Rasmussen poll: Trump holds 4-point lead

by Rebecca Savransky
June 30, 2016

Donald Trump has a 4-point lead over Hillary Clinton in a new Rasmussen Reports White House Watch poll.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has 43 percent support among likely U.S. voters, and Clinton has 39 percent, according to the conservative-leaning Rasmussen.

Another 12 percent of respondents say they liked another candidate, and 5 percent are undecided.

In a similar poll last week, Clinton led Trump by 5 points, 44 percent to 39 percent.

69 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Bob says:

    It’s absolutely amazing how, no matter how many of these polls that show Trump close or ahead of Hillary, the “MSM” will continue to tout only those polls that have Hillary WAAAAAAAY up on Trump. I have seen them reference polls that have her between 12 and 17 points up, and those lies skew the Real Clear Politics average, which have her up by a little (either in or just out of the margin of error). Worse, people believe the lies of the Clinton/Democrat media machine and are becoming discouraged. While these message boards are great, they are only preaching to the converted. We need to get this info out in the wider media, as difficult as that will be.

  • Barry Pechner says:

    Trump makes good things happen! Hillary makes bad things happen. Why is it so difficult to see the obvious?

  • justinwachin says:

    Hillary Clinton is corrupt and incompetent. I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would want Hillary as president. If America elects Hillary we are doomed.

  • azbear166 says:

    get the rest of those pc bastards behind trump shows your not wanting to fill your pockets with our money like the rest of the pc dumbocraps were not slaves !!!

  • Cynic from the Midwest says:

    I am solidly for Trump and terminally annoyed with idiot polls and pollsters. The only poll that matters is the one held in November, and no one should let any poll numbers convince them not to vote. An immense turnout for Trump is imperative to demonstrate the utter disgust people have for the liberal-progressive-Marxist-“Democrat” and RINO elitist vermin that are destroying this country.

  • wiseone2 says:

    NOTICE: All mainstream media polls are UNTRUSTWORTHY! Hillary’s camp RIGS the numbers (10-15 % ahead), Trump USES ACTUAL voter counts! Trump HAS LED the polls by a margin of 5% the least! Don’t Believe the polls!

  • Mys77 says:

    What low life idiots would support the lying, thieving, corrupt witch Clinton? Oh, thats right, low life idiots.

    1. snowyriver says:

      And welfare mooches .. Speaking of mooches how is Michelle doing?

      1. Warren Taylor says:

        You mean Moochelle? I think she and the girls are off on a taxpayer funded vacation in Spain right now.

    2. Smart Southerner says:

      Low life Communist Democrats.

  • Smart Southerner says:

    Loretta Lynch met with BillyBob Clinton in his private plane for 30 minutes.
    The fix is in…AGAIN.

    1. snowyriver says:

      And she did not accomplish that without help from obama.

    2. iwojimafan says:

      She has accomplished becoming a Multi, Multi Millionaire by setting up the Clinton Crime Family Foundation which was setup to sell the Presidency to all the Countries who have actually bought Hitlery. Only 6% goes out while 94% goes to the Clintons to fund there Life Style of the Rich and Famous. At least Bernie Madoff wasn’t selling out his Country.

    3. Warren Taylor says:

      Come on, the Slickmeister and the AG explained that, they were talking about his golf game, their vacations, and grandchildren. I am sure that the subject of any criminal prosecution(s) that might arise from any FBI criminal investigations that might be underway right now never came up. They promised!

      And it is possible she might not avoid prosecution after all!

      1. Smart Southerner says:

        GOOD ONE!

    4. Hopefull1 says:

      yes she puts the teflon don to shame!

    5. Hopefull1 says:

      soap opera’s have can’t hold a candle to the amount of back stabbing ,cheating, stealing, disloyal actions and the brazen arrogance of the clintons. They make the sopranos look like the Brady bunch

  • Timothy says:

    GOP you are slime crooked bags looks like Trump does not need the people that’s not supporting him you are going to loose your jobs great Trump 16 people are starting to see how crooked Hellary is and Bill to Lynch needs to quit now and get a real prosecutor to do the job right.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      The problem is that Trump will need them if he become President. He can’t fire congress.

      1. Timothy says:

        But they can be voted out

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Not in this election, they can’t. The GOP establish will either be replaced by the Democrat establish and if that happens you can be pretty sure Trump will not be the president or the GOP keeps the congress and will do everything they can to sink Trump. These guys vote against their own bills and their leaders have come out against Trump. This should be interesting.

          1. PatriotGal says:

            Yes, we can. There are lots of seats up for reelection and we need to vote out the RINOs, replacing them with other Rs to maintain control. If people would stop saying, “We can’t” and replace it with, “We CAN!” this country would be a heck of a lot better. That’s how we won WWII and yes, I remember it! We worked darned hard together and didn’t split like wimps despite being sneakily bombed in Pearl Harbor. YES WE CAN!!!!! Make America Great Again and America FIRST!!!
            TRUMP 2016!!!

