Protests backfire as anti-American images push undecided voters to Trump

by Seth McLaughlin
June 5, 2016

The ugly protest scenes outside Donald Trump’s rallies are doing more damage to the protesters than to Mr. Trump’s political chances, according to analysts who say the violence and anti-American sentiments are backfiring.

Protesters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last week toted Mexican flags, burned American flags and clashed with police, racking up $50,000 in damage to the neighborhood.

Perhaps even worse for the rioters, they are likely chasing undecided voters toward the side of the man they are protesting.

“When people show up throwing bottles and waving the Mexican flag, you have had a lot of people who may have not been willing to support Trump who see this and say the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” said former Rep. Tom Davis, who ran House Republicans’ campaign committee for two cycles a decade ago. “There is no question these are helping Trump, and Democrats know that.”

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  • In other words, Trump is getting his money’s worth with what he’s paying these protestors!

  • rifftop says:

    These are strange, perverted times. Trump needs to temper his comments in this bizarre, twisted social structure. His comments on a judge with Mexican heritage…shows the PC infection. While his intent in the comment is understandable………being……the judge who is of Mexican decent, a liberal is opposed to Trump’s wall, his attempts to stop the flow of illegals. As soon as Trump mentions…….the judge’s sentiments as a decendent of Mexicans would be biased on Trump’s plan to correctly stop the flow of illegals from Mexico…….the media, left wing and idiots all get wound up into a frenzy. This kind of comment is not only reasonable in these conflictive issues, but a part of reality……..that the US has been dancing around for decades, deluding themselves about the forces that exist in the US trying to destabilize, and bleed the economic structure dry. Trump however correct in his beliefs needs to play the “word game ” that the lefties are so good at………to appease the touchy feely crowd from being upset. This nation is in such denial about the motives of various groups that it has become an idiocy issue. Deny, look the other way, do not offend, make believe, cower to destructive groups……..all stupid ideas with millions of brain washed fools living the PC life, while their rights, security, and economic futures are being stolen. San Jose and the rest of California are perfect examples of what WE DO NOT WANT TO BE…….including sanctuary cities, massive welfare programs, defenseless citizens on the street or our homes. California and their delusional politicians, actors and media are too stupid to realize they are suicidal, paranoid, perverted and just too ignorant to be left o their own or be allowed to infect the rest of the nation.

  • I Seigel says:

    Yeah, maybe 3 or 4 people have decided to vote for Trump because of these protests. I’m really not too sure there are any “independents” around anymore, where Donald is concerned. It’s hard not to have an opinion by now.

  • J.B. Young says:

    These protestors are interfering with the civil rights of the Trump supporters.
    They are nothing more than liberal bullies.

  • justinwachin says:

    I for one am tired of seeing these roving bands of rabble rousers. I work for a living and try to do productive things with my life. I’m tired of seeing able-bodied people going around and creating a commotion. Any of these protestors who are receiving public assistance should lose that assistance.

    These protestors can’t be allowed to win. If they are successful in shouting down the Republican nominee they are going to cause more problems for true Americans than ISIS or al Qaeda will.

    I’m not a Donald Trump fan, but I will be voting for him as a way of sending a message to these protestors/terrorists that they aren’t going to win.

  • Bebe Nix says:

    The ILLEGAL ALIEN RIOTERS who are BURNING OUR FLAG should be ARRESTED, serve their time in JAIL, then be DEPORTED. We need that WALL to keep the Rioting Vermin out of our country. If we did that in Mexico, we would be in jail there.

  • albertbryson says:

    If an overwhelming majority of the protestors at outside of Trump rallies are illegal. They deserved to be deported back to their native lands. We need to demand that the police do their job and arrest these people.

  • jea2comments says:

    Soros funds these low-life scumbags, who could care less about America, as long as they get their “freebies”. All of course on the taxpayers back. They got a lot of nerve coming here ILLEGALLY, draining our welfare system, attacking our citizens, and burning our flag. To them, I say, the party is about OVER, and when Trump gets into office, you all better scatter, like the cockroaches you all are! The gravy-train is about to stop, and if I were you, I’d think about leaving NOW, instead of later! Deportation or jail, you pick! Because the WALL is coming and the gravy-train is about to end!

