Sorry, Bernie, socialism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

by Jenny Beth Martin
April 28, 2016

Socialism is no longer a dirty word in American politics.

According to a recent YouGov poll, 42% of Democrats have a favorable view of socialism. And among millennials, socialism enjoys a favorability rate of 43%, compared to just 26% who have an unfavorable view. The ideology that was previously – and correctly – identified with suffering, shortages, and implementation by government coercion is now associated with feel-good ideas as sophisticated as “sharing,” and “generosity.”

Bernie Sanders is not the sole cause of Americans’ new acceptance of the ideology, but he is certainly a beneficiary of the upward tick in socialism’s favorability. In recent memory, it would have been unthinkable that a self-identified socialist could actually win Democratic presidential contests. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that there was an entire wing of the Democratic Party dedicated to the fight against socialism abroad.

Sanders’ bid for the White House, which is coming to its end, has exposed a new reality in American presidential politics: The appellation “socialist” is no longer a political epithet.

That more millennials have a positive view of socialism than of capitalism is a devastating indictment of our higher education system, the vast majority of whose principals (college presidents and professors, that is) wouldn’t be able to live the lives they lead if it weren’t for the beneficence of some previous capitalist who generously contributed to their endowments.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    Should any one ever wonder what Socialism is
    1) Bernie Sanders
    2) the Deranged one Preaches Min wage @ $ 15/hr but pays $ 12/r
    3) As reality sets in he Fires Most of “his workers”
    4) The millions that his Uneducated idiots gave him shall be Kept not for ‘WORKERS” but for his agenda @ the DNC platform
    5) Socialism ends when the SOCIALIST has no more of OTHER people Moneys to Spend…

    6) HILLERY KILLERY CLINTON is NOT far Behind!!!

  • DJB says:

    I have lived and worked in Europe and have travelled globally. I will take capitalism any day. Socialist countries typically have oppressive tax structures which leads to tax evasion and fraud (more than here), have VERY inefficient governments, have shortages of products and services, have lower standards of living with higher inflation, and have a very disenchanted populace. Giving people more free things is not the answer. The answer is in exactly what this country is all about, free market enterprise where everyone has an equal opportunity to create their own success and from that success we are able to have a safety net for the disabled and disenfranchised. It’s the wealthy and striving to be wealthy that create jobs and meaningful pay standards, not the government as Bernie Sanders likes to believe. The U.S did not become the most powerful nation in the world via socialism. The more we go down that path the faster our demise.

  • paulyz says:

    Millennials have been “conditioned” by Liberal education, & Socialists in the Democrat-Socialist Party for decades. They foolishly believe everything is their Right from the Government. Vladimir Lenin sais, “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” They need to hear from LEGAL Immigrants who escaped the Misery of Socialism to come to the Freedom & Liberty of OUR non-Socialist Government.

  • TexRancher says:

    The one question that socialist (former corrupted democrat) party hate to hear is “Who’s going to pay for it”? All give aways sound good, but there comes a point where someone is going to be ripped off so the others get something for nothing!

  • J.B. Young says:

    The government does not make money. They soon run out of taxpayers’ money. Take a look at Greece.

  • Brabado says:

    Bernie, go back to the Soviet Union…

    Putin and your Communist Comrades miss you a lot.

    The United States doesn’t need a “had been communist” like you, really!

    We are always looking for Men and Women, who work for hard for a living and do not depend on a meaningless bureaucratic government job…


    Semper Fi.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Putin is not a communist, he’s the seventh richest man in the world. Russia is not a communist nation and hasn’t been for some time now. Bernie is a socialist not a communist, there is a difference.

      Trump is going to make America Great Again but hasn’t said when it was greater then it is today. Every man women and child depends on our bureaucratic government workers for all those government services you take for granted.


