Report: NRSC memo says what to do if Trump is GOP nominee

by Ben Kamisar
December 3, 2015

The Senate Republicans’ campaign arm has a contingency plan in case Donald Trump wins the GOP presidential nomination — one that amounts to a mixed embrace of the controversial politician.

“We should prepare for 2016, by understanding the environment and recognizing the Trump phenomenon,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Ward Baker writes in a private September memo to the group’s senior staff, made public by The Washington Post on Wednesday.

The NRSC told The Post that it has prepared plans for other potential candidates, not just Trump.

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  • Harry Sidor says:

    He would be better than what we have now, He can stand toe to toe with the best. He is a go getter and is aggressive.

  • snowyriver says:

    If Trump wins the nomination… How about vote for him in the finals? Would that be an option?

  • cutterguy says:

    RNC is afraid of any runner who is not member of “the club” in dc

  • bandit says:

    If Voting Mattered , It Wouldn’t Be Allowed .

  • Faithful American says:

    I totally AGREE: Ted Cruz is the PEOPLE’S nominee for PRESIDENT! Cruz is QUALIFIED; Trump has NO WORK EXPERIENCE and NO QUALIFICATIONS to be PRESIDENT, let ALONE be COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF! Trump has NOT held any TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE for our US GOVERNMENT and or any SECURITY CLEARANCE as a US STATE GOVERNOR! He has NO background in LAW SCHOOL and has NEVER CREATED or PASSED any LAWS! God HELP AMERICA if Trump IS elected because that EGOMANIC is going to be a DICTATOR, like Obama is!

  • Alan says:

    The only reason for having a contingency plan in the first place is because of the fear you might fail in your initial attempt at maintaining your personal position on the totem-pole. They are scared, pure and simple. Pretty much the entire Republican party needs to be stripped-down and revarnished because it’s become just about as dull and flat as an ancient table.

  • Dick Ellis says:


  • dmttbt says:

    They can’t seem to understand why they are not at the head of the class. The people are finally waking up to the fact that we do not have a two or three party system, it is a one party system of crime wave proportions. We know that what they say and what they do is way different. Enough!

  • Colleen Gill Rotter says:

    I don’t think these people understand the anger out here ! The GOP has sadly forgotten “who” elected them and why in the last election ! Most are a bunch of liars ! Trump tells it like it is and a lot of us like what he says and he isn’t a run of the mill , tell you what you want to hear, kind of candidate ! They’re scared to death of him,, just my opinion !!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Trump is the biggest liar in the bunch, He just tells the lies you choose to believe. He lies about how much money he has, he lies about statements he has made in the past. Most of what comes out of his mouth is a half truth, a misstating of facts or a bold face lie and you believe him. Please check facts on this guy. You want to believe that the problems in this country are easy and that it some outside force that is causing the problem and that Trump can fix them. This is the same guy that went bankrupt in Atlantic city because he couldn’t get people to gamble. This is the guy that the banks had to come in and bail out because he had over spent. He is such a good Christian that he can’t take time out on Sunday to go to church because he is to busy making money. So far he has upset France, China, Mexico and most of our allies. He’s taking you for a buggy ride and you don’t see it.

  • Phannesa says:

    These people are discussing!! They are just as bad as the demon rats!!

  • ijohnc1 says:

    The bastards have not received the memo, Americans first, still mitch and crew think they will prevail.
    2016 comes a rolling
    “Beware the ides of March”…..Shakespeare

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Good quote, from a play that the leader gets a knife in the back.

      1. marshmil says:

        Julius Caesar. “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.” See that parody movie. It’s hilarious.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I love Forum, great musical, I did the play in college. I was thinking about Casca and the line “Hands speak for me” as he sticks the knife into Caesars back. It was the Senate that took Julius out. Do you think history could repeat it’s self.

          1. Mike O'Mara says:

            It would if we had a two party system but we only have one party using two names.

          2. marshmil says:

            It’s far past time that our Senate took out the Muslim imposter born in Kenya and brainwashed by Saul Alinsky.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            They can’t, and the congress knows it, just because some radio talk show hosts say something is true doesn’t make it so. Obama has not done anything that he can be impeached for and the republicans know it. They would if they could but they can’t.