  • rifftop says:

    This is more of the leftists screwed up plans that will backfire on them. Physically assaulting at least one man and a woman (on video), burning the US flag, and waving a pathetic Mexican Flag……just gets more support for Trump….Keep up the good work you morons……illegals, socialists, Mexicans, and all those dirt bag groups getting paid from the various Soros foundations to disrupt this nation and attempt to cause chaos, anarchy and riots. Waving that Mexie flag is just pissing more of us “silent” majority off…..and we are not going to let you see us……but we are watching all of you throughout the country and your future is getting very dim. If enough people vote against the Marxist Clinton or the idiot Sanders…….we are going to be on top of Trump constantly to hold to his promises…..wall, deport as many illegals and migrant muslims as possible. Also to remove funding for their welfare. Those refugees from Syria and Somalia need to be returned to where they belong……..they have no legal grounds to stay here for ever…….and we don’t need any more trash in our communities. Because these groups are basically savages living in our towns without being caged, the citizens must be vigilant, especially where that rat Obama unloads his 3rd world bums. Many unsuspecting communities wake up to find a couple hundred of them suddenly living next door or in schools with their kids, spreading disease, and criminal acts, while demanding free handouts. Time to disinfect the government from the infection.

  • voice4animals says:

    Check out the Georgia Guidestones. It is the ten commandments for the New World Order. The European Union is destroying Europe! NAFTA sent our jobs out of this country. Taking in all of the refugees will destroy our economy worse than it is now! Keep illegals out. The word illegal is defined as against the law! Donald Trump says he loves this country and I take him at his word! Vote for TRUMP!

  • Robert says:

    Check out The Maccarran Walter Act of 1952. We should be using this LAW Right now

  • robert sanders says:

    Obama started this bullcrap 71/2 years ago. he wants this country to be divided and fight with each other. He said there would be changes in this country if he was elected president. now he has become a muslam dictator and wants to rule this country forever. the people of this country will not stand for a dictator. hitier Hillary wants to be the same thing as Obama. its about time the GOP does something about this and impeach the dictator before things get any worse than what it is. people fighting people. obamas laughing at the American people and calling us stupid. how much longer are we going to tolerate this black bast##ds nonsense.

  • Gail says:

    I believe these people are doing more damage to their cause. .It makes me want to do more than send them home . And the rest of America feels the same . Especially when they are living off the backs of Americans . I for one am tired of paying for these thugs !

  • Ken says says:

    Keep all those Illegal Criminal Immigrants and the Black Thugs Matter out in front of the cameras to remind voters what King Bo and Hillary stand for.

  • Luke says:

    IMHO anyone flying the ugly mexican flag and burning the flag of freedom and home of the brave is not an American and should be removed from this country..ASAP

    1. SDofAZ says:

      That is an understatement. They should have their asses in jail. I remember when that was the way it was handled. Time to take our country BACK.

  • Mo King says:

    People STILL wonder why Trump is so popular? He stands for LEGAL immigration, which is a vetting process to allow people into the U.S. that are free of diseases, desirous of America’s freedoms and opportunities while knowing they must ASSIMILATE into our culture. He also stands for a thorough vetting of anyone- especially those coming from a Muslim-based culture. That process requires the U.S. to halt immigration from Islamic countries until that screening process can be established.
    Why do so many people not ‘get’ that? (Rhetorical question)

    1. robert sanders says:

      VETTING> what a stupid word. no such word in 1960. I wonder who gets paid a million dollars a year to set down and dream up these stupid words.

      1. Robert says:

        It sure isn’t you.

        1. robert sanders says:

          you either

    2. Robert says:

      Check out the McLaren Walter Act, That Jimmy Carter Used to do just that.

  • James Maxwell says:

    What I see is criminal Illegal INVADERS in cities controlled by anti American
    Mayors who are Democrat Socialist protest and showing Anti American
    sentiment. They want to destroy our nation, commit rape, murder, steal
    and get government benefits while sending money back home at the expense
    of the American TAX PAYERS. The polices sit back and do jack squat about
    protecting Americans and the Democrat Socialist Mayors are laughing and
    letting the criminals run wild. If they think that these displays of Anti American
    actions will get the bottom feeding candidates elected they are sadly mistaken.
    They need to remember where they are and what we have endured to make
    out nation great. I, for one, will not vote for nor support any candidate who
    does not have pride in being an American Citizen. I stand with TRUMP to
    remove any and all Foreigners who are here ILLEGALLY and are violating
    AMERICAN LAW. I stand behind all Lawful and Legal Immigrants who
    respected our nation enough to enter legally to become citizens and help
    us continue to grow.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      I agree with your statement and post but there are a few caveats to it. The unvetted refugees should not be here, the HB visa populations should not be here. The jobs for this country should go to legal citizen’s, (not the illegals, visa holders, unvetted refugees), first. And those in parenthesises should be removed with all haste. Big businesses are behind this so that is who is pushing all of the illegals, visa permits, and refugees. That is our antaganist organization and their intent is the NWO, not what is best for the legal citizen’s of this country. With their money, the business owners are insulated and could give a damn about the populace. Brown, white or black makes no difference here and the minorities are just USEFUL IDIOTS!

