Senate Republicans Block Dem Attempt to Undo Hobby Lobby Ruling

Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a Democratic attempt to pass legislation that would force companies to provide all forms of contraceptive coverage to their employees, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Democratic leaders sought to advance the Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act, a bill aimed at undoing the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

In Hobby Lobby, the Court ruled that the Obamacare law and its related regulations cannot compel closely held or family-owned companies from providing certain kinds of contraceptive coverage if doing so violates the owners’ religious beliefs. The religious family that owns Hobby Lobby had opposed four of the 20 contraceptive drugs and devices because they could cause abortion.

Just days later, Democrats proposed their legislation in an attempt to legislate around that ruling. While the Court insisted its ruling is narrow and only applies to some contraception methods and some companies, Democrats have insisted that the ruling is an attack on women’s rights.

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  • robina tennant says:

    Interesting how they call it Republicans trying to overturn it when I know darn well who the Senators are that signed it, including my own Democrat Senator Manchin.

  • James in Texas says:

    The Democrat Party is “an attack” on Women’s rights, Period. It is also an attack on the freedoms and rights that are commonly held by a very large majority of the American people. November is coming soon, and the Dem’s will behold the “wrath of the peoples”! Dirty Harry Reid, what you gonna do?????

  • savage24 says:

    You didn’t mention that three of the usual Republican lapdogs voted with the Democrats on this issue. I don’t think it is as much stupidity that has infected our government as it is pure craziness.

    1. gagec1 says:

      They need to go too.

  • Sue says:

    They manage to block this but nothing on illegals?

  • PIERRE77L says:

    Communist Nurtured Subhuman Demonrat Mongrels ! As Always !

  • ijohnc1 says:

    The Demo-communist do not like to told to follow the constitution, as their communist traits keep floating to the top, it is apparent they want to rule by fiat.
    This is just another diversion to take the heat off of the Obama child trafficking cartel.
    The supreme court ruling only addressed a small potion of the abortion drug provision and left all the other abortion options in the Hobby Lobby healthcare package available to it’s employees.
    November comes a rolling, vote out the communist democrats

  • CTH says:

    Do not tell me what I can do in my bedroom, but you must pay for the consequences of what I do in my bedroom. If that is not stupid, I do not know how to classify it, but then its just one more aspect of the thinking of the fascist/commjunist current administration.

  • Lily Haley says:

    No one is preventing women from buying the stuff with their own money. If they want the boss out of the bedroom, why make the boss pay for what they do in there. I am glad some senators are trying to uphold our First Amendment rights.

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