Record 94,708,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Drops in May

by Susan Jones
June 3, 2016

A record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the labor force in May — 664,000 more than in April — and the labor force participation rate dropped two-tenths of a point to 62.6 percent, near its 38-year low, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday.

When President Obama took office in January 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not participating in the labor force; since then, 14,179,000 Americans have left the workforce — some of them retiring and some just quitting because they can’t find work.

“By almost every economic measure, America is better off than when I came here at the beginning of my presidency,” President Obama told the people of Elkhart, Indiana three days ago. “We cut unemployment in half, years before a lot of economists thought we would.”

The unemployment rate in May dropped to 4.7 percent, BLS reported, less than half of its Obama-era high of 10 percent in October 2009.

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  • studi30 says:

    315 million US citizens and almost 1/3 are unemployed.

  • The Redhawk says:

    SO if we HAVE to BELIEVE BARACKY LYING Numbers that 4.5% is FULL employment, and we have NO INFLATION in FOOd purchases and Higher Taxes and Premiums, WHY does he not let TREASURY increase the RATES??? Does he want a BIG INFLATION to make CARTER’S look like a MINOR BUMP????

  • Gail says:

    I really hope he gets lockjaw . Maybe he will fall in one of the ponds on a golf course and his mouth will be wide open . He really believes he has made it better Yea for himself . He has become rich he has taken at least two vacations a year costing Americans at least 4million each . And has given our country to our enemies.

  • Lorraine E says:

    According to Government Shadow Stats the real unemployment rate is close to 24%.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Please note the year the “Work Force Participation Rate” graph turned negative and NEVER improved. Match that with the treasonous acts below.

    Google this: data. bls. gov/timeseries/LNS113000001

    Then search for: Labor Force Participation Rate

    To Change Output Options: Type in start date of 1963 to 2015.

    1. Clinton pushes NAFTA through Congress and signs NAFTA–December 8, 1993

    On December 8, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which eliminated nearly every trade barrier between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, creating the world’s largest free trade zone. The House of Representatives approved NAFTA on November 17, 1993, by a vote of 234 to 200. Remarkably the agreement’s supporters included 132 Republicans and only 102 Democrats.

    2. Clinton pushes to grant China Most Favored Nation Trade status.

    In the 1990s, continued “most favored nation” status for the People’s Republic of China by the United States created controversy because of its sales of sensitive military technology. China’s MFN status was made permanent on December 27, 2001.

    3. TPP will make the “Work Force Participation Rate” even worse.

    The floodgates will be opened for foreign H-1b visa abuse as it is written.

  • albertbryson says:

    All government statistics are all lies. The statistics that are reported are totally false. They don’t want us to know the real truth. We have let the government get away with this because we can’t face reality.

  • ChuckS123 says:

    62.4% participation means 37.4% not working. However, not all want to. According to, the real unemployment rate is about 23%, including underemployed and people who have left the workforce.

  • itsfun says:

    Isn’t liberalism and socialism a wonderful form of government. No jobs, so we will just say unemployment is down. Illegal emigrants coming across the border every day, so we will change the way we count deportations and say we are deporting more illegals than ever. National debt is highest it has ever been, so we will just say it is going down. The sadist thing about this is people buy into this liberal BS.

  • SDofAZ says:

    He finished off the economy then paid the public coffers out to the illegal hordes and all the now unemployed. More people are on welfare and entitlements than ever before in the history of this country. And more voracious illegal aliens are arriving now than ever to feed on the remainder of the public funds. Never fear, the end of welfare is coming. The country is bankrupt and this turd is so proud of himself. What a prez, what a putz!

  • justinwachin says:

    This is a great example of the difference between the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Assuming the stats are correct the truth is the unemployment rate is 4.7 percent. The whole truth is that number does not reflect those who are no longer considered to be seeking a job. In other words, once a person’s unemployment benefits run out they are no longer part of the calculation.

    I would consider the rise in non-working Americans to be a better picture of our economy. A person leaves the work force when they die, retire or lose their job. Some of those who left may have done so because their conditions improved and they no longer need to have money coming in from a job. Most people though probably need a job and are unable to find one.

