San Francisco Hopes Trump Fear Will Lead To Voting Rights For Illegal Immigrants In City

by Joe Schoffstall
June 10, 2016

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is hoping that residents of the city who fear Donald Trump’s rhetoric and policy proposals will flock to the polls this November and support giving voting rights to illegal immigrants.

Eric Mar, a supervisor in the city, put forth a proposed charter amendment on Tuesday that would allow illegal immigrants who have kids that are 18 years or younger in the public school system the right to vote in local school board elections, Fox News reports.

Mar said he thinks that Donald Trump being on the ballot this November will drive Latinos who are “disgusted” by his politics to the polls on Election Day.

“With Donald Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant sentiments, there is a reaction from many of us who are disgusted by those politics,” Mar said. “I think that’s going to ensure there is strong Latino turnout as well as other immigrant turnout.”

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  • Worried Vet says:

    If these idiots allow this in California they get what they deserve. The city will be bankrupt and in trouble soon then maybe people will learn liberal policies don’t work and will never work.

  • jagragg says:

    California is now bordering on being expelled from the union over shaky voter practices now. Should this action contemplated here occur, this continued illegality of outright COMMUNISTS in Cali (I was born there), could spark hostilities that will not end well.


    Are you F*cken kidding me? First of all they are criminals because they have broken our laws, second voting is an AMERICAN CITIZENS RIGHT period. T Just because you manage to stay hiding or As in California you protest against or demand stuff from us, you can not vote we will not allow this to happen. You have given every American the middle finger long enough WE THE PEOPLE have had enough.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    It is the ‘Soros funded, MoveOn. org, Democratic Party inspired, MSM, ACORN, CAIR, BLM, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, LA RAZA, and “”LIBERAL”” extremists that staged the racist violence at the Trump rallies.

    …………………..Trump 2016

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    To be a Democrat, means you have a much lower standard of morality, less support for the rule of law and ZERO allegiance the US Constitution!

  • williweb says:

    Maybe they can vote in Mexico after we deport them?

  • HIT THE DECK says:

    We should have an illegal run for president , this is totally insane , the land of Pelosi shows its true colors ………………….AOS

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Remember when SanFran was the city by the bay? This lady & gentlemen is officially the land of flakes

  • andrew says:

    Idiots !!! ONLY registered citizens vote in this country, but leave it to a troop of paranoid toddlers to want to cheat as suggested, and flood the ballot count with people that have little or nothing invested in America…

  • Edith says:

    Guess Mar missed the memo that we are taking back our country. The very folks he wants to give the vote to are the very ones we want herded out of the US. San Francisco, are you really going to be able to sustain yourself financially when sanctuary city restrictions begin in 2017?
    TRUMP 2016

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Where does it say we are supposed to support an city? I am confused on that point. I wonder if giving cities and states money was a way to control them? Now they are used to federal money, include it in their budgets so they bend to the will of the feds. I think all that needs to be changed. Pay offs and bribes is what started this mess and now it’s way out if control. It should have never been allowed.

  • azbear166 says:

    get rid of all illegals and only US Citizens can vote and that’s the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johncq1 says:

    Seeing how you can’t sort out the legals from illegals my guess is they shouldn’t count any votes from Kailifoney.

  • Robert Early says:


    1. Worried Vet says:

      I hate to say but I think maybe it will take that to stop this.

  • Luke says:

    liberals will do anything but the right thing to win, they are liars, cheats, thieves and killers of innocent children, what does it say about a person who will vote for that scum..

  • Mike says:

    Illegals are just that, ILLEGAL. Build that wall ASAP! They should NOT be allowed to vote or anything of the sort. Sanctuary cities need to have their government changed. Every great nation has fallen from over spending and we are no better! Rotting from within!

  • Just1Saddletramp says:

    This philosophy is why CA is commonly referred to as ” the land of nuts and fruits”

  • says:

    It might be better if california fell off into the ocean…at this point

  • bobs33hotrod says:

    Since when do Illegals have the right to vote. Yes DEMS., thats what is behind it all the time.DEMO RATS. You are so dishonest. What ever it takes.
    BOBBY ~~!~

    1. Cleverfun says:

      ….they are adding them to the rolls of dead voters

    2. Worried Vet says:

      They will vote democrat so make it legal. They have been trying to do this since LBJ who started this mess. I seen an article about CRA. This was a program Carter started then Clinton put it on steroids. Then 2008 happened. The banks were just as much at fault because they were making billions on bad loans. They give loans to everyone without proof, no income and couldn’t afford a home period. Frank , Dodd has much to do with the crisis. It’s strange to me that people don’t research to find the truth. They just listen to the liberals and media take it 100% it’s either lazy or stupid. It’s also dangerous for this country. They will keep spending us into oblivion if we don’t stop them.

