Obama Claims His Policies Have Been Friendly Towards Businesses

August 4, 2014

In an interview published in The Economist, Saturday, the president claimed that his policies have generally been friendly towards business, adding that he understands why they might be a little frustrated with his onerous regulations. Via The Hill: “They always complain about regulation,” Obama said of business leaders. “That’s their job. “I would take the complaints of the corporate community with a grain of salt,” he adds. “If you look at what our policies have been, they have generally been friendly towards business.” He went on to boast, “I think you’d have to say that we’ve managed the economy pretty well and business has done OK.” No doubt the president would give himself “a solid B+” on the economy. But under his stewardship of the nation’s economy, the government has intervened in the private sector in an unprecedented and sweeping fashion – and not everyone in the “corporate community” have benefited from his policies. That’s the main feature of his regime of crony socialism  – when the government picks winners and losers, you’re going to have a lot of unhappy losers. No president has done more to channel subsidies, contracts, grants and other taxpayer-funded incentives to his friends, campaign contributors and

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  • sugarbear says:

    He’s a liar like his father Satan

    1. Warrior7Princess says:

      I think of liars as being spawns of satan. There are several videos loaded with lies told by obama. And try googling for nancy pelosi and lies. I don’t have enough time in my life to research all the lies these government people, mostly demoncrats, have told. They are just a bunch of spawns of Satan, in my opinion, when they lie. They have no place serving the people when they lie.

  • taksavillage says:

    “his policies have generally been friendly towards business”

    like the COAL INDUSTRY

  • Ordinary_Guy says:

    Obama is the best guns and ammo salesman in history. As for the rest of our economy, not so much. Record number of Americans not in the work force, slowest, weakest recovery since WWII, rocketing prices for food and energy, are not signs of “an economic policy that’s good for business.” But why let the facts get in the way, when Obama would rather lie in the face of America?

    1. bobnstuff says:

      You haven’t looked at the numbers. the recovery is going ok, no thanks to the republicans. Steady job growth, stock prices at record highs, property prices recovering. Energy prices are stable, I wouldn’t call 6% food price increase rocketing. But don’t let the facts get in the way. The right wing will tell you how bad it is and you can take their word for it.

      1. Warrior7Princess says:

        Beware! An arrogant air of intelligence may be easily bought by uninformed limited thinkers. You are barking up the wrong tree here. If you think what your saying is a dog that hunts, I will disagree. It is wrong for you to blame this on GOP when they have over 300 bills shelved by harry reid. Put on your thinking cap. You are on a conservative site where people can be generalized into a category of people who read, study, search, ponder, pray and apply. You may get cheers from your peers on other sites when you come up with comments like this one. I consider your comment to be nothing more than disruptive nonsense. I think you should take your poor hunting dog (figuratively speaking) to go to a liberal site where people may think you have a fine hunting dog…. even if it barks up a wrong tree.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Have you read any of those bills? I have. If Harry wants to be real nice to the republicans he should release them all in October. Let the voters have a look at their representatives. Now about me being on this site, I find some people entertaining at how little they search, ponder pray and apply If I can get one person to give me facts and prove what I say incorrect I have gained. Unlike many here I want to be convinced I’m wrong with facts. In many cases I feel I’m may be better informed the many here. I read, study and check facts. I don’t just believe what people tell me. If that bothers you then I’m truly sorry. If all you want to hear is your point of view I’m sorry also.

  • Redfray says:

    If this man had any understanding of our American system verse international systems, I would say he’s right. America is feeding the world with it’s technology, and many hate our “guts”. Yet, everyone wants to live in America. Our political system is failing the American foundation to pad their own pockets. Obama is using the greed in Washington D.C. to destroy our way of life. Soon the people illegally coming to our country will hate America as much as the country they left. We will be just like their country.
    As far as regulations on environmental issues, they need to be sound scientific evidence before making them laws.
    By the way, who gets to break the law without consequence?

  • bobnstuff says:

    I keep hearing about industry being hurt by regulations but no one lists who and how they are hurt, The war on coal sounds good but the coal industry has never been better, or more productive. The lose of jobs is because we don’t mine coal the way we did 100 years ago. Have you ever heard of a power company going bankrupt. Ask the people in West Virginia about water regulations. I remember before the clean air and water acts, My grand kids play in a stream that I wasn’t aloud near as a kid, it now has trout. We saw what deregulating the Banking Industry did for us. When we deregulated the oil industry we saw gas prices go sky high. Do you think that if we had no CAFE standards the auto industry would be building cars that got 30 plus mile per gallon, Corporations are people, spooled, self centered. greedy little kids.

    1. Redfray says:

      Corporations make jobs, put food on our tables, educated our children, protect our way of life. Let the government control these business, and we will follow the way of other countries controlled by government “corporations”. No government controlled country has ever had what the America society has made. Soon we will be under the scrutiny of favoritism, higher-aristocracy, spooled rotten, superior self-centered, and a forceful government society. Who will be rich then?

      1. bobnstuff says:

        What country are you talking about. We have one of the least regulated business environments in the world. Would you want to go back to the gilded age. Do you want to have to burn the street lights at noon as they had to in Pittsburgh. Do you want to be ruled by the super rich who have no concern for the people that make the money for them. Greed Rules!

