Special ops vets slam military benefit cuts

Former members of U.S. special operations forces on Thursday demanded President Obama veto the budget bill Congress just passed, saying that the cuts to military retirement benefits — which even the bill’s authors now admit were a partial mistake — are an insult to veterans.

“As commander in chief, President Obama is the leader of the nation’s armed forces and he has a duty to protect the interests of all military members, both active and retired. He needs to veto the bill,” said Gary Stubblefield, a retired Navy SEAL Commander and chairman of Special Operations for America.

The new budget, which boosts spending in the short term in exchange for longer-term fee hikes and spending cuts, includes a provision that would reduce the cost-of-living adjustment for military retirees to 1 percent less than the rate of consumer inflation — and even reduces payments for veterans who were wounded in action.

It will go into effect in 2015 and is expected to save more than $6 billion over 10 years.

“It is shameful that the government is targeting the retirement pensions of men and women who put their lives on the line for their country,” Mr. Stubblefield said. “Congress needs to find a way to reduce spending without burdening our retired military with benefit cuts that are borne only by them, and not their civilian counterparts.”

The budget bill passed the House last week and the Senate on Wednesday, and will now head to Mr. Obama.

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  • WiSe GuY says:

    Deny 0bama vacation pay instead.

  • Vincent DiPentima says:

    This is outrages: The United States Congress the very people who created the largest deficit ever in the history of our nation, now feel to cut that down by reducing the pension plans of active and retired military personnel. This is stupid. Better plan wiould be for ALL CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN, to cut their retirement plan to 1% for every term served, to a max of 50% for 25 years or more. As a reward for their efforts to cut Military Retirement plans, I suggest that they all (Democrats and Republicans, who voted for this idiotric bill be removed from office next election.

  • WiSe GuY says:

    Just look who is running the Country,

    1. raffaelecafagna says:

      an illegal pres. of illegals. Soon going on a17 days vacation to the islands ; family kids guards dogs , all paid by our dimes .

  • Old Highland Guy says:

    But, don’t we have to continue taking care of all the damned illegals with health care (free), housing (free), day care (free), driver license (translated), a monthly stipend (no working), EBT cards (free), no insurance (no problem), don’t impound their car after an accident or crime (can’t get to work?), etc., etc., ad infinitum………???? So, let’s continue taking $$$ from our vets and give it to illegals.
    This government has put me way past angry. It is time for a legal revolution. Vote out everyone in every government postion in the entire country and start over with people that actually believe in the American way. Another 3 years of this crap and we WILL be totally socialist/communist, or am I too late.

    1. raffaelecafagna says:

      Revenge is coming , we shall remember . I hope Americans will wake up and stand tall against the district of corruption . We have to stop the garbage .

  • raffaelecafagna says:

    we have a bunch of retarded imbeciles in this so called garbage congress; their pockets ,interests and illegal aliens are first . Revenge and we shall remember .
    A major clean up is needed

    1. Old Highland Guy says:

      They aren’t exactly retarded, just mean, stupid, imbeciles. They are smart enough to live off our dime just like the illegals do.

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