  • John Noll says:

    The definition of socialism is an economic system us which the government controls all manufacturing and distribution of goods and services. In other words, it is both an economic system and a form of government because the government replace private ownership of businesses. Also, you might want to do a little checking on how good the standard of living in hose countries you mentioned. I have traveled to and/or lived in all of them except Finland. The vast majority of the populace live in little apartments in dingy high rise buildings and pay extremely high income tax rates. Most do not own cars and for those that do there is scant availability of parking space. I think you might not consider their standard of living to be superior to ours if you actually experienced it. As a final note, the USA has still by far the greatest number of people immigrating to it than any other country in the world. If capitalism is so bad..why .do you think all those people want to come here to live…including thousands fro the countries you mentioned…with relatively few emigrating from the US to these countries.

    1. Current Resident says:

      Free stuff

    2. Devasahayam says:

      An easy definition for socialism is…officialised insanity.

  • KayO says:

    There’s a reason why people risk their lives, and many lose their lives, trying to escape socialism. Slavery isn’t that great, after all.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      No one is trying to escape socialism, you have it mixed up with communism. People are trying to get into the socialist nations not out.

      1. KayO says:

        I’m very much aware of the difference between socialism and communism. Are you aware of the Canadians who had to come to the United States because the socialist medical system in Canada would not care for them? Obamacare is designed to produce the same results. Citizens are oppressed in socialist nations. Most don’t get out because they can’t get out. The government makes sure of it.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You do know that people have been going to Canada to use their free health care system for years and people are buying drugs from Canadian pharmacies because they are much cheaper. Are you telling me the people in Finland are oppressed? Are the people of Sweden trying to sneak in over out northern border with all those illegal Canadians. Once again you are confusing socialism with dictatorships of Eastern Europe of the post WW II years.

          1. KayO says:

            The Canadian citizens who used to come to the U.S. were the ones considered “not viable” in their socialistic medical system. That’s one reason why the Canadian government encouraged Obama not to introduce Obamacare. Why don’t you ask the 21,000 Swedes who were forcibly sterilized in 2000 about whether or not they want to get out of Sweden? Yes-I am saying that socialism is oppression, unless you’re a lazy dead beat by choice. No confusion here.

          2. bobnstuff says:


            You need to look at the facts instead of the misinformation you get. We are the only major nation without a national healthcare system.

          3. KayO says:

            That’s fabulous news. We need to keep it that way so we don’t become government eunuchs.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            You may not understand what this means for our manufactures. We are the only nation that has the manufactures pay for our health care. That increases their cost over other countries giving those other countries an advantage. We saw that played out with the lumber industry. The US companies had higher costs then the Canadians because the Canadians didn’t have to pay for their employees health care. Their limber was unfairly cheaper. We pay much more for our healthcare but get much less for our money. Do you like being ripped of by the insurance companies. the drug companies and the hospitals. I have bought drugs from Canada, they were less then my co-pay in the US.

          5. KayO says:

            Give it up, Bob. I know that you pride yourself on believing that anyone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t “understand”. I understand so much more than you do. Your take on this is EXACTLY what you’re supposed to think. Obamacare was designed by communists, it was designed to fail, and it was designed to place blame on the health insurance companies. Although you may disagree, indoctrination is a bad thing.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Ever heard of the Heritage Foundation? I don’t believe they are communists. How about Romney, is he a communist? You see communists under ever bed. Had the ACA truly been created by communists it would not have the market place or most of the private industry involvement. The ACA is designed to make money for the healthcare industry at the expense of the tax payer and the healthcare consumers.

            A little fact for you, there are only five communist countries left, China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam. I don’t think they are planing to take over the world.

          7. KayO says:

            I’ve heard of many foundations. Don’t ask dumb questions. You obviously don’t know what a communist is. Enough with the indoctrination speak. You couldn’t be more wrong.

          8. bobnstuff says:

            You don’t know what the Heritage Foundation is. The
            individual mandate was their idea.

          9. KayO says:

            I do know what the Heritage Foundation is. No, they are not communists. Even they have said that they didn’t think things through back in 1989. It wasn’t their idea, but they did agree with it.

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Next, the congress wrote and rewrote the ACA over a long period of time and there were 144 changes made to the law, mostly coming from the demands of the republicans who ended up not voting for it. You are telling me that the congress of the United States is a communist body. I will point out that these people are as a whole mostly rich people. Most are millionaires, not the type of folks you would think of as communists. The end product nationalized nothing, took control of very little. But made money for a number of people, the same group that has given lots of money to elect the very same people who wrote the law. The money went to both Democrats and Republicans.

