Sen. Tom Cotton takes aim at Clinton tarmac scandal

by Valerie Richardson
July 3, 2016

Sen. Tom Cotton made no mention Saturday of the Republican presidential ticket, but had plenty to say about the Democratic campaign scandal involving President Bill Clinton’s private airport meeting.

The Arkansas Republican joked that he was stuck on the tarmac in Denver so long that he thought he might be getting a visit from the former Democratic president.

“I was a little worried I might not make it this morning,” Mr. Cotton told the crowd at the Western Conservative Summit. “I flew in, and our plane waited for a long time on the tarmac. We were waiting so long I thought Bill Clinton might be boarding my plane to come to talk to me.”

“But then I realized I’m a mere United States senator. I’m not the Attorney General who will decide whether to indict his wife or not,” said Mr. Cotton.

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  • justinwachin says:

    The Clinton scandal machine is alive and well. This senator will probably not be the last to make a joke about Bill Clinton’s meeting with AG Lynch. This Clinton Coincidence was probably not an accident. What would be interesting is to find out how the reporter learned about the meeting. That would help us get a better idea of how much of a true coincidence this meeting was.

    Ms. Lynch was correct that this was probably not a good idea. It’s a shame she didn’t realize that earlier.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Hell, If the TRAMP had, had Fauxahantus with her they could have used Fauxahuntas’s tommy hawk to scalp the attackers and there would be no more problem

  • David Tierney says:

    I’ve got some beach front property I’d like to sell you folks.
    Do they really think we are that stupid?
    These Clintons really need to be in jail, along with Loretta. If Hillary wins, we all lose,
    Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites, gay and straight. The only winners will be the Clintons because they will kill off all of the witnesses.

  • robert sanders says:

    nothing but lies will come out of the mouths of the Clintons, FBI,AG LYNCH, OBAMA, JOSH EARNEST, and probable the STATE DEPT.

  • mort_f says:

    Would be interesting to see copies of the two flight plans. Or has that now become ‘classified’ information?

    1. Elaine says:

      If it has, it should be treated with the same care and consideration (cough) that Hillary treated “classified” information.

  • conservmrs says:

    At first, by the headline, I thought he was talking about HER having to dodge “SNIPER FIRE”! But there are just TOO many scandals to know which one a person is talking about!!! Do you REALLY want another 4 years of LIES, GREED and SCANDALS with the HILL??????

  • Holy Joe says:

    William Clinton makes a habit of bad Airport Meetings, anyone remember when he held up Air Force One on the Departures Run Up area at LAX in the 1990’s ? – when he had his favorite Hollywood Hairdresser escorted on to the Secure tarmac area to trim his Sterling Silver Locks for a $300 Fee ? God knows what it cost the Airlines as his conceits shut down traffic for almost an hour. Now his latest Meeting with Ms. Lynch was nothing about shutting down the investigation of security misconduct by his wife the Fearsome Besom Presidential Candidate was it ?

  • Duke-Jinx says:

    Being Lynch Doesn’t play golf… and has NO grandchildren !! …it’s just another pile of BS Lies !!!

  • ADRoberts says:

    So much that is just plain as the nose on a face. And they are so entrenched in the corrupt American mind that they don’t even bother to hide what they are doing.
    Everyone knows that Benghazi was at least Hillary’s fault.
    Everyone knows that the private server was wrong, dangerous and illegal.
    Everyone knows that it was done by Hillary to prevent Americans and the government from having a record of the WRONGS that she was doing.
    So many dead. I have a list, name by name of those who got in the Clinton’s way. Dead.
    And now we have a “tech aide” who has been given immunity but is still, by this administration’s rulings, able to take the 5th Amendment. Bogus.
    But that is what we have.
    Corruption that is praised, glorified and exalted and NO ONE, not a single Republican, is doing a thing to stop it.
    WHY? Same as why no one stands up to the muslims. FEAR.

    1. champion2211 says:

      Yes it does seem that anyone that gets in the Clinton’s way dies. I guess that they have their own murder squad that takes care of those that get too close.

      1. Dolores Adams says:

        Doubt if anyone will ever be able to prove any of this.

        1. Elaine says:

          If the dead could talk ….

        2. Rick says:

          I believe Obama is part of a sleeper cell conspiracy put together years ago by the Muslim coalitions and based on the Hundreds of millions of $ they got from the Arab countries they are complicit in my opinion!

    2. David Tierney says:

      The guy didn’t want to die,

    3. Rick says:

      Lynch needs to be impeached!

  • downdraft says:

    One has to be WAY, WAY out to lunch if he thinks Clinton and Lynch’s conversation was limited to “Hey, how’s the family Loretta…???”

    1. ADRoberts says:

      For sure, they went to a lot of trouble to have a meeting where NO ONE would be able to hear it and likely would not even know it happened.
      And then they BLATANTLY LIE and claim she went out of her way to talk about family. LOL
      NO ONE believes that. NO ONE>

      1. 7papa7 says:

        Well the kool aid drinkers totally believe it along with people like reid, pelosi etc. You are absolutely right though if it were innocent it would not be in the dark and behind closed doors so to speak especially since both of them are under investigation by the FBI for there foundation illegalities. I wonder how much he offered her for her assistance. Maybe it was just to live past the end of the obama administration.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          Give the number of dead, would you trust a deal with the Clintons?

          1. 7papa7 says:

            I’d sooner trust a rattle snake.

          2. Mister Vice says:

            Are you kidding? I’d bet that Bill and Hillary would sell their daughter and grandchildren into slavery if it meant occupying the WH for another 8 years!

          3. pamrlangford says:


    2. Dolores Adams says:

      Both of them are corrupt.