          4. marshmil says:

            B.S. You obviously side with the Kenyan-born imposter and the anti-Americans associated with him.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            No I side with the real constitution and the twisted one the radio talk show guys use. I side with facts, not made up lies. Ask yourself this if Obama could be impeached why hasn’t he? Do you believe that Congress would for a minute miss the chance to impeach him if they could? This man was elected president twice. He is The President of the United States of America. Call him all the names you like, it won’t change that fact.

          6. marshmil says:

            Had this imposter wangled his way in prior to 2008 he would have been ousted quickly. We have a “progressive”/”liberal” faction today that is anti-God, anti-Amendment I and Amendment II and anti-male/female traditions that have stood solidly for several millennia. Rush, Hannity and Savage are highly intelligent gentlemen who respect the US Constitution and the values America was founded upon going back to around 1620.
            The upsurge in mayhem going on since 2008 is prima facie evidence of lack of leadership in ALL THREE branches of our federal government. But you and I are opposites. I support a strong Department of Defense with active military, closed monitored borders, equal justice under law, zero “refugee” immigration and the State of Israel. And regarding Barry Soetoro not being impeached—I wonder that myself and put the blame squarely on a wimp Congress. I often wonder who might be paying people off.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            Rush, Hannity and Savage respect Ratings. It;s a business. They are selling you a view of the world that keeps you coming back for more mostly founded on hate, distrust and fear. These are smart men, Not one has a degree in history, law or any related field. Rush has no degree at all. They are paid conservatives, they are in it for the money and their ego. These constitution wiz kids are the ones saying that the president should and could be impeached but the in fact he has done no impeachable acts and congress knows it. As far as the values America was founded on you need to go study history, America was founded as much on greed as anything. It was also founded on freedom from religion. This freedom from religion was so important to the framers of the constitution that it was part of the first amendment. We are not opposite, or not as opposite as you believe. I believe in legal immigration, not the system we have of sneaking in. It’s not the democrats that are blocking border security, it’s the republicans that block it. The laws on the books for illegals are a joke and need fixed but the republicans don’t want to fix them and loose the cheap labor force. As far as the military goes I’m not against a strong military but I am against having military spending that is unchecked and in fact is a welfare system for the military hardware manufacturers and venders. Look at how we spend our money. Our military personal can get welfare because the pay is so low. We hire companies to do work that the military should be doing like fixing the equipment and cooking their food. About half the money spent is wasted and goes into the pockets of the fat cats that own Washington. I support the State of Israel but it’s present government is adding to the problem not trying to solve them. Also you know that $3 billion in aid they are getting, do you know where that money is spent? It goes to American arms manufacturers. It’s spent with American companies. I’m sure the kick backs to Israel’s leaders must be pretty big. If there was peace between Israel and it’s neighbors the money might stop flowing and there are people that wouldn’t like that. It’s the same thing with the money going to Iran, if you listen to Trump and Rush you would think it was our money that they are getting but in fact it’s their money that we took from them and our banks have had interest free for years. It’s their money> Do you know where that money is going once they get it? They don’t get to keep it, it goes to pay bills they owe to Russia, China, France and another of other countries and companies. It’s all about the money and greed, as American as Apple Pie.

      2. Mike O'Mara says:

        Many knives. Gun control is pointless. They only seek more and more people control while thining out The surplus population and replacing them with the illegals of their choice.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          It’s a lot harder to stab 14 people to death in five minutes the shoot them, remember the mass stabbing in a high school last year, no one died.

  • Peatro Giorgio says:

    Well The N.R.S.C Had best stand by the peoples nominee; No matter who that maybe. I am A Senator Ted Cruz supporter ,However If Ted is Not the Nominee and Donald is I’ shall Vote for him. If The N.R.S.C. chooses to go against the bases choice and not stand with the bases nominee they shall be wiped right off the political map. As a Fiscal conservative ,libertarian leaning Tea-Party Patriot I’ll vote 3rd party . As I had when the Rino establishment ran Romney , McCain, Dole. I’m one of millions of whom are fed up ,sick an tired ,of rino rejects .and the establishment class of frauds phonies and liars. We want our own President not some fake ass establishment plant. You Establishment hacks can count on a third party run as well the base abandoning you turds. Peatro Giorgio.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      As a fiscal conservative libertarian leaning Tea-Party Patriot what are you doing in the republican party? In case you haven’t noticed the party is people like Romney, McCain and Bob Dole. They are the party. If you are fed up with the party leave it. Go take over the Libertarian party and let the moderates have the republican party back. It’s the people like you that is keeping the problems in the country from being solved. it a country for ALL the people not just you.