        2. PatriotGal says:

          Timothy, right. Please send donations to Paul Nehlen who is running against Ryan in WI, and Kelli Ward who is running against McCain in AZ.
          We have to help President Trump by giving him a Congress who will help him to Make America Great Again for all of us.
          TRUMP 2016!!!

      2. Ken says says:

        Bob – that’s right but you can count on Trump to name names and point out which Establishment Puppets are trying to stop legislation the Voters want. The Establishment are crapping their pants because they are about to lose the goose that lays a golden egg in their pocket every day.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You think they will care. The republicans in congress have already thumbed their nose at Trump and they will still be re elected. Lets face it congress will never work with Trump and can you see Trump giving in to them?

          1. Smart Southerner says:

            We just replace 4 Republican incumbents with 4 normal Conservatives in S.C. It CAN be done!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Trumps not a conservative, every day he becomes more and more liberal in what he says. He thinks being the presidents is like lets make a deal and conservative don’t cut deals. That’s why they get elected.

          3. Smart Southerner says:

            So if you don’t like Trump… go vote for the George Soros funded beast from Hell.

          4. PatriotGal says:

            Smart, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. Next get rid of Graham and Flake.
            TRUMP 2016!!!

          5. Smart Southerner says:

            AND McCain, Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy & others.

            I thought Gowdy was a good guy who would do the right thing on Benghazi. He turned out to be just another Obama/Clinton/George Soros azz kisser. No justice for 4 dead Americans.

          6. Merle Dickey says:

            He isn’t done yet .

          7. Smart Southerner says:

            What is left to do? Give her an award for being an outstanding Secretary of State?

          8. Hopefull1 says:

            I think Trump would expose many who won’t help make things better

      3. Smart Southerner says:


        We just had a Primary in SC & 4 incumbents (3 Rs & 1 D) were voted OUT! The newbies (3 Rs & 1 D) will go to the General Election in Nov.

        South Carolina is doing it! Both Parties in the other 49 states need to do their part! Over the next 3 elections we can replace every one of those miserable self-serving, power hungry criminals in DC!

        They refused to Impeach the Worst Prez in our history. Now we have:

        – The Iran Nuke Deal
        – Iran has already violated the deal, but Congress did nothing
        – Obama still trying to grant Amnesty to 12+ Million Illegals
        – Obama bringing in 10s of thousands of Muslim refugees
        – 95 Million people out of the workforce
        – $19+ Trillion debt
        – Men marrying Men & Women marrying Women
        – Men in Women’s bathrooms
        – Transgenders in the Military
        – Women in military combat
        – Illegal Bergdahl swap
        – Benghazi with 4 dead Americans left behind
        – Fast & Furious…guns still killing people, 1 just linked to the Paris attack
        – and more….

        All they had to do was impeach Obama to stop all that crap, but NO! They have become 1 Party… the Party against American citizens. VOTE THEM OUT! CLEAN HOUSE!

        We need to say:

        1. bobnstuff says:

          They will never vote them out. Everyone hates all congressmen except their own. Forget Obama, he’s gone in six month. As of right now the republicans look like they will loose the senate and could take a hit in the house by voting out those do nothing bums. Trump stands a better chance of getting what he wants from the democrats then the republicans anyway, democrats will wheel and deal where republicans just say no.

          1. PatriotGal says:

            At the pain of REPEATING myself, bob, here I go AGAIN:
            Yes, we can. There are lots of seats up for reelection and we need to vote out the RINOs, replacing them with other Rs to maintain control. If people would stop saying, “We can’t” and replace it with, “We CAN!” this country would be a heck of a lot better. That’s how we won WWII and yes, I remember it! We worked darned hard together and didn’t split like wimps despite being sneakily bombed in Pearl Harbor. YES WE CAN!!!!! Make America Great Again and America FIRST!!!

            TRUMP 2016!!!

          2. Smart Southerner says:

            I hate all of our elected politicians from city to governor. It doesn’t matter what party, they are all a bunch of self-serving, greedy, blood sucking AHs.

            Whether it’s in our city, county, state or the District of Corruption, it is nothing but TAX & SQUANDER, whether it’s spending hundreds of $Billions on Illegal Aliens & bringing in thousands of Muslim refugees who prefer Sharia law while our Vets & Senior Citizens suffer or giving contracts & diverting funds to friends, family or our enemies, it’s all corruption.

            Then there’s the “Hate America” syndrome that most politicians have embraced…. everything from refusing to enforce our laws or creating bad laws for us while exempting themselves…Obamacare comes to mind. They vote benefits for themselves and are allowed expenses that private citizens would never be allowed… Pelosi & Insider Trading comes to mind, the same thing that got Martha Stewart put in prison.


          3. bobnstuff says:

            So, here’s the problem. Some one better needs to run. They have to get on the ballet. Right now who is on the ballet that will support Trump. No one down ballet seems all that interested in working with Trump, most are running from him as fast as they can. Novembers ballet is set. Look at who you get to choose from.

