Tea Party Patriots call key GOP firing a declaration of war

The executive director of the House Republican Study Committee has been fired, and the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots said the ouster is little more than the establishment GOP’s latest attempt to drive out the strong conservative element from the party — especially since the replacement hails as an ally of House Speaker John Boehner.

Out is Paul Teller; in is Rep. Steve Scalise, Louisiana Republican, Breitbart.com reported. And angry is Jenny Beth Martin, president and co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots.

“Paul is a conservative who works closely with outside groups, like ours, in order to communicate to members of Congress what is being said in the outside world, the rest of the country that they often times forget they are supposed to be representing,” she said, in a statement reported by Breitbart. “This is truly a line in the sand against those who want less government.”

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  • WiSe GuY says:

    Just following 0bama’s orders. Just like the IRS targeting, Jut like the Fast and Furious executive privilege. Just like Benghazi video BS.

  • Jrmags says:

    The Tea Party and it’s program of going after moderate republicans is the reason that Reid did not get defeated, so he remains the democrat leader in the senate.

    We need to stop this insane war of who is more conservative … we need to defeat democrats period … do not continue to fight a civil war within the republican party … wake up dumb ssaes!

  • Dempsey Coleman says:

    Well what do you really expect from
    John Boehner to do sit back and say
    these people have it right and we do not?

  • frankenbiker says:

    This infighting will be the end of the GOP’s chances to take the f.cking senate in 2014, way to go bonehead. Instead of standing up to Owevomit and his cronism socialist doctrine, you just roll over and play dead. I will never vote GOP again.

  • Rupert says:

    Wishing all liberals a “Hairy Mistress” and a “Crappy New Year”!

  • AFZoomieTim says:

    Boehner AND McConnell are BOTH turncoats and need to be fired by the voters in their next election cycle. Enough of this crap! I pray it’s not too late for us !!

  • Old Highland Guy says:

    Just say NO! to Obamunism! Fire them all and start over! I am just a little angrier each day. Old and angry is not a good combination and not good for my health……wait……Obamacare will take care of that, my bad. <–that is sarcasm right there.

  • bill says:

    BH, no doubt there are a number of fine candidates that came out of the Tea Party, but not in the races you mention. Sharon Angle, the Tea Party-backed Republican candidate who lost to Harry Reid in Nevada is a
    rather extreme character who advocated the abolition of Social Security & phasing out of Medicare, and who even flirted with banning alcohol (not exactly a winning position in Nevada). The “establishment Republican,” Sue Lowden (a former state senator and Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party), was not a great candidate either—but she was ahead of Reid
    in the polls for a long time until Angle beat her in the GOP primary, and Lowden no doubt would have defeated Reid in the general election. In effect, the Tea Party got Reid re-elected.

    In Delaware, the Tea Party-backed candidate (Christine O’Donnell) beat moderate Republican Congressman (and former state Governor) Mike Castle in the primary—and then lost by 17 points to extreme left-wing Democrat Chris Coons. Polling showed that a Castle vs. Coons election would have resulted in a 21-point Castle victory. O’Donnell had few qualifications other than a nice appearance. A creationist, who had
    spent much time campaigning against masturbation and other forms of
    non-procreative sex, she had to devote an inordinate portion of her campaign asserting that she was “not a witch” and distancing herself from things she had said in multiple goofy appearances on Bill Maher’s TV show.

    In Delaware, as in Nevada, the Tea Party ended up winning the Republican nomination for candidates who didn’t have much chance of winning in the general election, even if the “country club types” in the GOP establishment had supported them. And, in the process, the Tea Party facilitated the election of two of the most extreme Democrats now in Washington.

  • gypsy314 says:

    GOP is asking for a line for Americans to choose between less government or more government. GOP est. does not want term limits.

  • Barto says:

    The entire GOP, including the tea party faction, must come together if they ever want to make headway against the evil Democrats…..in other words, communicate with one another wherein there is give and take like in negotiate and compromise.

  • ChristCrusader says:

    Why they hate the TEA Party in Washington…

  • Unknown_soldier1 says:

    their all bought and paid for

  • bill says:

    It’s the “my way or the highway” arch-conservatives who risk causing the
    death of the Republican Party. They have the same mind-set as the
    Perot voters in 1992 who gave us President Bill Clinton by voting for
    ideology over good sense. They’re the same jerks who stayed away from
    the polls in 2012 because Romney wasn’t pure enough (thus giving us
    another term of Obama). Right, guys! Compromise is for sissies! Let’s never take half a loaf!
    Ideological purity is more important than victory! Let’s go down in
    glorious defeat again!

    1. BH says:

      Change a few names and you have a statement about he establishment GOP. If they had supported the candidacy of some Tea Party candidates, such as Delaware and Nevada, we might not have Harry Reid or even a Democrat Party majority in the Senate. But the country club type of the GOP think the Tea Party is beneath them.

    2. Old Highland Guy says:

      So,you are giving up, right? Just let things continue and hope for change? Wrong! In this case, ideology IS good sense. We cannot continue to give and give and give until the U. S. A. is the U. S. S. A..

      1. bill says:

        No, Old Highland Guy, it doesn’t mean giving up. It means being pragmatic and realizing that if you’re ideologically pure, but can’t get elected, the other side is going to be able to do whatever it wants. Wm. F.Buckley once advised voters—and this is particularly important in GOP primaries—to vote for the most conservative candidate who can actually get elected. For example, voting in a primary for an unelectable person like Christine O’Donnell makes no sense. That, in the end, is giving up—allowing he reins of power to stay in the
        hands of loony and easily beatable Democrats like Chris Coons who would indeed like to turn us into the U.S.S.A..

  • Karen Sensenig says:

    Time to throw them out now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • F16JetJock says:

    That’s because the GOP establishment and Demos are really allies. The relationship has been this way for decades. Note that regardless of who controls the Executive and Legislative branches, increased inordinate spending continues. What’s more, the bureaucracy remains entrenched and continues to increase its despotic power year-to-year (i.e. EPA). This situation is also known as the Administrative State (as defined by author John Marini). Indeed, Congress surrendered its constitutional purpose decades ago of enforcing small-government. It’ll remain this way until there’s another 1776-style revolution.

  • Vincent DiPentima says:

    Hey Republicans: Fight Obama and his socialist dictatorship party, The Survival of the United States depends, if it falls, You will be held responsible, since no minority party ever had a better chance to expose the blatant lies from Obama and the Democrats

  • beowulf32 says:

    That’s why we got to get this speaker of the house removed. for good.

  • modernminuteman says:

    The GOP must really have a death wish for they are doing everything they can to turn away real conservatives.

    1. arf55 says:

      You haven’t realized yet that the two party system has evolved into one.

      1. modernminuteman says:

        No i have i just hope by pointing out what they are doing it will put pressure on them to come around or at least get real conservatives put in charge of the party. Wishful thinking? maybe.

  • Vigilant2 says:

    The GOP cadaver lurches toward its grave. Tea Party prepare to take the reins.

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