      1. Robert says:

        Don’t forget the GLOBALISTS.

      2. nhchaz says:

        You nailed it, SDof AZ…..And Killary just mentioned it the other day…Could have been a Freudian slip, but she said that Trump was not good for World Order….that she omitted the operative word “New” didn’t change the connotation..or her meaning…She thinks SHE is an Elitist and therefore a part of the New World Order… I think we need to remember that when we get her fitted for her new Orange jump suit. Apparently her New WORLD Order has intentions of including Islam….Hmmmm…let’s see…does anyone with half a brain and a penchant for watching the news really believe that Islam believes in Order? If you figure it as those in an orderly line waiting to have their heads sliced-off, maybe this is what they envision. We’ve got to remember, against these willing screeching idiots…TRUMP is all we’ve got….We need to give him all we have !

  • aztex7007 says:

    Just shows what kind of garbage is coming across the border.

    1. kbfallon says:

      Its exactly like D.Trump said…we are getting Mexicos scum who they don’t want either.

  • aztex7007 says:

    Very tacky of them to carry their country’s flag to protest an election in the
    US. We give them everything, housing credits, EBT cards, free phones
    and jobs when they break into our country and they act like this ? Build
    the wall and keep them in their own cesspools. What I don’t understand
    is why the police/law enforcement has been so bullied they now allow
    this to go on. Peaceful protest is a right, being a thug is not !

    1. kbfallon says:

      How can it be legal for an illegal to come in here and burn our flag and assault our citizens and the police just watch or ask them if they provoked get beaten by illegals?????????????

      1. SDofAZ says:

        It is not but the current administration has been busy for nearly eight years undermining our laws. The other additional piece is Bush dynasty, Clintons, etc.. have all been joined in many years bringing about their NWO agenda. The silent majority should have been working like it is now back in the 1980’s when Reagan approved the FIRST AMNESTY. That was the first salvo and now we are dealing with what is fallout. The incentive must be taken away. ENFORCE E-VERIFY IN EVERY STATE, IN EVERY CITY. SHUT OFF THE WELFARE SPIGOT AND PUNISH BIG BUSINESS OR EMPLOYERS WHO WILL NOT COMPLY SEVERELY.

        Note, the real problem here is big business. They want the hordes and do not support the public coffers. The tax payers do and congress, the administration, the judicial systems are just doing the big money people’s bidding. The entire system right now is for sale and has been for a long time.

        The recent uprising of the silent majority is what is great about this country but we have a lot of trash to take out now. What took everyone so long to wake up? Guess we all assumed our elected officials would follow the laws. I have to give BO credit for one thing, he has woken up the populace to the NWO, the deterioration of our rights and constitution and laws. Good job for that one thing. I have watched this in horror for years and really wondered since the 1970s when this population would wake up. However, we have many more to wake up. A whole generation of really unaware millenials.

    2. robert sanders says:

      I always believed that there was only two flags that you could fly in this nation. your states flag and the AMERICAN FLAG only.

    3. Anouk says:

      They should pepper spray these ugly thugs before some innocent good people will be badly injured or even killed.
      This is the dirty work from the liar Hillary Clinton and George Soros the criminal of war.
      They must have warned the police to do nothing drastic and let these illegals destroy everything they want.

  • Webb says:

    1968 Type Riots Coming to A Convention near You…
    The Obama Administration has put America in Chaos for nearly eight years and now we have Hillary or Bernie that
    are willing to Continue The Chaos…
    Burning Old Glory and waving and displaying The mexican flag…You have decided not be an American…Leave!

  • 209OliveSt!!Mike McAllister says:

    Stupid is as stupid does and these protester’s (thugs) are really really really stupid!!!

    1. rifftop says:

      Time to start stomping Mexie flags……just for fun……but don’t buy them, make fake looking ones, or get them from local places that like to display the flag of their homeland.

  • mudguy1 says:

    If we had Mayors in these cites that believed in law and order there would have been more than 4 arrested in San Jose.

