Obama dubs Orlando attack ‘homegrown’ terrorism

by Stephen Dinan
June 13, 2016

It’s difficult to spot lone-wolf terrorists ahead of time, but the country could do more to try to deny them access to the weapons they use, President Obama said Monday, in the wake of the weekend’s shooting rampage that left more than 100 dead or wounded in Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Obama said the man, identified as Omar Mateen, both cleared a federally mandated background check and abided by Florida law in buying the weapons he used: a rifle and a Glock handgun which, the president said, “had a lot of clips in it.”

“It does indicate the degree to which it was not difficult for him to obtain these kinds of weapons,” the president said at the White House, in his second public comment since the Sunday morning attack.

Mr. Obama dubbed the attack “the kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time,” but said it’s difficult for authorities to spot those ahead of time. He said that’s why he’s going to focus not just on terrorism, but on guns.

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  • Bob says:

    This from the man who called an Islamist shooting up Soldiers “Workplace Violence”. This from a man who refused to call the Boston Bombing criminals “Islamist Terrorists”. He can not bring himself to refer to the shooting up of a Christmas Party by 2 ISLAMIC TERRORIST as an act of terror, just another act of “gun violence”. All this is from the group who wish to make Orlando into a “Hate Crime” against Gays (which it was) and then label it “Gun Violence” ignoring the Islamist Terrorist AGAIN.
    This person demands that a MAN who won medals in the Olympics as a MAN be called a WOMAN because he “identifies” as a woman. This is a man who demand we call a person born a WHITE woman a BLACK woman because she “identifies” as such. Yet he can NOT call a murdering scum a “Islamic Terrorist”, even if he calls himself one, because it would not fit his current narrative. What a crock.

    Anderson Cooper say that unless I totally support the entire Gay agenda, I can not be hurt by the shooting in Orlando. Was he hurt by the shooting in a Charleston Church? If so, does he support the entire Christian “agenda”?

  • Phil Esposito says:

    Obozo you rat. He worked for your Homeland Security that’s why he had a permit to carry a gun. Why don’t you vet these people better, you loser. I’m so tired of your lying antics and you should be shot without a trial.

  • The Redhawk says:

    WELl the MORON is at it again!!! “HOME GROWN” terrorists … Climate Change…. Transgender “johns”……He really got his PRIORITIES SCREWED up doesn”t HE???? nEVER able to tell the TRUTH … HEY DUMBASS it is :” ISLAMO MUSLIM TERRORISM”..

  • Kathleen Pedersen says:

    Obama backs off when it comes to going after Muslim terrorists, he doesn’t want to hurt Muslims in general. think about the “Why!

  • Cleverfun says:

    Rut-Roh, Fox News just announced that the Orlando Shooter was Gay & frequented the Gay Bar that he shot up on Saturday Night… Gay on Gay crime, the plot thickens!

  • reggie says:

    JIHAD, JIHAD,JIHAD mr so-called president, get that through your head. You can call $hit a rose, and it will still stink. Watch his father’s videos, he got his guns because your government is inept. Why? Because YOU tell them to stand down.

  • Jim Baum says:

    obama and his like minded minions were all in sync today. Every one of them, in every single utterance refered to the AR platform weapon as an Assault Weapon! Which it is NOT! It is a semi-automatic rifle Period! These creations also do not know the difference between a clip, and a magazine. But they sure clogged up the TV and other media with the usual drivel. Blaming an a firearm, instead of an individual, for all of the carnage that resulted.

  • Worried Vet says:

    I just received an email about congress voting to have women in the draft. What does everyone think? Myself it’s not a good idea, most men at least I know I am will do what we have to to protect a woman. I know I have my wife, daughters and now granddaughters. They have don’t tests with mixed units and they fail most of the time. How is productive to this country. We don’t need social experiments in the military. I can’t imagine a man and woman sharing a fox hole in battle. That might get them both killed.

  • Skip Plummer says:

    Well, he’s our “Keystone Cop”. You get what you vote for.

  • Cleverfun says:

    Hey rockcut… do you know what the difference between a brown-noser and a kiss azz is?

  • Daniel says:

    Sorry to use Hillary Clinton’s phrase but “what difference does it make” if it’s “home grown” or not? Terrorism is TERRORISM. Radical Islam is our enemy and there a MILLIONS of them. Non-radical members of Islam refuse to denounce the radicals…they only say “Islam is a religion of peace.” Barry is so far wrong…January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough to get that fool out of the people’s White House!