          11. KayO says:

            You bet there are members of the Communist Party USA in Congress. Look them up. Are you joking about communists not being millionaires? You can’t be that delusional. Good grief. Communists live to get rich off of the common citizen.

          12. bobnstuff says:

            You can’t be a Marxist and be rich. You really shouldn’t believe what Mr. West says, he’s crazy. Here are the fact on what he said, not quite the smoking gun you would want.

          13. KayO says:

            You must be joking. The only reason a Marxist wants to be in a leadership role is to get rich off of others’ labor. You should read a book called The Naked Communist. The Fabian Socialist’s emblem is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for a reason. Wise up and grow up. Poverty is a curse and is nothing to be proud of, so enough with the false poverty pride thing.

          14. bobnstuff says:

            Poverty is in many case bad luck and being born to the wrong parents in the wrong place. I was born to a steel worker and he gave me as much help as he could. I did alright and am not complaining but had I gotten the start that Trump got I’m fairly sure I would have done much better, in fact I’m pretty sure I would have out done Trump. I’m not a communist or even a socialist but I’m also a believer that you should work with others for the common good and give a helping hand when needed. I have built a number of business’s over the years and helped a number of others do start ups. I’m smart enough to know what help I have had from others and know that the government can be a positive force for good. There are some things the government can and should do. Healthcare is one of them. We need a healthy nation to create the world we would like to live in. As Jesus said the poor will always be with us but he also said that we should help each other. I keep saying that a little socialism is a good thing and a democracy it the best type of government if you are going to do it.

          15. KayO says:

            There’s nothing wrong with working hard and not being rich. Lots of folks in Trump’s situation blew their money-lots of athletes blew it, so money does have a down side if one is not responsible with it. No need to envy Trump, though. I agree with helping others, which plays a huge role in why I will never be a socialist. I believe in people helping people, but we can’t do that if the government is in complete control-they squander too much and keep too much for their own desires. We do need a healthy nation, but Obamacare is designed to control-not help. Socialized medicine rations in order to serve more people. That means that those in the most dire situations have to die in order to serve the less needy. Socialism in general is a rationing system. It’s selective instead of productive. There are ways to make insurance premiums affordable for all, but Obamacare has managed to cause an increase in premiums. You may not believe this, but Obamacare was designed to fail. I’m a big fan of free clinics funded with private dollars. We have some in my city, and have free dental clinics, too. The workers volunteer, but they need money to fund the medicine, facility, equipment, etc. The poor will always be with us, and we are charged with caring for one another. Keep in mind that Christ did not go through the government to help others. Government restricts our ability to help others. The good samaritan used his own money to pay for the medical services of the man he picked up on the side of the road. Our government spends too much money on nonsense, and the more we give them, the more they squander. We can’t fund an out-of-control government, care for our own families, and have funds left over to help others. That’s the government’s fault. I remember when we could give our employees bonuses every month, but we can’t do that anymore because we’re too strapped for cash. Too many people fake disabilities and too many people aren’t trying to work. That’s the problem with socialism-it allows that with open eyes. I suggest you watch a couple of films: Agenda Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit. You may be reluctant, but these films expose the true nature of the socialists and communists in this nation. It’s scary stuff, but necessary knowledge. I put off watching them for a long time because I knew it would expose things that I just didn’t want to know. Now, though, I’m glad I know. You should know, too. You seem to have a good heart-you just need to be able to use it to help others. Hope you will watch the films.

