Pompeo To Replace Tillerson As Secretary Of State?

by John Hayward
October 7, 2017

A report published by Axios on Friday cites unspecified sources who say President Donald Trump is considering current CIA Director Mike Pompeo as a replacement for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, whose relationship with Trump is said to be “broken beyond repair.”

According to the “insiders” who spoke to Axios, the last straw for President Trump was that Tillerson did not do enough to push back against the report on Wednesday that Tillerson called the president a “moron” after a Pentagon meeting in July.

It was widely noted that while Tillerson organized a hasty press conference to deny that he had to be talked out of resigning his post, he did not actually deny calling Trump a moron. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert did issue such a blanket denial several hours after Tillerson’s presser.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    Axuos is Quoted by NBC….I smell a PIle of Human waste here!!! MORE “UNNAMED SOURCES” YEAH!!!

  • Jmanjo says:

    This is the way the MSM tries to use their influence to have an effect on the real world. They either mis-report the news or blatantly lie to create their own point and change the way things are going done! Fake news needs to be eradicated.

  • BH says:

    Sniff, sniff. Smells like FAKE NEWS to me. How many times have these “unnamed sources” been proven wrong? This is just more of the malcontent leftovers from the Obama years that will do anything to try to destroy Trump, even if it takes down the country doing it.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      In the case of Trumps people how many times have the stories proven correct? Remember this is the President that likes to fire people, his words not mine. Tillerson has been the boss for a long time and his taking orders would be hard under the best of conditions, taking them from Trump would be doubly hard since I don’t think he likes or respects Trump. Trump has also been the boss and doesn’t play well with others so conflict is almost a given between the two of them. If I was Tillerson I would have been long gone. He doesn’t support Trumps actions and Trump doesn’t support the direction Trllerson wants to go. Tillerson has been a pretty good Sec. of State and I would hate to see him go but If by this time next week he still has his job I will be surprised.

      1. chw2000 says:

        Well you’re not Tillerson and unlike you, Tillerson RESPECTS the office if not the person. That’s something you know nothing about. You’re an ass hole. Tillerson, an honorable man!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          The only reason Tillerson is still there is because he respects to office, few who work for the Trump White House respect the man. In case you missed it I said that Tillerson was a pretty good Sec of State.

          1. chw2000 says:

            Tillerson is n Excellent Secretary of State. And, you don’t know a damn thing about anyone that works in the White House other than what you read on your left wing progressive web sites. You know nothing about anyone that works for Trump’s White House. You’re an ass hole and you just say whatever pops into that empty head of yours.

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