  • Worried Vet says:

    This dividing us will destroy this country. It’s just common sense. Maybe it’s what they want since their protected from the bottom falling out. If you doubt their the ones who won’t suffer very hard times if they keep this up, well God help you when the crap hits the fan.

  • justinwachin says:

    From some reports I have read, the FBI had this guy on their radar for some time. Once again the president refused to label an Islamic terrorist as an Islamic terrorist. With a little research I think we will find that this guy’s “home grown terrorist” label refers to Afghanistan rather than the United States.

    Once again we see another proof of the failed policies of this president.

  • SDofAZ says:

    What is BO saying now. Surely he does not think this guy was an average joe. Oh, but he does or says he does and restricting legal citizen’s gun rights is his ultimate solution. Leave us all unarmed and helpless like those in the gun free night club. NOT! Got to beat this into the dem wit lemmings and BO’s really thick head. We are not a nation of victims although those folks in that club were thanks to the gun free zone rules. Wonder how many of those folks would have had a chance otherwise? We will never know but it is pretty clear that these moslimes like it where the targets cannot fight back. So far every place they have been successful in their mayhem has been where everyone else had no way to shoot back. Notice that BO?

  • jonnot says:

    Thank you, barry–your focus on guns is really bright. Next time they’ll just bomb a club, or wear a suicide vest, or use knives. Jihadists are not picky, they will do anything they have to to kill. Take away their guns they’ll use something else.

  • Worried Vet says:

    Well it’s sad the liberal trolls on here are playing a game of wits and they came unarmed.

  • BOC says:

    Yup that what it is, homegrown terrorism. Just your run of the mill, good ol’ Radical Islamic ISIS lovin’ boy next door brand of mass murder and mayhem. Obama and his sycophantic, braying sheep will follow his lead, defending his weak kneed, blathering, pussy excuses for the “Religion of Peace”. If only there had just one more “Gun Free Zone” sign, that little c#$ksucker might have just walked away. Lock and Load kids, it’s gonna be a rough ride. Those who have the stomach for it that is.

  • crazyfreddie says:


  • Cleverfun says:

    I guess if ISIS is operating in the United States, then I suppose he should call it “Homegrown Terrorism” after all… the guy that did it, did pledge allegiance to ISIS just before going on his “spree”. Is there something we’re missing here folks?

  • Kris says:

    Homegrown terror? Is he an American born citizen? This was a hate crime, we still have those you know. I believe that this particular shooting is extremely troubling to Barry and Michael O, because the one group they belong to attacked the other group they belong to, so, in turn, he must blame a third party. Why not law abiding gun owners? The pot is getting stirred with every stupid liberal comment, these attacks are bound to happen more frequently when you allow Muslim extremists to run wild through our streets and allow them to practice their radical beliefs. Barry said he “I can’t stop Isis from buying guns because they’re not breaking any laws”??? You can stop an innocent American born, law abiding, citizen from leaving the country, or flying across it, for that matter, but you can’t stop Isis from purchasing guns? You are a blatant lying little pig! You choose not to stop them. There have been more mass shootings than during any other presidents terms. More Americans have armed themselves during your reign and it’s no wonder, you’ve permitted terrorism. Barry, Hillary and all their liberal followers are dispicable!

  • Smitch says:

    President Dip-Sh_t said “Isis is the JV squad”! Based on results…Obama is a Dumb-F__k! Just saying!

  • American says:

    Obama will cover for this terrorists he is home grown terrorists the Americans who voted for this treasonous pile of shit, caused him to be home grown terrorists. Obama sugar daddy of terrorists.

  • Richard Bagenstose says:

    you want to unite the country first shoot hillary and odumbo, that’s all they know how to do id divid people . divide and concure , with them there is always a war on something

  • Discusted says:

    I consider Obama a TERRORIST ! The damned Muslim SOB has enabled and aided the terrorist from the start of his so called presidency ! He said from the start when things got to a head he would side with his fellow Muslim Brothers ! He is a TRAITOR … Why are there persons from the Muslim Brotherhood on his staff and in our White House ? If we had a Congress with balls they would have impeached the B’stard years ago ! Had he not fired our LOYAL MILITARY LEADERSHIP they may have throw him out ! HE NEEDS TO GO !