          16. bobnstuff says:

            I agree that government spending is out of control but not because of the social welfare programs but in programs that are meant to give our tax dollars to companies that fund the campaigns. Our news fighter plane costs as much as our food stamp program. We give aid to Saudi Arabia, the 11th richest country in the world. We pay outside contractors to wash dishes and cook on our military bases, they get paid to do KP. We hire contractors to protect our diplomats instead of using the armed forces and pay five times as much as it should cost. We pay insurance companies 20% to do what medicare does for 9%. The government is run badly by choice, before Reagan they hired the best and brightest but Reagan didn’t want government to work so they stop hiring the best and look at what we have now. When the economy took the down turn the government cut it’s employee force and if you look at the years 2009 and 2010 you can see the unemployment number in some months rise by close to the numbers of government lay offs. Our case workers have up to a 1,000 person case load and can’t check for cheaters because they don’t have time. My son once said he would rather have 100 people get aid that don’t need it then see one child go hungry. For myself I would like a social welfare system that was set up to put it’s self out of work. Help people, don’t just give them a check.

          17. KayO says:

            We need those fighter planes to protect our nation. A bigger problem is the enemy within our nation.Reagan wanted to give the power back to the people instead of making people dependent on government. I know you don’t want to hear this, but you need to know what’s going on. Socialism drives dependency on government. That’s actually been the plan for decades. The government doesn’t care about people-it cares about control. Rather than help people get jobs, Obama is making it more difficult for businesses to stay in business, thus driving more people to food stamps. It’s about control-not help. Once the government has people addicted to government aid and has all but destroyed the economy, it has people exactly where it wants them. Now usher in communism. This really is the plan. I suggest you watch the films, and I will point out something that was revealed in them so you’ll know why it’s important. A state representative, Curtis Bowers, did a lot of homework after he experienced a communist meeting and heard their agenda. He researched high and low, and made a documentary based on his findings. As he was presenting his film to an organization, a man stood up and complimented him on his findings He told him that his findings were exactly right and on target. The man then announced that he was a professor at a local college, that he was a member of the Communist Party USA, and said that nobody could stop them from taking over our nation “because we’re taking your children”. That’s no joke. We can’t help people if we’re slaves to the government, and being slaves to the government means they get rich while we get poor. They see us as slave labor, and that’s it. When we’re no longer “viable”, they’ll rid themselves of us. If you really want to help people, then you have to do it and not depend on the government to do it. Americans are very generous to the tune of giving billions out of their private pockets every year. Obama doesn’t like that-he wants his fair share of that. We need to keep the power to help people. You sound like you’re a good person who has a true concern for others. Please watch the films. All is not as it appears.

          18. bobnstuff says:

            Just who are we defending ourselves from? We need the new plane to make money for the aircraft industry.

            I’m a businessman, have been for 45 years and nothing that the president has done has made it harder for me to hire people or start a business.

            Most of the people on food stamps are the working poor, children, people on fixed incomes and members of our armed forces. Non of them want to be on food stamps but a number of large companies don’t pay a living wage and out country doesn’t believe that our servicemen should be able to support their families.

            Government isn’t about control, it’s about power and money. The elected officials are not the evil people you seem to believe they are. Many get into government to help people and to do good. I have gotten to know a number of office holders over the years and most just want to do the right thing. I believe even Ted Cruz wants to do the right thing but I’m not sure he knows what that is anymore.

            As far as our colleges teaching communism I have taught college and my daughter and my sister are college professor and non of us have ever promoted communism. Back when I was in college not once can I say that anyone promoted communism. Yes there are some socialists in some colleges but it’s not the problem you seem to believe. Go talk to some college students for yourself, don’t take anyone’s word for it.

            One thing you should remember is the government is made up of people, most are there to do good for our country, you may not agree with there view but they are not there to hurt you or our country.

          19. KayO says:

            I’m all for manufacturing new planes and upgrading America’s economy. In fact, I’m all for people having private planes because everyone from the metal miners all the way up to pilots and ground crews provide jobs. Your business may not be suffering, but plenty are and the reports are everywhere for all to see. Our economy is crashing. Obama has increased the cost of doing business, and our food costs have increased 40%. Small business, the backbone of this nation, can’t afford raises. Are you aware of the fact that inflation is a tax? The collective of the government is about control, and they don’t care about anyone’s health, welfare or quality of life. This administration wants eunuchs, and that’s all they want. I like Cruz, too. Cruz is more about giving the power back to the people. The man who made the documentary films that I mentioned, Curtis Bowers, was a good government man. We have far too many, though, who are greedy and want power over the people. Communists and socialists don’t expose their true agenda-it’s a slow boil, and they have a well though-out plan. They have willfully hijacked the homosexual movement, women’s movement, abortion movement, and even the climate change movement. These are control measures. The indoctrinated don’t know they’re indoctrinated. Remember, the Fabian Socialist’s emblem is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I know college students, and most of them are indoctrinated without knowing it. The government folks at the bottom of the food chain don’t know the agenda-they’re doing their job, but don’t know where we are headed. Watch the films and read the books that were used as resources.

