by Julia Hahn | Breitbart
August 15, 2015

On the David Webb Show on SiriusXM radio, Governor Scott Walker continued to lay out popular reforms to control exploding immigration.

Walker told listeners that he would “absolutely” put an end to the sanctuary city policies that have led to the death of countless American victims like 32-year-old Kate Steinle. He argued that there should be “no debate” about doing so:

There should be no debate and no discussion about sanctuary cities in this country. The law should be clear– it is the federal law when it comes to immigration… For goodness sakes, we’re seeing the real– the very real– public safety risk for what happens when you have people who commit multiple, multiple criminal offenses. They are a public safety risk to anyone in this country. It’s beyond me why we wouldn’t be enforcing the law.

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  • I Seigel says:

    If he’s going to repeal Obamacare on his first day in office AND rip up the Iran nuclear deal, what’s he going to do on Day Two? Maybe we can just elect him for one day? Then send him back to Wisconsin so he can oversee something really important, like a new taxpayer-funded NBA arena.

  • reagangs says:

    Scott Walker has been one of my choices for Top Dawg along with other successful state execs ( not JEB, a progressive that supported Common Core). For veep, a strong constitutionalist , such as Cruz or Perry. Maybe with more truly conservative Senators and Congress people, we can save the US of A from the radical liberals, progressives, socialist, demowits and commies.

  • tgw says:

    Repealing amnesty, is just a start. More to it than that. many more facts involved, and Walker should address those also. tell what you will replace it with!!!

  • 7papa7 says:

    100% of all federal funding needs to be cut not only to the city but to the state in order to get them to pressure the city to stop being a sanctuary city. A law that made the mayors of these cities tried as accessories to any crime that is committed by any illegal that has been released from theft to murder.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Gee Walker, so Trump had/has some influence after-all. What is coming next, a peeing contest to see which one of the “regulars” can be tougher then Trump would be? Wait for the next one to speak out. The thing is will they do it??? Can they take the heat that will come from Left-Wit media, can they with-stand the name calling, will they fight back when it starts, and it will come, or will they cave, then compromise, or just back away?

  • Cody Baker says:

    What’s he gonna do with the ‘ jillion ‘ illegals already here invited by Obama… not just the Mexico illegals, but the Muslims too.. How’s he gonna round ’em up, pray tell…..

    1. Mark Lahti says:

      One step at a time Cody. The first step is close and seal the border. Second step close down the sanctuary cities. Third step deal with all the illegal alien criminals. And so on and so on. This crap didn’t happen over night. This is decades of bad law violations and especially these last six and a half years. It is not going to be fixed overnight. But we have to start somewhere. We have to take the most important actions first and then expand on those to get the whole job done. Doing nothing at all will not solve the problem. The democrats are the problem and we have to remove the head liberal in charge first. The rinos in charge of the so called conservative party have to got also.

  • TexRancher says:

    Repealing Obama’s latest amnesty (5 million) is a start, but what about the other 25 million invaders who are occupying this country? What about the criminals who are aiding and abetting this continuing invasion including the employers who hire ILLEGALS? Together, they are all a major drain on the TaxPayer and the economy!

    1. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says:

      We need to turn up the heat and send them all back and send mexico a bill for all of it

    2. donemyhomework says:

      Agree, agree, agree…their lunacy is destroying America.

  • Richard Schwartz says:


    1. Mark Lahti says:

      No sir keeping obamacare is anal retentive. The solution is not another plan of government healthcare. The government does not belong in the healthcare system. With the exception being the VA. The private sector is where this belongs just like it use to be. When it was there where it belonged….yes there were some problems. Like pre-existing conditions and a few other things. But it was the best healthcare system in the world. People came here from all over the world to get the best care in the world. Obamacare has insured that it will degenerate into a cesspool of no care, longer waits, decisions made by government appointed political officials, and all the rest of the crap the rest of the world is dealing with. The same things that they came here to avoid. You apparently have no idea what to do about it and then post these ridiculous questions. How about using that thing just above your neck for something besides a hat rack.

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        Mark, I agree with you, but I also have some disagreement, not much, just a little. The U S health care prior to Obama care is, and was not the best on the planet. Apparently Germany has the best on the planet, and theirs is uncomplicated. Obama Care stinks to high heaven, as it is not so much about health care as it is about power, and control, so I agree with you on Obama Care, and the other things that you mentioned.
        Private insurance companies have been and are a problem with over-all health care. Do they have a place to fill, yes, but not to the degree that they had, or that they have now.

        1. Richard Schwartz says:

          In theory you are correct. How do you sell this concept to ” if its free its for me”? Waiting your responnse

          1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            “If its free its for me” yes, that is a tough one to deal with. I guess that people need to learn that nothing is for free, everything comes at a cost, including personal freedom, that comes at a very high cost. I believe that the concept of free, the idea that something is for free, should be taught to kids as soon as they are able to understand and comprehend. That something for free is usually a con, scam, set-up.

          2. Richard Schwartz says:

            How is this for free !!! AIDS

          3. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            LOL, even aids is not free, if drug users get it from dirty needles, they still had to buy the drugs, if a gay male got it from another gay male, there is still a price that was paid, and a heavier price to be paid after the fact.

  • I Seigel says:

    There are many “sanctuary cities” in the US. They are sanctuaries to many homeless people, including veterans, the mentally ill, and just plain people down on their luck, jobless, through no fault of their own. Sanctuary cities aren’t only about immigrants. So what’s Walker’s plan for all those LEGAL American families who are finding shelter and food in sanctuary cities?

    1. Mark Lahti says:

      Please remove your head from your exit hole. This whole sanctuary city nonsense is about the illegals. No one is advocating going around and rounding up homeless people or anybody else. Illegal aliens. Period. Wow!!! Why do so many morons try to read into or make something out of nothing? Move on now this stupid comment is covered.

      1. I Seigel says:

        The news article says that Scott Walker wants to eliminate sanctuary cities. It’s you who is blinded by your own ideology (or excrement).

      2. KentS says:

        I Snivels wiring needs to be inspected. He/she/it likes to read between the lines and squeal conspiracy or they don’t feel fulfilled for the day.

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