  • carlton goodson says:

    Homegrown my ass!

  • Patrick Driscoll says:


  • nokabosh says:

    If Obama has his way there will soon be many more homegrown terrorists at the rate he is taking in un-vetted Muslim “refugees.”

  • nokabosh says:

    The FBI could have stopped him. They had the info but didn’t act on it. Ditto for the Boston brothers.

  • barbarakelly says:

    What a bunch of HOGWASH. OBAMA IS AN IDIOT. Homegrown my rear. I’m with Trump –we must make obama resign. He is not fit for the job and he is going to get more people killed.!!!!

    1. Discusted says:

      Obama is a Traitor for he has aided and enabled Terrorist World Wide !

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    obuma is an absolute fool. Who care what he thinks? He makes Porky Pig look like a rocket scientist.
    It is never about the truth but about whatever supports his agenda. He should be impeached….jailed and prosecuted for all his acts of treason!

  • snowyriver says:

    The doctrine of Islam does not mesh with our Constitution. All Muslims will never make GOOD Americans..The prophet of Islam was a pedophile.

  • gerald Hughes says:

    i m so completely, thoroughly, totally sick of the inept lying out law in the white house and the inept lying low life liberal dem bloodsuckers supporting him.
    We must separate ourselves from these ersatz life forms it is the only way to prevent civil war

    1. rockcut says:

      Your comments do nothing to bring our country together. Your claim that the President is an outlaw is disrespectful and meaningless and only fosters more hate and discontent. You sir, are part of the problem not the solution.

      1. Discusted says:

        No No No ! Your are the problem for you will not admit that Obama is a lawless TRAITOR and has aided and enabled Terrorist World Wide !

        1. rockcut says:

          Obama is not lawless that claim is a claim of ignorance. He is not a Traitor and had not aided Terrorist World Wide . It is just empty hot air and meaningless.

          1. Discusted says:

            STFU you damned LIBTARD ! Just go “F” yourself or better still bend over Obama will do it for you !

          2. rockcut says:

            You show your true colors. You are nothing but a low down foul mouth internet bully sound off with your filthy mouth. No little bully like you will ever shut me up, child.

          3. Discusted says:

            You just can’t refuse that O-Bung-Hole Cool Aide ?

          4. rockcut says:

            You are lower than a snake and such a child like bully with your childish comments. Go get your diapers changed. you are making a fool of yourself.

          5. crazyfreddie says:

            YOUR A REAL LAUGH /

          6. Skip Plummer says:

            Wordsmanshitp with a troll like ole rocky isn’t worth your time or effort.

          7. crazyfreddie says:

            VERY TRUE

          8. SDofAZ says:

            Cavron estupido, rockcut! Usted entiendo?

          9. rockcut says:

            I am not a stupid bitch. But thanks for your arm chair insult from a want-a-bee bully. Stick it up your el burro !! Grow up.

          10. crazyfreddie says:


          11. rockcut says:

            Oh, is the arm chair bully upset and has to lash out in Spanish. Poor little boy !

          12. reggie says:

            Bravo!!! Muy bien!

          13. American says:

            You can’t take the truth fool, Obama is a liar, a dirty Muslim terrorists who hates America, shove that down that empty space above your eyes.

          14. rockcut says:


            Your post is a total post of ignorance. Sorry to see it so openly embraced by you.

          15. SDofAZ says:

            Estupido rockcut! Vamanos cavron! By the way rockcut that is an insult, not a compliment. Get lost in english!

          16. rockcut says:

            Stick it up your el burro.

          17. Skip Plummer says:

            You’re a piss-poor excuse. One of the many Obama voters. You guys can shortly get back to your mommy’s basement.

          18. rockcut says:

            you amuse me with this grade-school school yard insult attempts. Grow up !

          19. Skip Plummer says:

            You’re the grade school material. A misfit. Go elsewhere.

          20. rockcut says:

            Weak reply

          21. Skip Plummer says:

            Well, we’ve shown you off for the tool that you are with a flair of abundance. You can go back to being ignored now. Goodnight.

          22. rockcut says:

            your or others have shown me nothing but your small minded twisted hate. But keep on pumping out that nonsense I will continue to refute it.