          20. paulyz says:

            Right, there are approx. 80 Democrats that are members of the Democrat-Socialists of America.

          21. KayO says:

            I don’t remember the number, but there are many in our educational system. One such professor actually stood up at a meeting held by Curtis Bowers and stated that Representative Bowers’ information in his documentary was very accurate, but that nobody could stop them because “we’re taking your children”. No joke. Curtis Bowers’ documentary films are called: Agenda Grinding America Down and Agenda 2 Masters of Deceit. Encourage all to watch them-we need to know our enemy in order to defeat our enemy.

        2. HENRI says:


          1. KayO says:

            That idea from a man who was too stoned to hold down a job until he was 40 years old. He probably needed food stamps for the munchies.

          2. HENRI says:


          3. KayO says:

            Sadly, I think it might be true.

      2. Mike McCloud says:

        bobnstuff; Please, read the words of John Noll again. Read again if you still don’t understand. It’s only wise to consider the first-hand knowledge of folks who’ve actually been places-not saying you haven’t. Per the norm in socialistic nations, the load-all of it-is on ‘The Citizen’ who just wants to enjoy his life, & possibly family, also to be able to provide for them. These’d be the Natural Rights of Man; the Pursuits of Life, Liberty, & Happiness. In those societies, there are only modicums of these natural rights; the rules are for whatever’s expedient for the benefit of those who compose a governing entity in such places.If you remember China ( a communist socialist state ) beforeTianamen Square, the People had little of any enjoyed natural rights . After the death of hundreds more than shown on CNN , that gov. looked at the numbers of ‘us’, vs ‘them’ & decided to be prudent &, capitallistically; open things up-just a bit. Nothing else would work, its a natural law of fiscal dynamics. The resulting gains in personal wealth & ‘some’ freedoms were enormous for the Chinese people. Not surprisingly even the gov. gained wealth & trade. And yet, they still come-here. Because we have not only ‘Life’, we have ‘Liberty’, ( as defined Constitutionally ), in addition to those rights being ‘inalienable’- by God. ( By this alone, we should be able to see clearly thru the whining dissident’s PC fog, enveloping all public-even private matters, today ). BTW, few go to Canada anymore for their medicines, most travel to Mexico today-if travel is safe( ! ), Folks in Norway, Sweden, or the rest, don’t leave because it’s their homeland, same as this is ours. Besides, even if they did leave, in Europe, where would you go that anything would be much different than where you just came from-thanks to the ‘euro’ system? Heck, even their ‘money’ is the same, ‘wow’ how ‘special’ & what ‘pride’ one must have to be ‘the same’ ! YUCK! That’s exactly what was protested AGAINST, in the ’60’s dude! I don’t know your personal details or experiences, I offer only what I’ve learned over time & hands-on learnings. I hope the same for you, & our Country-God Bless Her. Thanks for the opportunity

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Lets go back to my original point, people who live in the socialist countries in Europe are happier then most others, happier then we Americans.

          They have a higher standard of living and live longer. China is as a special case and even though they are communist moving to socialism. Their culture is not the same as the Europeans. Their history makes it more likely to except a controlled economy.

          You seem to believe that socialism and the dream of our founding fathers are not compatible. The society of our country in 1776 was very socialist, farming relies on the help of your neighbors. The constitution was created for the common good. One of the first things the new country did was improving the ports with public funds. A democracy by nature tends to be socialist. It’s reason for being is to provide for the common good and provide services to all people. These thing are socialistic. If you read the Declaration of Independence parts of it reads like a socialist manifesto. Look at the preamble to the Constitution. As I have said socialism is not a kind of government , it’s an economic system.