      1. marshmil says:

        Thank you bobnstuff.

      2. dmttbt says:

        No I am afraid you are wrong about this is the country for all the people. Has everyone forgotten what illegal means? Do you know why they are called illegals? Because the border is suppose to be closed and it was supposed to be closed 30 years ago. Who do you think benefits from slave labor?

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Yes why are the borders not closed. Where is the bill in congress to hire more border agents? Why didn’t either of the President Bush’s do it. Why did it become a problem now that we are down to 11 million but it wasn’t important when we had 23 million? Funny how now it’s a problem. Maybe that great immigration reform bill in congress will fix it, oh I forgot there is no republican immigration reform bill or a welfare reform or a income tax reform or any other reform bill. We get lots of bill to repeal the ACA and we get lots of bills renaming Post Offices but little else. With all the real problems in our country why isn’t the Congress dealing with them. We can’t even get a bill to fix the roads through Congress. I know it’s all Harry’s fault, oh wait he’s been gone for a year. his desk has a republican sitting in it. By the way I meant all Americans, Republican and Democrats.

      3. ravenwings says:

        Our country can not survive democrats being elected the next time around. Even if you don’t like Trump at least he loves this country not like Hillary who wants ONE WORLD ORDER

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Trump love this country just like he loves his wives. Trump love two things making a deal and himself. If you don’t want Hillary as president you had better find someone that can win a national election. Non of the guys running can do it. Don’t blame the democrats for putting up Hillary, she can win. Blame the Republicans for putting up losers. Had the 2014 been a national election the Democrats would have won. More votes for Democrats the Republicans. It was only by gerrymandering and races in states that the republicans should have been able to keep last time. that the Republicans did well. The president isn’t the one taking your rights it congress. Ever heard of the Patriot Act?

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Well with swallow the establishment loadS like you sure the republican won’t win . Us conservative will never ever vote for a moderate or liberal RINO reject repub. TED CRUZ IS THE NATION’S BEST CHOICE. BEN CARSON , CARLY OR DONALD. THAT’S IT.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            It’s a numbers thing, If you win with the conservative you lose the moderates and liberals. What % of the voters are conservatives? Depending on who’s numbers you use it’s between 17% and 35% or not enough to elect a president. You need 51% of the votes to win. It’s a numbers game. You said you will never support a main stream republican so no republican will ever win.

          3. Peatro Giorgio says:

            So what’s mainstream to you liberalism that’s not man stream. Every so called moderate Repuke turned out more liberal then the liberal demo-rat they were running against in the general election no thanks. If He or she is not a proven Fiscal conservative with Libertarian leanings then they can go F themselves this nation has had more then it’s share of lying liberal moderates an rino rejects. I voted 3rd party against Romney, Against McCain and Dole. And so did millions of others just like myself
            We have had with your so called mainstream traitors, liars an thieves. Voting for a mainstream is voting for shillary only difference is they wear a Republican moniker. Instead of a demo rat like they should. So no to Kasich no to Graham, no to Christie ,no to bush. No to Santorume, no to Rubio. No to Patakie, no to Gillmore. No to Huckabee. If it isn’t Cruz, Carson,Carly or Trump third party here I come. Fuck all you fake ass moderates with your hands out all the time.

          4. Bob2002 says:

            Yea, but surely the country is tired of Democrats and their corrupt ways of running the government. Its their way or the highway and when you have an illegal president who violates the constitution daily, then this must mean something. We all know there are more registered Democrat voters than Republicans, yet there is a Republican majority in the House and Senate. So, you can not just look at the numbers and make a determination as to what will happen in an election.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Here the thing, If the republicans put up a candidate that wasn’t trying to prove how stupid he is they would win, even though the president isn’t illegal and he my be pushing thing he hasn’t broken the law or the constitution. In fact the constitution is what gave him the power to do the things he has done. It’s the republicans that are going to lose the election just like the last two by not finding a true leader that all the country can vote for. I will never vote for some one who is against instead of for something.

