Obama Christmas, minus church, deemed ‘unusual’

Noticeably absent from the first family’s Christmas season celebrations, say White House watchers: A trip to church.

The New York Times reported that President Obama and his family celebrated a “low-key Christmas” on vacation in Hawaii, minus the church service.

“Historically, watching the nation’s first family head to church dressed in their Sunday best, especially around the holiday season, was something of a ritual,” The New York Times said. “Yet Mr. Obama’s faith is a more complicated, more private and perhaps — religious and presidential historians say — a more inclusive affair.”

This year, however, it was an attendance-free affair.

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  • aurora9 says:

    Muslims do not believe in Christians!

  • john says:

    Muslims do not believe in Christmas

  • yaki534 says:

    He likely has an islam ceremony in his living room.

  • LroF5LFjiB says:

    Muslims don’t celebrate Christ. They may do the secular Christmas thing. But then the church I am part of doesn’t have a special Christmas Day service. We cancelled our Wednesday evening prayer service so members could spend the time with their families.

  • zulu says:

    For Obama to attend church would be blasphemy.

  • malibujd44 says:

    good for him…this is a total NON STORY…who the hell cares. Why are you making such a stink about it? Oh, how I wish people would mind there own business.

    1. Rustytruck says:

      You think what goes on in the WhiteHouse and DC is not our business? It IS our business dumbass!

      1. malibujd44 says:

        The man does have a personal life which is none of your fucking business. What does church have to do with things going on in the white house? Yes, I would like to know what is happening but there is a line that is none of your fucking business. Who cares who he worships or does not worship or if he even believes in god or not. No matter what you think it is none of your business what your next door neighbour believes or does not believe and if you treat them different cause they believe in something you don’t then shame on you!!! Have you ever read the first amendment you idiot?!?!!

        1. Rustytruck says:

          You got a big brave mouth on the other side of a post! But to answer what you said, my neighbor does NOT work for the public, Obama does. Or at least he’s getting paid to. What’s so damn hard to understand about that? He chose to put his life in the public eye which means he’s under scrutiny by the public, guess what? I’m part of the public and just like you, I have an opinion which I voiced here, just like you did. I have the right to know if the guy who’s supposed to represent us has the same beliefs as I do, if not, I don’t vote for him.

        2. ndnpatriot says:

          malibujd44, I can tell you are a liberal, as you can’t debate someone without resorting to profanity, but that is besides-the-point. I will try to explain why the beliefs of our commander-in-chief are very relevant to the public; If we have anyone who believes the totally opposite of what our founding fathers intended for this great country, you have no more constitution, you will be ruled by beliefs antithetical to what was intended, and you are vulnerable to tyranny. I will pray you come to some epiphany.

    2. Pat Riot says:

      What the person we elected (allegedly) to lead the country does is every citizen’s business. Apparently you are not a US citizen or this would be easy for you to understand.

  • Ridley says:

    Muslims do not celebrate Christmas nor do they attend church. That thing sitting in our house is a Muslim, no doubt in my mind for the last 5 years. Impeach him or otherwise.

  • Sarrah Goldblume says:

    Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s mentor

  • Ed Cunningham says:

    Obama’s father was muslim. Obama’s mother was muslim convert. Obama’s step-father was muslim.Obama was raised in a muslim country to be muslim.
    The man is showing his true ‘colors’ in his last term in office.
    Anyone, anyone expect anything different? Maybe this is some of the ”change” he promised?

    1. john says:

      He was born in a Muslim country

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    He has already proved that he is not a true Christian. He bows to Muslim leaders.

  • dpperry001 says:

    he Thinks he Is god So Who Would he Go To Church And Worship??? he Just Looks In A Mirror And Worships himself!!! he Might Have Won The First Election But There Is No Way he Won The 2nd One Fairly!!! And his Good Liberal Friend In Spain Was Counting The Votes!!! And It Is Funny To me That he ONLY Won In States Where No ID Is Needed To Vote!!! I Am Sure All his Family In Kenya Voted For him As Well!!! GOD Help Us All!!!

  • retsam369 says:

    When you have your own prayer rug to face east and knell upon, you don’t have to visit a church!

  • T. Laman says:

    The Emperor does not need to attend Church the brain dead and sycophants masses worship him.

  • Scarface13 says:

    Now that he’s “Out” as the nations first gay president, he doesn’t have to pretend any longer!

  • antiliberalcryptonite says:

    Antichrist-In-Chief. muslim-In-Chief.

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