          1. Mike McCloud says:

            Good, valid points, debatable even. They ‘sound’ compatible, but like the Greek’s ‘democracy-only’ , in actuallity, they fail, historically. Perhaps it’s that we have a Constitution which, fairly & reasonably to any person, outlines our way of life & the limits of A representaive, (republican & by practice & law; self limiting) form of government. Maybe it’s because we have what we do, that we know we have much to lose bybeing too passive & accomodating intrusions into it & causing our own confusions as to how far to go, & do we pay attention to the pitfalls, or is some entity( s ) gaining control of it all, to Our distress? Diligence & vigilance are both necessary tools we should employ, as is routing out the ones abusing Our Laws of The Land. This happens in socialist countries as well, as one may witness by executions by de facto courts in China. China’s form of communism was patterened after Russia’s, & is a socialist-communist ‘republic’ , (tho’ it would be difficult to find the representation part of republican, our Constitution calls out). Yes, socialism is, ideally-only, an economic system, but that sytem; owns the economy. the factories, schools, even small business’ ( thru bureaucracy) & so forth, & the citizen pays thru his taxation. Norway’s & Sweden’s are both horrendous as are their gas prices ( gov. controlled) & their oil comes from their own North Sea! I disagree that the Declaration of Independence reads like a ‘socialist’ manifesto, it is more a list of grievances of crimes against a common people, perpetrated by an oppressive overlord. I would realistically expect no different a list from any country so desirous of their Independence. Every colonized country since the 1st world war has done the same. For us, it seems a natural thing to do, considering that getting a ‘Laird of The Realm’ to listen to anyone so beneath his ‘station’ to listen would be a true miracle-considering the times & the extreme class-consciousness of George’s England! I don’t ‘seem to believe’ anything without research & consideration, sometimes it’s ponderous, but it’s served me well. Thanks for your views, I think they’re stilted a bit, but, to each his own. We’re entrusted with the responsibilty, as citizens, to make educated, soberly thoughtful choices, & I think that we’ve let the guards down; to our loss as a People with authority over government. I personally blame the ‘Progressive movement’, thruout its history, as a major deviance & enabler, from a way of life for all people, with future, & the intent was that ALL men would read the then, very publicised document & be inspired to demand Liberty. Instead, we’ve had foreign influences since we began, that’ve desired our ends by any means- & we’ve let our guards down. For what it’s worth here; all of the fluff that counts for big deals in the news anymore doesn’t matter at all in the long count, it’s the future & any legacy we leave behind, that’ll be all that matters. The ‘me generation’ & the ‘here & nows’ ‘special’ kinds of people, campus whiners, cross-pottiers, none of it, won’t matter a whit.Take care, vote wisely; the succeeding generations will be thanking, or cursing us. In God-& our fellow American-We Trust, no others.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I can’t fault you view, well thought out and well stated but, I do disagree on your view of progressive movement. In my view their forward thinking has helped keep the country alive and the greatest gift our founding fathers gave us is flexibility and being able to move with the times.