          6. Bob2002 says:

            Being a Democrat, you have to believe the way you believe. However, more informed people, and people who are not idealogues, do not believe Republicans have to run a RINO in order to win an election (and we are tired of the Democrat press picking our nominee). Just look at Ronald Reagan. Obama has never given us a clean birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii because there is none. As for Obama violating the constitution, he does it every time he issues an EO that changes one of our laws. EOs are meant to be used to implement laws, not change them. Just look at what he has done with most of his EOs. He changed ACA instead of just implementing this very bad law. There are numerous other ways he has violated the constitution since he became president and space does not allow me to write them down here. However, you can google this subject and see for yourself all the violations of our constitution he has done. Progressive Democrats are not exactly for everything like you seem to think because they are against everything Conservatives are for. So do not use that analogy to say Republicans lose elections because they are against everything. We are against radical liberalism and senseless restriction of our freedoms that your Democrat Party supports. The constitution clearly says we have 2nd Amendment rights to own a gun, but Democrats constantly try to restrict our rights by putting restrictions on us. You need an awakening but since you still support Obama, there is no chance for you. Stay in your ignorance and remain the liberal, progressive, and socialist you are.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            OE’s are legal, Go read the history of the second amendment, The unlimited right to bare arms is fairly new and not as proven in law as you might think. You need to take some time and study history, nothing that Obama has done is new, presidents have been doing these things since Washington. How a law is enforced is the power of the President and Obama;s use of that power isn’t new. I have googled the subject a number of times as well as studied history. As far as restrictions of our freedom look at what law has grabbed out freedom more then any other in history.

            It was passed in 2003 and took most of our 4th amendment rights but the right isn’t bothered by those rights because there is no money to be made. Also look and see which president grabbed the most power, I will give you a clue it wasn’t Obama

          8. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Well it appears you’ve shown your true ignorance. You claim to read history yet you’ve failed to read either the pro or anti Federalist papers. If you had you would then not be writing as uninformed as you are . The second amendment. Sole purpose was to insure each man’s right to life liberty an Pursuit of his or her own happiness was Guaranteed by the right of self defense. And the right of the people to over throw a tyrannical, abusive government. An against all enemies foreign an domestic, and no government can infringe upon the individual s rights..

          9. Bob2002 says:

            As I have mentioned, EOs are not illegal. However, they were designed as a measure to help the president do his duty of implementing and enforcing the laws that congress has passed. They were made to help the president implement the laws; not change them as Obama, and yes a few previous presidents, have done. I are not interested in what previous presidents have done, (that is in the past and can not be changed) but I am very interested in what this president is doing to our country. He is flooding our country with Muslim refugees which is contrary to what the majority of the country wants. He illegally used taxpayer funds to overthrow President Mubarak of Egypt and install Morsi (a Muslim Brotherhood enthusiast). Thank goodness, the military overthrew him. He and Hillary Clinton has made a mess of Libya by helping al Queda overthrow Gaddaffi. His not negotiating properly with the Iraqi leader to allow our troops to remain there allowed ISIS to become powerful and some in Iraq believe Obama is providing ISIS with weapons. Many of the weapons supposedly meant for the rebels, trying to overthrow Assad, ended up in ISIS’ hands.

            DHS, and this Administration has used the Patriot Act to further restrict some of our freedoms and yes, it was originally passed in 2003. But this Administration has expanded it beyond its original purpose. Just ask the author of the original bill (Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin). Obama has used the Patriot Act to gather information on his political opponents and he has used this information to threaten them in order to get his way. Why do you think Chief Justice Roberts changed his vote and made ACA the law of the land? Why has the Republicans not impeached Obama for the many things he has done? Why has every Federal judge used some nebulous reason for dismissing the many lawsuits filed concerning Obama’s birth certificate? Its all because Obama has misused the Federal government (for instance IRS, EPA, FBI, CIA, and many other 3 letter abbreviated federal agencies) to control his enemies. He has Republicans so afraid to do anything that might make Obama angry, that they have given him complete control of the funding process. Otherwise, he would have already been impeached and thrown in jail. Your Hero is nothing but a corrupt and very dangerous Muslim who was put in power by Saudi Arabia, Iran, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and many other liberal billionaires.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            You can’t say this presidents rules are different then those of past presidents. His power comes from the constitution Article II section 1 and what it takes to impeach him is there also. That’s why he is still president. Every president in history has used EO’s to choose what laws to enforce and how to do it. If congress would start doing their job most of the EO’s wouldn’t have been needed. As far as his birth certificate he has done more then he should have. It makes no difference. It’s just another thing for the hate group to attack him with. Iraq wanted us out, Bush sign a treaty that set a time to leave. Do you believe that as a country we should be breaking treaties? Just for the record you can’t complain about the presidents minister and call him a Muslim. Here is the thing you are aloud not to like a black man in the White House, it’s your right. The media is aloud to lie about the facts, First amendment rights. You are even allowed to vote against your own best interests, being stupid is your right but one day you are going to figure out that you have been mislead by people you have trusted and you will get mad. I got to retire that’s in part to the ACA because it let me buy insurance for my wife who has medical problems. I could retire because my 401K regained it’s value. I would be stupid to vote for someone who is trying to take away those things that I have benefited from and that have cut the greedy insurance companies power over me. Oh and Saudi Arabia has just had free elections and women got to vote for the first time. The government in Iran changed in 1979 and had no power in our elections. Liberal billionaires are bad conservative billionaires are good.