        1. Redfray says:

          Don’t want to live by the power of a government. Those societies do not have a good reputation of treating people equally. Whoever pads there pockets gets the best treatment. It’s not the money that’s the problem. It’s the people who use it. The government is just as guilty as the rich for being corrupted.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Have you ever heard of the Gilded Age, the rich did run the country. Those so called societies do have a much better reputation for treating people equally then the Tea Party does. They don’t try to stick their noises into private lives. Back to topic We have one of the least regulated business environments in the world. Show me any company that went out of business because of government regulations only. The business’s in our country are doing well, it’s the middle class that is having problems. Look at Wall Street, corporate profits as a whole are at record highs. The most regulated industries are doing just fine. Where do you think the Koch Brothers are getting all their money from.

          2. Redfray says:

            I can’t help it if you hate all republican, that’s your problem. I’m not going to read your history for you. You know a socialist country doesn’t have good business economy. The facts are, America has been the most prosperous nation on earth, except maybe for King Solomon. You want to blame everything on the rich. Who is helping Wall Street stay up? I’l bet it’s the U.S. Treasury department. Just because the Koch Brothers are helping the R.I.N.O.s, doesn’t mean the democrats are not getting money from their rich people. I know they have one billionaire who wants to bring down America. The “Gilded Age”, wasn’t that a story by Warner? This story warned us about coming social problems, and the government at that time was destroying the American Indians. You talk about regulations. What is a reservation if it’s not captivity. If these regulations are not so bad, why are companies moving out of America? I think you hate freedom, and love socialism.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            You are once again a little short on facts. You know little or no history, little or nothing about the rest of the world, nothing about business. You can’t name one regulation that is destroying business. I can name many that have saved lives. You haven’t a clue about Socialism or Socialist countries or you would know that the countries that business’s are moving to are more socialist then the USA. The tax code is a mess it needs fixed. America is still the largest economy in the world. Business is good. Sales are up. I am a Republican but not a supporter of the Tea Party. The rich aren’t the only problem, they have help from the morons like you who are to ignorant to see the lies they are being feed. Look at debt vs. GDP.Look at employment numbers, not the fake one on Fox but the real one. Look at campaign financing and see who is trying to buy the government. No you won’t look, you will just go on believing the hate and lies.

          4. Redfray says:

            Well, Well, I didn’t peg you as a name caller. I’m going to be like you with my thinking. I have my rights to believe as I wish, just like you. I know my history as well as you. The laws of taxation is a problem, and those laws are running companies out of America. I don’t think you are a republican. Go a head and hate the tea party, but they have not cheated in a election like the Mississippi republican’s. The republicans are just as crooked as the democrats. They are helping destroy our country called, “America”.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            So at one time the republicans would have crossed the aisle and work on a fix for the problems of the country, that stopped when any agreement with the democrats made you a RINO and meant that you had to fight you own party. The democrats worked with Reagan, the republicans worked with Clinton. Now the republicans filibuster there own bills. Thank you Tea Party. This is no way to run a country. Our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves. I’m sorry I called you names but I get so feed up with no facts.

        2. Warrior7Princess says:

          Think! you are on a conservative site. I seriously doubt there is anyone who has time to school you on this. How on earth do you come up with such tunnel vision that the super rich are the ONLY problem with this? If you have a cube, and all sides are six feet by six feet, and you are in the front of the cube and you can only see one side of the cube, and the front side you see is red…… do you declare the entire cube is red??? Any intelligent person will investigate. And maybe the cube will have six different colors.

          The point here is that you are calling only one aspect in your comment. There are other aspects.

          People often say liberals can not see further ahead than their noses. Welcome to the world of conservatives!! Conservatives generally look at all six sides so to speak. I look at your comments and the first thing I think…. is that you need schooling.

      2. Warrior7Princess says:

        New regulations are killing us. It is never a good thing when the government comes in and makes so many decisions and rules for us. It makes me long for the older days. I am with you on seeing the same take place. I just hope we can get new blood in our government so that we can restore more of America’s greatness by de regulation so that businesses can begin to innovate and thrive.

        1. Redfray says:

          Thank GOD there are some common sense thinkers like you. We have to much “conflict-of-interest” in Washington D.C. We do need different blood that has different professional backgrounds. My favorite pet peeve, “Judges should not be lawyers”!

    2. Warrior7Princess says:

      I read your comment and the first thing that come ot my mind is a big block of wood eaten up with termites. Have you no regard for the fact that some of us are human beings endowed with intelligence and comp[assion and love for our country? Put on your thinking cap and read through your comments and see if you can see the possibility of your being a Republicanphobe, a corporationphobe, and an explore-new-ideas-phobe. We must seek new ideas. We must not neuter innovation. We must not regulate businesses so that small business owners can not have a chance. We must seek solutions for our viability. We must not be regulated to the point we have no freedoms and are nothing more than owned by the government.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I don’t think I’m a corporationphobe having owned two and now work for a very large corporation. I don’t think I’m explore-new-ideas-phobe, I do hold a patient. I don’t even think I’m anti small business having helped start a number of them. I think my problem is I don’t like the shit that you guys are trying to feed the world. Anyone who wants to start a business can if they have a good idea, it is the best time in history in fact. I will ask just one question though, what freedoms have you lost? Oh and by the way I have been an elected official in the Republican party, have you?

        1. Warrior7Princess says:

          I see nothing which frees you from having an Achilles heel on this subject.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I guess you will never answer any of my questions, Just keep wrapping yourself in the your sad little beliefs and hide from real facts. be happy.

  • CforUS says:

    Here so many people doubt BO was born in the U.S. Now I read this and I have to doubt he was born on this planet. Just sayin’

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