  • Bob says:

    If you wish to allow those who have broken our laws to have the same right to vote in LOCAL elections, that’s up to you. As I do not live in CA anymore, I don’t have a dog in that hunt. However, if you are here ILLEGALLY, you should NOT, NEVER get to vote for national candidates. You are NOT American Citizens, you do NOT have that right. Would they have the same opinion if these ILLEGALS were from Ireland or Scotland and voted en-bloc as Conservatives? When are Liberals going to get it through their excessively thick skulls that just BEING here is not the same as being here LEGALLY. Would these same Liberals grant the right to own a gun to these illegals (not that many do not already own or have access to guns)?

    1. Jim Matis says:

      In Washington State illegals get driver’s licenses and are registered to vote. Motor Voter, just like Arizona and maybe a dozen other states.

      1. Bob says:

        It is way too bad that so many politicians can not get past their own political views to understand the meaning of the word “ILLEGAL”. If they can get a guaranteed voting block of low information voters to blindly pull the “D” handle, they could care less the damages done to the country. And if they can not show the intestinal fortitude to stop it because they wish to be liked and get on TV, they should be voted out of office as soon as possible.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          It’s all about money and power with control thrown in for good measure. As long as liberals run things it will fail. As long as we let morals go out the window it will fail. Maybe it’s time churches started fighting to protect Christians. These atheist groups whine over every little thing. I don’t hear much where the rights of Christians are fought for. When crap like a school telling a child he can’t talk during lunch to his friends about Bible verses something is very wrong. When the school sends a deputy to their house something is wrong. People wonder why this country is failing. If your feelings are hurt over stupid crap then move. Go start your own little town. This is the real world and everyone don’t get a trophy no matter what you were taught.

  • Sinnie Kemp says:

    We have idiots in the office which causes the problem in this country. This is insane to even thinking that the illegal should have the right to vote.

    The politicians of all levels are the cause why we are in she sh*t hole we are in right now. We are $20 billion in debt and these numb nuts still try to find the way to spend even more. America will go bankrupt sooner with this kind of idiocy.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      20 Trillion dollars in debt; if only we were 20 Million dollars in debt..

  • Retired and proud army officer says:

    1. At first allowing parents of children in a school to vote appears sensible, but if they are here illegally and not paying property taxes, etc. would they just overwhelm the ballot boxes and spend other people’s money to bankrupt a system?
    2. As a sanctuary city should the rest of the country just laugh as this city reaps the consequences of its own short sighted idiocy? The only problem again is that law abiding folks will pay the tab.

    1. Robert Early says:

      You and I swore an oath to defend this country and it’s Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
      We clearly know our domestic enemies on the Left. Until we take up arms and erase these creeps, this country will never be restored. I think that you and 20 million other vets know this to be true. We are overdue for true revolution.
      Congress, the Courts, and the Oval Office are all as corrupt as they can possibly be. Simply voting them out of office is not enough. On both sides of the aisle, they should be jerked out of office and hanged. Then, perhaps we can put back the Land of the free and brave as it once was.

      1. PatriotGal says:

        Thank you both for your service, Retired and Robert. Yes, you swore an oath to protect our country, just as my husband did. What the Dems and RINOs are doing is beyond my comprehension. I am voting for Mr. Trump because he said he will defund all sanctuary cities and sanctuary states – yes, states, MD is voting whether to become a sanctuary state. How dare they disobey our Constitution, our law of the land. How dare ILLEGALS swarm over our borders and demand we support them, as well as change our Constitution ti what they want. This s the USA – love it or leave it! TRUMP 2016!!!!

  • Fabman says:

    How can illegal immigrants be allowed to vote when they aren’t even supposed to be in this country? I say any government official who is not upholding the law should be arrested and sent to jail. Things wont change until we start holding people accountable.

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Your right. It’s going to take law abiding citizens to rise up and stop this madness. 150 years ago the Irish would not have been allowed to vote, Indians , Italian’s and anyone else.

    2. CharlieSeattle says:

      ☭Traitors have an agenda that transcends patriotism, the rule of law and national security.

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