          11. S.J. Jolly says:

            Needed: A split in the Republican Party, so that the “True Republicans” can go as reactionary-right as they wish, while the traditional Republicans make deals with the Democrats to govern the country.

          12. bobnstuff says:

            Yes, A party for moderates. The right is to right and the left is to far left. A party in the middle would be a good thing.

          13. marshmil says:

            “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet. –Kipling. It fits here even though he meant Eastern Civilization and Western Civilization. Seems the East is trying to behead those of us in the West.

          14. marshmil says:

            So then it boils down to the essence that only a small percentage of us today have the value system held by the “Founders.”

          15. bobnstuff says:

            Our founders were no saints. They were not conservatives in fact they were progressives. For some reason people believe our founders were different then use but they were reacting to the times. They could not see into the future. The constitution was written in much simpler time and even then they know there were problems. Even before it was ratified they had to add the first ten amendments just to get it passed. Washington was still president when the first revolt took place, ever heard of the Whiskey Rebellion. It was the first use of the militia. The idea of no standing army was gone with in twenty years because the militia didn’t work.In less 70 years there was a civil war. The constitution is not the holy document that the Conservatives seem to believe it is and it was not written in stone. So in fact there are lots of people that share the values of our founding fathers but it’s not the people the conservative think they are.

          16. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Well our founding fathers may have been critical thinkers who utilized well reasoned logic. They were not however progressive s There foundational thoughts came directly from scripture. The Constitution is the corner stone of our Republic. It’s clear you my friend are oblivious to the obvious. As it is also rather obvious you have neither read the pro – or anti Federalist papers. The whiskey rebellion was over taxes. Again the civil war was fought over Tariff s and states rights. In that war the wrong side won. As had the wrong side during the Whiskey rebellion. The next civil war we shall see a much better out come. Rejecting federalism.

          17. bobnstuff says:

            You do know a number of the founding fathers were not Christians don’t you. There is no Christian base for our constitution. Do you know what a progressive is? These people where very ahead of their time in their thinking. They created a democracy. The only reason out country works is federalism, If you don’t think so tell you state to give back any money from the feds that is greater then the amount they paid in.

          18. Peatro Giorgio says:

            You are aware that your spewing the very same unintelligent crap from those less educated . In reference to historical facts. And the facts are 82% of our founding fathers were God fearing men. One need only look to the pro an anti Federalist papers ,the Declaration of independence and the Constitution . As well be versed in what was the common reading material of their day and exactly what was the very first of two books used in the schools of the day to teach them how to read. Note the primary book was the Bible which was used up an until the late 1940 . One will note the construct of our founding documents to note the various verses of scripture from which were written in our founding Documents. Though I would anticipate an illiterate unable to grasp or understand the composition from which our fathers drew from. Well here again your ignorant The federal government has no income. I pray everyday for a civil war so that we may rid our selves of the low educated noncontributing losers such as yourself.

          19. bobnstuff says:

            John Adams
            Thomas Jefferson
            George Washington
            Benjamin Franklin
            Alexander Hamilton
            James Madison

            All non Christian, I believe you would call these people the heavy hitters of the founding fathers. Of the three writers of the Federalist Papers only Jay was a Christian.

          20. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Not only are you a liar
            But read Washington’s Farewell address to congress. . Man you are stupid. You’ve written your crap to the wrong history buff moron. And thusly proven your ignorance an illiteracy. I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the federalist papers and read the old King James version of the bible. Upon doing so it will them become quite clear as to what extent all six of those founding members you name drew upon scripture to formulate their opinions an thoughts during the Convention. Then an only then might you speak with some semblance of Authority. Until such time remain silent. For it is best to remain silent an let people think you the idiot then to open your mouth an prove your an idiot.