        2. Hopefull1 says:

          you are 100% correct

    2. Hopefull1 says:

      Yes I wish they would let Julliani go after her ,like he did with the terrorists and the mafia in New York city

  • parlayer says:

    Go Trump! My Guy, Lets Make some money and America Great again. And lets KILL US some insurgents!

    1. snowyriver says:

      Someone should kill one usurper.

  • IgnoreTheFools says:

    The only answer for America is Trump. Crush the Socialist, Marxist, Scum.

  • CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Are they polling Independents as well?

    1. Hopefull1 says:

      I or anybody I ever talked to has ever been polled

  • David Stewart says:

    Tsk, tsk, better have the socialist media do these polls, may anger Hildabeast and her rage is frightening to behold! CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, posdibly Fox, will all give her a substancial lead!

  • Bebe Nix says:


    1. Smart Southerner says:

      It will be so nice to have a REAL President who cares about Americans instead of putting every damn foreigner in the world 1st.

      1. Jessicacarndt2 says:


    2. iwojimafan says:

      And Hitlery is only for Hitlery to see how much money she can steal. Remember that lawyers are Legal THIEVES with a License to Steal

  • Gale says:

    why isn’t that scum devil *itch in jail????

    1. DavidMacko says:

      Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
      Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

      Sir John Harington, Epigrams, Book iv, Epistle 5. Compare: “Prosperum ac felix scelus/ Virtus vocatur” (“Successful and fortunate crime/ is called virtue”), Seneca, Herc. Furens, ii. 250.

    2. Warren Taylor says:

      Beats me! I held a secret clearance for three years and a top secret/sensitive compartmented information one for twelve. I absolutely guarantee you that if I had compromised classified information as she as, I would be in federal prison right now. Her “it wasn’t marked classified when I sent or received it” is total BS, anyone holding that kind of clearance is trained to recognize classified material, regardless of whether it was marked or not.

      1. Bill Cash says:

        Warren Taylor: Right on Warren. I held a top secret crypto at retirement and wouldn’t have thought or dared to compromise it, marked or not.

    3. Bill Rabold says:


    4. Smart Southerner says:

      Trey Gowdy & friends failed us… again.

      I had a feeling that the fix was in when they kept dragging it out for months, then years. It must have been directly linked to Obama or her Muslim buddies…. the ones who stuffing her Foundation with $Millions.

      1. Hopefull1 says:

        the entire group of politicians in office now, who have let all the policies get passed that are not constitutional should be voted out. Then all should be audited and charges registered against them for all the illegal actions they got away with. Seems they all are above the law. Much like all the illegals they let in the USA.

        1. Smart Southerner says:


        2. Barry Pechner says:

          What we’re faced with is both simple and basic! How do we find people who cannot be bought and have a proven record of honesty, integrity and accomplishments? Find a method to vet them based on these four issues and I believe you will find a candidate for any office.

        3. ricktenny says:

          Very well said Hopefull 1. It would be great if all of us who subscribe to the idea of cleaning out the garbage that populates the Nations Capital, will keep up the level of vigilance that I see across many internet news sites. We need to pass the information we learn to friends, family and any stranger who is open to the conversation. We know that Congress will never pass a term limit law on themselves. We need to do it for them. Lastly, how can we find someone who can get that picture over your post plastered on billboards along every interstate highway and byway in the Nation. Like the young people say, that picture is priceless.

  • Blue 3 says:

    Sounds like another pollster desperate to be relevant.

    1. Paul Dean says:

      YOU sound like another blind hildabeest supporter, drunk on the foolaide.

      1. Blue 3 says:

        Trump’s my man. Not overly happy about it if at all. However, I know he’s not leading anything right now and anybody saying different is looking for a headline. Period.

        1. Smart Southerner says:

          There are a lot more people who support Trump than you know. I am in a large club. Turns out there isn’t a Hillary supporter among them! Recently a Speaker asked how many of us had been polled by phone. Not one hand was raised.

          1. Blue 3 says:

            I hope you’re right brother.

          2. stgabrn says:

            I do hope there are a lot of supporters of Trump that are just keeping their mouths shut about who they are voting for, and all come forward on election day. And literally swamp Hilliary.

          3. Blue 3 says:

            I’m not letting you off that easy. I can definitely believe you’re in a group that has no Hillary supporters, but that’s not going to elect him or make him electable. He’s embarrassing us and I hate it more every day. He sounds like a commenter on one of these stupid ass sites. That’s not leadership. As long as she acts as though she’s too good to roll around with him she will be. She’s going to hand him his ass and make a joke out of every one of us who cares about this country. Believe that brother. I was convinced Romney would win in 2012 and let down terribly by this country. He’s not spending or trying. Hopeless. I’m in Ohio and haven’t seen a Trump ad in 2 months.

          4. Smart Southerner says:


            You will hear from us in November and it will be LOUD & CLEAR!

          5. PatriotGal says:

            Blue, just you wait…once Mr. Trump secures the nomination come July 20th, amazing what will hit the airwaves. KILLary will be dust.
            TRUMP 2016!!!

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