          23. Worried Vet says:

            I have an update for you. Jeh Johnson said today the terriost did work for DHS. He worked for a contractor who worked for DHS. This maniac had complaints against him, was at Disney downtown and done something for them to contact the FBI. He made threats of attacking there during a gay pride week. Now that sounds like the FBI screwed up. This killer should have been locked up or at least watched. He was not fired because he was Muslim. They were scared of being sued. Do you think that maybe this messed up PC bull crap caused the death of 49 people. Well I do. We have become so scared in this country that we may hurt someone’s feelings people are being killed. What difference does it make something the liberal Hillary said. This crap is so messed up. God help this country to be free of whiny liberals who only care about money and power. And for your info I am not a GOP. I have no idea what their playbook is. I vote for who I think will do the job. I call it like I see it by researching for the facts. Things most liberals have no idea how to do.

          24. rockcut says:

            it is troubling for sure and we all wished that the FBI did more. That is normal. It is to hollow of a explanation that all is caused by PC bull crap. It goes deeper than that off the cuff statement. Also, it non-productive to lash out and blame the other political party. That is scapegoat logic. I do not have the answers but what I have seen of Trump I will never vote for a person like him.

          25. reggie says:

            I think it’s an illegal living off of our tax dollars. It’s English leaves a lot to be desired.

          26. American says:

            Your total ignorance and probably a terrorist supporter.

          27. rockcut says:

            Let me forward to the FBI your charge. OK

          28. Kris says:

            You commented on an article that you didn’t like, he commented back, you again, didn’t like it, oh well, that’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it, let it go.

          29. rockcut says:

            Yes, and it is very telling how he responded with his comments of filth.

          30. SDofAZ says:

            Liberal idiot is the right descriptive for you and your posts!

          31. Skip Plummer says:

            That’s right. He is one of the many unexplained Obama voters. He is no doubt campaigning for Hillary these days.

          32. reggie says:

            Look at it’s English, probably an illegal.

          33. crazyfreddie says:


          34. American says:

            Your blind, deaf and really a dam idiot, you and your idiot kind are the cause of this mess this country is in. Move to Iran fool, I think you would like it better there, you seem to have a love affair with terrorists scumbags.

          35. rockcut says:

            You are running your mouth and making no sense. You have no idea who I am. I served this country for 22 years in the military so your hot air means nothing to me.

          36. crazyfreddie says:


          37. SDofAZ says:

            Attencion ahora agui! Es estupido cavron rockcut!

          38. Cleverfun says:

            Se’ la hombre esto es a mucho grande pen de’ ho!

          39. Luke says:

            obozo said the terrorist was a homegrown killer as if he had no reason for the attack, and you believe that stupid piece of dog excrement..

          40. rockcut says:

            You sure twisted that comment out of shape. And, I see why you did so with your open Hate of the President. You are part of the problem and not the solution . Let me help you out….the President said that he was radicalized in the USA thru the internet. He was born in the USA so, yes he was a home grown and you make such dumb statement.

          41. Cleverfun says:

            you just said, “.the President said that he was radicalized in the USA thru the internet”.

            Most think He was radicalized before he ran for President!

          42. rockcut says:

            Your two part post makes no sense at all. you got my post all mixed up The President said (the shooter) was radicalized in the USA thru the internet. I was in no way referring to the President and the claim he was radicalized makes no sense.

          43. Cleverfun says:

            ha… now you see how WE feel when a Libtard parses our sentences and morphs them into wacky other things of which we did not mean at all.

            See how it feels… kinda sucks, huh?

          44. rockcut says:

            That is not me. And, you where the one that did it, not me. Plus, I see no need to use name calling with someone who does not happen to agree with as y ou seem to do with using the term Libtard.

          45. Cleverfun says:

            ok, I’m sorry… shouldn’t have called you a “Libtard”. my bad

            Lemme break out thesoreass and I promise to find a kinder & gentler word.

          46. rockcut says:

            It appears my posts are bothering you and I am getting under your skill….It is amusing.

          47. Cleverfun says:

            Not really… I was kind of bored anyway and you make life fun!

          48. reggie says:

            Kinder and gentler – how about incurable ignorance, and some stupidity in there as well.

          49. reggie says:

            Rock is describing his brains. Thick noting computes except the brainwashing.

