Ryan, top Republicans urge caution on post-Orlando gun control measures

by FoxNews.com
June 17, 2016

House Speaker Paul Ryan and other top Republicans pushed back Thursday on growing calls from Democrats to ban people on terror watch lists from buying guns, even as Donald Trump and other GOP figures opened the door to discussing it.

Calls for action have increased in the wake of the terror massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando that left 50 people, including the gunman, dead on Sunday. The gunman, Omar Mateen, had been on a watch list for 10 months before being removed.

“We want to make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again. Everybody wants that,” Ryan told reporters Thursday. “But as we look at how to proceed, we also want to make sure that we’re not infringing upon people’s legitimate constitutional rights. That’s important.”

Ryan’s comments come a day after Trump indicated potential support for new gun laws in this area.

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  • Wambli525 says:

    Congress has been making gun laws for the last 60+ years and will not stop because it is they (the government) that fear an armed citizenry. Hitler used “public safety” to enact gun control laws with the consent of the people in pre war Germany. It appears that our politician’s value history and are emulating what a tyrant accomplished almost 90 years ago.

  • snowyriver says:

    2.5 million illegals since obama took office. That is 978 illegals per day.. think about that folks

  • snowyriver says:

    All in Congress have sworn to uphold and protect our Constitution. Gun control is against our Constitution. Any that promote gun control should be removed from office the minute they open their mouth.

  • robert sanders says:

    you want to stop the killings in this country. Get rid of the MUSLIMS

  • yellowjacket2 says:

    Paul Ryan has been a complete disaster. I predict that if he allows the Trotskyite Democrats to erase our second amendment his dreams of power and prestige will be over. And his career in politics with be DOA. Are you listening RINO Ryan?

  • Mike N says:

    More reasons why Trump shouldn’t be our nominee. He has favored limiting gun rights in the past. Trump supporters did not do their homework or just didn’t care

    1. robert sanders says:

      Hes better than Hitler Hillary

      1. Mike N says:

        I agree, but fear she will defeat him. Polls showed he had the least chance to defeat her. His negatives were too high.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          He is moving up. People are scared of these terriost attacks and Trump wants to destroy Isis. The liberals want to let them in our country. Maybe people will wake up and see Hillary wants to let them in also. When people come to a country and not assimilate were not a country any longer. Our way of life will disappear one day. The last decade or so their not required to assimilate and learn our history and culture hell our schools don’t learn our history anymore. They liberal brain washing idiots made sure to rewrite history and we let them get away with it. We need to wake up and start fighting back before it’s to late.

    2. Worried Vet says:

      Most of his supporters care I’m sure but we don’t have much choice now do we. The facts are he is better than Hillary. Trump may not use executive orders to change the Constitution Hillary I have no doubt would for her agenda. Just like Obama. This is what we have to think about and also the supreme Court Hillary will stack the court full of very liberal judges. She has said Obama would make a great justice. Can you even imagine that? I can’t so I bite the bullet and vote for Trump.

      1. Mike N says:

        I can’t disagree with a thing you said. If nothing else judges and second amendment are reasons to vote against Hillary.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          What’s really sad is were at this point. We ignored the biased media and their propaganda to the point of ruin. I pray we can get back to our great country. I know since morals have went completely out the window we have went down hill. God help us.

          1. Mike N says:


  • Bebe Nix says:

    We don’t need new gun laws. We need to get rid of the Obama/Clinton/Muslim Brotherhood Cartel. Stay with Trump 100%!!!
    Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and other Elite Republicans have been brainwashed by the Obama/Clinton/Muslim Brotherhood Cartel. They have become Politically Correct. A terrible shame for our beloved America. They worship money the most.


    1. Worried Vet says:

      You might be more on than you know. I am trying to verify how many Muslims are in power either from a Muslim country or converted. So far it’s astounding. Wake up people.

  • justinwachin says:

    Every time we have one of these mass shootings politicians seem to rush out a new collection of gun control proposals. Often the proposals would have done nothing to prevent the most recent strategy if the proposal had been law at the time of the incident.

    We need to be careful about using a terrorist watch list as a means of denying gun purchases. In the earlier days of the Obama administration, Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security issued a report insinuating vets, conservative Christians and pro-lifers could possibly be terrorists. If this administration or a future one takes the next step, we could find millions of law abiding citizens could be added to a terrorist watch list. There are no due process rights provided before someone is added to the watch list.

