Reid: Boehner will cave in on immigration

by Alexander Bolton - The Hill
December 22, 2013

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) believes Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will negotiate on comprehensive immigration reform next year, despite his declarations to the contrary.

The Democratic leader argued that Boehner has a new willingness to confront Tea Party groups and this, in turn, gives Reid confidence that he will not have to break up the Senate immigration bill to negotiate a series of piecemeal reforms with the House.

“I think that John Boehner will conference with the Senate. Why wouldn’t he? He’ll have a lot of pressure from his members now that the election is getting closer,” Reid said in an interview with The Hill.
“Some of his members are in very marginal districts where they need to do something on immigration,” he added.

Boehner has vowed he will not let the Senate bill, which spans more than 1,200 pages, reach the negotiating table. The most controversial element of the package is a provision granting a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

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  • ndnpatriot says:

    I believe he will cave, and unfortunately, the poor people of Ohio will re-elect him.

  • VinceD2 says:

    Please have a look at They are fighting this bullshit and are pretty much the reason it hasn’t passed.

  • floramae says:


  • awegweiser says:

    It is about time he made this much needed move. Splitting families up when the children are citizens but their parents are not, is mean, nasty and uncivilized. Remember the old “Family Values” mantra, folks? Here’s a chance to give meaning to the words.

    1. ndnpatriot says:

      awegweiser, do you think if you were to break the law, they would let you go because you had children during your lawlessness?! Why don’t they protest and try to better their own country instead of breaking into ours and expecting American taxpayers to front-the-bill? Better yet, if you are so concerned about these law-breakers, go to their country and help them there!

      1. awegweiser says:

        All I can say is, the policy is cruel, nasty and uncivilized. And Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah & Joyous Kwanza to you and all

        1. ndnpatriot says:

          Joyous Kwanza? I can tell you know nothing about compassion and peace to convey greetings from a holiday started by a murderer!

          1. awegweiser says:

            What the holiday is is what matters, not what the founder may or may not have been. Our own history is loaded with similar events. For example, Andrew Carnegie might well be cited as a murderer because his hired thugs attacked and beat men from the mills, attempting to form Unions and better their grim situation. BUT today he is remembered and revered, for the library system, concert halls and several world class museums he funded and founded.

          2. ndnpatriot says:

            Huh? What holiday did Carnegie begin? I thought we were on the subject of a celebrated holiday begun by a murderer? And a racist, I might add.

          3. awegweiser says:

            Apparently, the point of my reference to Carnegie went right over your head.To be more explicit: Sometimes good things (a happy holiday or a concert hall) can, in time, come out of evil beginnings. Indeed, didn’t an entire religion come from the brutal torture and murder of a man?

          4. ndnpatriot says:

            awegweiser, it is always best to be explicit. And yes, in this case it did go over my head. Forgive me.
            And yes, I guess good things can come from evil beginnings, but not as long as it is divisive in it’s message. The torture and murder of Christ was preordained for all people (and their salvation), not a certain race, or culture.

    2. VinceD2 says:

      Who broke our laws and made decisions that split their families? Sorry, but the only problem here is our LACK of enforcement and our stoopid granting of birthright citizenship. In any case, the children of Mexican parents have Mexican citizenship so they can easily reunite there. No sympathy for these criminal trespassers!

      1. awegweiser says:

        You consider “stoopid” (sic), laws which grant children citizenship at birth here? Ask how many, many Americans, still alive and whose forebears,who remained here because of those laws think so. They were welcomed by many, although not always for altruistic reasons, and very many became valued members, and even leaders, of our Nation – Of course, mostly. they happened to be from Europe and not Mexico. And the new arrivals accepted work under the same type of awful conditions in factories and as is common now, in farm fields.
        In this season, which honors and celebrates a man who is revered for his enormous and glorious atitudes and actions, including compassion for the less fortunate. it is ironic that you deny them even a little tiny bit of your sympathy?
        Of course, there is also that “stoopid” statement on the ornament that adorns NY harbor …

        1. VinceD2 says:

          Our birthright citizenship policy is being abused beyond belief.

          We need to stop this nonsense, the citizenship of a child should mirror that of the mother so we don’t falsely accused of breaking up families.

          Nice play of the race card, but it makes no sense.

          The statue of Liberty welcomes LEGAL immigrants, and by the way, many were turned back for various reasons at Ellis Island.

          Compassion for the illegal aliens is cruelty to American workers, especially the lesser skilled and trades workers who are directly displaced, and have their wages depressed by the illegal workforce.

          There is no motivation to improve “awful conditions” or awful wages when there is an illegal workforce to take those jobs. Enforce our laws and conditions and wages would improve dramatically.

          Allowing this illegal invasion is STOOPID, except for the greedy illegal employers, who are profiting handsomely while the rest of us subsidize them through our tax revenue.

        2. ndnpatriot says:

          I really think you have good intentions, but evidently you’re not looking or thinking of the whole picture. Yes, we are to show compassion, but we must look at the unintended consequences of our actions. You MUST have a limit to what you allow to be compassion, and common sense. That is why there are rules to how many, and what is required to become an American citizen. If you really want to show compassion for the people you feel are oppressed, or lacking what is required to have a full life, there are organizations which try to help those people. Or, if you feel that strongly about it, Go to their respective countries and protest beside them. Of course you would probably be standing there alone, as they come here to protest. Isn’t it ironic, how 20-30 million people break into our country, and because they don’t have the same rights as we (which I argue they have more), they feel they can protest! Could you imagine what a difference it would make if this many people demanded their rights in their own respective countries? Just saying.

    3. VinceD2 says:

      So stop granting citizenship to the children if illegals, and maternity tourists! Besides, there is nothing stopping these families form reuniting in the home country. Mexico grants citizenship to the children of Mexican parents no matter where they are born.

  • edgineer says:

    Is Reid delusional? As the election gets closer the threat from mainstream America to vote against anyone who supports immigration “reform” grows.

  • dad666 says:

    If Boner caves he should be removed immediately. Pay attention OHIO, This POS is now shoeinghis true colors and selling you out.

    1. VinceD2 says:

      He needs to be removed BEFORE he caves!

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