          50. Skip Plummer says:

            What president. The “Keystone Cops” is what we’ve been looking at for almost eight years now.

          51. Luke says:

            I did, obama is worse than I said..

            Yeh, the Orlando shooter was just your everyday good guy, don’t know why he would do such a thing, right?

          52. reggie says:

            This jihadist’s father hates gays, has his own show. I think on YouTube.

          53. Skip Plummer says:

            Troll. You’re just happy that you didn’t live in Orlando and that you weren’t a gay out on the town for a Saturday night.

          54. rockcut says:

            Your are sick trying to make a political insult. Grow up.

          55. Skip Plummer says:

            You’re young (maybe) and a total misfit. Go elsewhere.

          56. reggie says:

            Very young, or english is it’s second language, the syntax is off, among other things.

          57. Cleverfun says:


          58. Just1Saddletramp says:

            Obama has you so snookered that you won’t admit he is wrong in some areas or else I doubt your military claim. Obama states the perp had a Glock handgun with “a lot of clips in it”. For starters, a semi-auto does not have a “clip”, it has a magazine. Secondly, it contains one magazine not “a lot”

          59. rockcut says:

            So you want me to admit that Obama used inartful descriptions …so be it. His language was imprecise. However, I must say you are focused on the weeds and do not see the forest.

          60. Just1Saddletramp says:

            I do see the forest down to the smallest detail. That is why I noticed, as you put it, Obama’s ” inartful descriptions”

          61. reggie says:

            Hillary’s paid trolls are out in full force. Ignore them, then they don’t get paid and they go away.

          62. Retired says:

            Yes YOU are showing ignorance.

          63. crazyfreddie says:


          64. rockcut says:

            Your post is pure ignorance. I am as much or more of an American that you and can prove it. What your posts shows is nothing but hot air.

          65. SDofAZ says:

            Cavron, crawl back under your rock. BO is infamous not famous.

          66. Worried Vet says:

            You know were all immigrants from some where unless your full blooded American Indian. People can’t say like miss Warren part indian to gain benefits.

          67. rockcut says:

            I respect E. Warren period. This Indian charge is must ado about nothing.

          68. Worried Vet says:

            No matter how you look at it. It’s called lying for personal gain period. No ands ifs or butts. That’s not the way to earn a vote.

          69. rockcut says:

            I have never seen one reference the the fact she lied.

          70. Worried Vet says:

            OK I am not wasting anymore time on you. Your not worth the effort. Hillary lied plain as day about the video causing the deaths of four Americans. She told that to the families when she knew better it’s in her emails. The ones she tried to delete. If you can’t see that for what it is I hope your ready if she is elected because believe me the elites don’t give a crap about us. They won’t miss a thing it’s us who will suffer when the bottom falls out
            It will if Hillary is elected. This country can not keep borrowing money just to pay the bills and interest every month. There isn’t a country or business in the world that would not be made to go under. No one would keep loaning money to a company or country that keeps losing money period. If you think it won’t your delusional.

          71. Cleverfun says:

            Do you mean Crazy Poca-Haunt-Us?

          72. rockcut says:

            I see you are trump clone. I will say this: Warren landed some right hooks on Trump last week in her speech.

          73. Cleverfun says:

            oh, those are fight’n words beyotch… may I ask who you are voting for in the general election?

            Lemme guess… it’s someone that’s a felon but hasn’t been convicted yet?

          74. rockcut says:

            No one is a felon until convicted of a crime. You are a bit ahead of yourself. But, facts mean nothing to people like you.

          75. Cleverfun says:

            Do you ever watch the TV show, “COPS”?

            Ever seen those scenes where a police officer pulls a person over, yanks a young girl out of her car for having a tail light out or something silly like that & then a few minutes later dumps [her] purse on the hood of a car, noting a small roach or a pain-killer subsequently hand-cuffing & demeaning the poor girl who might even have a couple kids at home waiting for mom to get home?

            Watch that and think of that & then think about a person who committed multiple felonies but still running for POTUS anyway.

            Note to young girl… next time you get pulled over, just tell the police that you are running for president and I am most certain that you’ll be free-to-go!

          76. rockcut says:

            When you are knee deep into mocking and insulting people, that is on you !

