his policies cause anymore of us to be murdered.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says:

      What? You actually think the porch monkey would authorize the killing of his OWN PEOPLE ????

      1. VicBailey says:

        He already has authorized that! And he will again on a larger scale. Semper Fi.

      2. Not his own people… just Americans and he has bragged about killing us with drones without a trial… did you miss that one???

  • Pam says:

    “America not only acknowledges its role in climate change but embraces doing something about it,” – NO. The majority of Americans do NOT fall for “junk science”.
    “One of the enemies we will be fighting at this conference is cynicism. The notion we can’t do anything about climate change,” Soetoro said. – Only egomaniacal, narcissists with a god complex (like him) think that “man” can alter the movements of the planets, sun and moon. Of course, with as much hot air and BS as he’s got, he could probably put a considerable dent in a glacier just by talking at it!

    1. Nina says:

      He only speaks for himself!! Certainly not US!! He’s everything you said plus things we can’t say here!!! He’s not God he’s an asshole!! A studdering asshole at that!!

    2. I Seigel says:

      Americans SHOULDN’T fall for junk science. But they do. A large percentage – certainly not a majority, but mainly conservatives – have bought into the junk science that Exxon and Coca-Cola have admitted that they’ve funded. Exxon has known for a very long time that they were producing products that damaged our environment. They’ve been paying off scientists and funding “research councils” to whitewash their crimes. Coke has been funding bogus research for years that made it look like sugary drinks didn’t cause obesity and diabetes. It’s all there in plain sight, Pam. You just have to be willing to open your eyes and look at it.

      And PULLEEEASE – no one said anything about altering the movements of the planets, sun and moon. You were just exaggerating there, just a little bit, weren’t you? Of course, man is working on a way to alter the movement of a comet or asteroid. Do you think we’re incapable of that too? Or are we just doomed to possible extinction due to another collision with an asteroid or comet? Should we not even try to develop a plan to save ourselves?

      1. Pam says:

        How old are you?
        Are you aware that back in the 70’s, some of these same idiots that have now gone from “global warming” to “climate change” were predicting that by the mid 80’s we would be in a full blown ICE AGE? Did you miss the part where these “scientists” were forced to admit that they had falsified their data when their collaborative emails were exposed?
        “And PULLEEEASE – no one said anything about altering the movements of the planets, sun and moon” – That is called an analogy. These things have MUCH MORE TO DO WITH OUR CLIMATE than anything “man” can do.

        1. I Seigel says:

          The sun has a lot to do with our climate. The moon, a small bit PERHAPS. The planets not at all.

          The scientists weren’t forced to admit anything. And if you recall, that whole blowup with the supposedly falsified emails happened just 6 weeks before the last climate conference in Copenhagen, if I recall. The issue came up just in time to help put just enough doubts in people’s minds that the conference accomplished nothing. Coincidence? I’ll bet!!

          And the computer models that scientists have developed are ongoing projects. And the data that the scientists gathered in the 70s have been augmented many times over by newer data, newer satellites able to collect that data, and new observations on, among other things, the acidification of huge areas of the Pacific coast, causing unprecedented dieoffs of jellyfish, shellfish and other fish.

          Why don’t you consider data that’s a year old, rather than 40 years old? You don’t want to, because the new data doesn’t fit in with your Wilma and Betty view of the world.

          Scientists realized a while ago that “global warming” was hard to communicate, because they realized that people expected a constant warming, rather than incrementally. So the more correct phrase is “climate change”, because that also helps to explain more severe storms, droughts and fire seasons, ALL of which are getting worse, more expensive and deadly. If you’ll notice.

  • The Redhawk says:

    well the INCOMPETENT Amateur Began his time in office by doing an APOLOGY TOUR with the Ensuing DIsasters and is GOING out in FLAMES by doing a MANURE SPREDING TOUR via his Usual COW PIES Speeches….7 Years on the job training and he still needs TRAINING WHEELS….

    1. Gary Vogt says:

      In Kenya cow pies are used as fuel to cook with. Adds a very unique taste and aroma to the food.That must be where he got this.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        Now that is a valid point but the other is that COW pies and BULL SHHt are all the same! and his “daddy” came from Kenya after all where Cow Pies may be part of a DIET…and he is FULL OF IT!

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