Palin hints at White House run

February 18, 2011


Sarah Palin gave her clearest open flirtattion yet with a presidential run today, saying there’s “no one” more qualified for that type of multi-tasking job than “a woman, a mom.”

After saying she’s still considering it but doesn’t have an answer, Palin told a gathering of Long Island business officials that no one immediately comes to mind for who she would back if she doesn’t run.

“I don’t have a name to give you right now, but what I would look for in character is someone who’s been on the front lines understanding how to administer and how to lead a team. … Gosh, nobody’s more qualified [for the] mujltitaksing than a woman, a mom… who’s administered locally, state, with energy isues, so maybe a mayor, a governor maybe.

During her appearance before the Long Island Association, a rare, free-wheeling public appearance for the former Alaska governor, Palin stood by her support for the “freedoms” in gun-buying that exist today. She said she prays for the “full recovery” of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords but that her would-be assassin was “an evil sick person” who was intent on “fulfilling his mission.”

Asked about last month’s shooting in Tucson — and the Long Island Railroad shooting that claimed the life of Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s husband Dennis in 1993 — Palin said “there are already on the books many gun control measures and I do support those. … “I don’t support taking away even more freedoms from the good guys. …The bad guys aren’t going to follow the laws that are on the books today. They’re not going to follow any new laws that are put on the books either.”

Certainly out hearts go out to the victims and pray for the full recovery of Gabby Giffords,” Palin said, adding, “the criminal, he was an evil sick person. And adding another law to the book would not I believe have prohibited him from somehow some way fulfilling his mission and the mission he was on was to harm fellow human beings.”

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  • I don’t think Palin can be the best president that America needs. She will just allow lawlessness and chaos to rule over based on what she is is saying now. I can’t believe those were her statements.

  • Verus Langham says:

    On the matter of Chris Matthews bashing the “birthers”, well there is one other example of just how scared the left-wing liberals are and by proffering to air such a ridiculous debacle as that broadcast was leaves me with no doubt just how fast they are running scared. I mean, the totally one-sided conversation would no doubt reinforce in the minds of those who want to believe ergo do believe in the man’s legitimacy to be President, that he is indeed properly seated in the Oval Office in that capacity. He (Chris) uses the word “illegitimacy” and that is an inference of the character of his birth – not an issue with us birthers – to further discredit our contention of his legal standing to hold the office of not only the Presidency but also as a U.S. Senator. Chris overlooks the fact that there is a broad spectrum of evidence to support an inquiring mind whose primary objective is not a partisan position but a patriotic duty to check the facts and try to make them align with the law of the land and thereby protect what the founding fathers intended when it laid down the qualifications for either of those two offices. The rule of law protects the unalienable rights of every American citizen and we question whether that ruling of qualification (i.e. the law) was subverted and if someone (Obama) has usurped the office of the Presidency (and his former position as U.S. Senator). How foolish to ignore the evidences and merely rely upon what some people in Hawaii state as a fact when it is crystal clear they will not ever produce anything but a piece of paper, a “Certificate of Live Birth” (not a bonafide Birth Certificate) when and if the state legislates a law to allow one to purchase such for $100.00. We are the electorate, the people who empower these clowns to withhold legal proofs for or against truths relating to those we vote into offices proscribed by law as to qualification of those offices. This borders upon insanity – how can men such as Chris sit before an audience of the masses and present such a slipshod panel discussion who in fact only presented a propagandized support for the mindless who never reach for the truth but rather continue on in ignorance thinking how wise they are in their own brand of truth, accepting the lie that we birthers are witless and somehow beguiled, chasing a partisan dream to undo a good man’s reputation. I object to Chris’ total lack of objectivity – he is not a commentator I would call trustworthy or reliable and needs be impaneled elsewhere, like a soap box down by the river where he can air his views to the fishes and the like.

  • Verus Langhm says:

    I believe that any person with half a mind knows that there is no way a government can legislate new laws that will reduce in any way the numbers of those bent on procuring weapons of any type for the purpose of subverting the law. Those law-abiding citizens who desire to own weapons of any type to protect their families and property from those bent upon taking either or both from the people who work and produce and pay taxes; those who live by the rule of law will always be in jeopardy of the forfeiting of both property and life to the ones who will always find methods of acquiring the means to deprive them of what they have legally striven for, i.e. family and prosperity under the law. If government regulates the acquisition by the law-abiding of arms to defend against such avarice then the balance of power naturally would be given to those who strive to take that opportunity away from them . I believe that is the heart of what our founding fathers intended when the Constitution was created… the amendments that came later and adopted as the law of the land were intended to secure our personal freedoms not only against the criminal element but also from governments’ tendency to suppress freedoms of all citizens. This, I believe, is the equalizing force, a balance of power if you will, that guarantees personal liberty as a reality rather than just a dream. So, Sarah Palin, thank you for supporting that right to bear arms.

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