          77. Cleverfun says:

            Actually, I’m a pretty smart dude as well as a writer that everyone on here has heard of… I have a distinctive ability to take ppl like you & break down the conversation to your lowest-level and then build it back up; hoping that you just might catch-your-snap!

          78. rockcut says:

            I am shaking my head at your post of delusion. I am going to end this exchange with that comment. You are fooling not me, but you. Good Night, get a good night’s sleep, you will feel better tomorrow. I am not responding anymore tonight …

          79. Cleverfun says:

            Thank you… As you were.

          80. Worried Vet says:

            Well going around Congress to inact new laws I do think is lawless. It amazes me how liberals make up the rules as they go.

          81. rockcut says:

            you do not take one second to focus on the GOP Obstruction. That is also a big part of the problem. Also, claiming Ex. Orders is lawless is a way over statement besides being incorrect. Plus, there is the courts that can rule on Ex. Orders that felt to have gone to far, as well as it should be. To just blame liberals is just a knee-jerk reaction.

          82. Worried Vet says:

            Your hopeless. I not or ever been a GOP. I have always tried to vote for who I thought was honest and can do the job. I voted for Bill twice. I don’t do knee jerk I do research I suggest you do the same. Liberals are famous for knee jerk and spin. How can GOP obstruct when Obama has pretty much got what he wants? They are scared to do anything for fear of liberals calling them a racist. It’s got to be in the liberal handbook deflect and decieve. The Constitution says that potus can make no laws but he is to uphold the laws of the USA. Not try to go around them and he has several times since he took the oath. It’s all out there if you just look.

          83. rockcut says:

            you sure fooled me for the majority of your post was straight out of the GOP playbook. The fact is the all presidents have the right to make Ex. orders. The GOP obstruction is out there if you choice to look.

          84. Worried Vet says:

            Name one. They just passed over a trillion dollar budget some obstruction.

          85. rockcut says:

            Here go check this out. It gives you a comprehensive list of the GOP Obstruction.

          86. gerald Hughes says:

            Democratic whip, kill yourself low life liberal dem bloodsucker

          87. Worried Vet says:

            That’s the way to verify. A democratic site written by a true liberal. That’s the way to try and make someone believe what they read without verifying.

          88. Skip Plummer says:

            It’s impossible to fathom why you are even wasting your time on here. You must be an Obama clone.

          89. rockcut says:

            Why are you here responding with your child-like responses. LOL

          90. Skip Plummer says:

            No childlike responses on here, except for yours. The kook with the fake picture.

          91. Skip Plummer says:

            The GOP is coming. You should be afraid… very afraid.

          92. rockcut says:

            I am not buying into the emotional Trump snake oil. But, it appears you have bought a few cases. I will wait until Nov. 8 when thinking Americans will tell “Trump You’er Fired”.

          93. Skip Plummer says:

            You can just sit in your basement and wait. The country has had enough of this ultra-liberal crap. You’re going to be very disappointed.

          94. reggie says:

            It’s an illegal, it’s English is not good. It tink it no da lingo, it no no notin, I tel ya notin.

          95. Janis says:

            Okay Hillary, stop posting. I thought you didn’t know anything about “digital stuff”.

          96. Cleverfun says:


          97. Natalie says:

            As is the space inside your skull.

          98. rockcut says:

            i see you personally insult me which means you have nothing of value to say about what I addressed.

          99. Cleverfun says:

            Good Morning rawkhunt… what flavor of Cool-Aids is your favorite??? Do like the grape or the cherry? Do you use sugar in yours or Saccharin?

            Saccharin causes brain damage ya know so you do have an out… the next time someone on here picks on you bcz of your clueless Liberal non-sense, just tell’em you drink lots & lots of Cool-Aids with a sugary substitute that makes you whacky.

            Maybe you should get yourself a bike-helmet! -lmfao

          100. Born in the South and proud says:

            Now I can easily agree with you that the o is full of hot air. How ever he is supposed to be president and leader of the free world. I think he believes his own lies and hype particularly after getting the Nobel Prize for doing zip. Leaders are supposed to lead not blow all that hot air blaming Bush etc for everything. I’m surprised he hasn’t blamed President Washington for the sad state of our economy.

          101. rockcut says:

            The Nobel Prize and blame Bush is old and stale points that are
            e meaningless.

        2. itsfun says:

          fast and furious, changing the obamacare tax law. He has no authority to change or create any law. That is against the Constitution and is a crime of treason. You and Socialist like you are the PROBLEM.

