Party at Pence’s: LGBT activists host dance party outside VP-elect’s Chevy Chase rental

by Steph Solis | USA TODAY
January 19, 2017

Brandishing rainbow flags and signs that read “Queer Love” and “Trans Power,” scores of activists marched Wednesday night toward Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s rental home in Northwest Washington, D.C.

Days before Donald Trump’s administration is expected to take over the White House, activists planned what they described as the “Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House.” They met around 6 p.m. ET outside the Friendship Heights Metro Station, where video footage showed them chanting slogans and holding LGBT pride flags as they made their way to the neighborhood where Pence and his wife, Karen, moved after the November election.

Pence’s neighborhood had a heavy police presence ahead of the demonstration, said Adam Bradley, a resident in the area. He said normally Pence’s house on Tennyson Street NW is manned by a vehicle checkpoint and a few officers.

Pence wasn’t home at the time of the dance party. He and his wife joined Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for dinner out.

That didn’t stop crowds from dancing and chanting through the liberal Democratic stronghold. Joanna Pratt, who has lived in a house across from Pence’s rental since 1979, joined the dance party with her husband. She said she saw the crowd grow to at least a couple hundred of people, many carrying rainbow flags and dancing.

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  • Dennis Stewart says:

    Perverts pampering perversion and pacifying perverts. What a dimwitted grimy doom loop!

  • Stikit says:

    And they wonder why nobody wants to do anything for them? They are uncivil, uncouth, disrespectful…despicable!! Who would want to do anything for them…but turn their back!! They are intolerable…

  • Webb says:

    Waiting on the White House to be Covered in Blue Lights…

  • mike cook says:

    The DNC and their King, George Soros, who have managed to brainwash millions, have Now convinced the LBGTQ community that Trumps administration will take away their rights. Give me a break…Trump has lived in NYC for 70 years. I can not fantom how many LGBTQ employees that faced worked and still work for the Trump Organization. This is a prime example of “fake news” at its best.
    VP Pence, as a devout Christian is uncomfortable with marriage equality, but Trump has stated often, in this matter, the SCOTUS has spoken.
    This BS is an example of mind control of people that has had its existence beat into the shadows.
    The same issue( self esteem), has been used by the DNC/Soros model to lead blacks, latinos, etc., to exercise control over and extract votes for Democrats. The powers entice fear and doomsday scenarios to control their target groups…then tell off the rooftops that Republicans are doing the clandestine acts to control those voting blocks.
    When are the masses going to realize they are Bering played for fools and are “slaves” to the DNC for votes…then nothing is done to help by the government, and then the RNC is targeted as the culprit. It’s just pitiful that the party of Slavery is doing the same thing by a different name.

  • 4USA2 says:

    What is the “rainbow dance” like? In San Francisco the rainbow flag wavers screw each other in public parks so everybody who wants to enjoy a day at the park, can see the activity first hand. They have even filmed it with their cameras and put the pics up on the internet. They also have “naked bike riding days” when they ride naked through the streets and if you prefer to NOT have your young children see that, then you stay home so they can have their naked ride days. In most cities, being naked on the streets is against the law but in San Francisco it appears the “dress code” is not a requirement. Odd how the rainbows all demand their rights but have no respect for other people who might want to take their kids to the park or shopping and should have the right to do that without having to explain the body parts dangling down the sides of a bike seat. YET, “the other people” are supposed to respect them and allow them to infringe upon their rights. Most of us don’t care one little bit what other people do in the privacy of their own homes. Heterosexuals don’t go “at it” in the park in broad daylight or ride bikes naked or go stand in front of a rainbow couple’s house and shout, wave flags, do “the heterosexual dance” and cause a raucous.??? This display of disrespect really was a “DISPLAY of disrespect” because Mike Pence and his family are the epitome of decent Christian folks.

  • Luke says:

    A party of the Devil’s little demons

  • John says:

    lock them up send them to Hollyweed

    1. Retired says:

      Hollywood might have Paid for some of their expenses.

  • Rick D. says:

    These little princesses need to pick up their wand and flit on down the road. They’ve got no business disturbing the peace and causing a scene near our VP’s house. If they want to swish their butts in public, then do it elsewhere!

  • Michael Bellinger says:

    Anyone caught protesting should lose all their welfare benefits….

    1. Retired says:

      They probably were all paid to be there , time to audit the DNC – Soros and the Clintons.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Did they walk in on 2 legs or all 4’s, bad enough they’re queers and are hell bound, but keep it at home!

  • Bobbi says:

    Shame on these hell bound people..

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