  • johnny be good says:

    Obie’s stuttering flop in Elkhart, IN was his attempt to get out in front of “the story”. Instead he looked like he was having a stroke, and these results are such an indictment of the Democrat economy that Killary will have an even tougher time winning votes.

    Terrible report, terrible. And from an administration that has always appeared to cook the books anyway. Indeed, things are likely worse than reported! Wait for a correction? LOL

  • Kent Powers says:

    Hopefully most Americans do know the way the unemployment rate is figured took a dramatic change under this administration. Every previous president incl. Bush & yes even the 2nd place worst president Carter the 94 million would be incl. in the unemployment figures, our actual unemployment rate as calculated for every other administration would be approx. 10%, but we have to let this administration continue to lie & cheat on most statistics or this administration would be drummed out of office.

    1. PC Bob says:

      Hmmm, drummed out of office! Sounds like a plan, to me!

    2. SDofAZ says:

      It is called funny math I believe.

    3. itsfun says:

      figures don’t lie, but liars figure is appropriate for this administration

  • GATORLAND says:

    I heard today the unemployment rate was 4.7% I guess the people that had no hope and quit looking for jobs do not count.

    1. says:

      You’re right…They are not counted in the Rigged Gov. System

      1. SDofAZ says:

        But we gotta have more HB type visas and more illegal aliens and more unvetted refugees. Don’t ya see? This is BO’s dream come true. 20% legal citizens unemployed, welfare up the nearly or over by now the 50% mark and the coffers are empty. He has done is job, his agenda and now he wants to turn the US over to the UN to manage. And he wants to run that show as well. NOT! Vote the dem lemmings and rinos out of office and throw rocks at this turd like the BLM does to the Trump rallies.

        1. says:

          heard today that border patrol is “quietly” taking bus loads of illegals from the border and dumping them in Phoenix with no vetting…beware

    2. says:

      The true unemployment is closer to 20%

    3. ruthetta says:

      That rate statistic does not take into consideration the almost 95 million people who are no longer figured in the labor force because they are no longer eligible for employment, and/or have given up looking for a decent job. That 4.7 is misinformation propaganda to make the Obama administration look good. jandjnesbitt is right. The actual high in some groups including 18-25 age groups, young black people in particular, has been estimated to be as high as 25% unemployment. We are looking at an overall determination to eliminate the middle-class and bring the working masses under complete government dependence and control. It is called socialism.

  • The Redhawk says:

    a mERE 38,000 Jobs… Smallest in Recent History…. 94 MILLIONS Amaricans OUT of WORK and BHOZO Spikes a nother Crap Burger touting his GREAT ECONOMY….It seems that the More he talks the BIGGER HIS CRAP BURGERS are Getting!!!!

  • David Stewart says:

    An increase of about 14 or 15 million? That’s about right; think he’s encouraged about that many border jumpers into the country!

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Can you say triple that number? The border partrol periodically publishes the number crossing monthly in different regions. We will have a lot to send home soon. Enforce E-verify everywhere and turn off the welfare spigot. That will get the flow reversed and the rest just round up and deport or jail. PUNISH employers who do not follow the e-verify laws severely.

      1. podunk1 says:

        Well said!
        Beautiful day here – ideal temps for a few days … Hope all is well there

  • uhptony says:

    Obama would climb a tree to tell a lie if the truth would help him if he were standing on the ground. Why? Because he is a lier.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      and should he climb that tree “COMMANDO”…. Try to find a ‘PAIR”… IF you “DARE” look up!!!

  • says:

    Obama is the second highest on the democrat lies, deception, and corruption list… Killery is number one

    1. The Redhawk says:

      t is a CLOSE race … however in BOdy Bags Count SHIL-lIAR-RY is ahead!!!

      1. says:

        Trump will smash Killery in November

        1. The Redhawk says:

          She’ll be as FLAT as ROAD KILL on a HIGHWAY!

          1. podunk1 says:

            Why can’t we tell it like it is?

            Obama’s 151,030,000 people employed hides the fact their 34.4 hour/weekly employment means they’re sharing 129,886,000 JOBS and the 21,144,000 non-existent jobs represent JOBLESSNESS with zero wages, taxes, and productivity for citizens and government! Unmentioned BLS schedule A-16 discloses another 6,449,000 people who want a job, but find NONE AVAILABLE! Obama FRAUDULENTLY tried to hide 27,593,000 JOBLESSNESS! If one blindly believes BLS 7,436,000 “unemployed”, then May joblessness based solely on BLS published data, is 35,029,000 full time joblessness! That is 4.7 times worse than Obama’s claim of 7,436,000!