      2. American says:

        No you idiots are, stupid, he is a dam terrorists are you really that stupid, are you. Obama is a Muslim terrorists fool, get over it.

        1. rockcut says:

          You are the fool and show your ignorance in your post.

          1. SDofAZ says:

            God, you are irritating. Go away troll!

          2. rockcut says:

            I am not going away and I will confront your open ignorance every time. Get use to it.

      3. Kris says:

        You are part of the problem! Filthy liberals are the problem! Mister Hughes is absolutely right!!!

        1. rockcut says:

          I am not the problem and I will stand up to ignorant bullies who post nonsense.

          1. Retired says:

            But you wont stand up to the lies presented by the Democrat party.

          2. rockcut says:

            I have to see what specific you are referring too. Your generalized comment is meaningless.

          3. crazyfreddie says:


          4. Worried Vet says:

            Name something that’s true and I will name two that is lies.

          5. SDofAZ says:

            He does not accept reality and truth. This is a pure and simple troll! Rockcut es estupido cavron.

          6. SDofAZ says:

            Like the fool you are!

          7. Skip Plummer says:

            You call that “standing up?” Go out and get some fresh air. Just don’t mumble any of your idiocy while you’re out there.

          8. rockcut says:

            I even give you a thrill by responding to you. LOL.

          9. Skip Plummer says:

            No trill involved at all. This just helps keep you out in the open and saying stupid things. It does a lot to help explain how Obama happened in the first place.

      4. Worried Vet says:

        No blind koolaid drinking liberals are the problem. This sicko would have still got a gun. He worked for homeland security for God sakes. If they have in their minds guns won’t be a problem. They will use things like home made bombs just like Boston. Do you want to outlaw the internet? That’s where lots if info is for these sickos. How about we outlaw gun free zones. You don’t see these kinds of murders where people have guns. What about Chicago? San Bernardino strict gun laws one was a terriost killing the other is killings almost every day. Without common sense it’s an agenda not any real reason. Liberals are very good at deflecting or name calling so they don’t have to debate facts. Get over it.

        1. James Valley says:

          Well spoken

          1. Worried Vet says:

            Thanks. I don’t hear that much. I do try.

          2. SDofAZ says:

            When peope vote you up, that is the same as saying you spoke/posted well. Keep it up. Estupidos like rockcut need to be checked hard.

        2. rockcut says:

          Facts you want. Let’s start with the claim you made that he worked for homeland security. That is false. The rest of your post is right wing noise.

          1. Worried Vet says:

            I’m sorry you don’t understand. He worked for DHS. Now does that make it easier to understand? Or maybe Department of Homeland Security. Maybe that helps.

          2. rockcut says:

            He worked for a private contractor who had contracts with the government. He in no way worked for Home Land Security.

          3. SDofAZ says:

            Nothing that you post is actually correct. He is a contractors employee hired by DHS and that is exactly what you posted. That is without a doubt going to allow him the access Worried Vet posted. Even your own post damns you for the estupido cavron you are. You have posted your own contradiction idiot!

      5. Retired says:

        Obama brought the division on with his support of the gay and Muslim movement.He also supported Illegal Criminals to stay in the US. You liberals just do not get it until it is to late. The to late is at the US door step.

        1. rockcut says:

          So you are telling me you do not believe in equal rights of all Americans (that is the support Obama gave). It appears you do not. No illegal committing a crime and is a criminal is either jailed or send back.

          1. Worried Vet says:

            Hello there have been murders, rapes and God knows what and their still here. That poor woman in San Fransisco he was released many times and even sent back but he came back.

          2. SDofAZ says:

            Disgusting moron!

      6. crazyfreddie says:


        1. rockcut says:

          You comment makes no sense. But thanks for the try, it shows you are tying out what runs around in your head.

          1. crazyfreddie says:


          2. rockcut says:

            You show with every post your ignorance /. It is sad tho see such openly ignorance repeated over and over with each post.

          3. crazyfreddie says:

            mb=ntally challenged

            A perfect dumb ass deranged delusional demented severally mentally unballnced evil ignorant stupid worthless sick o liberal jackass response / / U really need to go pound sand up yours in ur back yard / what a loser you – are .