          21. bobnstuff says:



            Washington was not a Christian as these peoples report . TJ did read the bible along with the Quran and a number of out books on religion. Much of our constitution is based on British Common law and the writings of John Locke. Does “Life, Liberty and Property” sound at all familiar. Oh why don’t you try reading the New Testament in Greek, the language it was written in. The KJV is written in the same language as Shakespeare, very pretty but not all that good a translation.

          22. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Each new posting from you proves your naivety, ignorance an illiteracy. I offer up the king James version moron because that was the Bible most used by our founding fathers and was the very bible the were most familiar with. Further more Your no authority on translations . Of any bible version . Reading or suggesting progressive Web links as a source you rely upon Merely proves your arrogance.

          23. marshmil says:

            And I personally like Ben Carson but for the Office I support Cruz and Trump. One could be Pr. and the other VPr.

          24. Bob2002 says:

            If Hillary can win, there is more things wrong with our country than can ever be fixed. Hillary is corrupt, is a liar, inept, incompetent, and does not have a clue how to run anything except the Secret Service who protects her.

          25. bobnstuff says:

            Trump is far worse a liar and thief. Please do some real fact checking on the man. Check out what he said about ripping off investors in Atlantic City. It doesn’t make any difference, the Conservatives will vote for their candidate and everyone else will vote democrat. The conservatives loose, plan and simple.

          26. Peatro Giorgio says:

            Well burn out BOB ,it’s clear you haven’t a clue as to who is supporting Trump more then Half his support is coming from those who are unaffiliated, or independent. This election cycle seems to be lead by the independence and unaffiliated. So your dream of shillary ever becoming president seems at best like a long shot . And more likely then not the demo-rats are going down in flames.. As for myself Ted Cruz is my Guy . However as an independent There is a Democrat worth a damn , so This cycle it looks to me like the republican party’s top 4 are where Ill choose from. Any of the following will receive my support during the general election Cruz,Carson,Carly, Donald .

          27. Bob2002 says:

            There is no way Trump is far worse a liar and thief than Hillary Clinton. You need to Heed your own advice and do the research on Hillary. She lied about Benghazi and caused 4 Americans (including the Ambassador to Libya) to lose their life). The video she said caused Al Qaeda to attack the Tripoli Consulate. was a lie and she knew it from the beginning because she told her family so while telling the nation differently. She never accomplished anything as the hand-picked Senator from New York. Name one bill she authored and got passed. Everything she touches turns to crap. How about that health care bill she tried to force on the nation during her husband’s presidency? How about the Bimbo Erections she initiated to protect her pervert husband? There is a trail a mile long behind Hillary and dead people. She is evil and corrupt to the bone and is a socialist, at least, or a communist, at the most. Any educated person should not want this woman to be the leader of our country because she would be worse than Obama. We do not want another Democrat as our president because they have ruined us economically and politically around the world. She is for a one-world government (headed by the very corrupt UN); which is contrary to our constitution. I know you and your fellow Democrats want Trump to lose the election, but you will be very disappointed when he becomes president in January 2017.

          28. bobnstuff says:

            Have you look at the facts around Benghazi, not just what the right wing media tells you. Al Qarda admitted that they used the video to gave them the chance to attack. As far as security, Stevens know what he was getting into and still went. In case you didn’t know the Secretary of State has a lot of things that they are working on at one time and security is left up to the experts, Would you want a diplomat making your security arrangements? Why did we need 8 hearings, is congress so incompetent that in 8 tries the can’t get enough on her? As far as bills past I guess Ted does win he got one passed. Oh wait! She had two passed.
            As far as standing by Bill, she is still married to him, Trump is on wife number three and cheated on one and two. I have heard over and over again about the one-world government, do you believe any president is going to give up power to the UN? All that being said I’m not really a Hillary supporter. I keep hoping someone will step up that I like. Right now non of the candidates republican or democrat are very good. I will say this though Trump is the worst. I fear you will be disappointed once people get to vote, I will be surprised if he makes it to Supper Tuesday.

        2. marshmil says:

          Thank you ravenwings. Note: Some people never learn! They are nut cakes who are helping divide the nation so the atheistic, socialistic mongrels can run it deeper into the festering septic tank for trickle down communism. This crap would never have even begun roughly 1939 to 1970. I believe we are in the Days of Apostasy wherein that which restrains has been taken out of the way and likely explains why the world is now in such turmoil. But many will have no clue as to what that means.

