Tax deal doles out year-end goodies for NASCAR tracks, racehorses, college students

by Stephen Dinan
December 17, 2015

Congressional leaders agreed to a budget-busting set of tax cuts late Tuesday as part of a year-end, clear-the-decks deal that marks a major reversal from the last four years’ focus on deficits and streamlining the tax code.

While the total cost of the package had not been publicly estimated by the Congressional Budget Office, it was expected to total in the hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade — undoing in one swoop many of the deficit gains the GOP had won under then-Speaker John A. Boehner.

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  • Bob2002 says:

    The RINOs will learn next year that what they are doing to the tax payers we voters will not put up with. That means, the Republican Establishment can kiss their majority goodbye in the House and Senate. Voters are fed up with talk, talk, talk, and no action. Where is the ObamaCare repeal? Where is the reduction in spending? Where is the defunding of Obama’s illegal activities regarding illegal and legal immigration? The voters now see it makes no difference whether the DemoCraps or the RepubCraps are in charge. The results are the same. More spending, seniors not being taken care of at the expense of the elite. More welfare, more food stamps, and more spending. Oh, and more capitulating by RINOs.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Wait, WHAT?!?! You slipped a comment here that makes absolutely NO SENSE! You said “… seniors not being taken care of at the expense of the elite.” Huh? What exactly are you wanting?

  • Pam says:

    Instead of promising to “bring home the bacon” in the form of government contracts, public sector jobs, etc., politicians should be promising to “CUT THE FAT” out of government and reducing the tax burden so that citizens have more of their OWN money to put back into the economy.
    We need to stop ALL FOREIGN AID TO COUNTRIES THAT HATE US. It is a very badly kept secret that the VAST majority of “foreign aid” we send to South America, Africa and the middle east NEVER helps anyone but the “leaders” of those nations. Cash goes into their private accounts and goods are seized and sold on the “black market”, further boosting their private accounts.
    We need to stop ALL IMMIGRATION FROM EVERYWHERE for the next 20 years. Note to lib/progs – people in other countries DO NOT HAVE OUR CIVIL RIGHTS AND PROTECTIONS – THOSE ARE RESERVED FOR CITIZENS ON OUR SOIL.
    We need to DEPORT EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN, IMMEDIATELY. The ONLY right ILLEGAL ALIENS have is the right to be sent back whence they came. NO JUDGE/HEARING NEEDED!
    We need to completely eliminate non-productive or duplicative governmental agencies/departments. Starting with the departments of “energy” and “education”.

    1. I Seigel says:

      So you consider foreign aid “fat”? Departments of Energy and Education “waste”? But you’re perfectly OK with tax breaks for NASCAR, racehorses, and rich people who build private “museums” for their collections and take huge tax write-offs. So I guess your priorities are pretty clear – you’re all for helping the really really rich people. NICE!

      1. Pam says:

        .Yes, foreign aid to countries that HATE US is insane. It only enriches THEIR RICH and does nothing to change the “hearts and minds” of their citizens. Plus, at this point, we are borrowing money from people who hate us to then give to people who hate us. That is the definition of insanity.

        Yes, the dept. of Education should be abolished and that job given back to the states.
        Yes, the dept of “Energy” should be completely wiped out of existence. It was formed by Jimmy Carter with the stated goal of making the U.S. energy independent. It has never done a single notable thing toward that goal but has, instead become nothing but a PATRONAGE CESSPOOL.
        What I AM FOR, is for allowing people WHO WORK FOR THEIR MONEY to keep the majority of that money to invest as THEY SEE FIT.

        1. I Seigel says:

          As for the Dept of Energy and its stated goal: If you’ll notice, Congress just passed a law allowing the US to export oil. Congress thus considers us “energy independent”, right? So, Mission Accomplished, right?

          As for foreign aid: Look what happens when that foreign aid is withheld. Look what happens when other aid and incentives – like the Export-Import Bank – is hobbled or dismantled. What happens is, other countries, notably China, leap in with their own aid, their own incentives, and take hearts and minds and deals away from the US. We don’t live in a vacuum. When the Republicans created them, China and Russia are there to fill them.

  • dmttbt says:

    Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t know the people were still looking to the government to do something that makes sense. Does anyone know what the current deficit is or how it got to be that? The government and I mean all the government, both major parties at least, are and have been irresponsible. They only continue to get worse, never better. We look like the idiots we are. We send money to this country and that country and we are bankrupt. Does anyone wonder where that money is coming from? We print it and the more worthless money we print the more worthless it becomes. It is amazing that we still have people thinking the government is going to fix something or do what they say. We are at reelection times and they are all talking a good game, but that is a politicians promise. The reality is that the opposite is going to happen.

    1. I Seigel says:

      That’s OK, you don’t have to apologize. The misunderstanding could have happened to anyone who voted, saw control of Congress pass to the Republicans, and thought that something different was finally going to happen.

      Deficit? Huh? What’s that!?! NO ONE is talking about the deficit anymore. That’s so 20th Century.

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