          4. rockcut says:

            I see you are doubling down on that ignorance with your grade-school rant that is meaningless. But, I never did expect anything adult from you. Surprise me !!

          5. Worried Vet says:

            It’s going to happen if people don’t unite in this country no matter what party. If you have common sense we have to stop this crap. The debt is bad enough and on top of it he is allowing hundreds a day to come in. Look at Europe their in a mess, I guess liberals won’t be happy until were just like them.

          6. rockcut says:

            Where you go off the rails is to claim it is the liberals that all wrong that is narrow vision and will fix nothing. However, it will continue the common thread that the other side is the guilty party.

          7. SDofAZ says:

            It sure is not the conservatives so that leaves rinos and dem wits like you.

          8. rockcut says:

            You are surely blind and also have a big mouth that spits out nonsense and hot air. Go away child.

      7. Ritaritarita says:

        Did anyone ever tell you that you have to earn respect. This so called president has never done that! This country will never come together with the likes of Killary Clinton and her agenda. She will be allowing illegals to pour into this country just as Obumma is doing to give them more voters. That is not the only reason this is happening. The FACT that your president is trying to destroy this country is evident to many of us observers. If you take everything he has done so far and put it under the “wants to destroy America” column, this will all make sense. Killary is no different. She is an America hater as well.
        Please pray that she does not get in and we have a Pres. Trump to save this country.

        1. crazyfreddie says:

          very intelligent woman

      8. gerald Hughes says:

        You are exceptionally stupid, even a liberal dem bloodsucker should be able to understand, i don’t want to bring our country together, the only thing, that we want from you liberal dem bloodsucking scum, is distance.
        we want to close off the birders to our states, station marksmen there, shoot anyone crossing illegally, and then applaud as you liberal dem scum, starve to death.

        1. rockcut says:

          What utter rambling ignorant post. And you take pride in this dribble. It is totally Ignorant. You arm chair bullies are a dime a doz. Grow up !!

          1. gerald Hughes says:

            i don’t want to bully you liberal dem bloodsucker.
            I don’t want anything at all to do with you.
            I just wan to separate us from you.
            Then watch you parasites starve to death

          2. rockcut says:

            You expand your ignorance with this post. your words convict you being a self loathing person, full of hate of other Americans. You are a classic arm-chair bully.

          3. gerald Hughes says:

            Self loathing, liberal dem bloodsucker?
            They are the thoughts and words of a man that intends to survive.
            Hate other Americans?
            To the contrary, I love Americans.
            Liberal dem bloodsuckers are not Americans, you are the lowest form of greedy pissants.
            You scum spend your life trying to get freebies.
            You will cheerfully destroy the last best hope of mankind to live free on this planet, the disgusting part scum bag, you will do it for a few bucks a week in handouts.
            About 2 more years we will close off the borders on our states, station marksmen to shoot anything crossing illegally, then we will kick back and laugh as you leeches starve to death

      9. Tor293 says:

        Rockcut, it looks like you have a beard, maybe your a Muslim worshipper and resent hearing the truth about your idol. Your kind are the problem in this Country today, weak minded followers who claim calling the Traitor an outlaw is disrespectful. Most people call it like they see it and they’re calling right. If you don’t like move the hell out of the country!!!

        1. rockcut says:

          Do you actually know how dumb your post is? So, lets go over this: So any American that has a beard might be a Muslim. That claim is absurd ! You continue your absurd claims by Calling the President a Traitor . Unbelievable !! I am not moving this is my country too and your claim is beyond stupid.

      10. Lindy says:

        You sir are delusional. Do you realize that a majority of the people who work with and for Obama are Muslim? Does that make you wonder a bit about what he is up to doing to this country?

      11. 1loyalamerican74 says:

        You probably think that Hillary will be the next honest genius in the White House. They both need to be in Gitmo for life, along
        with the child molester, Bill Clinton.

        1. rockcut says:

          To be honest these are the two worst choices for President in my lifetime. One has to vote who is the less evil. That is really the choice. Enough said.

      12. Natalie says:

        This ‘president’ has spent the last eight years dividing,degrading,demoralizing and destroying this country. Unless you are a liberal idiot with your head rammed firmly up your own butt, or obamas, you know that. Beyond any doubt. I’m assuming you haven’t seen the sun in some time, or you would not have made such an asinine statement.

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