            The BLS 40-hr. average $25.59/hr. wage with 30% employer paid tax/fringes/regulations ($69,033 each and $ 690 billion per 10 million jobless) establishes an annual productive loss of $2.4 trillion!!!

            Claims of better than or best ever requires factual base-line measures! The 66.50066% 12-year 1997/2008 average BLS workforce to eligible population, sets a May 168,362,000 comparable rounded workforce, based on May 253,174,000 May population! That compared to the real 129,886,000 full time May jobs (above) establishes 38,477,000 (22.85%) joblessness with an annual $2.7 trillion productive wealth down the toilet! That’s an astounding 5.2 times worse than reported!

            Every official and judge is individually allegiance bound to the 2nd oath and Constitution, which is a blood covenant fiduciary to unconditionally defend with true faith and allegiance! The presidential oath is essentially the same! “THEY” are the presidency, congress, and the Supreme Court, and “THEY” are betraying allegiance as ruling bodies of government and INDIVIDUALLY for doing nothing by cowering from name calling threats (Article 6)!!

            All ISN’T well with war and looting, when debt soars from $9 to $19 trillion in 7 years; when $100+ trillion SSI funds disappear; when global monopolists move the US strategic productive infrastructure to Communist China; when government gives welfare to criminal alien invaders to throw citizens out of work and into welfare; when aliens are openly recruited to replace citizen workers; and most of all, celebrating “ALL IS SECURE – BETTER THAN EVER”, as enemy nations flood the borders with Trojan horses, locust armies, and chaos within the population! That’s a shoot on site crime in a time of war!

          2. The Redhawk says:

            IF truth were to be told…..BHOZO and his FREAKS would have been IMPRISONED BY NOW!~! BESIDES MSM woukd have to admit that they LIED about the Incompetent emperor with no Clothes!

          3. podunk1 says:

            In fact, democrat/RINO Progressives would be automatically banned from office (14-3&4) and facing impeachment, trial and conviction (Article 1-1&2&3&6) facing fines and punishment up to the death penalty… IF CONGRESS DIDN’T BETRAY THEIR ALLEGIANCE (2nd oath)… IN FACT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who DON’T AGGRESSIVELY defend without any reservation against anyone WOULD LIKEWISE be facing the same comeuppance (Article 6 plus TREASON – aiding & comforting enemies of the Constitution Article 3-3)!

            Put your state & federal representatives & senators on notice that Civil Rights suits restricted to supreme Constitutional text will be filed against individual officials, judges, etc., not “government”, according Amendment 7 local jury determination where ALL JUDGES AND OFFICIALS ARE ALLEGIANCE BOUND TO “…no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any Court of the United States…” AND “…any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding… (Article 6)”! Because reservation or hesitation to defend the suit clearly betrays allegiance, end the game with the 2nd oath of allegiance, which is a precondition of holding office and a mandate of conduct! Think about it… only 3% of 320 million citizens is almost 10 million suits against a single judge or official who betrays the supreme rights of all of the people! It’s time to bury them in the dung they throw at us!

            2nd OATH: (Vice President, Cabinet, federal judges, all other civil… military officers… federal employees other than the President…) “…defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic… bear true faith and allegiance… without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion… will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office…”

          4. The Redhawk says:

            So LET US UNITE and FLUSH the FREAKS out of Offices, Departments and Apponted JOBS!!! With so many up fir Re-election, Frequent and aggressive calls to therir various offices DEMANDING Accountability and KEPT Campaign Promises……OR ELSE!!!

          5. podunk1 says:

            Bottom line… that says it all & or else is lots of letters to editors in their districts & everywhere else. There are what they are by truth (nothing else) & warn fellow man of the dangers!

          6. The Redhawk says:

            LET’s GO DO IT!

          7. podunk1 says:

            Been at it for a long time. The lamestream media & O’bomber progressive education have morphed the USA into a grunt & moan society like turtles mired in mud along a creek, waiting for an upstream bull to take a crap & give them something to chew on.

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