    1. Spunky387 says:

      If our “leaders” would send the police in to arrest them, then we might discover that the vast majority of them are illegal and then we could deport them; however, the current (and many of the past) administrations don’t want to do that. I remember large protests of illegals within the last 10 years. We could have arrested and deported hundreds of thousands by just going to the protests – we wouldn’t have even had to search for them. What the liberals don’t seem to understand is that the vast majority of us don’t hate ethnicity or even illegals, but we do believe in the rule of law and when you break the law, there have to be consequences; otherwise, we fall into chaos. It is not hate to say that someone who steals or murders should be held accountable, so why would it be hate to say that someone who is here illegally should be held accountable? For me, this has nothing to do with Trump (as he wouldn’t even be my choice, if there were another option), but he has definitely struck a nerve with many people, as he doesn’t appear to pander to anyone. I at least respect that about him and almost anyone is better than Hillary or even Bernie.

      1. mudguy1 says:

        Check this out and nobody in Congress or the Candidates are talking about this. Talk about putting the fire out by throwing gasoline on it.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Been stewing about the article you noted myself. Sneaky bastard, isn’t he? Fix it by enforcing e-verify, punish employers who hire em anyway and plug up the damn welfare spigot. Good post to enforce no more amnesty and put our agencies back to their original mandate, not TAXI or BABYSITTING SERVICES!

        2. Elaine says:

          mudguy, I just read the article. This is infuriating to say the very least!! Thanks for providing the link. I’ll share it around.

        3. patriotgirl1 says:

          I read this the other day. OUR GOVT IS TRYING TO DESTROY AMERICA-PERIOD! Obama will do as MUCH damage as he can before he leaves.

          1. Retired says:

            Obama will go nuts when Clinton looses in Nov., if she gets that far.

          2. rifftop says:

            It’s just about a survival election……..a Clinton or the idiot Sanders……..means the nation is done. These are basically Marxists trying to convert the US to a nation like Venezuela, Cuba , with a one party group of elites dictating all to the masses……..a complete coup since the constitution is about INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, over the rights of government. Clinton and that ilk……..are mentally diseased with addiction to power and revenge.

          3. rifftop says:

            when she loses………I will celebrate, even though Trump will not be able to fix all the mess…… least we will stop the spiral into Marxist hell……just reversing this nightmare of Obama will be a success.

          4. Retired says:

            It took the Democrats 50 years to create our nightmare , so how long will it take to undue it ???

          5. Worried Vet says:

            Won’t ever be fixed as long as liberals have power. They will lie, cheat and do anything to win. Their stink is in everything including our schools. They have been Indoctrinated for decades. It started or was in its way when I was in middle school 50 years ago.

          6. Worried Vet says:

            He will need help trying to get out the corruption in government.

          7. rifftop says:

            A long time, since the populace is so stupid, especially those ivy league students with mental defects. But if the direction is changed on many issues, we might survive the nightmare created by Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and all their muslim staff workers. If nothing else, Trump gets in and ends the infection of Obama’s filthy appointments.

          8. Anouk says:

            This is true. I always thought the Muslim Barack Hussein Obama hates America and will do everything to destroy this great country.

          9. rifftop says:

            absolutely……..which is why we are going to need a hard core Trump to yank back the nation as much as possible from the abyss. Because we have allowed the nation to become so indebted, losing jobs, massive import imbalances, flooding the nation with illegals, Obama’s muslims to suck up free benefits, reduced security, faulty education …… will require extreme measures to correct the nation’s policies. Whether he can do the stuff he says….is unknown, but if he can accomplish some of it……..we will be going in a better direction. Since reality is non existent in the dem/socialist party or amongst their die hard followers who are mostly drug affected and further indoctrinated by leftists in schools. The hatred, insanity and pure b.s. they spew is a death sentence. It’s going to be painful, conflictive and difficult to correct the course of the nation…….kind of like drying out a drunk or curing a drug addict. With 2 generations completely indoctrinated in the socialist dogma………they got used to lots of government in their lives and lots of handouts from birth to death, and to expect them to be self responsible is a tough change.

      2. ProfRGP says:

        Nicely put.

    2. rifftop says:

      That’ a dead end…… took at least 30 yrs to disintegrate to what we have now. It’s not just the crap politicians with twisted, anti citizen ideas, but the morons that keep voting for them. Imagine being a 20 yr old college student who actually believes his college education should be FREE?? Where did they get that stupid concept……..from old hippy,leftist parents, from teachers who also were educated in the socialist colleges? To be that old and actually believe huge expenditures like college education, medical care etc can actually be FREE……Proves we have pure idiots graduating and attending school. This gives little hope for the future. It’s one thing to win a scholarship, or get the GI bill to assist schooling, but to assume EVERYBODY IS ENTITLED TO FREE COLLEGE is the sign of being insane.

  • unbridled says:

    Build the WALL and catapult these filthy, greasy wetbacks back over it! In their own country they would have been SHOT for doing what they do here! They don’t want to be Americans they want america to be theirs an they want us gone….