    2. marshmil says:

      And 3rd. party votes might siphon off enough conservative votes to again assign the White House to another liberal hack. So if you want to risk putting Her Royal Highness HR Clinton in the Oval Office go ahead. And when the nation remains in the septic tank another four years we will fingerpoint at YOU for choosing to continue the stink and national decomposition.

      1. dmttbt says:

        There comes a time I everyone’s life when they have to vote their conscience. I hear this theory every election. We should vote for Trump because he has the balls to actually get something done. Hillary if there is any justice left in the world should be arrested by then along with others who have seen fit to do their own thing and to hell with the people. If we had an honest election we might have a chance. I don’t know if that will ever happen.

        1. ravenwings says:

          the problem it is accurate. That is how Bill Clinton got elected. Have to work from the inside. Need to put the RINOS on notice. They will be voted out!!!!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Don’t blame the voting machines for Bill, the Machines back then were not computerized yet and the old iron monsters were hard to fix. If the republicans want to win the White House they need a candidate that democrats will vote for as well as republicans. Do you see anyone running that would get democrats votes? Those RINO’s and Democrats out number the Con’s two to one and it’s going to be a Democrat in the White House again unless the republicans can find someone all the republicans conservative and moderate plus some of the democrats like. You can have gerrymandered districts but you can’t gerrymander the whole country.

        2. ravenwings says:

          not as long as there is electronic voting… Reid was behind when the lights went out and won when they returned. Those machine can be programmed. If you think they can’t look at the gambling machines.

          1. Mike O'Mara says:

            Obama did the same in several cities and states he was loosing all day and at the last minute he won. His win required changing votes for both parties because there was not enough voters left to turn it in his favor. They took away from Republicans and gave to the Marxist. If you can look back it was news for almost 3 days and then the rino branch of the democrat socialist party made it go away. In both off year elections the socialist democrats got crushed because those machines were not used for the off year elections. The numbers scream fraud.

          2. S. Wicks Jr says:

            Simply stated; that last election was FIXED! The demoncraps played all the tricks in the book and even got a voter turnout of >100%. Must have been all those foreign voters……

          3. pete G says:

            Romney was to stupid to look into that, i couldn’t believe it. No one has ever carried 100% of any State or county and Obama polled 100% of one precinct. That’s impossible. If there is more tampering this time i hope Republicans have enough sense to file charges instead of sitting on their A$$es and doing nothing like he did. Sometimes i think Romney voted for Obama. What a give-in pussy he was.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Pete, go look at the numbers Obama didn’t get 100% anywhere. He did come real close in one precinct in Philly that he came real close but there when 99% black voters. Ohio was rigged but for Romney, they just didn’t rig it enough. Romney’s son owned the voting machines. That’s why Rumsfeld had the melt down on Fox.

          5. S. Wicks Jr says:

            I think that Romney feared for his family. It made NO sense for him to pull away from that fraud of an election so fast unless there was something else causing his concern….. Never underestimate the DEMONcrapic party….

          6. marshmil says:

            I much prefer the No 2 pencil and paper ballots on which we darken the circles of our choices then personally put the paper ballot into a locked and guarded box.

          7. ravenwings says:

            So do I… the only way that it can be 90% fraud free. PLUS, I would add voter ID… no ID no vote.
            and not via drivers licenses. Go to your local DMV or court house and get a Photo ID. That would make it almost 100% fraud free!!!

          8. marshmil says:

            The DMV issues Driver Licenses and Photo ID’s both of which are valid in my State. But requiring a photo ID would inconvenience (???) some as well as cut down on voter fraud. That will incite the progressives to riot. It’s odd they don’t complain about having to show a photo ID to cash checks, open bank accounts, etc. So it’s pure BS about “inconvenience” relative to voting. I say, if that’s so, then just forget the photo ID and STAY HOME on election day. To me you’re not vetted for legal voting.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            Have you ever heard of stuffing the ballot box. Paper ballots were no better then the computers. Before the computers came in we had these voting machines that weighed a ton but were as safe as you can get. No electronics. someone from each party checks the counters before voting and after voting and the are sealed in between. In person voting is not the problem, it never has been. If you really want to stop voter fraud you need to fix the voter rolls. We need a national data base for voter registration that is cross checked with death records. If I can register to vote in more then one place ID doesn’t solve anything. The people who talk the most about voter fraud are the ones who have the least knowledge of what happens at a polling place.