          3. Mike McCloud says:

            You’re welcome to your view, of course. Looking further than the news; one will find rats in the rug, however unfortunate that may be for the honest believer. It’d be better if the logo ; ‘ Progressive’ actually reflected the entire performance, but it does not bear up to examination thruout the movement’s history. I’d add that anytime a ‘movement’ moniker is applied to any govt’s political arm, it should invite scrutiny. I won’t say that all is bad, some just really isn’t good, hasn’t ‘improved’ anything but more control over poor people, or terrible race issues just when everyone I know was getting past all the junk of it ( which are the worst ever in 50 years), & I can’t support anything that purports to be one thing while its ‘back side’ is sitting in the way. I’m not going into particulars at this point, I’ve been around awhile & have seen its growth to include aspects not included in dialogue of its ‘leaders’- or; ‘comrades’. Which more appropriately describes the ridiculous language of some within its heirarchy. I wish you well, in your searchings. All the info you need is out there.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            I my look at things a little different then you. I don’t believe in grand conspiracy theory. Most movements will try to force change but humans will resist even if the change is for their own good. We will except technology but not social change. Nothing happens quickly. Government is set up to have evolution not revolution. The communist movement has pretty much died. Even the college students that once were the hot bed of the movement in our country have moved on. Students now are more into finding a job to pay off their student loans. It’s not that they have forgotten about social welfare, they can still be moved to help others, it’s not that they are non political, they just look at things as part of the larger world. They are more likely to join a group because they throw good parties and have cute girls as because they believe in the ideology. Much of the so called movements are created in the media and are just a small handful of people. There are around 3.5 million gays in our country, most you don’t even know are guy but if a handful show up for an event the media will act as if they are the voice for that larger group even if they aren’t. I know a number of members of the LGTG community and they are to busy having lives to get involve in any large social movement. I even know one gay guy who actively campaigned for Trump and hate Bernie. What changes that are really going on are happening slowly and in small ways. The media need news so they will try to make thing out to be bigger then they are. I have a niece who is married to a cop. To listen to her he has the most dangers job in the world and it’s like he is going out to fight a war every time he goes to work. Cop shootings are not on the rise and he would be in more danger working in construction or as a fisherman. To listen to the news you would believe that crime is rampant when it’s lower then it was ten years ago. If there is any real conspiracy going on it’s in the media trying to scare everyone, it’s in companies trying to sell you things to solve problem you don’t have.

          5. Mike McCloud says:

            Am wondering if your location is west, or east of the Missisippi River? I’m not asking a particular place & definitely do not need to know any more than a broad generality. If you’re not comfortable with that,or it’s out of bounds in any way, forget the question. I’m seeing trends & wondering if geographical areas have like-shared opinions. I would rather understand the basis’ of folks in these back & forth Comments, than go off the wall, as we see too often. There’s no point to most of the ‘language’ displayed, & certainly are not examples of fair play in civil interaction between American citizens. There’s lots to fix, & many avenues of ways to do so, within the system; fairly & with dignity, as human beings. Consider, if you will, & Thanks either way.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            I’m just outside of Pittsburgh. We took our economic hit back in the 80s and the last economic down turn didn’t do much here. We had no real housing bubble. Our worst neighborhoods are better then the good neighborhoods in some cities. Yes I’m sure my views are colored by where I grow up and where I live. I live in the home I grow up in as do half my neighbors. We take care of each other and respect each other. The area I live in is a mix of rich and poor, educated and blue collar. I have a Black neighbors and an Asian neighbors on my road. Our local school has students who’s families are from all over the world. On my road we have homes that are worth $30,000 and $3,000,000. I wish everyone could have a neighborhood like mine. Local politics are very republican, county very democrat and Pa. is a swing state. We have two regional newspapers, one republican and one democrat. I read them both.

          7. Mike McCloud says:

            Your place sounds similar to mine, but the numbers are way lower; we have approx. 5500 folks here, except for summer when the snow birds come back. We live on the vast Salish-Kootenai Reservation, a good place, they have a well-developed college for the folks, & nearby, a hands on heavy equipment & trades ( Vocational) school for anyone. Polson, MT is my place, tho I grew up in CA, & came home from the USAF there for some yrs before coming here. Been here 17 yrs but wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else. The people are just one reason, the place itself, is beautiful & reminds me daily why I came here. In CA, I grew up in Orange Co., a more populous place with many types of folks, I had no prejudice then, or now. It just never mattered to me. I grew up with a cleft palate & scar on my lip, I know what defending myself against turds is all about, so I had much in common with anyone who had trials too. Our housing there took off after the Korean War, when developers saw all that the orange, avocado, lemon, walnut, etc fields, incl. the beans, turnips ( C&H Sugar had a plant in Santa Ana), were on level ground, so things changed quickly. After VN, I hardly knew the place! My folks worked as kids, in the packing houses with everyone else, for extra dough, I hoed so many weeds, if they were burned today, you could run generators for years! I’m ordinary, just a human being. The best car painter anyone ever had was a friend of the family, Babe Cox, who was a friend of my Dad’s in HS & on, until he died in the mid-’90’s. He happened to be a black man, but he helped anyone he could, & was a real Christian-attituded man. Just one example among the many ‘races’ of folks I grew up with, & loved. I read two papers also, & we also have Rep & Dem orientations. Good to converse with you, you’re a bit out of the ordinary in these Comments, ( all sound much the same, not choosing any particular ), when the language goes to nutz & no sense is to be made. The levels of hate obscure the light of reason. I won’t do it. Thanks for your words, Mike

