Romney: Obama’s Attacks Are “Beneath The Dignity Of His Office”

July 14, 2012


“It’s ridiculous and of course beneath the dignity of the presidency and of his campaign. He really needs to rein in his team and to finally take responsibility for what they’re saying. This is really absurd,” Mitt Romney said about the Obama campaign accusing him of committing a felony and refusing to apologize.

“I think this is showing a pattern. You just had bad news on the economic front with now 41 straight months with unemployment above 8%. And what does the president do? He says he is going to raise taxes on people, he’s trying to gut welfare reform as we know it, and he launches attacks of this nature. It’s beneath the dignity of his office,” Romney said in an interview with FOX News that aired on Friday’s broadcast of “Special Report.”

“He called me when I came close to cinching the Republican nomination, congratulated me and said we’re going to have an important debate, a meaningful debate about the future of the country. I’m waiting for that to start. All we’ve seen so far from his campaign is one attack after another. No effort to really talk about the real issues that people care about,” Romney said.

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  • Rattlerjake says:

    Fact is, CH, that government created the tax loopholes and tax burdens on businesses that have and are forcing businesses to send their jobs and money out of this country.; then turn around and b*tch about them taking advantage of it. Every politician, every celebrity, and every person of large wealth in this country does it, and in most cases have no choice if they are going to protect their assets; and you would do it if you were wealthy! You should not and I will not fault an individual for doing was is necessary to protect his financial interests and assets when his country simply wants to keep taking it to give away to worthless, non-working, mooches – both foreign and domestic. It’s time we stop worrying about feeding and caring for the “poor” and make them and their families take responsibility for themselves; we are doing nothing more than breeding rats that are raiding the barn and when it is all gone the war is on. I’m sick and tired that part of the little income I make goes to some fat breeder b*tch and her (vermin) kids, who lives off the system, and live better than many lower income hard-working Americans. Sympathy is one thing, but stupidity is what America is suffering from. Right now we have historic numbers of wealthy leaving this country for tax haven countries because they are tired of watching this country suck them dry and until we stop taxing the rich to death it will continue until they are all gone. Liberals are too stupid to understand that it is the wealth that produce jobs in this country, because most rich liberals didn’t get their wealth from business, the got it from robbing tax payers or from being overpaid for playing sports and acting.

  • CH says:

    I think the President’s comment is a lot less concerning then the fact that Mitt Romney is extremely dishonest and hordes his wealth in overseas accounts and does not seem to think that he should pay his fair share of taxes! How can Mitt “honestly” say that he is interested in America and then send thousands of jobs overseas? Whether he states that he was “not in charge” of Baine Capital, his name appears as president. Shouldn’t the owner be aware of what is going on in his company and are we foolish enough not to think that he was oblivious to the companies dealings? Surely he wanted to protect his investments and would be contacted by the people doing his business. Like a captain who is supposed to be responsible for his ship no matter what happens, Mitt Romney was captain of Baine Capital and should be held responsible for the greed and profit made by executives above keeping and creating jobs in this country. He is the PROBLEM and those who think they are above an equitable society!!!

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