Obama returns to class warfare as poll numbers plunge

Turning his attention yet again to the economy, President Obama on Wednesday zeroed in on the “defining challenge” of this generation — growing income inequality between the richest 1 percent and the rest of America.

But the president didn’t unveil any grand proposals to tackle the problem; instead, he repeated a laundry list of initiatives centered on many familiar themes: economic growth through government investment; job training and education reform; stronger protections for labor unions and paycheck fairness legislation; a hike to the minimum wage; and a revamped approach to how Americans save for retirement in private accounts and in government programs such as Social Security.

Although his speech was short on specific ideas, it was big on ambition. The president talked in broad terms about how the greatest nation on earth must not allow the middle class to stagnate and the poor to get poorer as rich Americans’ net worth grows.

“I believe this is the defining challenge of our time — making sure our economy works for every working American. That’s why I ran for president,” Mr. Obama said at an event in Southeast Washington hosted by the left-leaning Center for American Progress. “It drives everything I do in this office. I know I’ve raised this issue before and some will ask why I raise the issue again right now. I do it because the outcomes of the debates we’re having right now, whether it’s health care, or the budget, or reforming our housing and financial systems, all of these things will have real practical implications for every American. I am convinced the decisions we make on these issues over the next few years will determine whether our children grow up in an America where opportunity is real.”

Pointing out widening income disparities is not new for Mr. Obama, who spoke of the issue often during both of his presidential campaigns. Indeed, it has become a focal point of politics in the U.S. and led some leaders such as former Sen. John Edwards, North Carolina Democrat, to declare there are “two Americas” — one for the rich and another for everyone else.

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  • SmallBizGuy says:

    Resentment over income inequality is nothing more than jealousy. Petty jealousy at that. It seems to be most prevalent in people who do the least for themselves. Since is Nelson Mandela’s funeral is today I think it is appropriate to quote him on resentment;

    “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

    That man had character. Too bad our Dear Leader doesn’t.

  • SpaceVegetable says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to tell me why this so-called “income inequality” is a bad thing. So what if some people make more money than others? How does me making more money than you hurt you? It’s nothing but envy. Some people simply want what others have but don’t want to make the sacrifices or put in the efforts those people have in order to achieve that wealth.

    This same portion of the population likes to point fingers at the wealthy and all them greedy, but what do they call this insistent demand for companies and the wealthy to keep forking over more money to them without getting anything in return? They seem to forget that companies are in business to make money, just like they are when they go to work every day. Companies are not charities and they have to compete globally against countries with much lower expenses. A company can’t make a profit if it costs more to hire a worker than that worker brings the company in profits. It’s basic math that they simply don’t understand.

  • Jack Parker says:

    All this whining about how much wealth the rich have. It’s none of your damn business how much they have! If you spent just a little or your time trying to instill values of self reliance and personal responsibility on our huge portion of welfare deadbeats they might just learn to take care of themselves without being dependent of the “state”. But then you would lose your voter base wouldn’t you? Never mind.

    1. Ed Kitting says:

      Excellent post Mr Parker.

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