Rubio: Donald Trump won’t be Republican nominee

ORFORD, N.H. — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says Donald Trump will not be the Republican presidential nominee because his message is not an optimistic one.

Rubio has largely shied away from taking on Trump, the billionaire businessman sitting atop polls of the Republican rivals.

In recent weeks, candidates such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush have started to go head-to-head with Trump. Rubio’s criticisms Wednesday were measured, even when asked about Trump’s comment that Rubio is “disloyal” and “disrespectful” for running against Bush, who was Rubio’s mentor in Florida politics.

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  • girls_mom says:

    Rubio must be on drugs to think he even stands a chance for the nomination. He was a big Pro-amnesty advocate supporting Obama’s amnesty program. Now, like most sleazy politicians do, they change their story when running for either re-election for office or the Presidency. There is a large gap between Rubio and the Trust factor. Leopards don’t change their spots and once in office we would see a Rubio-about face on Amnesty and this horrific illegal alien issue would never go away.

  • Jimbo says:

    What is he talking about? Trump is very optimistic. He knows he can get the wall built. He knows he can negotiate better trade deals. He knows he can straighten out government agencies and build a stronger military. Rubio is sour grapes because he always wanted amnesty.

  • I love the positive message Trump gives, and screw the optimistic ones of the GOP RINOs, of which Rubio is one! If Trump does not get the GOP Nomination and decides to run as an Independent, then he will still get my vote! Only if Ted Cruz is the GOP Nominee will I vote Republican, otherwise, I am praying for a TRUMP/CRUZ 2016 ticket! The GOP and the RINOs can kiss my Patriotic backside with their backstabbing tactics! GOP is the Democratic Party Light!

    1. girls_mom says:

      And mine also. I Believe this time it might surprise the cartel of corruption in DC when the third party candidate wins the election. What an effect that would have on the political parties and their smug attitudes going forward.

      1. Lol, yes, that would be showing them that We, the People are still the boss and that they are our dogs to kick if we feel like it! Both Parties need a very rude awakening and Term Limits placed on Congress to rid us of these Country Club A$$wipes like Boehner, McConnell, Graham, and so many, many, many more!

  • Michael Bolger says:

    I watched you Mr Rubio since,2002.You sir are a payed for man,by the rino bunch

  • Climax says:

    I don’t think the RNC had come to realize that the majority of the Republican voters out there don’t want status quo and a continued do nothing Congress as it has been or the destruction of our once proud and powerful USA by the Democrats (socialists). We need a new face that is willing to lay it on the line and tell it like it is, not PC sugar coated BS. Trump seems to be filling that void and I wish him good luck and if the people have anything to do with it and it is an honest and fair election, at least today Trump would win no matter what people like Rubio think and want.

  • oldvinnie says:

    Rubio: Stick a fork in him! He’s done!

  • jdbixii says:

    How can RINOs be “optimistic?” If, as governors and senators, they were not able to represent the people who elected them and formulate and enact legislation to benefit the country, why should anyone expect that a promotion to the presidency will be any more productive and positive? If the country is really as bad off as most conservative news outlets and organizations would have us believe, it will take God Almighty to change it, not a few would-be presidents who believe their previous, political records justify their consideration for the presidency. It is their fundamental positions with respect to the law which is a major concern for most conservatives and which ought to be the major concern for republicans, as a whole. Those who have been part of the partisan, team-mentality that corruption is permissible by the “team,” but is not permissible by the other team need to see the law as universally applicable to all, no ifs, ands or buts. There is no place for ethnic prejudice with respect to the law. We need and ought to demand that the laws of the land be equally enforced. We have not had consistent law enforcement and that is why many conservatives and republicans support Trump. We can not have government accountability as long as the law of cause and effect, logic, is denied, preventing such accountability. The American citizenry is entitled to the constitutional guarantees which were made to protect it. The prejudicial perspective of ethnic diversity is incompatible with those guarantees and due process of law.
    Under the natural-born citizen stipulation of the Constitution, Rubio is not eligible to run for the office of President, anyway, the fact that we have a President who is also not eligible to have run or have been elected, based on the same stipulation (his father was a Kenyan citizen and never a citizen of the United States), is a tragedy for the nation and a travesty of justice.
    Those who have served in the congress during this administration and who have done nothing to correct this legal problem ought not be considered for the office.

  • VirgoVince says:

    Maybe, Maybe not, but it sure won’t be you!!
    The gop needs to START listening to the LEGAL voters!!

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