    I, like most rational Americans, will agree that terrorists should not have guns. But, we need to make sure that a knee-jerk reaction to this tragedy isn’t used to deprive citizens of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Surprise, the Rat Ryan is backing off gun controls in a quick minute. Might that have something to do with the fact that folks in WI are looking at his reelection and might not take kindly to his restricting their second amendment rights. If this was not an election year for this weasel, I am sure he would back BO’s play. This little vermin is a menace. Vote him out WI. We need to turn him out. If his lips are moving he is lying. Do not believe for a minute the state of Wi or his legal constituents are at the top of his list to listen to. He is a rino and is owned by his donors and follows the establishment dictates. You should all know that by now.

  • Larry says:

    This would be another insane Democrat scheme, Who makes the list and if they don’t like you, are you happy about your name being placed on the list. This is an other attack on my second amendment rights. What a criminal administration this government is. What comes next?

  • Sue says:

    The problem isn’t too few gun laws. It isn’t about crazy people, unless you classify all Muslims crazy. This is terrorism by a committed Islamist and his wife. Until Americans grasp the fact that Islam is a satanic death cult, a terrorist group, and a hate group, more terrorism and attacks will happen. Muslims have to disavow Islamic beliefs or die. America cannot assimilate them. America cannot tolerate them. America cannot survive them. All we can do is eliminate them here and in the Middle East.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      This is a theology as in IRAN using the guise of religion in this country. This is a war, not a religious freedom issue. The crusades in a different mode. Wake up folks. And well said, Sue!

  • WhiteFalcon says:

    Much as I don’t like Paul Ryan, I agree with him that we need to think several times before we just have a blanket ban on people that are on terror watch lists not being able to buy guns. If we do that, what is to prevent some moron like Hillary Clinton from just saying that the entire population is on a terror watch list, therefore all guns will be confiscated? It is her ilk that has come out and said that all service members that are in the the civilian population should be suspected terrorists. Also, there are many people that are on those watch lists and on no fly lists that don’t even know they are on the lists and actually have no reason to be on the lists at all. Furthermore, I don’t see that those lists have done anything positive for us. I totally agree with Trump that we need to greatly reduce the number of people from Muslim nations coming into this country, and in fact, we should do a thorough vetting of all people coming into the USA, and we need to do a thorough job of deporting illegals, including those that have over stayed their visas. Borders also need to be closed. A country without borders is not a country. It is just a piece of land where a lot of people live, not a country.

    1. Del45 says:

      Well stated WhiteFalcon.

    2. Kanawah says:

      White Falcon (more appropriately dumb-ass falcon)
      We needed what is being proposed 15 years ago. The unrestricted access to military grade weapons MUST END now.

      1. whoRUkidn says:

        Do you have any idea hat the differences are between an AR-15 and an M4?
        BTW – no individual has the right to determine what “must end”

    3. Worried Vet says:

      Yes very good. Also Obama is close to allowing one million from Muslim countries into this country. It’s sad but he don’t seem to care anything about protecting us just letting more Democrat voters in. The liberals have been getting away with trying to steal elections by allowing ilegals to vote. Look at Virginia the governor passed a law to allow over 200,000 felons to vote. I don’t care what excuse they give it’s wrong. That law to keep felons from voting was to help stop people from committing felonies not encourage them. The president should speak up about that but he won’t. They are getting more blatent in their agenda. It’s time to wake up and stop this crap today.

  • Rick says:

    It’s about time this RINO said something we can all agree on !

  • American Me says:

    We already have more than enough Gun Laws on the books.New laws will not stop a Mad Man from killing people.if he is determined.He will buy a gun off the black market if he can’t buy one legally.Law enforcement must do a better job of connecting the dots.The guy from Orlando was a known trouble maker and had been on the no fly list and removed.Law enforcement seems to be missing the clues.

    1. Kanawah says:

      The gun laws should be “reset” to what the founders wrote, and the guns should be of the technical level that existed when the second amendment was written.

      1. whoRUkidn says:

        And you will give up your cell phone, laptop, speak to the public only from atop a soap box and write only with a quill pen? You might want to study DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ET AL. v. HELLER paying special attention to page 8 of the Opinion.

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