  • outlawdealer says:

    Check some of Trumps other enemies also.

    1. kbfallon says:

      Its looking like he speaks for a lot of us…….we need him to clean this shit up!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Seems that these gutter dwelling Mexican are as stupid as the blacks, waving their flag and burning ours and being used by the system, and wondering why we need a WALL!!! HINT, TO KEEP OUT THUGS!

    1. Dolores Adams says:

      I’ll most of these Mexicans are illegals.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Of course they are!

    2. Robert says:

      And the DRUG CARTELLS. Mexican Drug Cartels make about 6.6 Billion Dollars Trafficking Illegal Drugs into the United States. That means they are removing that money from our Economy.

    3. rifftop says:

      yep………they just reinforce our support for Trump, a wall, deportation and ENDING THE MAGNET OF FREE BENEFITS FOR THESE BUMS. They are so stupid…….insulting this HOST NATION that gives them more handouts freely that taxpaying citizens can get…….The sh.t will hit the fan…….and they made targets of themselves. We wont be listening to any more of that leftist crap……..”they’re not all bad or criminals, drug dealers……they are hard working people”……….sorry that isn’t going to work any more. Same goes for the muslims he’s been bringing in by the plane load……..out of place, incompatible and a threat/risk to American citizens, especially in areas where the government refuses to allow self defense.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I have a bad feeling that things are going to get real bad real soon right here on our own soil!!

    4. rifftop says:

      They really are stupid, but more stupid are the lefties that condone and excuse these illegals/criminals in the first place ….along with the criminal politicians that hand them our money in welfare etc. It becomes etched in my mind……burning the US flag and waving that rag called a Mexie flag……that represents nothing but sh.t. They are too stupid to realize that they are building a huge resentment against them that eventually will backlash. This citizenry has way too much TOLERANCE in allowing this to continue……this election will only be the stopping point for their insults…….or if the rat Hillary gets in…… will incite a lot of retaliation.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        If she goes in we’re finished as a free country, and her love for islam is as strong as Obama’s!

        1. rifftop says:

          She is the female version of that POS. She will cause a lot of riots, backlash and civil problems. She will have to be defied, and the population will have to not comply to her edicts……..we had enough of that crap with shithead.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            If she goes in, it may very well be our last President! She has said that the Constitution need work done to it, and the 2nd being the main part, but the part that could cause bloodshed on the streets! I hope I’m Wrong!

  • I will continue this Mantra. Islam must be legislated as illegal. It is the only way we will save the West from the savages and Sharia!!

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Crusades all over again. Been fighting the moslimes for centuries and now they are invading our turf. All thanks to BO as in the President’s realm of law enforcement OR NOT, Congress, and the Judicial branches. Time to fire em all. Then deport, deport, deport.

    2. Robert says:

      A law has already been passed when Jimmy Carter was President its called the McLaren Walter Act. Carter used it. Look it up and learn something.

      1. patriotgirl1 says:

        I will! Thank you!

  • This is very similar to the Muslim problem. They run from their cesspool countries, and then try to create the same cesspool that they ran from. Not only are they criminals, but breathtakingly STUPID!!

    1. Spunky387 says:

      The same could be said for California. (And yes, I know that there are some good people still in CA). Many of those in power in CA have passed so many bad laws and tried their best to ruin their State and then they move to other States and try to enforce the same bad policies and ruin other States. I think that “The Matrix” movie had it right when they called humans a virus. Destroy where you live and then move on to somewhere else and try to destroy it as well.

    2. kbfallon says:

      And now we see how the countries they ran from– got to be cesspools

    3. nhchaz says:

      I agree 1000%…But remember that the Liberals believe Killary Klingon and the Rhino republicans who say, “But that’s not who we are! … We must allow these Muslims into our country where they will be safe and secure because that’s the way we’ve always done it it”. ….and never mind the fact that Islam and the American way of life will never mix.

      1. Islam doesn’t mix with anything ; even themselves. They need to be eliminated from the civilized world. They belong back in the 7th century!!

        1. rifftop says:

          Exactly correct……..and the dirtbag lefties insist on dragging more of them into the country……….because they hate the US.

  • Hunter says:

    Trump is the only choice for president in 2016 if you love freedom & America, for good jobs and our constitution as written. These protesters are destroying the America we love, and stepping all over our faith of Christianity, Biden said

    1. SDofAZ says:

      But remember we have to clean out congress and the state and local governments of these NWO amnesty loving traitors. The La Raza judges, etc are just the tip of the iceberg. BO has been very busy creating his abomination.

  • CCblogging says:

    President Trump 2016, inauguration Jan 2017

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