Sarah Palin defends Duck Dynasty star

by TAL KOPAN | Politico
December 19, 2013

Sarah Palin says the suspension of one of the stars of the show “Duck Dynasty” over recent anti-gay comments he made is an attack on free speech.

Palin re-posted a picture of her meeting with the stars of the A&E show on her Facebook page Wednesday night, writing that “intolerants” were behind the suspension of the show’s patriarch, Phil Robertson.

“Free speech is an endangered species. Those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us,” Palin wrote.

Earlier this month, Palin met the cast of the show when she was in Monroe, La., on her book tour and posted several photos of their time together to her Facebook page.

Robertson was suspended on Wednesday by A&E after comments he made in an interview with GQ.

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  • tullmargaret says:

    good god somebody has to defefend them

  • Thomas Viveiros says:

    When a Gay Boy sticks his middle leg up his boy friend’s bung hole and then yanks it out when he’s done some stinking brown stuff comes out , isn’t it a message from God that he’s done something wrong otherwise that smelly stinking brown stuff would come out smelling like a bouquet of roses .

  • azbear166 says:

    Seems as the Fags and gays can shove there way of living down our throats but say anything about them and they blow up!!!! Blame it where it belongs with the rest on obummer!!!!!!

  • James says:

    Boycott A&E for their anti Christian stand and the
    stand against your right to free speech in fear of the gays. Let us make them fear us a whole lot more.

    As such, here is a preliminary list of A&E sponsors/advertisers. We will work on getting contact info to add to this as well. In addition, I’ve read that when you buy Duck Dynasty “gear” make sure it is the Duck Commander brand and NOT the Duck Dynasty brand as A&E owns that as well.


    Below is a list of sponsors call
    them and ask that they pull their advertisements because of A&E anti
    Christian stand, or send the an email

    Sensodyne: 1-866-844-2797

    T-Mobile: Twitter
    @TMobile / 1-877-453-1304

    Samsung: (PR
    department) / Twitter @samsungtweets / 1-800-726-7864

    Motorola: Twitter
    @motorola / 1-800-734-5870 / 1-847-523-5000

    Walgreens: Twitter
    @walgreens / 1-800-925-4733

    IHOP: 1-866-444-5144
    / Twitter @IHOP / 1-818-240-6055

    Macy’s: (PR Department), 212-705-2434 / @Macys / 1-212-494-3000

    Nokia: Twitter @Nokia /

    Microsoft: Twitter @microsoft / 1-800-642-7676

    Verizon: Twitter
    @verizonwireless / 1-800- 837-4966

    Bass Pro Shops: Twitter @Bass_Pro-Shops / 1-800-494-1300 or 1-800-227-7776

    Progressive Insurance: 1-440-461-5000 /

    You can also contact A&E directly at

    Boycott A&E make them fear us
    more than the gays.

    here and sign a petition

    with Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty

    A&E Television Networks LLC

    235 E. 45th St.

    New York, N.Y. 10017

    Phone 212 210 1400

    Fax 212 210 1308

  • Vic says:

    God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. God watched man and then created the ten commandments (there are really about 1,000 commandments). All sins are equal, but some sins bother God more than others and he calls those sins “Abominations.” One of the abominations is homosexuality. It goes against God’s natural order of things. I don’t agree with homosexuals but I don’t treat them any different than non-homosexuals. We will all stand in judgment one day. What I don’t like is having it rubbed in my face. Why does the liberal press and ABC,CBS, NBC and all their subsidiaries always take their side? The majority (90%) always have to give way to the minority (10%). It’s time for us to kick all these liberals out of government. I don’t agree with what he said, but I defend his right to say it.

  • Phucker Mexico says:

    I long for the old days when society kept them in their closet to do their disgusting acts. I long for the time it was illegal for niggers have relations with humans and were kept in line with the threat of having their necks stretched if they got out of line. Do you remember the crime statistics back then? They were almost non-existent! Christ was Christmas, a knockout was done in the boxing ring, perverts preying on kids were dealt with in an extreme manner and 80 year old women weren’t raped and sodomized for the fun of it. If you think otherwise and think we’ve made progress then you are the problem!

  • ladyceo says:

    Again, the inmates are running the asylum and A&E seems to be leading the pack today! Hold firm, Phil. You have a right to your opinion and tough if a small segment doesn’t agree with you!

  • Jerome Liner says:

    It seems gays expect to be able say and do whatever moves them, no matter how revolting others may take it. However, if anyone else says anything that offends gays, gays want that person hung from the nearest yardarm. Tolerance is a two way street.

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