      3. paulyz says:

        Vladimir Lenin said, “The goal of Socialism is Communism”.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          John Lennon said Let it be. Lenin’s communism is dead.

          1. paulyz says:

            John Lennon said, “You say you want a Revolution, you know you can count me out.”

  • bobnstuff says:
    Canada is socialist as well as Ireland and Sweden. I don’t believe you would call them failed nations. Some of the highest standards of living are in socialist countries. The old folks seen to get communism and socialism mixed up. They also seem to have problems understanding that socialism is an economic system not a form of government. It might just be that the new generation is better educated and understand what the term socialism means. Our country has many socialist systems in place and have from the beginning. Our highway system is socialistic as are our public schools. Our fire and police departments are forms of socialism. Look around there are lots more. The largest socialist system is Social Security. Even the Great and Powerful Trump has used public funds to build his fortune. Those tax breaks and low interest loans he has used are really part of our socialist nation. The public working for a common good.

    1. John C. says:

      Let me see – you cite highways, public schools and Social Security as exemplars of Socialism. Highways are crumbling, public schools seem to exist mainly to employ unionized administrators (bankrupting Illinois, New Jersey, California and Connecticut) and Social Security is broke. Social Security now taxes, on average, a thirty-something with negative net worth who can’t afford a house,car or tuition in order to pay a retiree with positive net worth and no big future expenses.
      Public universities now employ about ten administrators for every faculty member just so they can get every last dollar of available “low interest” student loans.
      Our socialist friends in Canada would end their healthcare system overnight if they were denied access to on-demand healthcare in the US and the availability of lower-cost prescription drugs achieved through government coercion.

      1. KayO says:

        Nicely done.

      2. bobnstuff says:

        Countries with the highest quality of life, isn’t that what we want for ourselves and our children.

    2. PC Bob says:

      The only thing that is ‘shared’ in a socialist system is misery! You must,, indeed, be a recent graduate of our wonderful college and university system! The Marxist professors are doing such a WONDERFUL job of brainwashing and indoctrinating our young people! They now see socialism in EVERYTHING around them! According to the Communist Party, socialism is the next-to-last step on the journey to Communism! Once you have accepted socialism as ‘normal’ it’s only a small step on UP to communism! Look around, pal, all those wonderful things you described are just part of the brainwashing we’ve ALL been subjected to! Little by little, step by step.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        So you are saying that all those countries that have a higher standard of living then us are wrong and that they aren’t really happy they just think they are.

        Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand and Belgium are all on the road to being communist. The cold war is over and the reds are not coming to take over.

      2. KayO says:

        Exactly. Thank you for not caving to the Marxist eunuchs.

      3. G Wizz says:

        Can’t forget the other step required to get to communism:
        Gun control sometimes know as sensible gun laws which ultimately (like socialism to communism) lead to gun confiscation is the final step to government enslavement.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You know there is no relationship between types of government and gun control laws. Gun ownership is no greater or less in socialist countries vs capitalist countries. In case you haven’t heard communism is on it’s way out. The old USSR is long gone and China has more billionaires then any country other then the US. You are living in a world that is long gone.

          1. G Wizz says:

            Do you think that freedom actually exists in Russia or China. Try to criticize the government there and see what happens.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            We are not talking about freedom we are talking economics. You seem to be having trouble telling the difference. Communism is long gone from Russia but the iron hand of government is alive and strong in Putin. China is part communist and part capitalist with the central party trying to keep control but using a mix of market driven capitalism with central planing. They are having problems with this mix. The red scare is history.

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