          10. pete G says:

            Yeah it’s a damn good thing we got you Bob. Where you been you ole liberal troll. He gets on these conservative sites, intimidates and disagrees with everyone . Just humor him and he will go away. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            Pete, you know I don’t go away. Who would make you look at facts if I left. Beside if you think I’m liberal you don’t know what a real liberal is.

          12. pete G says:

            Yeah they modernize it alright so they could cheat like hell. Paper and ink and into the box should be the only way you can vote. The public should insist on it.

          13. marshmil says:

            We agree but we are not politically correct. That means we don’t follow in lock step with the agenda to overthrow the US Constitutional Government. The politically correct progressives can’t stand the idea that some take risks and win. Then the winners proceed to create jobs for those with lesser incomes. Other than sex, illegal substances and myriads of additional unlawful activities how many jobs do street hawkers create?

        3. pete G says:

          I had a Democrat tell me the other day i am not going to vote this time around because i hate all these Democrats and i don’t want to see them get reelected. I told her what the heck are you talking about, you don’t have to vote for a Democrat you can vote for a Republican or an independent if you want and she was shocked. There are people out there who are that naive. I am a Democrat, reluctantly and i have been voting against Democrats for 3 elections now. I wouldn’t give you a dime for the whole lot of them. Corruption under this black tyrant is their game. Remember to vote man and not party in this next election and save this beautiful country.

          1. marshmil says:

            Glad you woke up pete G. Welcome aboard!

      2. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Well lets see we have a choice ,Either Cruz, Trump, Carly of Ben, Any other choice is voting for a shillary like rino republican. No thanks I”LL chose to stay home or vote third party. And I bet any amount millions of other Americans feel exactly the same way and will actually do the exact same thing. You want to bet.??

        1. marshmil says:

          OK throw away your vote. Vote a “third party” and siphon off so HRC wins. People abdicating their voting rights in 2008 and 2012 put the Kenyan imposter where he’s at now. Choose Trump, Cruz or Carson. We all need to stick together to get rid of progressive liberalism which is pro killing babies, pro coddling thugs, cutthroats and other non-American vermin in to drain down the Treasury and pro anti-Faith which is the bedrock foundation of civilization.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says:


          2. pete G says:

            Hell i been a Democrat for 50 years and i am having as hard a time figuring out how anyone could vote for one of these corrupt fools. If this last 7years hasn’t taught you anything you’re not capable of learning.

      3. Bob2002 says:

        If all this comes to fruition, it will be the Establishment Republicans who are to blame. It is they who will have sacrificed their anti Trump stance over electing a Republican.

      4. Julia says:

        And, it indeed would ensure President Clinton, again, and that would be our demise, By our I don’t mean the party, but the country! If Trump really loves the country he will realize this!

      5. Peatro Giorgio says:

        Well instead of preaching go along with the establishment. Why don’t you start preaching screw the establishment. Vote your conscience. Or is your conscience as weak as your spine.

    3. ravenwings says:

      the establishment is working to make themselves irrelevant. I know they think they are above everybody else. EXPERIENCE speaking. Both sides of the coin.

    4. HadEnough says:

      Peatro, your comment sounds a lot like the long, forceful, warning and fed-up comment that I made. I am soooo fed up with the NRSC and their organizations. They are dirty double crossers, they don’t care one bit who we, the voters want. They only care about themselves and the same old status quo. If they try to put one of their old Dead Beat Worthless Candidates in, I Will Not Vote for Them. I’m ONLY VOTING FOR TRUMP AND CRUZ. In that order. NOBODY ELSE !!!! This is who we, the people want.

    5. Mike O'Mara says:

      As we say in church, AMEN

  • PPTA says:

    The big money people, the Bilderberg Group, (Who have taken over the Democrat Party, the group that the Rinos belong to) is really running scared.
    Read the book

    The True Story of
    The Bilderberg Group

    By Daniel Estulin
    North American Edition
    Second edition
    Printed in USA
    Distribution to the Trade by;
    Independent Publishers Group (IPG)
    814 North Franklin Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60610

    They have the Bush Family, The Clintons, Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Corker, and many others in their group. They have people also in the United Nations, The man made global warming group, they are like a evil cancer. They are theRinos in the Republican Party. They own te big rich corporations and give millions, (Like Soros, Tom Steyer, the Rockefellers, , The RothChilds, and the list goes on. Interestingly, the Koch brothers you will not find listed.

    1. VAM says:

      They have all of that and we have all of the disgusted people because of all of that. THROW them out!!!!

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