    3. Mike Tanco says:


      1. Retired says:

        You forgot the Media that Brought us Clinton both times.That makes it three enemies.

  • Dan says:

    Snakes on a plane……

    1. Worried Vet says:

      And then some. Maybe slick Willie made a very crafty mistake. We will see. If a special prosecutor is named because idiot republicans fell for it Hillary will be elected. This so called investigation will start over and before its through Hillary will have served her first term. We will see. I won’t though because of the rinos hate of Trump if their complicit in this little plan. We will see. It just sick of they are and would rather Hillary be POTUS.

      1. downdraft says:

        Worried Vet, Dan
        You know, you’re both right on to something there!

        …and Ryan is so “of himself”, i.e., can’t pass a mirror w/o stopping to admire, and to make a few “test” poses to see which ones might be effective to the voters, etc…..that he will allow the Clinton strategy pass him like “ships in the night”…

        distract, distract, distract distract….works every time.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        No, they may be against Trump. But since they are controlled by the same Bilderbergs, the reason they resist Trump is so that Clinton can win. Fully aware of how much they are hated, they are playing TO that.
        And Trump? He is a fake conservative who brags about how easy it is to deceive Conservatives.
        Look at how many “Christians”: who claim that Trump is God’s answer to saving America. LOL

        1. raynbene says:

          Well, don’t most democRATS/socialists/leftists think hitlery rotten clintoon or bernie sanders are ‘ the people we’ve really been waiting for ” and will really really actually ‘save America” ??

          1. ADRoberts says:

            In last days, ONLY God is in the business of saving people. And that, not in this life but for eternity.

      3. Duke-Jinx says:

        Maybe to convict… The FBI is almost done with the ‘investigation’. with 24-7 empaneled grand juries in DC… it would take less than two weeks to return an indictment. That in itself would junk Hillary’s POTUS visions.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          Well today it’s being said on the liberal media Hillary won’t be charged. This woman can commit treason. Her lying husband can do a very unethical thing meeting with the attorney general of the USA and then we hear his wife won’t be charged. Well friend it’s all over for this country. The GOP elite want Hillary because they fear Trump, the screwed up media gets a chubby over Hillary so their in the tank and we have way to many young voters that have been brainwashed for Trump to win. Trump isn’t getting a ground game together, he hasn’t got the money Hillary does and he sure don’t have the data base full of idiot donar liberals Obama has given to Hillary. People on these sites keep talking about civil war on here and I’m afraid their right. I’m starting to see no other way than a revaluation again. Our great country has lost its collective mind.

        2. Cawaynus says:

          Judge Janine, a D.A. for 30 years, said that Hillary will not be indicted, because her first witness called would have to be Obama. He received emails from Hillary, and knew she was using her personal email. She could bring Obama down too, if she goes down. Janine said, “It ain’t gonna happen!” The FBI will make sure it closes with a non-indictment before the election. Of course, if Trump is elected and becomes president, with his own Attorney General, it might be that the Clintons and Obama and others could face other more serious charges. That’s why we’ll be lucky if Trump doesn’t get assassinated before being able to take office, if he does win the election.

        3. champion2211 says:

          With all the big bucks floating around I don’t see any indictment coming down from anywhere. If we want something to happen, well you know.

      4. Retired says:

        Traitors to the tax payer is what they are.

      5. David Tierney says:

        Oh Please, special prosecuter? No one will go against the Clinton machine. I am amazed that Gowdy hasn’t been assassinated yet. Bothing will come of Benghazi, Plane Gate, Email Gate. Private Server Gate. This evil bitch is probably the assasin. She is a cold, cold bitch. She is sitting at home laughing her ass off as we text.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          Your right and she don’t wait for home, she is grinning and smirking very time she is asked about one of her lies. She knows she can keep lying and be protected by the media and all her minions. They got upset when Trump said he could shoot someone in public and get people would still vote for him. Hillary has for years and continues to get away with much worse. Look at how many keep voting for a traitor and felon. They don’t care, she could shoot someone and if it was a registered republican in public and continue on without any fear of prosecution. It’s sad how far this country has fallen.

      6. David Tierney says:

        But if Hillary wins, we may never see another Republican President as she will let in the illegals and let them vote.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          First she would stack the court, so she can do anything she wants. She will be able to issue executive orders without any worries of scotus stopping her. Game over.

          1. David Tierney says:

            So true, I don’t worry about my kids, my wife, my dogs, my home, my bank accounts, my retirement, my vehicles, my guns or my life.
            I worry about Hillary winning the election because I will lose everything, especially my freedom, if this nasty, evil, murdering, lying, thieving, bitch wins. How can there be so many stupid, uninformed/if not uncaring, voters in this Country.
            If she wins, WE ALL lose.
            How stupid do you have to be to not understand how she operates? Talk about the finger on the button, this bitch will nuke her own Country.

          2. Worried Vet says:

            Now the latest admitted by Huma Hillary burned papers well schedules she didn’t want people to see. Now watch how the liberal lying media and her minions spin this, if it even comes out. This woman can cover up meetings that more than likely was with huge Clinton fund donors. How much proof will blind liberal voters need to not vote for her? Don’t they understand if she operates like this if she becomes POTUS she will be much worse. She will be a crook on steroids. Let’s see how much comes out on CNN or NBC and most others.

      7. champion2211 says:

        I can just hope we as groups are ready to fight. Most us are ready and have been practicing. Are you? Lock and load.

        1. Worried Vet says:

          Yes sir and then some.

    2. champion2211 says:

      Yea, human snakes.

      1. Wayne Giordano says:

        Get ready for Marshal Law. Foreign troops along with UN forces are here. We are a few months away and everyone should prepare.

        1. champion2211 says:

          I am ready. hope you are also.

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