Out on the road with Sanders and Warren: Will the Democrats follow them to the left?

by Lauren Gambino
August 28, 2017

As the two veteran campaigners meet supporters it is clear that the rift in the Democrats between left-liberals and centre-moderates has grown since the election.

At Fellowship Chapel in west Detroit, Bernie Sanders delivered a thundering battle cry for the progressive movement before a crowd of nearly 2,000 people, squeezed into wooden pews and crowded into an overflow room.

The town hall had the feeling of a revival meeting led by Sanders, who preached with the same urgency a message he delivered repeatedly on the 2016 presidential campaign trail: the system is rigged against the American people.

But in Detroit he punctured the bleak prophecy with a glimmer of hope.


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  • roboteq says:

    It is good that Progressive Socialists like Bernie Sanders are getting press time. It is good for American citizens to know just what kind of people are trying to destroy the U.S. from within. The more people like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are exposed to the general public, the more that rational minded Democrats who lean to the left understand that these are not people they want to support of follow.

  • ONTIME says:

    I don’t think the Blue Dog Dems will follow the antifa fray, they do not like being called anti American and DNCommunist Jackass Party folk…The antifa/blm communist don’t care what you call them but they are destructive and malicious just like the Fraud Barry Sotero and thugs, they just want,”No Trump, No Wall No USA at All”…same as the marxist leninist Bolsheviks…….MAGA……America for Americans……..

  • The Redhawk says:

    Will Either of these two Elected TERRORISTS , and for that matter, any member of the (D) ANARCHY party ever Speak up against their Funded and Promoted Domestic Terrorists like BLM nad ANTIFA????
    Or for that matter when will CNN/BSNBC and MSM Pimping as (D) Anarchy party PRESSTITUTES????

  • itsfun says:

    If the Dems follow those two, that would mean the end of the Democratic Party.

    1. Bob says:

      Please, God, let them follow these 2 crack pots. It would truly be the end of the Democrats as a major political party in this country. The Green Party would over take them in a heart beat.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        Thanks for your service Bob, but just think how mnay NUMB NUTS that are part of the So Called MIA Leadership in the (D) Anarchy party will also Contribuite to that OLD Party DEMISE!
        Semper FI !

        1. Bob says:

          Semper Fi from an HM-8404. We can only hope and pray that they all go the way of the DO DO Bird and the Edsel.

          1. The Redhawk says:

            That calls for a BIG Ooh Rahhhh brother!

    2. The Redhawk says:

      OH pray that they do!!

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    “Sanders, who preached with the same urgency a message he delivered repeatedly on the 2016 presidential campaign trail: the system is rigged against the American people.”

    Berno’s message: “Communism and moral deviance are the solution!”

    What a dumbass.

  • Charles Reed says:

    That what we need is Sanders and Warren for President and Vice President, they will take us to places we never been before. Then they will be 2 groups, the ruling class and peasants. They will give you everything as long as they are spending other people money, once that gone you will be on your own.

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