Paul Ryan: Obama’s State of the Union ‘degrades the presidency’

by Susan Page
January 14, 2016

In a scathing response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, House Speaker Paul Ryan told USA TODAY on Wednesday that the speech’s political tone toward Donald Trump and the Republican presidential field “degrades the presidency.”

Obama made comments unmistakably targeted at Trump, though he didn’t mention the GOP front-runner by name in Tuesday’s address. The president blasted as un-American and wrong-headed those who are “promising to restore past glory if we just got some group or idea that was threatening America under control.”

Ryan said he agreed with Obama that Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants from the United States was a bad idea. “Putting a religious test on anybody coming to this country is wrong,” the Wisconsin Republican said. “We ought to have a security test, not a religious test. That’s who we are.

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  • AJ2 says:

    Well where have you been Ryan? You just noticed? There are a bunch of idiots in DC.

  • ADRoberts says:

    Now Ryan wants to pretend to oppose Obama. This after he gave Obama EVERYTHING that could be imagined in the 1.1 trillion dollar budget.
    Ryan has proven himself to be a TRAITOR. Don’t believe him.

  • VM Sheppard says:

    Everything BHO does degrades the Presidency.

  • Wolfman says:

    The purpose of the temporary halt on ALL MUSLIM alien entrance into the country is required because we do not have a valid means of doing Security Checks. In the past the United States refused entry to this country by members of various countries ( ex. Carter refused Iranians; FDR Japanese and Germans ) . So we could just start refusing entry by heavily Muslim populated Countries , which includes much of Europe, Canada, the Middle East and certain areas of the far east ( or as Uncle Joe B. says the Orient).
    However, I believe the heavy correlation between Muslims/Islam ,as a supposed ‘religion’, transforming areas they migrate to into ‘ Sharia Law governed City States’, with the goal being the ultimate conversion of the entire occupied country into an Islamic State…seperates them from any other Religion in the world. Consequently, a ‘religion’ that actively and openly will lie, cheat, murder, etc. to achieve worldwide religious and political domination is not by definition ‘a religion’. In fact Islam is and always has been a political movement, intended to conquer the world , under the guise of a religious motive. Therefore, prohibiting all Muslims is the same as prohibiting all occupants of a specific nation from entering the U.S..
    Also, if one is so PC that they have trouble accepting the above….then how can they in their PCocitiness ( is that even a word???) use there are ‘ no borders for countries’ argument.. when trying to justify the ‘open border’ argument to place refugees anywhere in the world??? After all the ‘open border’ argument is a left wing dogma. The Constitution does not allow the official establishment of a ‘religion’…it does not condone or imply that we must welcome our ‘non-citizen’ enemies into the country because they are of a certain religion.
    In closing…following is the definition of Islam:” The whole body of Muslim believers, their civilaztion, and the countries in which THEIRS IS THE DOMINANT RELIGION.” Look up the definition of any other major religious sect and none of them are defined in a manner similar to Islam. In fact the closest definitions that I could find describing a country being defined by a dominant theme are the various types of ‘ Political’ systems, ie Socialism, Democracy, Fascism ( eerily similar to Islam), Republic, etc..
    To paraphrase Benjamin Martin in the movie the Patriot when he was referring to General Gates’ tactics of fighting a war…. ‘That Paul Ryan is a fool if he thinks Muslims are just a religious sect. He is closing his eyes and ears to what he sees they will do and what they say they will do to advance their goals of world domination.’

  • paulrph1 says:

    While I do not believe it is Trump’s idea for it to be a religious test and I can suppose some might interpret it that way, it is their culture, their political motives that are what he is looking at. We should be seeing what is going on in Germany. Their religion, in spite of what some claim, can not be separated from their politics. Trump can see that, even though others cannot.
    Yes Obama does degrade the Presidency and that has been his intent all along to degrade America. He has wanted this from the beginning. And he does so by making a mockery of everything noble. Watch him, he does not just make opposing ideas but he mocks the opposition.

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